Stargirl: Hell

BY : Tenudakin
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            Richard was holding a picture. In it, was himself with a woman and two younger daughters. They were smiling. Richard closed his eyes as he remembered all the times he had, those happy and heartfelt times then things were so simple back then. Richard then heard Cindy’s voice over the coms.

            “Swift,” Cindy said through the coms. “I got the coordinates.”

            “Really,” Richard answered surprised as he placed the portrait back on the table. “How can you be so sure that she isn’t lying?”

            “Well, first of all, it doesn’t really matter if she lies or not. Secondly, these heroes would do anything to protect their friends that are in danger,” Cindy said in a mocking tone.

            Richard thought that Cindy had a point as well. He hasn’t expected for the girl to get the information so quickly.

            “I will send some eyes to check the area, good job, Shiv,” Swift said before hanging up.

            “Steven, Rebecca, sent the surveillance drones to this coordinates that I’m sending you now,” Richard said over the coms.

            “Understood,” Steven answered.

            Richard smiled; things are finally progressing for once.


            “We really did it,” Rick said, smiling as he looked at Pat reuniting with his old friends, hugging each other.

            “We got 6 more people to help, it would give us an overwhelming advantage against the ISA,” Beth said, her voice excited. “We can free them.”

            “But… how… that would be another question,” Alex said.

            “I don’t really know, we still couldn’t pinpoint the exact location of the ISA base,” Beth said. “If we were to spring Courtney and Yolanda out of there, we need to have the element of surprise, thus we must know the exact entrance into it.”

            “Which is impossible to know at this point. You know what was on that note, if they see us coming…” Rick said.

            “I know, I know…” Beth answered. “How is your mom by the way?”

            “The usual,” Alex said in a unhappy tone.

            “Alex… I think-”

            “I know she is my mother, but that doesn’t change what she did to Yolanda,” Alex said firmly.

            Beth and Rick both exchanged glances and sighed before turning to look at their ‘guests’, in the form of the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

            “You’re back, all of you,” Pat said smilingly as he walks up to his friends, embracing them.

            “Aye, found them scattered across the country,” Justin answered. “All except for Starman.”

            “I know, but still, I had never thought to see any of you again after what happened with Degaton,” Pat said.

            “Either did we,” the man wearing green said. “Until Justin found us of course.”

            “He told us about everything you did, that you experienced,” the man wearing red said. “You’ve been busy Pat.”

            “JSA business, Roy,” Pat answered.

            “So, we heard,” another man said gruffly. “Justin had found me and Roy when we received your message. Seems like you got in some real trouble.”

            “And that’s why we sent the message, Lee,” Pat said.

            “I think we’ll do with a chat in the meeting room,” Barbara said.

            “Alright, call the others, we are in for a long meeting,” Pat said as he looked at Rick and Beth.    

            Meanwhile, Cameron was laying on the bed with Bridget beside him, checking his condition.

            “Well, you’re healing quicker than expected,” Bridget informed.

            “That is good to know,” Cameron said before sighing.

            “What is it?” Bridget asked concerned.

            Cameron looks at her skeptical of whether he should tell her.

            “Cameron, you can tell me,” Bridget encouraged.

            “I screwed things up so bad,” Cameron groaned. “Now, Yolanda is caught because of me. It should’ve been me,” Cameron said.

            “What happened, happened. The only thing you can do is to move on, look forward, dwelling on past mistakes wouldn’t change a thing,”

            Bridget looks at the boy, still quiet, dejected.

            “You know, in my view of this situation, there are many factors to this loss. One is the lack of communication between us,” Bridget said. “Perhaps if we communicated well enough, we might have devised a better plan.”

            “I- never thought of it that way,” Cameron admitted.

            “Then, you can learn from this,” Bridget replied smilingly. The conversation was interrupted by someone knocking on the door

            “Come in,” Bridget said.

            “Mom, Cameron,” Beth said as she opened the door and entered. “Pat wants all of us at the meeting room… yes, including Mrs. Montez,” Beth said. “Cam, are you okay?”

            “I’m fine,” Cameron answered. “No- I can walk.”

            “Alright then,” Beth said then turned to walk towards Maria, who was laying on the bed at the end of the room.

            “Mrs. Montez, Pat wants us at the meeting room,” Beth said politely.

            “I want nothing to do with all this,” Maria answered gruffly.

            “We may have a way to rescue your daughter,” said Beth.

            “A way? Stop dreaming. I’ve seen your opponents, your enemies as they took my husband’s life… There is no way, you all could defeat them, now leave me alone!” Maria said loudly.

            Beth sighed and pulled Rick’s hand, gesturing for him to leave. But Rick stood there firmly.

            “You really don’t care about your daughter anymore, do you?” asked Rick, his voice filled with anger.

            Maria Montez stayed silent as she looked away from the two.

            “We have a chance, to get back our life, to get back our friends, and you are not willing to accept it?” Rick asked.

            “Rick-” Beth whispered.

            “Is that what the going to church taught you to be?” Rick asked angrily before he turned around and left Maria.

            Later, they were all seated in the meeting room as Pat explained to his friends about what had happened in the past few months.

            “Wow, you guys really took a lot of damage…” Roy said, looking surprised that they have been through so much. “And they are just teenagers, barely 20.”

            “We’re roughly that age when we began fighting as the Seven Soldiers Roy,” Lee reminded.

            “Was it? Time travel must have messed up my head,” Roy said.

            “Focus mates,” Justin reminded.

            “Thanks, Justin. As of now, the ISA has pushed us here and captured two people, keeping them prisoner. My daughter and her friend,” Pat finished his explanation.

            “We’ve been trying to locate the location of their base of operation. Thanks to Cameron’s mission, we managed to pinpoint that the base is approximately in this area,” Beth said as Chuck projected a landscape onto the meeting table, causing murmurs of astonishment from the men.

            “But you don’t have a exact location of where we can enter their base?” asked Greg.

            “Unfortunately, no,” Rick answered.

            “Then there is no way we will be able to break in. If we head there just like that, we will be spotted and possibly attacked,” Greg said.

            “Unless we don’t just break in,” Cameron said.

            “What do you mean Cameron?” asked Pat.

            “We split into two teams. One will draw out the ISA and one will try to locate the entrance,” Cameron said.

            “That’s too risky, what if the ISA find us out first?” asked Oliver.

            “Wait, who are we even dealing with, like what are their skills?” asked Lee.

            “Well, they don’t really have any powers, except for Dragon King’s daughter, who is their leader now,” Pat said.

            “A hulking zombie, and a couple of undead too,” Beth added.

            “Dragon King got a daughter?” asked Roy surprised.

            “Focus,” Justin reminded.

            “If so, I suppose we can go along with… what’s your name?” asked Lee.


            “Cameron’s plan. But I have to say, it’s really, really risky,” Lee finished.

            “We are running out of time anyway,” Alex said.

            “Wait… we are forgetting something,” Beth realized. “The note.”

            “What note?”

            “The ISA threatened to make them suffer if we step foot in that area again,” Beth said.

            “They did?” asked Cameron, his tone, not sounding so surprised.

            “Yes,” Beth confirmed.

            “While this does complicate things a little, but I do think that, might as well risk it and save them from long term imprisonment,” Oliver said.

            “But what if they kill them?” asked Mike in worry.

            “I know Cindy. I’ve been in the ISA for a while before defecting. She wouldn’t kill them, not when she could torture them mercilessly,” Cameron said. “She is one of the biggest sadists I ever seen.”

            “Then, we need to move fast,” Pat said, horrified at the thought of Courtney being tortured by the ISA on a daily basis.

            “But still, based on what I’m hearing now that the ISA is quite a powerful force. We need to be sure we’re able to hold up,” Greg said.

            “Well, there is me, Beth, Rick and Cameron,” said Pat.

            “Plus, the 6 of us, makes 10,” Oliver said.

            “I want to help,” Alex said.

            “Me too,” Mike said. “Me and Alex had been training for a long time, we can be of good help.”

            “Mike-” Pat sighed.

            “Courtney is my sister too, I want to help,” Mike said firmly.

            “We have a better chance if we have more people,” Alex said.

            “Hmm… but even if we get in the base, we need time to locate where exactly are your friends,” Wing said.

            “True… Argh! This is so complicated,” Cameron groaned.

            “Then we need an offensive that would draw them out long enough,” Rick said.

            “Can we even last that long?” asked Beth.

            “Only one way to find out,” Justin said. “I say we attack.”

            “Okay, I have a plan in mind,” Cameron said, catching the others attention. “Listen carefully.”


            “Are you sure they gave you the correct coordinates? Because the drones aren’t picking up anybody,” asked Richard over the coms.

            “I’m sure she gave the correct location,” Cindy confirmed.

            “What about how to get in?”

            “Oh, I didn’t think to ask about that,” Cindy admitted.

            “Well, this is just inconvenient. You better start questioning them, or we will have to spend who knows how long to let the drones scout this area until they come out,” Richard said turning back towards the screen.

            “I’m sure they are bound to come out sooner or later,” said Cindy.

            “Cynthia… you didn’t, did you?” asked Richard cautiously.


            “They can answer my question, right?” asked Richard.

            “Of course, they are probably still screaming in pain now, and probably will for the next… I think 6 hours,” Cindy said.

            “But they can answer my question after your drug wear off right?”

            “Uhm… I can’t guarantee that. It would probably be a miracle if they could even speak after screaming and crying for so long,” Cindy chuckled.

            “Urgh… just do what you can,” Richard said tiredly.

            “Of course,” Cindy answered before hanging up., turning to the screen, her mouth curled into a smirk as she watches her two prisoners suffer in pain.

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