Stargirl: Hell

BY : Tenudakin
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            Cameron punched the wall in pure frustration and anger of losing Courtney as the others just watched him silently, all of them were lost of words and didn’t know what do to next.

            The day had started out normal as usual until Beth had spotted Tigress entering the woods. The JSA then decided to track her through the woods to see if they could follow her to the location of the ISA base which they had been trying to locate for the past few months.

            Everything was fine until they were ambushed by the full might of the ISA. Lead by Cindy, or now known as Shiv, Sportsmaster, Tigress, the Fiddler, Frankenstein, Gambler, Huntress and the other villains proved to be quite formidable. S.T.R.I.P.E was badly damaged by the ISA’s newest monster. Yolanda was stabbed by Tigress, injured but alive. Cameron and Courtney fought Shiv together until Frankenstein punched Cameron into a tree. Cameron could remember hearing Courtney scream for his name before hitting the tree and feeling his body crack before passing out.

            When he had already awoke, everything was over, the ISA was gone, leaving nothing but the damaged they had done and most of the JSA. Only one of the were missing, Courtney. The journey back to base was quiet but quick as Yolanda was injured.

            Reaching the base, Cameron couldn’t take it anymore and punched the wall in frustration before calming down and helped Yolanda out of the S.T.R.I.P.E cockpit. After Rick and Cameron helped Yolanda onto a bed, Barbara and Bridget hurried to treat Yolanda’s wound. Cameron walked out of the room quickly into the hallways. Rick and Pat looked at each other knowingly, they followed Cameron.

            “Cameron, where are you going?” asked Rick as he ran after Cameron.

            “What do you think? We lost Courtney. We should be looking for her now,” Cameron said angrily as he continued to walk.

            “Cam, we got no trail, no clues, no way to track where the ISA might have brought her…” Pat began.

            “Well, we can just wait and do nothing!” Cameron said loudly as he turned around, stopping.

            “Look, Cam. We can’t rush into this like we did earlier-” Pat began, trying to calm Cameron down.

            “I thought that it was your idea to follow Tigress into the woods?” asked Cameron sarcastically.

            “It was a mistake,” Pat said.

            “It sure was. Now, Courtney is gone because of that mistake. Think about what they are going to do to her, guys! To my girlfriend!” Cameron said furiously.

            “She is my daughter too!” Pat replied loudly, then they were silence between the two.

            “Look, Cameron. We are all worried about Courtney and know how much she means to you. But we need to plan out our next move first. If not, more people might get hurt,” Rick said calmly.

            Cameron closed his eyes and took a deep cold breath. “Fine,” Cameron said begrudgingly before turning around and walking away from the two. “I need some time alone.”

            “Sure, come back for dinner,” Pat called out before looking at Rick., nodding, the two of them head back to check on Yolanda.

            Courtney first night in the enemy’s base had not been a pleasant experience at all. Cindy returned that night and continued her beating and interrogating through the night, until late at night before deciding to leave Courtney.

            That night, Courtney kept thinking about how her friends were. She remembered seeing Tigress stab Yolanda and Cameron being knocked into a tree by the giant monster. She hoped they were alright and well. “Well, at least they are safe for now,” Courtney thought to herself.

            Courtney knew that the others would be frantic to find her, especially Cameron, who has always cared about her and is willing to do anything for her. “He is probably trying to figure out a way to find me now,” Courtney thought. Then, she felt fear, more than any of the previous times she faced the ISA. Courtney was scared of what is to come. She was scared of what Cindy might do to her. These thoughts haunted Courtney as she drifted off into a cold and uneasy sleep.

            Courtney opened her eyes tiredly and looked around her and sighed as she tried to move her body. Her hands were sore from hanging from the chains than lifted her, making her stand only on her toes. Her body did no better as she felt her body was sore and bruised badly. Courtney felt exposed, vulnerable and cold as she was only wearing her panties and bra. She stared at the door in front of her as she waited for someone to come in. Then, the door opened, it was Artemis Crock, one of Courtney’s classmates.

            “I see that you are awake, Whitmore,” Artemis said coldly as she moved forward to detach Courtney’s cuff from the chains, making her fall down on the floor. “I’m sure you were surprised to see me,” Artemis continued as she freed Courtney’s leg. “Stand up and walk,” Artemis ordered as she grabbed the blondie’s arm forceful and lead her out of the room.

            In truth, Courtney hasn’t expected Artemis Crock, the star athlete of the school to be an ISA member too. Even though both her mother and father were ISA members, Courtney hung out with Artemis enough to believe that the athlete was fine. Obviously, she was wrong.

            “Where are we going?” asked Courtney in fear as she was led out of the room, trying to ignore the pain she was feeling.

            “To your new playroom,” Artemis said as her mouth turned into a twisted smile which sent shivers down Courtney’s spine. She had never seen Artemis look so cold and evil before.

            As she walked, Courtney felt pain from the beating she got yesterday, it stung every time she moved. As they walked hallways, they passed by some of the ISA members. Sportsmaster and Tigress was obviously checking the almost nude blondie out as they walked by them, making Courtney feel uncomfortable as her body was ogled at.

            “Hmm… my parents seem to be interested in you,” Artemis chuckled, making Courtney gulped.

            They passed a couple of other ISA members as they continued to walk, including a man holding a cane and wearing a black top hat that she didn’t recognized.

            Finally, after what seemed to be forever to Courtney, they came into a stop in front of a high security door. Then, the door opened automatically after scanning Artemis. Artemis and led Courtney through the door as the door closed behind them, locking them in automatically. They continued to walk until Artemis stopped in front of a room that resembled a prison. Cindy was already standing there, waiting patiently for her new plaything to arrive.

            “Finally, any trouble?” asked Cindy.

            “None at all,” Artemis answered as she handed Courtney over to the other brunette.

            “Good for you then,” Cindy said as she eyed the blondie dangerously. “Otherwise they might have been more punishments for you.”

            Courtney whimpered as Cindy forcefully led her into the room and shut the door behind them, pushing her and making her fall on the floor. Courtney tried to get up in pain as she looked around. The room was dimly lighted with chains hanging from the ceiling and numerous other “furniture” that made Courtney gulped.

            “Welcome to your new home, Stargirl,” Cindy said coldly as she smirked evilly as she freed Courtney’s hand.

            “I warn you, if you try to escape, which you wouldn’t succeed. There will be consequences. So, eat up,” Cindy said as she gestured towards the tray of food that was laying on the table besides what seemed to be a bed. “You are in for a long day,” Cindy said before turning around and leaving the room, locking Courtney in her new home.

            Courtney looked around her as she moved towards the bed and sat down slowly. Even though it seemed like a bed, it was as hard as a rock, probably because it actually was a large slab of stone. Courtney then looked around her hopelessly. She had still hoped that this was nothing but a nightmare, but now, it felt very much real. Courtney then broke down, letting her emotions take over her, sobbing as she ignored the food on the table besides her.

            Cameron sat on his bed, still thinking about how to find Courtney. He felt guilty. If only he had been more alert, he wouldn’t have been knocked out by Frankenstein. If only he had been more skilled, he would have been able to defeat Shiv. If only he had been stronger, he could have protected Courtney. But now, Courtney was captured, and it was his fault. His eyes turned to look at the Cosmic Staff that leaned against the wall in his room, he hoped that wherever Courtney was, she would be fine.

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