Stargirl: Hell

BY : Tenudakin
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Courtney groaned as eye eyelids fluttered open from a deep slumber. She looked around and sighed. She was still in this wrenched room, in the wrenched base. She was still going to face another day of pain and torture from her captor. Courtney lifted her head and look at the plate of what her captor said was food in disgust as she picked it up. It tasted horrible, but what choice does she have?

Courtney then sat up and leaned against the wall as she ate. The cold air that suddenly brushed against her breasts reminded her that Cindy had torn her top off the day before, leaving the blondie topless. Courtney then looked down at her body, scars, and bruises from the whippings and cuts Cindy did on her. Red raw marks covered her skin. Her entire body felt sore and ached at every move she made.

Courtney looked around the room again. It was still the same, chains hanging around, a toilet bowl there for her to dispose of her waste, that plate of food in her hands. Courtney had already lost track of the number of days she’s been here. It felt like a week, but Courtney wasn’t sure either. The only thing allowing her to keep track of the days was perhaps whenever her captors delivered food to her. Courtney quickly gulped down the food before setting the tray aside and leaned against the wall again, trying to think of something other than the pain and torture she was about to face again.

The only thing that made Courtney feel comfortable was the thought that her friends and families are safe from the ISA for now. The rest of her thoughts were dark. Cindy has made sure of that. For what seemed like the past week, Cindy has made sure the blondie suffered during their interrogation sessions. But Courtney could feel that Cindy was just torturing her for the fun of it after overhearing the conversation between her and a man with a top hat she never saw until she got captured. “Presumably their leader,” Courtney thought to herself.

Courtney then heard the door open. Her eyes close as she frowned. “It was that time again, isn’t it?” Courtney thought dreadfully.

“Rise and shine, girl,” Courtney heard her say in a mocking tone. “Playtime.”

“We are running out of options. The ISA might be trying to pry the location of our base from Courtney,” Beth said.

“The Courtney we know won’t give us away,” Yolanda said confidently.

“Yeah, that’s the problem. She might die trying to protect us,” Cameron said. “We have to rescue her!”

“A rescue mission? We don’t even know where the base is. We don’t know how many more ISA members are out there. Last time we went up against them, we were beaten by so many new faces we never have seen, hell even Pat’s never knew their existence,” Rick said.

“I may have a solution,” Pat interrupted, prompting the others to turn and look at him. “I’ve been wiring drones with Mr. Chapel,” Pat explained as Beth’s father who was beside him nodded. “We should send the drones to the place where the attack happened.”

“You think that their base is around that area?” asked Yolanda skeptically.

“The circumstances of the attack that day seem to point to that fact. Although I’m still not sure, it’s worth a shot.

“Why don’t we just head in and scout the area ourselves?” asked Cameron.

“Cam, we had this conversation,” Pat sighed.

“We know, for one thing, we are extremely outnumbered,” Rick said. “Any luck contacting Justin?”

“Unfortunately, no,” Pat said. “More allies would really help us now. Unless the ISA got to them first.”

“So, Mr. Dugan and I will send out the drones,” Beth’s father said. “If it finds anything, we will be sure to inform you all.”

“That might solve one of our problems, we have another. We’re outnumbered even if we do find the base,” Beth said. “We can’t take on the full might of this ISA.”

“Defeating the ISA is one thing. Saving Courtney should be another thing. We just need enough people to rescue Courtney,” Cameron interjected. “We know the base is around that area…”

“No, we think,” Rick corrected.

“Whatever,” Cameron shrugged. “Why don’t we send someone with a tracker on them to scout he place, if he or she gets captured. The tracker will lead us to the base.”

“Provided there are no signal jammers near the base,” Beth said.

“We have to try at least,” Cameron said.

“Cameron, it’s already bad we lost Courtney. If we do this, we might lose another teammate and friend,” Rick reasoned.

“But in doing so, we might be able to pinpoint the exact location of the base. Sending in drones would take too long to pinpoint the exact location of the base and it would be obvious… “

“We are not going to risk another person here at this table. There has to be a better plan,” Pat interrupted loudly.

Cameron slammed his fist on the table, got up, and left, angry at the lack of progress the JSA was making.

“Cam…” Pat called out but was stopped by Yolanda.

“I’ll go and talk to him.”


Courtney was thrown across the room by Cindy effortlessly. Courtney yelp in pain as she crashed against the hard wall before falling down on the ground.

“Having fun flying around?” Cindy chuckled before lifting the blondie up by grabbing her hair and slapped her face hard. “Answer me!”

“No,” Courtney breathes heavily. It glances could kill. Courtney was sure Cindy would have died a long time ago.

“Yeah… I don’t care,” Cindy said before landing a fist at Courtney’s cheek.

“Where is the base?” asked Cindy demandingly.

“Here,” Courtney said giving out a forced laugh. “The ISA base is here.”

Cindy yelled in frustration as she grabbed a hold of one of Courtney’s nipples and pulled and twisted it hard, making the blondie squirm in pain. “Stop playing around bitch. You’re going to regret this.”

“Fuck… off,” Courtney said as she gritted her teeth amidst the pain.

“Feels like a porn scene doesn’t it?” Cindy asked as she snickers before releasing her grasp. “I’m sure your icy boyfriend may have done these types of stuff to you, but I assure you, what I’m going to do to you is much… much worse,” Cindy swore.

“Threaten me all you want… I will never tell you the location of the JSA HQ,” Courtney said.

“Hmm… time to make you submit,” Cindy growled as she knocked the blondie out effortlessly.

“Ah… this is going to be fun,” Cindy snickered as she lifted the blondie over her shoulders carrying her out of the base.


“Cameron! Where are you going!” Yolanda called out.

“To do something, don’t you stop me!” Cameron said gruffly.

“Cam, stop! You listen to me now!” Yolanda said loudly.

Cameron stopped walking and turned around to look at the brunette.

“What is it?”

“I know you plan to head into that territory to seek out the ISA yourself. But you won’t stand a chance against them if you get attacked,” Yolanda reasoned.

“I know. I’m not planning to fight them,” Cameron said.

“What… oh, I get it,” Yolanda realized after seeing Cameron hold up a tracking device. “You’re not going in alone.”

“Well, it seems like I have to,” Cameron said.

“Look, I agree with you, Cam. This may be the quickest way to locate the base. But if you go yourself, it would be too suspicious,” Yolanda said.

“So… what are you expecting me to do. You heard what the others said. They already don’t agree with my plan, don’t even need to hope that they would agree to this,” Cameron said. “We need to move now, time is ticking. Every minute we wait, Courtney could be suffering!”

“Fine. But in order for this plan of yours to work. You can’t go in alone. I’m coming,” Yolanda said.

“But… Yolanda, you’re still recovering…” Cameron stuttered.

“Courtney is my friend too. If we two go in, it won’t look that suspicious,” Yolanda explained.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” asked Cameron unsurely. “You don’t have to do this.”

“I want to,” Yolanda said confidently. “After all Courtney had done for me, choosing me to be Wildcat, changing my life, helping me get over Henry’s and my father’s death… This is the least that I can do to return the favor.”

“All right then, let’s suit up,” Cameron said.


Courtney opened her eyes. She realized that she isn’t in her cell anymore. She tried to get up but then realized she couldn’t. Looking down, finding out that she was strapped on a chair.

“Well, looks who is up?” Courtney heard the voice she now dreaded so much say. “Just in time. Finished setting up everything,” Cindy smirked evilly as she toyed with the remote in her hand. “I’ll let you guess what are we going to play with today.”

“Fuck… the hell out of here,” Courtney growled.

“Oh well, I can arrange that for some other day. But today, we will be playing with… electric,” Cindy revealed as she pressed a button on the remote.

Courtney felt a jolt of electricity running through her body, making her scream in pain. Only then, Courtney realized that there were wires around her fingers and toes.

“Mm… fun isn’t it?” asked Cindy mockingly. “It’s just a taste of what is to come when we get to play with your womanhood.”

Cindy pressed the button again, making the blondie scream in agony. Cindy smirked as she watched the blondie’s eye’s roll back before stopping the shocks. Courtney whimpered as she breathes heavily.

“Please… stop,” Courtney choked out weakly on the verge of tears.

“Please more? Gladly,” Cindy snickered mockingly as she pressed the button again.

Screams and cries of agony filled the room along with sadistic laughter and taunts. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the poor heroine. Two men were watching it all unfold as they stood outside the room watching from a one-way window.

“You’re comfortable with this Swift?” asked the hacker skeptically.

“Not really. But, it needed to be done,” the man in the top hat said. “The JSA has meddled with our plans for too long. As much I doubt her plan’s with Stargirl is going to work, I know mines will work.”

“Well, I’m gonna head off and do myself a bit of money,” Steven said before walking off.

The man with the top hat sighed before looking through the window one last time, then walking away from the window.

“I see you’re already having fun huh?” asked Cindy with a sadistic smile.

“Please… stop… I’m begging you…” Courtney begged weakly.

Cindy chuckled as she picked up two clamps on the floor and clamped them on Courtney’s nipples. Making the blondie twitch and squirm from the sudden pressure on her sensitive spots.

“Where is the base?” Cindy demanded once again.

This time, instead of answering Cindy, Courtney didn’t answer but she just glared at Cindy.

“Oh, well. I thought so,” Cindy said as she pressed another button, shocking the poor girl again and again.


A knock came at Rick’s room while Rick was writing in his notebook.

“Come in,” Rick said.

“Hey Rick,” the voice of the girl Rick adored so much came.

“Sup Beth,” Rick said casually. “I see you come over to spend some time with your boyfriend.”

“Not exactly,” Beth said.

“Is something wrong?” asked Rick concerned after seeing the look on Beth’s face.

“Yolanda’s gone.”


“I went back to our room. She isn’t there. Checked the room records, she never returned after the meeting,” Beth said.

Then, another knock came. “Rick? You in there?” It was from Pat.

“Yeah, Pat come in,” said Rick.

“Have you seen… oh, am I interrupting anything?” Pat asked as he eyed the young couple.

“No, Pat,” Beth said.

“What is it, Pat?” asked Rick curiously.

“Have you two seen Cameron? I haven’t seen him since the meeting,” Pat said worryingly.

“Strange… I can’t seem to find Yolanda too,” Beth said.

“Wait, Yolanda went to talk to Cameron just now… could they… no,” Rick realized. Rick got up and walked out of his room quickly towards Yolanda’s room.

“Rick! Where are you going?” asked Beth.

“To check on Yolanda’s suit,” Rick said as he opened Yolanda’s room. Rick opened the cupboard where Yolanda’s Wildcat cowl and the suit should be. But all he could see was an empty cupboard.

“Yolanda’s suit isn’t here,” Rick said as Beth looked on in surprise.

“There is a note,” Beth pointed towards the note in the cupboard. She picked it up and read.

“If anyone who is reading this, I’m probably scouting the woods with Cameron. We both have trackers on us. Connect this device to Chuck and you will be able to track us. Sorry for leaving abruptly like this but someone has to do something.”

-Yolanda Montez

“They’ve gone back there,” Pat realized.

“No, no, if that place is really near the ISA HQ, there are going to be captured,” Beth said in horror.

“We have to go after them. Maybe we can stop them,” Rick said.

“Chuck, locate Yolanda and Cameron please,” Beth said as she wore her goggles and plugged the device into the port.

“Locating… target located,” Chuck informed as it projected a 3D image of the woods where they were attacked. Two dots were moving on the map.”

“They are already there,” Pat said gravely.

Then, suddenly, the three watched as a dot moved away from the other before disappearing.

“I can’t track one of the signals,” Chuck informed. “Trying to reconnect.”

Beth, Rick, and Pat looked at each other gravely.

“Please tell me this is not what I think it is.”


Courtney’s body slumped down after Cindy pressed the button. Courtney’s eyes were red with tears streaming down her face. Courtney was breathing heavily, on the verge of passing out. Her fingers, toes, and nipples were red from the shocks. Cindy looked on at her work with pride and laughed sadistically.

“Hmm… still not going to speak huh?” asked Cindy as she cupped the blondie’s chin who tried to move away from her touch.

Before Cindy could continue, she heard a voice from the coms. “Shiv, you there?”

“Shiv is here, what is it?” asked Cindy, annoyed that she was interrupted. “Two intruders? Captured?” Courtney's eyes shot up upon hearing the words. “JSA?” Courtney could feel her heart drop a little upon hearing Cindy's words.

“All right. I will take the prisoner,” Cindy answered before cutting the call.

“Well, Stargirl. Seems like you will have a new playmate,” Cindy said as her mouth twisted into a sadistic smile.

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