Stargirl: Hell

BY : Tenudakin
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            “Daddy?” Cindy whimpered as she struggled against the tight restraints. “Where am I?” Cindy asked as she looked frantically around her. She was in a dark place, surrounded by weird looking red hooded people while her father, wearing his hood, is focused on the chemicals on the table.

            “Daddy? Talk to me please!” Cindy said in fear of what was going on. She couldn’t understand anything. She remembered she was sleeping, and the next thing was she woke up restrained.

            “Daddy!” Cindy wailed as she realized that her father was ignoring her. “Please… talk to me, I’m scared.”

            Dr. Ito stayed silent as he held a syringe of green substance in his hand and turned towards Cindy.

            “Daddy?” Cindy whimpered as she struggled against the restraints while Dr. Ito walked closer.

            Cindy let out a loud piercing scream as Dr. Ito injected the substance into her body. Beathing heavily, she looked up at the hooded man. “Daddy why are you doing this to me?” asked Cindy teary eyed.

            Whatever Dr. Ito said, Cindy didn’t hear any of it as she felt a sharp pain seemingly piercing very inch of her body, letting out screams and shouts of agony as her father just watched her torture in silence.



            It was nighttime and Cindy was in her lab wearing her lab coat and safety googles, handling a vial filled with red yellowish substance., tinkering around with it.

            “So, this is?” asked Larry as he shifted around the lab curiously with Paula.

            “Some medicine and drugs to make sure that our play toys don’t die during playtime,” Cindy said, still focused on the vial. “It will still let them feel the pain… but it would heal their body once we are done, getting them ready for the next playtime,” explained Cindy.

            “So, we can mutilate them, and they will heal?” asked Larry.

            “Nothing too serious though, I mean, it can’t really regrow an entire limb,” Cindy answered.

            “Mmm… does that mean I can use that toy?” asked Paula curiously.

            “Most certainly, you can,” Cindy answered. “And they will heal in 12 hours, fresh for torture daily.”

            “You tested these?” asked Paula.

            “Well, as much I want them to hurt, yes, I tested these, just in case,” Cindy said. “We don’t want them to end up like that time.”

            “Yelp definitely don’t want them to end up like mindless dogs,” Larry said.

            “Well, then those two are going to talk real soon,” Paula said, balling her fists.

            “Well, look at those two,” Cindy gestured to the screen, giving them full view of the two naked, weak and vulnerable girls laying on the floor, passed out. “12 hours of torture, I’ll be surprised if they don’t lose their sanity in 3 days.”

            “Hmm… all the fun,” Larry chuckled as he turned towards the screen.

            “What’s that?” asked Paula, gesturing towards the vial filled with black substances.

            “Oh… that is… still experimental,” Cindy said.


            “Well… I like my secrets,” Cindy smiled. “Anyway, take these two syringes and inject it into them before you two begin whatever you two do. Swift wants to see me,” Cindy said as she handed two syringes to the couple.

            “Gladly,” said Larry.

            “And remember, Swift wants that information,” reminded Cindy.

            “Of course,” Paula answered as the couple turned and walked out of the lab.


            Richard was looking at the picture again when Cindy knocked on the door.

            “Come in,” Richard said, setting the portrait aside.

            “What is it?” asked Cindy as she walked in. “What was it that you couldn’t inform me about over the com?”

            “I want you to take a look at this footage,” Richard said as he gestured towards the screen. “The drones are now at the coordinates that Courtney Whitmore has given.”

            Cindy looked at the screen. All she saw was trees, trees and more trees as the drones moved around.

            “I don’t see anything peculiar,” said Cindy.

            “Exactly,” Richard said.

            “She lied?” wondered Cindy.

            “I doubt it, but that’s a possibility,” Richard answered.

            “Actually, it’s really simple, let’s just head there,” Cindy suggested.

            “No, we need to be sure,” Richard disagreed.

            “Why you got to be so careful with everything?” Cindy asked, frustrated. “Even if they ambush us or whatever, we have enough on our side to subdue them.”

            “My answer is still no,” Richard said firmly.

            “I seriously don’t understand you; do you want to get rid of the JSA or not?” asked Cindy furiously.

            “My answer still stand,” Richard answered calmly.

            Cindy scoffed then turned and walked out the room, leaving Richard alone in the surveillance room once more.

            As Cindy walked past the high security door, she could already hear a loud and piercing scream of agony echo throughout the hallway.

            “Oh, they did start already,” Cindy chuckled as she walked forward.

            Opening the door, she looked at what would usually disgust most people, smiling. Yolanda was being mercilessly raped by Larry in front of Courtney, who was being raped by Paula with what seems to be a dildo, except that, this dildo had sharp spikes, literally mutilating her insides, drawing blood. Both of the girls head were forced to look at each other as the couple assaulted them.

            “Oh, I see you got out your toy?” asked Cindy as she approached the older woman while Courtney was still crying and screaming in pain.

            “Of course,” Paula chuckled.

            “You have one more?” asked Cindy.

            “Of course, I do, in the bag,” Paula gestured as she thrusted.

            “Hmm… you two thought that yesterday was rough right? Believe me, you two hadn’t seen the worse yet,” Cindy chuckled as she watched the two girls cry in pain.


            “We… have some complicated…  uhm issues,” said Beth gravely as she looked at the screen.

            “What is… oh no…” Rick said once he realized what was Beth talking about.

            “We need to tell the others,” Beth muttered as her eyes focused on the screen. “The ISA have discovered the location of our base.”

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