Stargirl: Hell

BY : Tenudakin
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            “Wildcat! Icicle! Can you hear me?” Pat said urgently over the coms, hoping that either of the two of them would pick up. But all he could hear were static and buzzing noises.

            “They aren’t answering,” Pat muttered worryingly.

            “Shouldn’t you and the others head out to help them?” asked Barbara concerned as she stood by Pat’s side.

            “The others are already suiting up. Hon, you stay here and help me monitor the coms and drones alright?” Pat said as he got up.

            “Sure, be safe,” Barbara said.

            “I will.”

            Barbara sighed as she watched her husband leave the room in a hurry while Bridget Chapel walked into the room.

            “The kids are out there again, aren’t they?” asked Bridget seeing the same look Barbara wore every time something like this happened. “We’re are the elders around here. We should be the one’s fighting.”

            “You and I both know that the kids won’t let that happened,” Barbara replied with a pained expression. “Sometimes, I’m happy for them, their life has truly changed for a better, but sometimes, I wonder if they should do this.”

            “I know right. Seeing the kids go out and fight for our safety,” Bridget sighed. “Wish we could be of more help instead of sitting on the sidelines and see them fight.”

            “Well, they are the JSA after all. What can we do?” Barbara sighed as she looked at the screen, hoping that the others were alright out there. “How is Maria taking the news?”

            “Oh, you know her. Still thinking that her daughter is a horrible girl whatsoever for hiding this secret from them. I seriously don’t understand that woman,” Bridget says.

            “Give her some time,” Barbara said.

            “She already had more than a month, doesn’t she understand the situation? Her daughter risked her life to save her family and she is still mad for what? Those nudes? Because she lied about being a heroine? Well, at least her son makes more sense.”

            “Talking about Alex. How is he taking the news?”

            “You know the usual. Wants to help,” Bridget sighed. “Those kids are more sacrificial than most of us adults here. Wish we could do more you know?”

            “I know. I wish that too.” Barbara sighed as her eyes returned to the screen.


            “Mid-Nite, are you seeing anything?” asked Hourman as they held on to S.T.R.I.P.E.’s back.

            “Chuck’s not picking up the signal’s from the tracker. The last location where he tracked the last signal was… there!” Dr. Mid-Nite said as she pointed in that direction.

            “What about the other tracker’s signal?”

            “Gone in a completely different direction and vanished first.”

            “Then we go after the tracker than went out the last,” Pat said as he piloted the giant robot towards the area where Beth said the last ping from the tracker came from.

            It was still midnight and dark. The three couldn’t see much of the area despite having the robot’s headlight.

            “Be careful, the ISA might ambush us here,” Pat warned as Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite got down from the robot and stepped on the ground.

            “Either Wildcat or Icicle should be around here,” Dr. Mid-Nite said as she looked around. “The ping was last sent from the area according to Chuck.”

            “Brr… It’s freezing,” Hourman said as he felt the chilly air.

            “Yeah… It’s quite cold,” Dr. Mid-Nite agreed.

            “I just hope that they are alright,” Pat said, trying to look around.

            “Wait,” Dr. Mid-Nite suddenly said. “Chuck is picking up something… over there.”

            Hourman followed the heroine as they trekked through the bushes and came across a couple of fallen trees.

            “Looks like this place had been through hell,” Rick commented.

            “Yeah, it does,” Pat gulped as he look. Collapsed trees and broken trunks, whatever happened here couldn’t be good.

            S.T.R.I.P.E. ‘s headlight shone on the area where Dr. Mid-Nite had pointed to. The sight of a body lying there was a horrifying one.

            “Is…,” Dr. Mid-Nite began, unable to form words.

            Hourman hurried over to where the body and knelt down and held the hand, trying to feel a pulse. “Barely alive… we need to hurry.”

            “What about…” Dr. Mid-Nite was about to ask before an arrow whizzed by her and hit the tree.

            S.T.R.I.P. E’s headlight shot towards the arrow revealing a note impaled to a tree by the arrow. Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite looked around in fear of the enemy but saw no one. After making sure that there was no one, Hourman walked up to the tree were the note was hung and took it.

            “This is your final warning. Return here again and they will suffer greatly because of it.”

            “They got her,” Hourman said in dismay.

            “No… first Courtney now… Not her too,” Beth broke down. Rick hugged her as he tried to comfort her.

            “We will find a way… don’t worry,” Rick whispered as he held Beth in his arms. In truth, Rick didn’t know what could be done at the point. Two of the team’s best fighters were held hostage and one of them was injured badly. How could they find a way?

            Pat just sat in the cockpit in shock and regret. The more days pass, the more he regret ever letting Courtney get hold of the staff in the first place. Surely, Courtney’s life would have been better off without the staff, right? Perhaps if she wasn’t Stargirl, their father-daughter relationship wouldn’t have blossomed so well, the ISA would have taken over but it wouldn’t end up with Courtney and her friends and their families suffering from the hands of the ISA, right? Surely things would’ve been better than this.


            “I have delivered the message. I don’t think we need to worry about them snooping back in anymore.”

            “Thank you, Huntress. Return to HQ and get some rest,” Swift said as he sat down on a chair, looking at the unconscious girl hanging from the chains in front of him. The girl’s broken cowl laid on the floor by her feet. There were tears in her suit, a reminder and imprint of the fierce fight she lost earlier. As Swift observed the girl, he heard someone knock.

            “Come in.”

            “I see you already got the girl comfy for me,” Cindy chuckled as she walked in.

            “Is your prisoner secured?” asked Swift.

            “Oh, don’t worry about that bitch. I’m pretty sure she is going to be shocked senseless by the time I get back,” Cindy said. “Oh… don’t worry, those drones my father left behind are keeping watch.”

            “I see,” Swift said unsurely.

            “So, you can leave now. I will do this bitch in,” Cindy rushed.

            “No,” Swift said firmly.


            “Not yet. I need to have a few words with her,” Swift said.

            “Then… Why did you call me?”

            “To let you witness,” Swift answered.

            “What are you trying to imply?” Cindy asked.

            “I’m not implying anything. I just wanted you to come and witness. Now please go outside the room and watch through the window. For my plan to work, I require to be alone with the prisoner,” Swift said.

            “Urgh… this is about my methods, isn’t it?” Cindy groaned as she walked out of the room.

            Swift sighed as he turned back towards the body. “And she will be up right about… now,” Swift muttered.

            Yolanda eyes opened to see the tears on suit that she was wearing and her cowl laying by her feet. She looked up and saw chains binding her hands together. Then, she noticed a man sitting on a chair in front of her.

            “Where am I?” Yolanda asked as she looked at the man holding a cane fiercely. “Who the hell are you?”

            “My name is Richard Swift. I must assume that you are Yolanda Montez, Wildcat. Am I right?”

            “Isn’t the cowl on the floor and my suit is enough to tell you that?” asked Yolanda, her tone dangerously violent.

            “So yes. What were you and your friend doing here?” Richard asked calmly.

            “We came back to look for our friend that went missing… “

            “When you fought us?” Richard finished.

            “You obviously know then,” Yolanda replied sarcastically.

            “Of course, we know… Your friend, Courtney Whitmore is with us,” Richard said.

            “I swear… if you done anything to her, you will pay,” Yolanda swore.

            “Oh no, I didn’t do anything to her. You can calm down. I didn’t kill her like when you and the JSA killed Henry, his son, Jordan and Dr. Ito. Now, you must be wondering why you haven’t seen me before and why I’m talking to you now.”

            “I imagine you’re going to make me tell you the location of the base,” Yolanda answered grudgingly.

            “That’s not my job, you can’t stop worrying about that. I just wanted to talk to you,” Richard continued in a calming tone.

            “Huh… you can stop wasting your time. I don’t think I will be a very good person to talk to,” Yolanda said.

            “On the contrary, I think you’re the perfect person to talk to in this situation,” Richard said. “You have some complicated relationship with members or potential members of the ISA, am I correct?”

            Yolanda ignored Richard’s question. The man’s question was responded with silence.

            “You dated the son of Brainwave then broke up with him. He wanted to have another chance with you, and you couldn’t forgive him until Brainwave was forced to kill his own son. Then, you killed Brainwave,” Richard recounted. “From these events, I understand your motivation to be Wildcat. But what made me curious was why did you even accepted Courtney Whitmore’s offer in the first place?”

            “And why do you think I will give you an answer?” Yolanda asked, still glaring at the man.

            “Oh well. If you don’t want to answer… We can end this session and I can hand you over for interrogation immediately,” Swift said, his voice still calm. “Or you can answer my question and delay the inevitable.”

            “I wanted change in my life. That’s all,” Yolanda answered. “I was at my lowest point. When Courtney gave me the chance to be someone else, to escape from this miserable life I was having.”

            “Mmm… Interesting… How people can change,” Richard said thoughtfully. “Do you ever wonder why the ISA does the thing they does?”

            “We saw the manifesto, it was a good cause but at a terrible price,” Yolanda answered.

            “But we obviously know that, but why do we still do it?” Richard edged on.

            “I don’t know. Because you don’t care?”

            “Do we look that cold-blooded… no… do I look that cold-blooded?” asked Richard.

            “I don’t know, I just met you,” Yolanda said, starting to get annoyed. “And I’m already dangling from chains.”

            “It’s necessarily to make sure you don’t escape,” Richard said. “But back to the question. Why do you think we do the things we do?”

            “I don’t know… you tell me,” Yolanda sighed, getting tired of this conversation.

            “Take Jordan for example, his wife, Christine, died because the school where she taught, was build on top of a toxin waste dumpsite, giving her cancer,” Richard said. “Yolanda, let me ask you a question. If something terrible happened and will happen again, and you have the power to stop it from happening, what will you do?”

            “Stop it of course,” Yolanda said as if it was obvious then realizing what she just said.

            “Exactly,” Richard said.

            “But the plan that Jordan tried to carry out, killed millions across the country. And they were going to strip adults of free will. You approve of that?” asked Yolanda. “Those are innocent lives.”

            “I did. I didn’t approve. Told Jordan that it was too high a price, innocents die, and people will fight back, I left,” Richard revealed.

            “Why come back?” Yolanda asked. She was getting more curious towards the man.

            “I witnessed a terrible… terrible thing that happened, back in my city, my family! It could’ve been stop, but humans, they are too stubborn to listen,” Richard said, his voice filled with anger. “Then, it happened. I knew I had to come back. But when I returned, Jordan, Dr. Ito, Henry… dead, killed by this new JSA. Can you imagine my anger… when I found out? My former allies killed. I had to forge a new plan for Project New America… or rather Project New World. But I had to take out the enemies first. So, I tracked down what’s left of the old ISA and recruited a couple of new members. And you know the rest,” Richard finished.

            “Listen… I know the feeling of lost. But would your family want you to do this?” Yolanda asked as she finally understands the ISA ‘s motivation.

            “They don’t want anything anymore… They can’t,” Richard said, with sorrow in his voice.

            “But that doesn’t mean that you’re any right taking the freedom of humanity,” Yolanda said.

            “Human is chaos. Order needs to be place on those who can’t control themselves. I learnt Jordan’s vision the hard way. Peace comes with a price, that price is freedom,” Richard said.

            “Look, I agree human is chaos, but that doesn’t mean… “

            “You’re obviously going to disagree with everything I say… but thank you for the chat, I learnt what I needed to. Now, I will give you some time to think while you join your… old school mate,” Richard said coldly as he made his way towards the door.

            “You won’t win. They will come for us,” Yolanda said, her voice full of anger as she struggled against the chains. “Icicle couldn’t beat us. What made you think you can?”

            “Because I accomplished things that Jordan couldn’t. I’m not Icicle, I’m the Shade,” Richard said before walking out the door.

            Yolanda gulped as she saw an unexplainable darkness in the man. After Richard left, Yolanda continued to struggle against the chain, attempting to break free. Then, she heard the door open again.

            “Oh, that old man is finally done… Well, hello slut,” Yolanda heard the voice of the girl she hated so much. The voice of the girl who practically destroyed her life.

            “Cindy Burman,” Yolanda mouthed, glaring at the girl wearing green.

            “Nice to see you again slut,” Cindy replied smirking.

            “Look… I’ve gone through this ordeal with the bitch being electrocuted right now as we speak. So save yourself some pain and just tell me where is your base,” Cindy said.

            “Never!” Yolanda said firmly.

            “Oh well,” Cindy said as she released a blade. “You asked for it.”


            “Is his condition stable?” asked Pat concerned.

            “He is stable now. But I’m not sure when he will wake up,” Bridget said.

            “This has gotten too far,” James said, crossing his arms. “They are barely 20.”

            “Does Alex know yet?” asked Barbara.

            “Rick and Beth is on it,” Pat answered. Looking at Cameron unconscious figure.

            Rick and Beth looked at Alex as they just told him the news.

            “My sister… kidnapped by the enemy?’

            “I’m sorry Alex,” Beth said.

            “No… No… She is fine right? She got to be!”

            “What is up with all this commotion?” a voice said. Rick turned around and saw Yolanda’s mother, Maria Montez.

            “Your daughter has been kidnapped by the ISA,” Rick informed.

            “What?” Maria asked. “Really?”

            “Yolanda has been kidnapped by the enemy,” Alex turned to face her mother. “And you think it’s alright don’t you!? You hardly care for her anymore! And yet Yolanda insisted to bring you here to be safe and all you do is whine about her sins!?” Alex shouted angrily.

            “Alex… calm down,” Rick said.

            “Go on laugh! She forgiven you for your harsh treatment in the past years but you couldn’t forgive her? And now she is probably being hurt by the enemy and you’re are probably glad that she is gone aren’t you? A curse to the family like you said! Go on!”

            Maria Montez looked at Alex and the other two in shock, then she collapsed on the floor.

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