Stargirl: Hell

BY : Tenudakin
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Cindy chuckled at she made her way to Courtney’s cell, thinking about all the horrible stuff that she was about to do to her. Cindy has always held a special hatred for the blondie. The prospect of her enemy finally captured and to be used by her anyway was both a thrill and excitement to Cindy.

Courtney laid on the stone-hard bed, shivering from the coldness. The food on the table was left untouched as Courtney was so sure that the ISA would try to poison her. Partly also because Courtney had cried till her eyes were red and had no appetite to eat anything. Her body ached from the beating as she laid on the stone-hard bed. Courtney then realized it was so much better to sleep hanging from chains then to sleep on this hard rock bed with her body bruised badly. Then, Courtney winced as she heard the door open and close. Courtney's heart dropped as she knew that the person who opened the door had to be Cindy. The person she now dreaded and feared a lot.

“Hello there, Stargirl. I hope you had your fi- Wait… Oh my, don’t tell me you didn’t eat,” Cindy said in fake aghast as she chuckled, walking towards the blondie and turning her over and lifted her face, making the poor girl look at her. “Why didn’t you eat?”

Courtney didn’t bother to answer Cindy as she was in pain and tired. She wanted this torturous moment to end quickly. She just glared at Cindy murderously. Oh, how much she hated her now. Before this, Courtney always thought that Cindy was just misunderstood, but now seeing how cold the brunette can actually get, Courtney had realized how wrong her previous judgement was.

“Still angry at me I see,” Cindy chuckled before landing a hard slap on Courtney’s face. Cindy chuckled as Courtney yelped in pain. “I asked you a question, bitch, answer it,” Cindy ordered menacingly.

“I didn’t want to eat,” Courtney said grudgingly.

“You are going to go hungry if you don’t eat, you do know, right?” asked Cindy.

“I don’t care. I wouldn’t let myself get poisoned-” Courtney spat.

“Poison? Heavens, Courtney, did you really think I would let you die a quick and painless death? I can assure you, the food is clean,” Cindy said chuckling. “Plus, I wouldn’t sink that low to let you starve to death. No that’s cruel,” Cindy said sarcastically.

“And why would I believe you?” asked Courtney.

“Cause I’m telling the truth,” Cindy answered as she moved her hand away from Courtney. “Plus, you have no other option left.”

Courtney stayed silent not answering Cindy. She kept on reminding herself to control her urges to eat the food on the table as she was so certain that it is poisoned.

“I have no reason to trust a person that had tortured me for information,” Courtney answered.

“Well, you gonna eat sooner or later,” Cindy said.

“We shall see,” Courtney replied.

“Oh, yes, we shall see,” Cindy said smirking.

“Last chance, Whitmore. Are you going to eat or not?” asked Cindy coldly.

“No,” Courtney answered firmly.

“Well, they gave you a chance anyway,” Cindy muttered as she grabbed Courtney by her long busy hair and dragged her down the bed, letting her hit the floor, making the poor blondie yelp in pain, groveling on the floor in pain from the hard impact.

“Hmm- seems like you are enjoying yourself here,” Cindy said sarcastically as she examined the blondie’s bruises, her mouth turned into a twisted smile.

“Now, where were we?”

Yolanda opened her eyes. She looked at the room around her, recognizing the room to be her room in the JSA base. Then, Yolanda remembered, the last thing she remembered was fighting Tigress in the woods before feeling something pierce her torso and passing out. Yolanda tried to move and felt a piercing pain from her torso. She looked down and lifted the shirt she was wearing. Yolanda then saw her bandaged lower torso.

“Yeah, you were in quite a bad shape,” Yolanda heard a familiar voice say. Yolanda then turned towards the voice. It was her younger brother Alex Montez.

“Wh- What happened?” asked Yolanda puzzled. “Are my friends alright?”

“You were stabbed. The others brought you back. As for your friends, they are all fine, except one,” Alex informed.

“Who?” asked Yolanda shakily.

“Courtney,” Alex Montez said gravely.

“No, she can’t be dead,” Yolanda said in disbelief.

“Not dead, sis. Presumably captured by the ISA,” Alex corrected.


“From what I heard. She was fighting Cindy Burman along with Cameron. Cameron was taken out by Frankenstein and Cindy knocked her out,” Alex said.

“Wh- Where are the others?” asked Yolanda frantically as she tried to get up.

“Sis! Calm down. You are still injured,” Alex said as he tried to stop Yolanda from getting up.

“Rick, Beth, and Pat are trying to figure out a plan alright? Just calm down sis. You need rest,” Alex said. “Don’t worry sis. We will be fine,” Alex assured.

“But Courtney isn’t!” Yolanda protested.

“I know but you wouldn’t be any help if you just made your injuries worst,” Alex said calmly. “Just get some sleep, alright? We will hand this from here.”

“Fine,” Yolanda said as she gave in. She knew that Alex was indeed right, she needs to rest.

“I’ll leave you alone for now, rest up sis,” Alex said before leaving the room.

“Bye, Alex,” Yolanda said, smiling weakly.

Laying on the bed, Yolanda just stared at the ceiling. Wondering when would the madness end? It has been already about a month since the ISA resurfaced and started to hunt them and their family down. Yolanda’s father was the first one to go, found dead in the house with a bloodied bat beside him. Ever since then, the teenagers dropped out of school and went into hiding. Luckily Pat had managed to locate an old JSA safe house where they can hide out as they try to locate the ISA base, take them down, once and for all. A task that’s easier said than done.

Even after Brainwave, Icicle, and Dragon King were killed, the ISA was as strong as before due to the fact that a couple of ISA members returned to assist what remains of the old ISA. The new faces such as Huntress and the Fiddler had been proven to be quite formidable as well.

Yolanda felt guilty. Has only she been more alert, her father wouldn’t be dead, Courtney wouldn’t be captured by the ISA. Yolanda knew that there is nothing else she could do but pray that things will get better for them?

Courtney screams echoed throughout the room as Cindy chuckled evilly. Courtney was wearing a shock collar as she hung from the chains. Cindy was holding a whip and lashed out on the blondie’s body, leaving red marks on Courtney’s skin.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you!” Cindy said loudly as she continually whipped the blondie. “Screaming and crying like this.”

“Please… no more,” Courtney pleaded between her cries and sobs before Cindy pressed a button on the remote, shocking Courtney.

“Arggh!” Courtney screamed as she struggled to breathe. “Please stop!” Courtney begged.

“Not until I’m satisfied or until you tell me where your base is!” Cindy answered as she landed the whip on Courtney’s body and shocking her again, letting the blondie scream in pain.

“You know, it is somewhat satisfying to see you in pain, Court,” Cindy said smiling before shocking Courtney again. “Your cries and screams are music to my ears.”

“Please-” Courtney pleaded.

“Oh, you want more?” Cindy asked chuckling evilly as she kicked Courtney’s crotch hard. “You’re welcome to have more.”

As Cindy was about to continue her torture, a knock came from the door. Cindy then turned around to see someone wearing a top hat and holding a cane standing outside the cell.

“I will be back,” Cindy said before shocking Courtney again. Ignoring Courtney’s cries and struggled to breathe, she walked outside the cell and closed the iron door.

“What do you want, Swift?” asked the brunette coldly.

“I want to know what your progress is on obtaining the location of the JSA base?’ asked the man.

“She’s not talking, but don’t worry, I will make her tell,” Cindy assured confidently.

“Not before you drive her insane. By the way, you’re doing it, she will probably be so broken, I doubt she would be able to give you any information,” Swift said skeptically.

“Even if she is driven insane, I have a backup plan for that,” Cindy answered.

“Cynthia. We talked about this before. It is essential to keep the location of our base a secret. It is not worth the risk of your so-called plan!” Swift said angrily. “Your father would have been helpful in these situations.”

“Well, my father is dead. Deal with it,” Cindy said angrily as she turned around and walked back into the cell. “Not like you are any better help.”

Cindy entered the cell, closing the door before looking at Courtney. “Sorry for the interruption, ISA business. Now, I’m feeling a little nice today,” Cindy said, chuckling evilly as she released Courtney from the chains. “Plus, we had been at it for almost half of the day. I would daresay you need a break,” Cindy said.

Courtney fell to the ground as Cindy released her from the chains. Looking up at the towering figure, Courtney winced as Cindy looked at her. “Aw, you look cute when you are scared,” Cindy cooed as she held Courtney’s face.

“Urgh, your ‘clothes’ are in such a bad condition,” Cindy said in disgust as she eyed Courtney’s bra, which was filthy and torn a little. “Let me change that,” Cindy said before ripping Courtney’s bra off, exposing her breast.

Courtney gasped and immediately tried to cover her breasts, feeling even more uncomfortable at the prospect of being almost completely naked in front of someone other than Cameron.

“Mm~ Beautiful,” Cindy commented as she looked at Courtney and threw the piece of clothing aside. “Can’t wait for our next playtime.”

Cindy made her way towards the door as she left. Before leaving, Cindy turned around. “Oh, I almost forgot. Dinner will be served for you. I suggest you eat up,” Cindy said before leaving the poor blondie all alone.

Courtney was feeling sick, vulnerable, dehydrated, and cold. She curled up on the floor, facing away from the door as she clutched her breasts. Courtney didn’t bother to move towards the bed at all as she knew that there was no difference. The cell was then filled with Courtney’s sobs and cries and she felt even more hopeless and scared than before.

“C… help…”

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