Stargirl: Hell

BY : Tenudakin
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            “We have a problem,” Rick announced as he burst into the dinning room where the others were still eating.

            “What is it, lad?” Justin asked.

            “The cams picked up drones near our base,” Beth said.

            “What!?” Pat stood up in surprise, abandoning his meal as he rushed out of the room towards the security room to check the screens. The others looked at each other worryingly and got up and followed Pat.

            “They found us?” asked Alex worryingly.

            “Apparently so,” Pat said gravely as he looked at the screen.

            “How did they-” Mike wonder aloud.

            “As much as I don’t want it to be true, they must have tortured Courtney and Yolanda for the location of our base,” Cameron said.

            “Well, what do we do now?” asked Wing.

            “Something isn’t right,” Beth muttered. “If they knew that our base is here, why hadn’t any of the ISA members attacked our base yet? Unless-”

            “They aren’t sure that our base is here,” Rick finished.

            “Then, that makes this even more complicated,” Pat sighed. “We can’t make our move without them knowing that we are in here.”

            “What if we just destroy the drones?” asked Bridget.

            “No mom, if we destroy it, it will be even more obvious,” Beth said.

            “So, what are we supposed to do? Wait for the ISA to withdraw the drones?” Mike asked. “You guys heard what Cameron said, Courtney and Yolanda are being tortured as we speak, we can’t wait any longer.”

            “Unless we want more people to wound up captured, we need a concrete plan to get out of this,” Oliver said thoughtfully.

            “As much as I want to free them now, Oliver is right,” Cameron said. “The last time I went in, Yolanda got captured. We don’t want the ISA to get their hands on anyone else,” Cameron said firmly.

            “But we can’t wait forever,” Mike said urgently.

            “Maybe we won’t have to,” Rick said.

            “You have a plan,” asked Beth.

            “It’s a crazy one, I don’t think you guys would approve,” Rick said.

            “Hmm… well kid. We are out of options now, let’s hear it,” Roy said.


            The floor was stained with blood as its stench can be smelled by anyone close enough. The never-ending screams of the poor and helpless heroines pierced the cold, dark cell. Their torturers laughed at their misery, enjoying every last minute of their captives pain while Courtney and Yolanda loathed every moment as they were being assaulted roughly, sobbing and begging for them to stop.

            “Now, let me ask you this one time,” Cindy began as she knelt before Courtney, whose legs were stained with blood flowing down from her mutilated insides. “Did you tell me the truth?”

            “Yes! Yes, she did! Please stop!” Yolanda practically shouted in desperation. Her voice was already hoarse and unrecognizable. She was having difficulty speaking as her voice was already hoarse from the torture the day before. She was forced to watch in horror as the sadistic older woman pierced her best friend’s inside mercilessly, causing the blondie to bleed out.

            Cindy turned to face the brunette, who was being raped by Larry. Larry grasped her throat, slowly tightening his grasp before letting go. “Hmm… That is good to know,” Cindy chuckled as she faced Yolanda. “You two would probably be glad to know that we sent drones to surveillance the area. And we found nothing so far.”

            “Oh, you girls lied,” Larry chuckled as he continues to thrust in and out of the poor brunette, ignoring her weak struggles from being raped for the first time.

            “No… no, she didn’t… please…” Yolanda begged as Courtney’s screams of pain continued to fill the room. “Stop…” Cindy gestured for Larry to stop.

            “Then tell me how to enter the base,” Cindy demanded with malice in her voice as she unleashed her blade and pressed it against Courtney’s throat.

            “If I tell you… you… wouldn’t keep your word,” Yolanda growled hoarsely.

            “I will… this time,” Cindy said.

            “Y- You will st- stop… hurting her?” Yolanda asked, her voice showing hope.

            “Yes,” Cindy said.

            “H-How… can I trust you?” Yolanda asked.

            Cindy looked at Paula and nodded. Paula got the message and lifted Courtney off the torture device she was wearing. As she pulled the bloodied rod out of Courtney, Courtney let out a weak whimper of pain. Courtney was laid on the cold ground, blood still streaming out of her abused and mutilated womanhood. The spiked dildo that caused the blondie so much pain was covered in her blood.

            “She will heal,” Cindy assured the brunette who couldn’t keep the horror out of her eyes as she was Courtney’s state.

            “I- st- still don’t tr- trust you,” Yolanda said unsurely.

            Cindy sighed as she held Courtney up and pressed her blade against the blond girl’s neck. “Think about it slut, if you tell me the truth, she won’t die and we might not hurt her anymore,” Cindy said as she moved the blade away from Courtney who was trembling in fear. “But if you don’t,” Cindy added as she moved the blade near to Courtney’s neck, pressing it slowly. “There is nothing stopping me from killing Starbitch here,” Cindy chuckled. “So, what would it be?” asked Cindy.

            “I- If yo- want- to- kill us, you w- would have don- that a long time ago,” Yolanda growled.

            “Of course, I didn’t. Where was the fun in that? But now, this is different, I want to know something,” Cindy said firmly.

            Yolanda sighed as she looked at Courtney. She wasn’t even sure if Courtney was still in there. The blondie’s eyes looked so dazed and unfocused, as she was already gone, dead inside, seemingly slowly slipping into insanity. There was probably no hope in bargaining for them to stop hurting Courtney, but she has to try, who knows how long Courtney can clung on.

            “Give- me your word- that you all- w- would st- stop hurt- her, and- let her go,” Yolanda said.

            “Now, you know that letting her go would be impossible, but I can assure you… we will not injure her any longer,” Cindy said, exchanging glances with the confused couple.

            “H- ca- I trust you?” asked Yolanda weakly.

            “Well, it doesn’t seem like you have a choice, do you?” Cindy asked.

            “Fine- I will, tell you,” Yolanda gave in.

            Yolanda felt immensely guilty as she slowly told Cindy where the entrance into the JSA headquarter was. She thought of all the lives she has just put in danger to possibly stop Courtney from being tortured any longer, hoping that they could ever forgive her.

            “Good… good,” Cindy muttered as Yolanda finished telling her. “Was that the truth?” asked Cindy.

            “Ye- Yes,” Yolanda confirmed weakly.

            “Good,” Cindy said. “Paula, hand me the syringes,” Cindy said.

            Cindy took the syringes and injected the substances into Courtney’s arm. “This will heal her quicker,” Cindy said to the brunette, who was still held in place by Larry. “And this,” Cindy said as she held up the syringe filled with a familiar looking green substance. “Will make her scream.”

            Yolanda watched in horror as Cindy injected that familiar looking substance into her best friend’s body. Not even seconds later, Courtney’s body began to feel the drug’s effect. Courtney began twitching in pain, letting out hoarse whimpers and screams of pain.

            Cindy chuckled as she turned towards Yolanda, whose face was filled with rage. “Well, we said we won’t injure her, and we will keep our word,” Cindy said. “But we never said anything about not making her hurt,” Cindy said chuckling as Larry and Paula chuckled along. “Be grateful that people like us will keep our words.”

            “No…” Yolanda mumbled in horror as Larry began to rape her again, clutching her neck forcibly as he did.

            It felt like an eternity as Larry raped her. Yolanda loathed every moment as the man’s erected manhood forcibly thrusted in and out of her abused womanhood. Yolanda felt herself dying inside as she was being assaulted, feeling herself slowly breaking as her body no longer felt as if it was her body any longer, but overtaken by some force. She waited and waited for the man to stop, and finally when he did pull out. She felt the man pulled her hair roughly, making her face her erect penis.

            “Don’t you dare bite it,” Larry growled threateningly as he shoved his penis into Yolanda’s mouth.

            Yolanda was too weak and scared to do anything. She just let the man take control of her body in fear, hoping that it would soon be over. But that didn’t let Yolanda feel any less disgusted by the fact that her mouth was being raped.

            Soon, Larry released his semen inside Yolanda’s mouth as Paula clutched Yolanda’s neck and forced her head down on Larry’s manhood, chocking her forcefully for a while before letting her up. Yolanda could feel the revolting taste of the man’s semen still on her tongue as she tried to get rid of the semen in her mouth by spitting it out.

            “Hmm… the slut still needs some training I see,” Cindy chuckled as she stood up. “But that will be for tomorrow, rest up,” Cindy said as she turned around, walking out of the cell as Larry and Paula dressed up before picking up the tools.

            “Don’t worry kitty, this will be inside you tomorrow,” Paula chuckled as she waved the blood-covered torture device in front of the trembling brunette. Larry and Paula shared a kiss before leaving the cell, and just like that, Yolanda and Courtney was left alone in the dark cold cell.

            Yolanda moved. Her body felt torn apart. It didn’t feel like her body anymore, it felt foreign and dirty Yolanda moved towards Courtney, who was lying on the floor, twitching and crying from the pain that the drug was causing her.

            “Court,” Yolanda called out.

            Courtney didn’t answer, overwhelmed by the pain that was caused by the drug. She just turned slightly, revealing her red eyes and tears covered face.

            Yolanda didn’t know what to do anymore. She moved closer to the blondie and hugged her. Giving her comfort was all she could do right now. Yolanda held Courtney tightly as she whispered comforts into her ear. Yolanda could feel Courtney’s body spasm and twitch from the pain that the drug caused her.

            As she did, Yolanda was scared, really scared of what those sadists will do to her the next time they return. “When will this be over?” Yolanda wondered. “Will we ever get out?” Yolanda soon found herself muttering her daily prayers, praying that she and Courtney can soon leave this living hell.

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