Stargirl: Hell

BY : Tenudakin
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            “What was the meaning of your conversation with her?” asked Steven as Richard entered the room filled with advanced technology and screens.

            “I’m sorry. I don’t understand your question,” Richard said.

            “I mean. The way we saw it. There wasn’t even a need for you to talk to her,” Steven said.

            “You’re doubting me?”

            “Just curious.”

            Richard sighed. “It’s essential for me to clearly understand their motivations and what they think about us. I had never liked hurting the innocent, you out of all the people in this base should know that very well. Of course, things have changed but I still don’t like the prospect although I agree that it must be done.”

            “I don’t get your point,” Steven replied.

            “When I returned from Opal City to find what remains of the ISA, all I saw was a revenge hungry group, going after these teenagers and their families. The ISA was at their lowest, reduced to mere evil. The ISA had forgotten their purpose, until I returned to take control and guide it towards it is true destiny. But one question still questions me, and neither of them could give me a satisfying answer. Why these teenagers are so willing to risk it all to fight us? Clearly, they must have some motivation. After understanding their motivation, I must understand their beliefs and mindset,” Richard explained.

            “So, what does understand them got to do with hurting the innocent?” asked Steven, clearly uninterested.

            “Just a comfort for me to continue on,” Richard said as his eyes turned to the screen.

            “All right then,” Steven said skeptically.

            “What’s the status of locating their base?” asked Richard coldly.

            “No progress. We need to make them talk,” Steven said.

            “Leave it to Cynthia and the Crocks to break them before we get an answer,” Richard answered sarcastically. “But even if they do, I have a plan for that,” Richard said.

            “Please… no more,” Yolanda choked as Cindy cackled at her misery. “Ahh!” Yolanda screamed and writhed in pain.

            “I’m beginning to think that daddy had actually enjoyed my screams before I ended him,” Cindy said. “Where is the base?”

            “I… will… never tell…”

            “Yeah, I don’t actually care if you do anymore. This is so much fun,” Cindy said before landing another punch.

            “Would you look at the time, it’s already past midnight,” Cindy exclaimed while chuckling. “I should let you head to your new home to rest… after all, you had quite a lot of fun.”

            Yolanda did not answer Cindy, already worn out, exhausted and in pain. Her head hung low, crying silently, tears streaming down her face.

            “Pathetic,” Cindy scoffed. “Artemis, I want you to head to the interrogation room and guide our new prisoner to her cell,” Cindy said over the coms.

            “Noted. On my way,” Artemis answered.

            “Well, Artemis will bring you to your new home. You better get comfy and some rest. Because I assure you, you think that it was terrible already, tomorrow is going to be like hell for you two,” Cindy said coldly before leaving the room.

            Yolanda attempted to struggle even though she knew her attempts were futile. With every moment she made, pain and soreness followed. After a while of struggling fruitlessly, Yolanda gave up and looked down on the ground, dejected and fearful for what is to come next. She could only imagine the horrors that was going to happen the next day. Yolanda felt that she was losing conscious, presumably from the lack of sleep and the energy she spent screaming and writhing in pain. As she was about to close her eyes, she heard the door open.

            “Well, look at what we have here. Yolanda Montez, the school slut,” Artemis commented as she entered. “I’m honestly surprised that you got caught so quickly.”

            Yolanda didn’t answer. She hung her head low. Then, she heard footsteps walking toward her. Suddenly, the force that was holding her up vanished as Artemis uncoupled her handcuffs from the chains. Yolanda fell down hard on the ground, adding more to the already agonizing pain.

            “Wow, that she had really done a lot on you,” Artemis said. “Well, you should be grateful that my parents didn’t have their time with you yet. I could even hear the screaming down the corridor not long ago,” Artemis said as she pressed a button on her wristband. Not long after, two drones entered the room.

            “Carry her to holding cell 19,” Artemis commanded.

            One of the drones picked Yolanda up effortlessly and draped her over it’s shoulder. The two drones followed Artemis towards the cell.

            As Artemis approached the high security door, the door opened, her parents walked out of it.

            “Hmm? Artemis? Aren’t you supposed to be asleep?” asked Paula.

            “Couldn’t sleep, did some target practices,” Artemis shrugged. “What are you two doing here?”

            “Your dad and I had a wonderful date night with our prisoner,” Paula said, smiling.

            “You meant torturing?” Artemis rolled her eyes, smiling back.

            “Intense lovemaking,” Paula answered, smiling back.

            “I think what your mother meant was putting a rod into a hole and…”

            “All right, dad. I don’t need the details,” Artemis chuckled.

            “I see snake girl is also done with the kitty cat,” Paula said, eyeing the brunette that was draped over the drone’s shoulder.

            “Yeah, she told me to bring her to this cell,” Artemis said.

            “Too bad, I’m exhausted from the fun I had earlier, if not I will have my way with this fine feline,” Paula said.

            “I’m sure you will get your chance, mom,” Artemis replied.

            “Well, your mom and I are going to head back to our room to get some sleep. As much fun as it was, it was tiring,” Larry yawned. “You should get some rest too, girl.”

            “I will,” Artemis answered.

            “Good night, Art,” Paula said before leaving with Larry.

            “Good night, mom. Good night dad.”

            Artemis walked through the high security door. The drones behind her followed her through the door. Artemis walked towards the door and her the door scan her eye. The door swung open.

            “No… no more, please stop… Don’t touch me…” Yolanda could hear someone crying and whimpering.

            “Drop her in here,” Artemis ordered.

            The drones followed her order, literally dropping the brunette on the ground hard.

            “Well, enjoy your stay,” Artemis chuckled before she shut the door, leaving Yolanda in the cell.

            Yolanda looked around the cell, it was dark, dimly lighted. There were chains hanging all around the place. A levitated slab of stone, presumably to sleep on. Yolanda tried to get up. After a while of trying, she managed to get on her feet weakly and walked around the cell. She also noticed a toilet and a chair laying on the ground. She heard the cries again of a familiar girl.

            “Please… don’t touch me. It hurts… No… stay away.”

            “Courtney?” Yolanda asked weakly. “No… what have they done to you.”

            Yolanda could see a couple of blood stains on the floor. A trail leading to the nude blondie laying on the ground, facing away from the entrance. Yolanda immediately recognized her. Yolanda could also see that her body was shaking from fear.

            “No… please don’t come any closer,” Yolanda heard Courtney sob.

            “Courtney… It’s me… It’s Yolanda,” Yolanda hushed as she got closer to the blondie.

            “It hurts… it hurts… No… don’t touch me.”

            “It’s me Courtney. Don’t cry,” Yolanda tried to comfort her.

            Then, as Yolanda got nearer, she noticed that the blood trail was leading up to her womanhood. “No… those monsters didn’t just…” Yolanda gritted her teeth and balled her fists in pure anger.

            “Yolanda?” Courtney asked weakly, her voice was unsure, broken.

            “Yes, Courtney. It’s me,” Yolanda confirmed as she held Courtney’s hand, giving her warmth.

            “They… they told me that they captured someone… “Courtney said while crying.

            “I’m fine… a bit beaten up but fine,” Yolanda lied. No, she was far from fine with the environment around them, with the things Cindy had put her through. “Are you okay?”

            “No… it hurts… it hurts, so cold…” Courtney whimpered in pain. Yolanda then noticed Courtney clutching her womanhood.

            “Courtney… you’re bleeding,” Yolanda said in horror.

            “Its… cold… hurt…” Courtney continued to cry.

            Yolanda sighed as she laid down beside her friend. All she could do now in this horrible place is give her comfort and warmth and hopefully lessen her pain and make her feel comfortable for now. Yolanda placed a hand over Courtney’s torso, to make her feel warmer. Courtney then pulled her friend closer. Yolanda understood the gesture and wrapped her hands around the blondie, giving her warmth as the blondie continue to sob silently.

            Yolanda sighed softly. She and Courtney just needs to stay strong for a couple of days, if not weeks, believing that they would be rescued from this hell.

            As for Courtney, she couldn’t bring herself to think of anything else other than the dark and horrifying experience in the hands of Sportsmaster and Tigress not long ago. Everything the evil and sadistic couple made her do and did to her still felt fresh on her body as her own body felt foreign to herself. Courtney drifted off as she sob.

            Cindy chuckled as she watched the screen in her lab, connected to a security camera in the heroines cell. Cindy then picked up a green vial, looking at her creation in awe. “Oh, those bitches are going to experience hell tomorrow.”


            An alarm was blaring throughout the base, waking up the inhabitants inside. Rick and Beth, who fell asleep at the meeting room woke up from the alarm.

            “What is going on?” Beth asked frantically.

            “I don’t know,” Rick said as he got up and rushed towards the monitor, bring up the security cams.

            “Chuck, bring up security cams,” Rick said.

            “There appear to be around 7 intruders,” Chuck informed.

            “7? We can’t fight that much,” Beth said.

            “Wait… Chuck, zoom in on camera 7A,” Rick said.

            “No way… it’s him!” Beth exclaimed, her voice full of hope. “Our message got through.”

            Rick just smiled as he rushed towards the base entrance, with Beth following behind. Finally, after months of hiding, something good has finally happened.

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