Football Gangbang

BY : Tenudakin
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            It has been a few months since Artemis had that incident with the football team in the school’s locker room And ever since then, Artemis has been doing it at least twice a month. Enjoying being the one in charge as those guys, desperate to fuck her, listens to her order, and even pay her a bit of fees. To Artemis it was totally a win-win situation. She was getting a lot more respect from her teammates as well during practices and games. Even though it may be just because her teammates wanted to please her enough to let them go down on her, Artemis didn’t mind about that at all.

            And then Courtney and the JSA came along into her life. Finding out that the parents that cared for her so much were supervillain wasn’t exactly what she was expecting. Artemis was even upset about it for weeks. But eventually, she moved on and joined the JSA as Huntress now hunting down the remnants of the ISA. And in the meantime, the house was all to Artemis. At this point, Artemis knew that it was such a good opportunity to have her gangbang sessions in the comfort of her own house. Not needing to worry about so much stuff like time, being caught and other things. Artemis could screw those guys as loud as she wants, as long as she wants. For her sex life, things got a lot better.

            Courtney, the leader of the JSA, Stargirl, was now in deep trouble with Artemis Crock. For the past few months, she has been using Artemis’s debit card to buy stuff online. Artemis was pretty sure the stuff she brought wasn’t the usual stuff. Now, Courtney owes Artemis a lot of money, and Artemis was getting impatient.

            “Come on Art don’t be like that…” Courtney said as she tried to keep up with Artemis.

            “Don’t Art me… I want my money,” Artemis answered gruffly.

            “Artemis… I promise I will pay…” Courtney tried to convince Artemis.

            “No… I gave you a week… and another… and another month, give them back,” Artemis answered angrily.

            “Come on, we’re friends, can’t we negotiate something out” Courtney asked.

            “Nope,” Artemis said firmly.

            “Can I do anything for you? Or help you with anything?” I will do anything you want,” Courtney said desperately.

            “Hmmph anything I want huh?” Artemis thought to herself smiling. “Yeah, I could use another girl to keep me company with those meatheads.” Artemis stopped walking and turned towards Courtney. Courtney could see a smirk spread across her face. “What?” Courtney asked.

            “I might have a great idea for how you’re going to pay me back,” Artemis said smirkingly.

            “Why are you looking at me like that?” asked Courtney uncomfortably.

            “Hmm… nothing. Anyway, you free this Saturday night?” asked Artemis casually.

            “Yeah, you know the patrol schedules, it’s not my shift,” Courtney answered. “Why?”

            “I need you’re help with something… so you’re going to come over to my house to help,” Artemis said.

            “Okay, great. Oh, can I bring Yolanda along too?” asked Courtney brightly, glad that they could work something out.

            “Nope, only you,” Artemis said firmly.

            “Okay, okay, so what are we doing?” asked Courtney curiously.

            “You will find out on the day,” Artemis said.

            “It won’t hurt to tell me now,” Courtney urged.

            “Nah, rather not,” Artemis answered. “Oh, and better bring a fresh set of clothes, just in case, things get messy,” Artemis said. Courtney could swear that Artemis just winked at her.

            “W- Why?” asked Courtney.

            “Oh, you will see. Oh, by the way, you might want to tell your parents that you will be staying overnight too,” Artemis added.

            “O- Alright,” Courtney said. “Seems like a lot of work.”

            “Hehe, you will see,” Artemis answered, smiling mischievously.

            “What’s up with you seriously?” Courtney asked curiously. “The way you’re smiling is just so…”

            “Oh, it’s nothing,” Artemis assured. “See you,” Artemis said as she walked away from Courtney.

            “Yeah, bye,” Courtney said unsurely.

            Artemis smiled to herself as she walked away from the blondie and towards Travis, who was waiting for her as usual. “Court is going to be so surprised… Hehe,” Artemis thought smirkingly.

            “What’s up with you?” asked Travis, knowing that look all too well.

            “Is it that obvious?” asked Artemis.

            “Well, kinda yes, you’re always up to something when you look like that,” Travis said.

            “Well, let’s just say that we’re going to have more fun this weekend,” Artemis said.

            “Oh? You’re finally getting someone to help you?” asked Travis mockingly gesturing towards Courtney who was joined by Yolanda.

            “Hey, I don’t need help, you know very well how much I love doing this,” Artemis retorted, nudging Travis’s ribs. “And the only reason I’m letting her do this is because she owes me tons of money.”

            “Ah… yeah sure. So… you told her about the details?” asked Travis curiously as the two walked.

            “Nah,” Artemis shrugged. “It will be more fun dropping the surprise in her face when she comes.”

            “Is that really a good idea?” asked Travis doubtfully.

            “What? Have a crush on her?” Artemis asked teasingly

            “Of course not! I just don’t want to end up being arrested for rape or the one making someone pregnant,” Travis answered.

            “Relax Trav. She is on the pills, I checked,” Artemis assured. “Plus, it’s won’t be her first. Apparently, she done it with Montez already.”

            “Oh? With Montez already? Well, no surprise to be honest,” Travis said. “But why would she be on pills if she is les?”

            “She is bi,” Artemis corrected.

            “But she wasn’t planning to get laid with guys, right? Travis asked curiously.

            “Gee… what’s with you asking so many questions today?” Artemis asked.

            “Just making sure,” Travis replied. “Don’t want to be in trouble.”

            “Come on, after all these times, don’t you even trust me?” asked Artemis. “Relax Trav, don’t worry about Court, she will be perfectly fine with everything this weekend.”

            Soon, it was Saturday evening. Courtney was preparing her stuff before heading over to Artemis’s house after having her dinner.

            “So, you’re staying over at Artemis Crock’s place?” asked Pat.

            “Yes, helping her with some stuff,” Courtney answered. “Don’t worry I’ll be fine,” Courtney assured after seeing the sceptical look on Pat’s face. “Artemis is different from her parents, even if she tries anything, I can fight her off.”

            “Just call us if you get in trouble Court,” Pat said.

            “I will, Pat,” Courtney assured.

            “You want me to give you a ride?” offered Pat.

            “Nah, I’ll walk, see you tomorrow,” Courtney said smilingly as she walked out the door, carrying her bag.

            As Courtney walked towards Artemis’s house, she couldn’t help but wonder what Artemis will make her do later. “Clean her house? Yeah… prob so,” Courtney thought to herself as she continued to walk towards Artemis’s place. Then, as Courtney approached Artemis’s house, she soon realized that there was quite a number of cars by the roadside of Artemis’s place, recognizing some to be the cars of the students at her school.

            “What the… is Artemis throwing a party of some sort?” wondered Courtney as she walked towards the door. She could hear sounds of cheering, laughing and music. “Yep, definitely a party.”

            Courtney then walked up to the house and pressed the doorbell. She wasn’t expecting a guy in boxers to open the doors for her.

            “What the-” Courtney stuttered.

            “Hey… Art?” the guy asked unsurely. “There is a girl here?”

            “Another girl? Damn… she’s cute.”

            “Oh, and

            “Wait… isn’t that girl is with Montez?” asked another guy who was drinking liquor, leaning on the wall.

            “Yeah, Courtney White isn’t it?”

            “It’s Courtney Whitmore, James,” another guy walked from behind. “She’s in my class.”

            “Kelvin?” stuttered Courtney in surprise. “Where is Artemis?”

            “Guys guys, calm down, give us some space here and go back to doing your stuff, the fun will start at 8!” Courtney could hear Artemis say loudly as she walked towards Courtney, with Travis following behind her. Courtney was surprised to see Artemis wearing so little, only in a sexy pair of bra and panties. “Ah, Court, so glad you can make it. Come in,” Artemis said welcomingly, draping her hands around Courtney and leading her in.

            “Art… what is going on?” asked Courtney nervously as she walks into the house, looking at the guys around her, some looking at her curiously while some drinking and not noticing her. Most of the boys were in their boxers or wearing pants, and topless. “Why are there so many guys here?” Artemis gave a gesture towards Travis to give them some alone time.

            “They are on my team, Court,” Artemis explained. “And we are going to let them gangbang us,” Artemis added as she leads Courtney to the back of the house, and out of earshot.

            “Gangbang? You’re kidding right?” asked Courtney doubtfully looking at Artemis. “You gotta be kidding.”

            “Nope, I’m serious,” Artemis said firmly. “This is how you are going to pay back my money.”

            “Is there any other way to-”

            “Nope, this is the only way I’m offering you to pay back my money now. You see, these guys, they will pay for sex with us, and the money they’re going to pay for you will come to me,” Artemis explained.

            “Okay… I see how this will work but… are you sure it’s alright to…” Courtney felt her legs wobbly at this point, unsure what to feel about this.

            “Don’t worry, I’ve done this tons of time for the past year,” Artemis assured the blondie.


            “Yeah, let them fuck my mouth, my pussy, my shithole,” Artemis said casually. “Having so much fun while at the same time earning money… a win-win situation,” Artemis said.

            “So… wow… I don’t… I’m still not sure…” Courtney said unsurely. “How many times I need to do this?”

            “Hmm… Let’s see, about 20 guys, no… 19, wait… is it… umm, no… Oh right, 19 boys, a person will pay 25, plus you, makes it double, 50, you owe me about… 400 … yeah, you just need to do this once.”

            “Okay…” Courtney said unsurely. “Once is fine… I guess.”

            “Well, if it makes you feel any better, those meatheads will listen to me, they won’t dare to override me, and even if they try, I won’t let that happen,” Artemis assured the blondie. “You got anything that you don’t want them to do to you?”

            “Well, I suppose that if they are going to fuck my pussy, you better make them wear a condom, or if there isn't any, just don't cum in my vagina,” Courtney said as she folded her arms.

            “I thought you’re on pills?” asked Artemis.

            “Yeah, I still am, but just to be safe,” Courtney said firmly.

            “Fair enough, you’re lucky that I told Travis to buy a stash of condoms, anything else that I should know?” asked Artemis.

            “No photos.”

            “Of course not, don’t worry, the boys won’t even dare to snap any pics, trust me,” Artemis assured.

            “Oh and tell them not to go so rough on me,” Courtney added.

            “Girl, don’t you understand yet? We are going to be the ones giving the boys orders later,” Artemis said plainly. “Whatever stuff that you don’t want to happen, won’t happen. All you need to do is just give the order.”

            “Well, since you’ve been doing this for a long time… I guess I can trust you,” Courtney answered.

            “Sure you can,” Artemis chuckled. “Anyway, I have some ideas, why don’t we give them a show before going into it?” suggested Artemis.

            “What kind of show?” Courtney asked sceptically.

            “The kind of show that you and Montez do in bed?” asked Artemis sarcastically. “Don’t you ever watch porn?”

            “Oh… that kind of show,” Courtney said flatly. “And yes I do.”

            “Wonderful, then you know what to do, perhaps even more than I do, given that… you know… you are with a girl,” Artemis said brightly.

            “Yeah… fine… fine,” Courtney sighed. “And I guess I have to get naked in front all of these guys?”

            “Don’t worry, Court,” I’m going to guide you through this entire thing

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