Stargirl: Hell

BY : Tenudakin
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            Bridget sighed as she got up and turned around.

            “Your mother is fine. She’d just experience a severe shock I would say,” Bridget informed.

            Alex just nodded silently before turning around and head out of the room.

            Beth and Rick just looked at each other silently before deciding that it is best to leave the kid alone for now.

            Mike has always wanted to do more for the team, to fight, to help them. Now, seeing the team crumble apart as the ISA picked them off one by one, the urge has never felt much bigger. He wanted to help, to fight. His sister was already gone, captured by the ISA. Mike wanted to help. But at the same time, he knew that Pat will not let him help after what happened to Courtney.

            “Mike?” A familiar voice said. Mike turned around; it was Barbara.

            “Oh, hi, Barbara,” Mike said.

            “It’s awfully late. Why are you up?” Barbara asked concerned for the boy.

            “Couldn’t sleep,” Mike admitted.

            Barbara sighed and walked towards him. “I know you’re worried for Courtney. I am too but…”

            “It’s not just that. I feel somewhat guilty, you know. Perhaps if I were at the fight, I could have stopped the ISA from taking her. She wouldn’t be suffering for all of us now,” Mike said.

            “I know how that feels Mike. She is my daughter too. It pains me to think of her suffering,” Barbara said, trying hard not to break down like she did when she first heard Courtney was captured.

            Pat looked at the two before walking away, deciding not to join their conversation. He could not. “It’s all my fault.”


            “Argh! Stop! Please! Stop!” Yolanda screamed and writhed in pain as Cindy drew another cut on Yolanda’s skin, drawing blood.

            Yolanda has been stripped down to her undergarments. And Cindy has been toying with her blades against the heroine’s skin ever since.

            “You know. You will be relieved to hear that I didn’t go this hard on your friend at first,” Cindy snickered as she landed another punch on the girl’s stomach.

            “Please! Stop!” Yolanda coughed. She had already lost her track of time.

            “Not until you tell me where the base is,” Cindy said in a singsong tone before cackling as she whipped the poor girl with a whip, leaving a red mark across Yolanda’s back.

            “Ahh! No more… please,” Yolanda sobbed, as tears continued to stream down her face.

            “More please? How could I say no,” Cindy chuckled whipping Yolanda continuously, leaving red marks all over her body, ignoring the girl’s cries and begs for the moment to end.

            “Oh, you are enjoying this as much as Courtney did,” Cindy chuckled as she continued to whip Yolanda without mercy.

            Yolanda winced and struggled at every hit than landed on her body. She was already tortured enough by Cindy’s blades and beating. The whipping made her already sensitive body hurt even more.

            Larry and Paula watched as Cindy tortured Yolanda from outside, both wearing a twisted smile was they watched.

            “Looks fun,” Larry said. “Just returned from a mission and they just had to arouse me with this.”

            “I would gladly continue to torture that damn cat after she’s done with her. I got some unsettled business with her,” Paula swore.

            “I wonder where the other girl is though. I want to have my fun with her, after all, her brother did drill my back,” Larry wondered aloud. “I’ve been wanting to return the favor. Guess I will have to do with drilling her holes.”

            “Oh, you don’t have to remind me about all the times she nearly fried me,” Paula said as she opened the door.

            Cindy was half-surprised to see Larry and Paula suddenly come in. Cindy has always been on good terms with the Crocks, probably because of their shared sadism.

            “Larry, Paula, welcome back. Nice to see you guys,” Cindy greeted.

            “Oh, well, we were passing by and saw you having so much fun with kitty cat here. We are wondering if you would mind us having our fun with Starbitch,” Larry said.

            “Well, I don’t see why not. In fact, you guys can use her anytime and anyhow you want. Just do not kill her or amputate her,” Cindy shrugged. “Oh, by the way. If you guys want to do her, better drop by my lab and get the… “

            “Syringe with yellow liquid blah, blah, so she don’t get pregnant… one month one time. Yeah, we know,” Larry said. “And don’t you worry, I will do her.”

            “,” Paula chuckled, that sadistic look Yolanda knew all too well forming on the older woman’s face.

            Yolanda eyes widened at the mention of Courtney being handled around by Sportsmaster and Tigress. Horrified at the thought of what they could and will do to her best friend. She was going to get raped by these monsters.

            “Oh, look at kitty cat here. All worried and scared for her friend,” Paula said as she walked towards the girl hanging from chains and cupped her face.

            “You monsters better not touch her or else… “Yolanda growled weakly.

            “Or else what?” Paula asked sarcastically. “You will hurt us? You do not seem to be in good condition either. Don’t make threats you can’t back up, kitty cat,” Paula warned.

            “Stop calling me kitty cat,” Yolanda growled before she spat on Paula. Paula immediately slapped Yolanda across the face hard before turning around swiftly.

            “You need to train the cat better,” Paula joked.

            “Oh, don’t you worry. By the I’m done today, she will be so broken that she will wince at every move I make a move,” Cindy promised.

            “Good,” Paula said before turning to look at Yolanda once more. “Oh, don’t worry kitty cat. I will be back for you.”

            Yolanda watched helplessly as Larry and Paula walked out of the door, presumably heading to wherever Courtney is. Tears still rolling down her cheeks.

            “Oh, don’t worry. I will make sure you get the same treatment,” Cindy promised as she cupped the girl’s face. “But for now, let’s continue,” Cindy said.


            “Well, at least we can confirm one thing is that the ISA base was indeed in that area. That would explain why they were able to ambush us without us noticing,” Beth said.

            “But we are still seriously outnumbered,” Rick said.

            “And the ISA already threatened us with a note,” Beth recalled.

            “This is getting nowhere,” Rick shakes his head.

            “If only we have more allies,” Beth wished aloud.

            “Where is Pat by the way? Haven’t seen him,” Rick said.

            “Probably fixing up S.T.R.I.P.E.,” Beth said.

            “He must be really shaken after all that has happened though,” Rick said.

            “What if we can’t beat them this time?” Beth asked.


            “What if we can’t beat them this time? Look, the ISA has already got us on the run from them. They already captured Courtney and Yolanda…”

            “Beth, we will find a way, we always do,” Rick promised, holding Beth before hugging her, giving her some comfort.

            “Will we?” Rick wondered himself.


            “Wow, is all this security really necessary?” Larry wondered aloud as he and Paula got past the security door that led to Courtney’s cell.

            “Argh! No! Hlp!”

            “Oh my, she is quite vocal, isn’t she?” Larry said in surprise.

            “Hmm… quiet,” Paula chuckled as they continued walking forward. The couple soon understood why the blondie was screaming.

            Courtney was gagged, blindfolded, strapped and tied down onto a chair with electrical pads stuck onto her breast while wires curled around her fingers and toes. Cindy had left the blondie with the current on. Letting the girl get shocked for at least the past hour. The couple could see Courtney’s body spasming and shaking from the shocks. Paula and Larry smirked at each other before opening the door.

            At first, when Courtney heard someone open the door, she thought that Cindy or someone have finally come back to stop the machine that was causing her so much pain that she pretty much soaked the blindfold covering her eyes. To her relieve, the machine stop shocking her. Courtney was so relieved that it was finally over. She slumped from the relieve, her body was sore and sensitive from the shocks and torture she had endured, still feeling the aftershocks.

            Courtney felt as someone uncoiled the wires from her body and took of the electro pads then ungagged her. “Was someone finally rescuing me?” Courtney wondered.

            “Cameron? Rick? Pat? Is that you?” Courtney asked weakly, her hopes never been higher.

            All Courtney received was two cold laughter which she recognized immediately.

            “Look at this girl. So desperate to get rescued,” Larry chuckled loudly.

            “Pathetic even,” Paula added as she tore the blindfold off Courtney’s head.

            Courtney didn’t even have the strength to answer them anymore. She had hoped to much and was disappointed by the cold reality she is living in now. Courtney head hung low, still recovering from the shocks she experienced.

            Then, Courtney felt something jab her shoulder. She yelled in pain from how rough it was done. Paula just chuckled at the girl’s misery and threw the syringe aside.

            “W- What are you doing?” Courtney asked weakly as Paula snapped the ropes binding her.

            “You can’t guess?” Paula asked as she cupped the blondie’s cheek and made her look at Larry.

            “All for you, my love,” Paula said.

            “This is be fun,” Larry said.

            Courtney eyes opened wide as she watch the man pull down his tracksuit.

            “Do try to enjoy yourself, girl. Because you are in for a long night,” Paula whispered as she held Courtney from escaping.

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