Stargirl: Hell

BY : Tenudakin
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            Everyone in the base, except for Maria Montez were seated in the meeting room as they discussed about how to attack the ISA base and rescue Courtney and Yolanda from their clutches. They listened silently as Rick explained about the plan in his head and how his plan and Cameron’s plan will happen.

            “This plan is literally crazy,” Wing said as he folded his arm.

            “You’re asking us to do what?” Pat asked, not believing what Rick has just said.

            “This plan is too risky,” Bridget agreed. “What if the ISA managed to find out-”

            “And that is why this plan and Cameron’s plan of attacking the base needs to happen quickly,” Rick interrupted.

            “I actually think Rick’s plan might work,” Barbara said.

            “What?” Pat asked in confusion as he looked at his wife.

            “Rick’s right. The ISA is bound to find a way to get more info out of Courtney and Yolanda. If we stay here, they are bound to find a way in this base, and if they do, we are as good as dead,” Beth said.

            “As much as I don’t want that to happen, I agree,” Cameron added. “Cindy and the Crocks torture methods are quite… extreme,” Cameron said. “She has driven plenty of her prisoners into insanity before.”

            “We mustn’t let that happen,” Mike said firmly. “I agree with Cameron and Rick, we need to act now.”

            “But let’s say if this plan fails, where do we go?” asked Bridget concerned.

            “Yeah, if we go along with this plan, we are literally exposing ourselves to them,” James added.

            “I don’t think we have a better choice here, do we?” asked Rick.

            “I think Rick’s plan will work, but we must be able to find a new base before we start, just in case the plan does fail,” Oliver said.

            “I might have a wonderful suggestion for that,” Justin said, seating up.

            “Where?” asked Lee. “You don’t mean the old base,” Lee said casually.

            “A bit old. But it can hold,” Justin said.

            “Wait, you’re serious?”

            “But it has been a while, are we even sure it’s not-” Oliver asked.

            “It is still there, I managed to locate it after I came out of the time portal and stayed there for years,” Wing interrupted. “Safe and hidden as usual, doesn’t have new technology like this place, but like Justin said, it is safe.”

            “Then all is set then,” Roy agreed.

            “Wait… are we really going to go along with this plan?” asked Bridget unsurely.

            “It doesn’t seem like we can wait any longer,” Cameron said. “The longer Courtney and Yolanda are in the hands of the ISA, especially Cindy and the Crocks, the more they will suffer.”

            “I agree,” Mike stated.

            “Me too,” Alex added.

            “As much as I don’t like this idea, I think it will work, for Courtney and Yolanda,” Rick said.

            Bridget and James looked at each other, then at their daughter, exchanging approving glances.

            “Those who approve of this plan, raise your hands,” Pat said stiffly. Everyone seated at the table raised their hands confidently in response.

            “Well then, Rick,” Pat gestured.

            “Alright, pack the things needed and suit up,” Rick said. “Let’s make our move.”


            “Are you certain that she was telling the truth?” asked Richard cautiously.

            “Yes,” Cindy said, there were still blood stains on her clothes.

            “Are they-”

            “Of course, they are still alive, why would I kill them?” asked Cindy sarcastically as she crossed her arms, eyeing Richard.

            “Of course,” Richard answered emotionlessly. “But they haven’t lost their sanity yet, have they?” asked Richard.

            “By the look of it, the slut still have a long way to go while I’m pretty sure Starbitch will break anytime soon,” Cindy chuckled. Richard just looked at Cindy with subtle disgust written on his face. “Is there anything else, if not, I would like to return to torturing my prisoners,” Cindy asked firmly.

            “You may leave,” Richard said coldly as he turned around.

            “Delightful,” Cindy mouthed before turning to leave the room.


            “What is with all this commotion?” asked Maria as Beth rushed into the med bay. She was obviously disturbed by the commotion. Beth was wearing her Dr. Mid-Nite suit with her goggles.

            “Oh, nothing much, Mrs. Montez, we are just preparing to move out,” Beth said.

            “Move out?”

            “We’re getting ready to move to another base,” Beth said.


            “Just pack up and get ready,” Beth ushered as she and her mother grabbed a med kit and a couple of medical equipment and medicine from the cabinets.

            “You all are crazy,” Maria stuttered.

            “All part of a plan to get your daughter back, Bridget interrupted Maria before she could rant on.


            “Honestly, Maria, does your daughter’s life means nothing to you?” asked Bridget frustratedly as Alex walked into the room. He was wearing a black suit with gauntlets on his wrists.


            “Don’t bother about her,” Alex said gruffly before turning towards her mother. “We are packing our stuff now; you might want to do that to. We are moving out whether you want to or not.”

            “I-” Maria stuttered before keeping silent.

            Meanwhile, at the entrance, Rick and Cameron were standing in front of the closed door, suited up and ready to head out.

            “Are you sure about this?” asked Rick, turning to Cameron.

            “For Courtney and Yolanda? Yes,” Cameron nodded.

            “Let’s go then,” Rick turned towards the door. “Beth, is everything ready?”

            “Yes,” Beth answered through the coms.


            “STRIPE is good to go,” Pat confirmed.


            “Aye my boy,” Justin confirmed.

            Rick and Cameron both exchanged glances and nodded. “Chuck, open the doors,” Rick said.

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