Stargirl: Hell

BY : Tenudakin
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            “Mmm~ Fun isn’t it?” Cindy cajoled as she whipped Courtney mercilessly. Courtney curled up on the floor, crying as Cindy whipped her, drawing blood from injuries.

            “You monster… you sadist… yo- you bitch!” Yolanda growled. She was held in place by the drones as she was forced to watch Cindy torture Courtney into madness

            “Call me whatever names you want, slutcat,” Cindy said sadistically. “Doesn’t change anything.”

            “When the JSA find us here, you’re so dead,” Yolanda growled.

            “Will they though?” Cindy asked as she landed another stroke on Courtney.

            “They will,” Yolanda said firmly. “By now, they will have located your-”

            Yolanda was interrupted by Cindy’s maniacal laughter. “Oh… you’re so dumb in believing in your friends. Let me give you some news, we have located your base remember, it’s only a matter of time before we strike them,” Cindy said amused.

            “If you hurt them…” Yolanda growled.

            “What would you do? Cry at me?” Cindy mocked chucklingly as Courtney continued to cry from the pain. “It will give you some relieve to know that I’m going to kill them… your friends, maybe capture one or two to play around with,” Cindy said dangerously.

            “No…” Yolanda breathed shakily.

            “Oh yes, Hmm… Chapel would be nice to play with… Or maybe… Mahkent? Tyler? Dugan?” Cindy counted.

            “You really are a monster,” Yolanda growled angrily.

            “Hmph? You think… this is a monster?” asked Cindy. “Oh well, then what is this?” Cindy asked.

            Yolanda couldn’t believe her eyes as she watch the sadistic girl transform in front of her eyes, green scales replacing her skin, her eyes turning yellow, claws growing out of her finger. The transformation was horrendous. Yolanda backed away from Cindy fearfully, breathing heavily. Courtney, who was already blur about everything going on, lay there, brokenly.

            “So what is this huh?” asked Cindy as she walked over. “Never seen me like this?”

            Yolanda trembled as Cindy walked closer. “Looks good doesn’t it? Experimented on myself as daddy did. Made some improvements though,” Cindy said as she backed Yolanda up against the wall. “Just finished it. Let’s see how well they work,” Cindy chuckled, brandishing her claws, preparing to strike Yolanda.

            Yolanda eyed Cindy’s claws, her face filled with fear. Yolanda closed her eyes as Cindy strikes.

            Artemis was training in her family training room, punching a punching bag vigorously, grunting with every strike.

            “Artemis,” Artemis heard someone call her on the comms.

            “What is it Swift?” asked Artemis, pantingly.

            “We located the base,” Swift said.

            “I heard so,” Artemis answered. “What do you need me to do?” Artemis asked, knowing that Richard needs her to do something that he don’t want Cindy or her parents to do.

            “I need you to try to bring in one of the JSA, Tyler, Chapel or even better Mahkent, if possible,” Richard requested.

            “I don’t suppose you are going to tell me why?” Artemis asked.

            “You know my best interest is for the goals and aim of the ISA,” Richard assured. “Just see if it’s possible to get any survivors.”

            “To torture them?” Artemis asked skeptically.

            “Of course not, I’m not a sadist like Burman and your parents, no offense meant-”

            “No… I understand, it will be done,” Artemis answered before hanging up.

            Yolanda breathes shakily as she felt her heart pounding against her chest. She turns to look at where Cindy has struck, her claws made a deep cut into the wall.

            “Hmm… better than I thought,” Cindy said, observing the damage before turning back to Yolanda. “Scared the hell out of you huh?” Cindy mocked, clutching Yolanda’s neck, choking her slowly. “You have no idea how much fun it is to see you two slowly break,” Cindy smirked evilly as she tighten her grasp.

            “Ack… Sto…” Yolanda choked as she struggled against the sadistic girl’s grasp. “Mmppff… get Mmm!” Yolanda got interrupted as Cindy kissed her as she chokes her throat, drawing air out of her. Yolanda struggled to grasp for air as she felt her head getting dizzy, slipping into unconsciousness.

            Yolanda felt Cindy’s lips ravishes hers, assaulting her, in some ways, burning hers. Yolanda silently cried as Cindy assaulted her. She knew what was about to come next, and closed her eyes, in fear, mentally praying as she sobbed.

            “Cindy, Swift wants all of us now,” Artemis said over the comms, interrupting Cindy, just as she was about to make her next move.

            Cindy let go of Yolanda, letting her drop to the floor. “What is it now? I’m in the middle of having fun,” Cindy groaned.

            “We are attacking the base tonight,” informed Artemis.

            “You hear that kitty? We are going to destroy the JSA tonight,” Cindy said mockingly.

            “Of course, you’re in the middle of torturing them,” Artemis said sarcastically. “Can you just get your ass over to the meeting room, quick? We’re waiting for you,” Artemis urged.

            “Hmph… seems like we will play another time, maybe with more playmates. Hmm… maybe Tyler, maybe Chapel, or maybe even your own brother,” Cindy chuckled before she turned around and walked out of the cell. “On my way.”

HOURS LATER          

            “It is done, Swift,” Cindy’s voice came over the comms. “We won.”

            “Are you sure? Confirm please,” Swift said urgently.

            “Those dumbasses literally blew a giant hole that obliterated their own base and themselves, there is no tunnels, no bunker, nothing, they couldn’t have survived,” Cindy said confidently

            “Yeah, and those dumbasses managed to beat the ISA twice before I returned, so you better make sure they are dead, find a body or something,” Richard said impatiently.

            “Understood,” Cindy said reluctantly. “Crusher, anything?” asked Cindy as she slid down the crater that replaced what used to be a battleground.

            “The robots is here, pretty damaged though,” Larry said.

            “Paula? Artemis?” Cindy asked pressing the comms.

            “The base is pretty messed up Cindy. Not seeing any bodies yet but no one could survive that,” Artemis answered.

            “I know that. But you know Swift, he is not going to let up until we can find a body or-” Cindy answered before being interrupted by loud grunting sounds from the comms. “Artemis? Artemis? Answer,” Cindy said.

            “Sorry for the interruption… Got attacked by someone… Took care of it already,” Artemis said.

            “Wait… who attacked you?” Cindy asked. “You killed him?”

            “It’s a her, I think,” Artemis answered as she looks through her night vision lenses. “And no, just knocked her out.”

            “Bring her with us, maybe we can learn a bit or two from her,” Cindy said. “Swift,” Cindy said over the comms. “We took two prisoner. There are no other survivors,” Cindy said.

            “Are you absolutely certain?” asked Richard cautiously.

            “Swift, you saw what happened… No one else could have survived that,” Cindy said.

            “Return to base,” Richard ordered.

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