Stargirl: Hell

BY : Tenudakin
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            Cindy was in her lab, focused on a green substance in a vial, There was a white rat in a glass box beside her. Cindy inserted a syringe into the substance and slowly injected it into the white rat. The white rat looked normal at first, then it began to tremble, as if it was scared of something, panicking.

            “Hmm… as expected, they are going to suffer today,” Cindy muttered, smiling evilly as she watch the white rat.



            "You do remember the plan right?" Cameron asked. "We go in. I get captured, you escape."

            "Oh- yeah..." Yolanda answered, somewhat unsurely.

            "Hey, don't worry. You will be fine," Cameron assured. "I won't let them take you."

            Yolanda returned a forced smile. She knew she was probably going to put her own plans to fruition. "I know."


            "Any sign of anything?" asked Cameron as he and Wildcat moved swiftly through the woods.

            "No... Nothing," Yolanda answered while looking around.

            "Hmm... if our theory is correct. Then, the enemy should come out any minut-"

            "Look out!" Yolanda shouted.

            Cameron looked up and saw a hooded person on top of him. Cameron dodged the person's attack before shooting a thick ice blast right at the attacker. The attacker managed to dodge the blast swiftly, in the process, the hood fell off, revealing her face.

            "Crock,"Yolanda growled.

            "Montez," Artemis replied, smiling coldly. "What are you two doing here all alone?"

            Cameron didn't answer. He quickly rushed torward Artemis, full off rage. Then, he heard a loud growl and felt a huge force hit him which sent him flying away.

            "Cam!" Yolanda watched as Cameron's body flew and crashed into a tree.

            "Good boy," Artemis said, looking at the hulking beast.

            Cameron got up. He felt pain as he moved. He shot a blast at the hulking monster. Frankenstein roared as the blast hit him.

            Yolanda attacked Artemis, managing to scratch her arm. Artemis yelled in pain before grabbing Yolanda and tossed her against a tree. Cameron as using ice shields to block himself from Frankenstein. Frankenstein managed to break through easily before landing another blow to Cameron.

            "HQ, do you copy? HQ?" Yolanda asked frantically.

            "Oh, girl. We have jammers set up around here. They won't hear you.," Artemis revealed smilingly before punching her again.

            Frankenstein began to walk over to the girls. Yolanda looked at him and the next thing she knew was feeling a huge blow that sent her flying and crashing against the ground. Pain shot through her body as she fell on the ground. Yolanda got up only to be knocked to the ground again by the brutal monster.

            "Sir, I got them," Yolanda heard Artemis say. "What? Take one of them back?" Yolanda got up and managed to scratch Artemis other arm, making her shout in pain.

            "You little bitch!"

            And the next thing Yolanda saw was Artemis shooting her with an arrow. Then, things went dark for Yolanda.

            Cameron watched helplessly in pain as Yolanda got knocked out and picked up by Frakenstein. "No, they are not..." Cameron shot a cold blast at Artemis who dodged it swiftly.

            "Frankenstein, attack him," Artemis ordered.

            Cameron attempted to freeze the monster but got flung away by it and crashed against a tree, managing to revert back to his human form before he crashed. Cameron struggled to stay awake as he felt himself slipping into unconsiousness. The world around him grew darker and darker. Then, it went dark.



            Cameron groans as his eyes fluttered open. He looked around himself. He was… back in the JSA HQ again. “No… No! I wasn’t supposed to be… No,” Cameron immediately realized what happened.

            At that moment, Beth’s mother burst into the room along with Pat and Barbara. “Cameron, thanks goodness you’re okay,” Pat said, relieved.

            “Where’s Yolanda?” Cameron asked the question that he had to know, but he already knew the answer.

            “She got captured,” Pat revealed. “But…”

            “It should’ve been me,” Cameron muttered. “It shouldn’t have been her.”

            “Cameron… it’s not your fault.”

            “No… it is!” Cameron replied, his voice filled with sorrow.

            The adults looked at each other and nodded, deciding to give Cameron some space and time to calm himself down.

            “Well, technically, it was his fault,” Bridget said once they were out of his earshot.

            “Bridget! Given his situation. I’m sure we would’ve done the same rash decision,” Barbara said.

            “At least he is awake now,” Pat said.

            “But what n-“

            At this very moment, the alarms went on, interrupting the conversation. The adults look at each other worryingly.

            “The ISA discovered us?” Bridget asked. “They gave in?”

            “Rick? Beth? Do you copy?” Pat asked hurryingly. There was no answer.

            “They aren’t answering.”

            “What do we do?” asked Barbara.

            “Beth? Rick? Come in! Do you copy?”

            Suddenly, the alarm stopped. The lights turned back on. The adults were now puzzled and confused,

            “What the hell is going on?” Barbara asked.

            “Is this some kind of sick prank?” asked Bridget.

            "Things just get more and more chaotic around here," muttered Pat.

            "Pat! Pat! Do you copy?" Rick voice came. Pat felt confused, he sounded, happy.

            "I'm here. Rick, what is going on?"

            "I would like to say the calavry arrived," Rick said, holding back his excitement.

            "What are you talking about?"

            The, came a different voice, an older man spoke. Pat immediately recognized the voice. "Hello Stripesy."


            Yolanda opened her eyes and looked around. She sighed as her eyes tralied back to Courtney's helpless and weak figure, still asleep. Yolanda then got up, still feeling pain from yesterday's ordeal. Yolanda then noticed the dried blood trails on the floor and Courtney's leg. Yolanda could only imagine how much those monsters had put her friend through.

            Yolanda then noticed two bowl of what seems to be food on the table. It looked quite unappetizing to Yolanda, who already didn't have any appetite to eat anything. Then, she heard Courtney move. Turning around, she saw courtney sitting up, revealing more of her nude and bruised figure. The blondie's eyes were as red as her bruised skin.


            "Why are you here?" Courtney asked. Her voice seemed fragile, about to break apart at any moment.

            "We're tracking down the ISA base," Yolanda answered as she sat down beside Courtney. Are you-"

            "No-" Courtney said as she curled up. "It still hurts."

            "They will find us Court. They know we're here," Yolanda assured.

            "Hm... Maybe they will find you. But in terms of whether they find the both of you sane, I daresay not," The voice that the two girls hated and dreaded said. Turning around, they saw Cindy, Sportsmaster and Tigress smirking at them. In their hands, there were holding a lot of tools, presumbably to torture them.

            Courtney immediately started to tremble at the glance of the villainous couple. The blondie was shaking in fear and moving away from them. "Please, don't touch me, don't come any closer," Courtney whimpered. Yolanda shielded her from the trio.

            "If you are going to hurt her, you will have to get through me," Yolanda said, although she knew very well that she was too hurt.

            "Well... Gladly," Cindy said before walking forward to grab Yolanda and drag her away from Courtney.

            "Yolanda! No!"

            Courtney watched helplessly as the others tore the brunette's remaining garment off her and tied bounded her arms together. Yolanda wriggled and moved, trying to break free of their grip. Then, Yolanda felt something being inserted into her womanhood. "Keep your filthy hands off me!" Yolanda shouted as she struggled.

            "Yolanda... No!" Courtney tried her best to move forward and pull the villains off her despite her weak and feeble condition.

            "Oh, you're asking for it slut!" Cindy growled and punched Courtney, making her fall back. Cindy immediately grabbed onto the blondie neck, choking her.

            "Keep your hands off her!"

            "Shut up kitty," Tigress said as she gagged Yolanda.

            "Now, Courtney, watch your friend suffer," Cindy said, forcing Courtney to look at Yolanda. Who was now naked, bounded, gagged with something inserted in her womanhood and butthole while while two clamp were clamped onto Yolanda's nipples. Courtney eyes followed the wires that were connected to it. They were connected to a box that Courtney knew all too well.

            "Now, tell me," Cindy said, releasing Courtney's neck, "Where is your base?"

            Courtney looked at Yolanda, who was shaking her head, telling her not to tell.

            "Oh well, I thought so," Cindy said, pressing a button.

            "Mmpprghh!" Yolanda screamed and writhed in pain from the electrical current coursing through her body.

            "Yolanda!" Courtney watched helplessly as her friend trembled and squirmed from the shocks.

            "Tell us. Where is the base?" Cindy asked.

            "Dnt tll thm!" Yolanda screamed out from the shocks coursing through her.

            "Alright! Stop!" Courtney yelled. "I'll tell you! Just stop!"

            Cindy smirked as she pressed a button. Yolanda felt the shocks stop. She breathed heavily, trying to recover.

            "Well then?" Cindy asked.

            "Nnno!" Yolanda yelled.

            "Shut up!" Tigress growled as she clutches Yolanda's neck tight, choking her. "If you lie, her death will be on you blondie," Sportsmaster chuckled as he brushed Yolanda's tear covered face.

            Courtney closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, my friends," she thought to herself.

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