Football Gangbang

BY : Tenudakin
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            James parted Artemis’s pussy lips as his tongue touched her pussy, already aroused and ready to go. James flicked his tongue against her pussy before delving the tongue in, parting her lips, revealing her fleshy pink insides to him.

            “Mm~ Fuck this guy is good,” Artemis thought as James lapped at her pussy as he ate her out. Artemis squirmed as she felt pleasure building up within her. Artemis pressed the guy’s head against her crotch, encouraging him to go further.

            Meanwhile the other boys that stayed has now dropped their boxers and were jerking off as they watched their teammates. Travis as still held against his will as he watched.

            “Mmm~ You’re better than I thought,” Artemis mumbled intoxicatingly. “Hey, you, come forward,” Artemis pointed to other boy, whose hair was ruffled. He turned and smirked at the guys beside him, cocking his head before he walked forward and stood beside the bench where Artemis was lying on.

            Artemis grabbed his hand and placed it on her breasts. “You, Tom is it? Play with my tits.” The boy just smiled and nodded, getting the message. The boy nodded silently, smiling before he went down on Artemis’s nipples, sucking and licking on them as his hand moved to toy around with her other nipple, kneading her breast as he worked his magic on them.

            “Mmm~ Fuck, you boys are better at this than I thought you would be,” Artemis said as she laid back and relaxed herself as the two other boys pleasured her.

            “Ahh~” Artemis stifled a moan as she felt the boy licking her cunt hit the right spot. “These two are so good,” Artemis thought to herself.

            Artemis clutched Tom’s messy hair as he toyed around with her nipples, sucking and licking them diligently. Artemis felt light as the pleasure she was feeling was beginning to overwhelm her. “Mmm~ Fuckkk~ Come on now, don’t hold back on me boys, give me your best,” Artemis encouraged as she wrapped her knees around James’s head, forcing him to go down on her.

            “Fuck~ Hey you! Um… Joe, come over here and lick me, you don’t need me to repeat what you need to do right?” asked Artemis gesturing to Travis, who was still held in place with her panties stuffed in his mouth. “Oh, and stay clear of the others,” Artemis added.

            “Of course not,” Joe answered smirking at Travis who just glared back at him before getting close to Artemis legs. Joe got down and felt Artemis’s legs, feeling them as he got closer to them.

            “Mmm~ Would you look at that Travis? See it’s not that hard,” Artemis teased the guy as Joe began licking Artemis foot. “Ah~ Yes this is so fucking hot~”

            Artemis never felt more turned on in her life. She could feel her head fuzzy as she was being pleasured by three of her teammates, one pleasuring her breast and nipples while the other was tonguefucking her vagina, while another one was licking her body. Besides all that, there were another 10 boys waiting to get their hands on her, who were now standing around Artemis, jerking themselves off as they watched the presentation in front of them.

            Then there was the asshole who Artemis’s loathed, Travis, whose mouth was stuffed with Artemis’s sweaty panties. Travis was still held in place. He had already given up struggling a while ago, knowing that even if he and his men ganged up on Artemis, she would be able to fight her way out of it, like how she did it before. As much Travis loved to mess and annoy the only girl on the team, he knew it would probably be better not to get on her bad side.

            “This girl is wild,” Travis thought to himself as he watched. “Then again, it’s not like I haven’t been with her before.”

            Joe started from Artemis foot, leaving it moist with his saliva as he licked. Slowly making his way through but her feet and toes, then slowly up to her legs and thigh while the other two boys continued to pleasure Artemis’s sensitive spots.

            “Mmm~ Yes~ Put that tongue into good use~ Ah~ Fuck~” Artemis groaned pleasantly.

            After Joe moved from licking Artemis’s lower body to licking her upper body, starting with her stomach, belly button, slowly making his way up Artemis’s athletic body.

            “Fuck~ Yes~ Mmm~” Artemis moans, letting loose. “Continue on~”

            Joe nodded briefly before continuing his work. Meanwhile, Tom continued to toy around with Artemis’s breast and nipples as James continued to tonguefuck Artemis’s pussy, which was now getting wet from all the stimulation. Joe was now licking Artemis’s right arm, sliding his tongue up and down.

            “Mmm~ Yes~ You do seem to know your stuff… better than that dumbass Travis over there,” Artemis said, looking at Joe as licked her arm. “Mmm~ like tasting my sweat don’t ya?” Artemis teased playfully bobbing his nose with her fingers.

            “Do you mind if I-” Joe gestured towards Artemis shaved armpits.

            “Oh~ How polite, sure,” Artemis answered.

            Joe nodded and began going down on Artemis’s armpits. Artemis stifled out a couple of moans from how the boy were stimulating her body with his tongue. Joe licked Artemis’s armpits, tasting her sweat and licking them clean.

            “Fuck~ Yes~” Artemis breathed as she felt her orgasm getting close. “Don’t you dare take your mouth off my pussy when I cum James… Ah~” Artemis warned as she felt her orgasm was close. Artemis locked her legs around James, pressing his head against her wet pussy that was about to cum.

            “Mmm~ Fuck! I’m… Ah~ I’m cumming!” Artemis orgasmed, sending shockwaves throughout her entire body, squirting a little bit of juices onto James’s face. Artemis almost fell off the bench from the pleasure of orgasming, she was saved by Tom, who stopped her from falling off.

            “Thanks,” Artemis said turning towards Tom, who just nodded back smilingly, his hand still tweaking Artemis’s hardened nipples. “James, lick my pussy clean,” Artemis ordered. James then continued to lap at her pussy, lapping up her juices and pussy grool.

            Mmm~ Great work boys,” Artemis said pantingly “You all can get off me now,” Artemis groaned as she sat up, looking at the boys around her. “Now that I’m temporarily satisfied, how about we start with the main course?” Artemis suggested smirking at the crowd around her. “Come closer boys, don’t worry, I don’t bite,” Artemis purred playfully.

            Artemis took a little while to look at the group of boys around her. She looked around, then a guy took her notice. It was a nerdy boy. “What was his name again? Kelvin? Or… Ah whatever. Artemis never understood how he got into the team in the first place with his small figure and nerdy behaviour. Artemis eyed his cock, the size of it was a little underwhelming for Artemis. But even still she pointed towards him firmly. “You.” In her mind, she thought that it would be fun to see what this nerd can do.


            “Yes, you,” Artemis confirmed. “What kind of porn are you into?” Artemis asked curiously.

            “Anal,” the guy said. Some of the boys looked at each other in surprise when he said it.

            "Of course, it's anal,” Artemis chuckled as she muttered. “Fucked anyone in their ass before?”

            "Nah, never had the chance."

            "Of course, figures you're a virgin as well. Guess it's the first for both of us then... If you do impress me that is,” Artemis said teasingly, winking. “What? Did you guys think that it is that easy to fuck my pussy, let alone my ass?” Artemis asked teasingly after seeing the guy’s expression change. “I'm not your meat toy, remember that. You wanna fuck me, cum on me, or even piss on me? You gotta earn that right first,” Artemis said firmly.

            “Come, you,” Artemis gestured the guy she just talked with to walk towards her before she turned around and got on all fours on the bench. “Rim my ass. You know how to do that… right?” asked Artemis sceptically. “Hopefully this isn’t one of those guys who has no idea what to-” Artemis thoughts were interrupted as she felt the boy spreading her asscheeks forcibly. “Huh?” Artemis shuddered as she was taken by surprise by the forwardness of the boy that she thought was nerdly. Kelvin spat on Artemis asscrack as he kneaded Artemis’s asscheeks. Kelvin spat on Artemis asscrack a couple of times, wetting it before going down on it.

            “Mmm~ Look Travis~ Even this nerd is better than you. No offense though,” Artemis said teasingly, causing some of the boys to laughed, while Travis just glared at them.

            “Oh~ Fuck~ So good~” Artemis moans as Kelvin began to lap at her asscrack before slowly pushing his tongue. “Oh yes~ Ah~ Make sure to shove that tongue of yours deep down my shithole~” Artemis moaned out. Artemis could feel the boy’s moist tongue touching her inner walls, stimulating them as it pushed around, in and out.

             “James, come and stand in front of me,” Artemis said, looking at one of the three guys who was still seating on the floor near the bench after their previous go with her. James nodded and stood up, walking over towards Artemis. “Face me,” Artemis said. “Hmm… your dick is not half bad… Mmm~ I wonder,” Artemis said before taking James’s erected penis into her mouth, bobbing up and down on it as Kelvin continues to rim her ass.

            “Mmm~” Artemis moaned as she pulled James dick out of her mouth. “Joe, Tom, stand next to James, I want to jerk the three of you off,” Artemis said. “As a reward.”

            Joe and Tom looked smirking at each other before standing up and walking over to Artemis. “Hmm… the three of you have quite impressive length… Mm~” Artemis took James’s cock in her mouth as she moved her hands to jerk Tom’s dick, while she supported herself with the other arm. At the meantime, Joe smothered his dick all over Artemis’s face as she sucked the other cock, saliva drooling from her mouth.

            “Mm~” Artemis tasted the pre-cum that was leaking out of James’s dick. ‘Seems like someone is about to cum~” Artemis teased as she realized that James was holding back. “Mmm~ Cum in my mouth~ I don’t mind,” Artemis said teasingly as she licked his shaft playfully, pulling his closer and licking and sucking his balls, leaving a trail of saliva.

            “Mmm~” James grunted as Artemis took his length deep into her throat., swirling her tongue around his shaft.

            “Holy shit, bro,” Tom exclaimed as he and the others watched in awe at Artemis deepthroating James.

            “Fuck… Her throat is too good I’m gonna cum… Argh!” James groaned as he released the first load of spunk into Artemis’s mouth.

            Artemis bobbed up and down on James cock for a while until his spunk stopped flowing out. James slowly pulled out his dick, which was moist with Artemis’s saliva, leaving a load of spunk inside Artemis’s mouth.

            “Mmm~ Thanks for the… protein shake,” Artemis spoke, with cum on her tongue before she savoured it, swallowing the spunk. “Mmm~ delicious~ Ah~” Artemis was just reminded the fact that Kelvin was still going down on her ass, tonguefucking it. “Oh~ He is really talented… Mmm~” Artemis thought to herself.

            “Come on dude, my turn now,” Joe rushes James.

            “Chill, everyone will get their turns,” James said as he walked away from Artemis, Joe taking his place, his cock standing in front of Artemis’s face.

            “Come Tom, you’re turn. Joe, step aside,” Artemis ordered casually. Joe walked away sheepishly as Tom took his place.

            “Mm~ You’re already leaking a bit huh?” Artemis teased as she let out a moan from Kelvin still rimming her asshole. “Mmm~ you’re doing a great job back there, yes~ just like mmm~ that, tonguefuck that shithole~”

            Artemis turned back towards Tom’s towering cock and slowly began licking it as she jerks off Joe’s dick, purposely clutching on it tightly. “Mm~ “Artemis moans as she felt another orgasm closing in. She was close to cumming for the second time, and this time it was from her asshole being rimmed.

            Artemis’s took Tom’s cock in her mouth and began bobbing up and down, drenching it in her saliva as Kelvin continues to stimulate her asshole. “Mmm~” Artemis moans, muffled by the cock in her mouth. Artemis continued to give Tom a sloppy and messy blowjob, making sloppy sounds as she blow him off.

            “Fuck~ James wasn’t kidding~ Mmm~” Tom groaned as Artemis’s sucked him off.

            “Her handjob is wild,” Joe groans. “Girl, slow down or I’m going to… Argh!” Joe groaned as he shot her load over Artemis, his spunk landing on Artemis’s hair and back.

            “Damn… this girl…” Joe scoffed before walking away from her.

            Artemis smiled briefly before letting go of Joe’s cock and concentrated on sucking off Tom, who was also on the verge of cumming.

            “Mmm~” Artemis moans grew rapid as she felt herself nearing her second orgasm.

            “Mmm~ Mmm~ MMMM~” Artemis moaned against Tom’s cock as she squirted from Kelvin’s rimming, her juices drenching his face as she rubbed her ass against Kelvin. It wasn’t long until Tom’s shot his spunk down Artemis’s throat as well.

            “Argh~” Tom groaned as he clutched Artemis’s head as she continued to suck him off, draining every last drop he had before letting his cock out from her mouth. Trails of saliva dropping onto the bench. “Fuck… so good.”

            “Mm~” Artemis scooped up some cum from her back and licked them of her fingers. “You cummed a lot too,” Artemis commented silkily. “And you did such a good job too,” Artemis praised Kelvin seductively. “Fuck my ass now. You can cum inside it. You deserved it, grab the lube from my bag before you do it tho,” Artemis said. “Come over boys, oh and Joe~ take care of Travis for me, I have some plans for him,” Artemis said teasingly.

            The other boys in the locker room began closing in on her, their stiff shafts facing Artemis. “Hmm~ Who should I do next? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,” Artemis counted playfully as she pointed towards a guy. “Come over here,” Artemis gestured. “Stand in front of me.” The guy that got chosen by Artemis followed what Artemis said while Kelvin headed to Artemis bag to grab the lube for the assfucking.

            “Mmm~ Not as big as the others,” Artemis commented teasingly, licking the slit of the guy’s cock, making him groan.

            “Kelvin~ Any time now,” Artemis called out while Kelvin was lubing his cock at the back of her.

            “Coming,” Kelvin said as he place the lube aside and stood behind Artemis, pressing the head of his cock against Artemis’s asscrack, slowly pushing his length into her ass as Artemis began sucking the other guy’s cock off.

            Kelvin grunted as he pushed his shaft into Artemis’s tight and most forbidden hole. Kelvin managed to get his entire length buried deep inside the girl. He felt Artemis’s inner muscles clenched around his cock, seemingly trying to milk his cock dry. Kelvin breaths shakily as he began to fuck Artemis’s ass.

            Artemis could feel the friction as she felt Kelvin’s cock, fucking her ass, slowly speeding up. “Mmm~” Artemis moaned as she sucked on a guy’s balls, her tongue swirling around them, playing with them.

            “God… this girl’s tongue is talented,” the guy groaned.

            “I know right?” Tom said as he jerked himself off slowly, his cock up hard and ready to go again.

            “Just wait until she tries to milk you dry, Michael,” James chuckled, his cock was beginning to get hard as he sat down on a bench nearby and watched them.

            Meanwhile, Kelvin was now fucking Artemis’s ass as hard as he could, clutching Artemis’s waist as he pounded her ass rhythmically. Sounds of flesh slapping together got louder as the sounds of Kelvin grunting from trying not to cum to soon. Artemis’s tight butthole didn’t help matters for him as her inner walls clenched tightly against his length with every move he made, seemingly pushing him to release his spunk inside of her.

            Michael groaned as he cummed inside Artemis mouth, shooting loads of semen inside Artemis’s mouth as she continued to suck him off. “Damn… this girl is really good,” Michael said as Artemis released his shaft, gesturing for him to make way for the next guy.

            “Told ya so.”

            “Gonna cum…” Kelvin groaned as he was about to cum, his thrusts getting faster.

            “Mmm~ cum in my ass~” Artemis purred seductively.

            Artemis voice was enough to set Kelvin off, groaning as he cummed inside Artemis’s butt, creaming her insides with his seed. He could feel Artemis’s inner wall still clenching against his cock tightly, milking out every last drop he could give.

            “His rimming was great… fucking… well that’s average… I need someone bigger… Hmm...” Artemis thought to herself as the boy cummed in her ass.

            Kelvin grunted as he pulled his cock out of Artemis’s ass. “Damn… her ass is really tight,” he muttered to himself.

            “Mmm~ I see you creamed my ass already,” Artemis said playfully as she touched her asshole, scooping up a bit of cum that flowed out of her and tasted it. “Mmm~”

            The sexy sight of Artemis tasting cum from her own ass was enough to make another guy cum, shooting his jizz out, landing some on the floor. “Oh~ Looks like someone wasted his load~” Artemis said in a singsong voice, teasingly. “Hmph… such a waste.”

            “Hmm~ who should get to fuck me next?” Artemis wondered aloud. In her mind, Artemis already had it planned out. She wants the boys to double penetrate her, fucking her ass and her cunt at the same time. Just the thought of it was already enough to make her pussy drool again.

             “Hmm~ you, Brock,” Artemis pointed to the muscular guy whose cock size was rumoured to be largest in the team. Seeing it now, Artemis have to agree that the rumours were true. “Lube it up, you’re going in my ass,” Artemis gestured towards the lube.

            “Kelvin… don’t go yet… let me… Mmm~ clean you up,” Artemis said smirkingly. Kelvin nodded back and stood up.

            “So, who wanna call dibs on my pussy?” asked Artemis loudly. The boys that haven’t got a chance to touch Artemis yet went into a bit of uproar.


            “No, me first!”

            “Hehe… chill dudes, everyone will get their chance, don’t worry,” Artemis assured as she sat carefreely. “Hermes get over here, you’re getting my pussy first,” Artemis called out.

            Hermes looked at his friends and smirked cocking his head proudly. “Shut up,” his friend scoffed, turning away.

            “Alright move your asses quicker guys! We don’t have all day,” Artemis said as she stood up, cum still trickling down her thighs. “Hermes, lay on your back on the bench… Come on, move faster!” Artemis rushed impatiently.

            Hermes picked up his pace and laid on the bench, his stiff cock facing up. Artemis eyed his cock as she moved towards him. “Hmm~ Not bad,” Artemis commented as she got on top of the bench, on top of Hermes’s cock. “Listen now, I’m going to go down on you, you better not cum inside my pussy, unless you a kick to your balls,” Artemis warned firmly.

            “Alright, don’t worry,” Hermes answered casually as he placed his hands on her hip, helping her down on his cock.

            “Ohh~ You’re tight,” Hermes grunted as Artemis slowly sink down on his shaft, sliding down all the way to the base. “Fuckkk~” Hermes groaned. “So tight~”

            “Mmm~” Artemis moaned as he took the entire length in her pussy, her breast heaving up and down as she breathes. “Brock, done lubing? Come over here and do my shithole,” Artemis said as she got down, making her asshole accessible.

            “Will do Art,” Brock answered as hulked over to the bench and got on the bench.

            “This bench better don’t break with all this weight on it,” Artemis thought to herself as Brock got on.

            Brock pressed his large tip against Artemis’s asscrack, slowly opening up her asshole once more, grunting as he struggles to push his huge shaft in.

            “Mmm~” Artemis bit her lips softly as she felt Brock’s cock filled her anal hole, stretching her creamed insides. “Fuck~ Ah~” Artemis let out sexy moans, letting herself loose as she was very turned on by the fact there was two cock inside her now. “Kelvin, come… let me clean your dick,” Artemis said. Kelvin nodded and walked to the front of Artemis. Artemis could smell the stench of her own ass as the cock was near her face.

            “What are you guys doing? Stuffing my holes? Aren’t you two ever going to move?” asked Artemis loudly upon realizing that Brock and Hermes aren’t moving at all.

            “Sorry… uh… moving now,” Hermes snapped out of the intoxication of the pleasure he was feeling.

            “Yeah,” Brock grunted as he began to move.

            “Come on, you guys fuck like sissies… even girls are rougher than that,” Artemis said loudly, mocking them.

            “Alright Art, you asked for it,” Brock warned smirkingly as he forcibly slid his cock all the way into Artemis’s ass.

            “Ah! Mmm~ Now we are~ Mmm~” Artemis moaned as she felt Brock’s huge shaft rubbing her anal walls, stimulating them even more than Kelvin’s. “Fuck~ Mmm~ Come here Kelvin~” Artemis moaned intoxicatingly as she rode Hermes cock, her breast bouncing as she moved while Brock fucked her ass as she blows Kelvin’s dick, tasting her ass of it was she replaces it with her wet saliva, cleaning the taste of her ass off his shaft.

            Kelvin digs his nails into Artemis’s hair as he subtly thrust in and out of her mouth. The girl was now moaning against his cock as her tongue swirled around his cock. Even with all the sensations she was feeling, Artemis noticed that subtle movement of Kelvin fucking her mouth.

            “Mm~ Feel free to fuck my mouth~” Artemis purred shakingly as she let Kelvin’s cock out of her mouth.

            Kelvin smirked before clutching her head by her hair and began to thrust his dick in and out of her mouth, fucking her sloppy mouth, with saliva dripping from Artemis’s mouth, making sloppy sounds from being fucked.

            “Mmm~ Fmmm~ Ymmm~” Artemis moans were muffled by the cock fucking her mouth.

            Artemis was overwhelmed by the cocks in and around her. She had one fucking her mouth, one fucking her wet grooling pussy, and another large one screwing her ass mercilessly. “And I thought this fucking plan could not get any better,” Artemis thought to herself.

            Hermes grunted as he felt Artemis’s insides from his cock that was rubbing and stimulating her insides. He joined in, grabbing Artemis’s ass and began thrusting roughly, banging her pussy to match Brock roughness and hardness. As he was enjoying fucking Artemis’s pussy, he noticed Artemis’s breast bouncing around as she was being fucked by three guys. Hermes moved to toy around with Artemis’s nipples, pulling, flicking and pinching them lightly as he fucked her.

            “MMMM! Gmmm~” Artemis moans as she shuddered from the sudden pressure on her stiffened nipples, that sent shockwaves throughout her. “Mmm~”

            If it was under normal circumstances, Artemis would have told Hermes off for doing something that she didn’t tell him to. But now, being a girl that was fucked and pleasured by three guys in all three of her holes at once, she didn’t care as toying with her nipples only added more pleasure for her.

            “Mmm~ Mmm~ MMMMM! Amm~” Artemis moaned loudly as she orgasmed, squirting a lot more than her previous rounds. Her juices were trickling down her and the boys legs.

            “Shit… shit,” Hermes muttered as he tried to hold in his cum as he felt Artemis’s insides clenched around her. Finally, unable to take the pleasure anymore, he pulled out quickly and shot his load, on his stomach with some landing and sticking on Artemis’s body.

            Hermes panted after he finished shooting his load, he lays there tiredly. “This girl is really wild… Ah… good for me then,” Hermes thought smirking as he moved his hand and began to toy with Artemis’s breasts and nipples as she was continually being fucked by Brock.

            “Damn… this guy really knows how to pleasure… Mmm~ A girl’s tits,” Artemis thought to herself.

            Artemis, who was overwhelmed by the pleasure she felt, unknowingly took Kelvin’s entire length into her mouth, including his balls. Kelvin, who was already close to cumming, cummed in her mouth, shooting his spunk in her mouth.

            “Mmmm~” Artemis moaned as she deepthroats Kelvin as Brock was still fucking Artemis as firm as ever.

            Artemis was at awe at how Brock haven’t cummed yet. “Wow… he does… Mmm~ Have the stamina to hold…” Artemis thought to herself. “Oh god… I’m going to come again… and not even…”

            Meanwhile, Brock was still having his way with Artemis, pounding her asshole like a drill. “Ah~ Fuckkk~ Yess~ Fuckk that shithole~” Artemis moaned out loud, letting Kelvin’s cock out from her mouth before she mewled from another orgasm. Her body trembled as she squirted. “Fuckk~ Fuckk~ Ah~” Artemis rasped and moaned.

            “Argh~” Brock grunted as he felt Artemis’s insides clenched against his dick even tighter then before. “Cumming…” Brock groaned as he cummed inside Artemis, slamming the entire length, burying it deep into her asshole.

            “Mmm~ Fuckkk~ You guys are so much better than Travis~” Artemis groaned intoxicated by the pleasure as Brock pulled his cock from Artemis’s ass, leaving a gaping hole with some cum leaking out of her. Some of the guys snickered upon hearing Artemis talk about her previous experience with Travis.

            “Alright then,” Artemis said brightly as she got up, kneeling on the bench, ignoring the fact that cum is drooling out of her ass. “Who wants next? You? Or You?” Artemis asked loudly, smiling.

            And just like that, Artemis fucked all the boys that were in the locker room, taking 3 cocks in 3 of her holes in one go on each turn while the other guys jerk themselves off to the sexy and hot display in front of them. Artemis Crock, the school rising girl athlete, fucking 15 of her teammates in the school locker room.

            Artemis enjoyed the sensation of each cock in her, making her orgasm and squirt over and over again, giving her pleasure she thought would never end. At this point of time, her hair was messy, her ass was filled with loads and loads of cum, her body was covered with strains of cum on her back, her stomach, her hair, while she has already orgasmed countless of times that she lost count.

            Meanwhile, Travis was just staring at Artemis getting screwed with Joe standing next to him, jerking himself off as he watched Artemis get fucked. Travis still had Artemis’s panties in his mouth as he hadn’t bothered to take it out cause Artemis will probably make another one of those brainwashed boys to stuff it back in his mouth. Travis could taste the girl’s sweat, ass and bodily tastes from the panties as it was in his mouth.

            “Dude, that girl is crazy,” Joe commented. “I can see why you decided to do it with her back then…”

            “Mmmff?” Travis answered with a sarcastic tone, glaring at Joe.

            “Well, sorry dude. I don’t want to get kicked in the balls,” Joe shrugged as he continued to watch.

            “Urgmmh…” Travis groaned tiredly.

            “Ah~ Fuck~ YES!” Artemis moaned loudly, completely forgetting that she was still in school. “Fuck~ Me~ Fuck that cunt!” Artemis moaned as she continued to get double banged by another two guys while she gave yet another guy a blowjob.

            “Fuck~ MmM~” Artemis moaned as she took the guy’s cock into her mouth, twirling her tongue around it, leaving his cock slick with saliva.

            “Mmm~ you guys weren’t kidding when you said that she was good,” the boy grunted as Artemis sucks him off.

            “Told ya Samuel,” Tom interrupted as he continues to jerk himself after getting hard from cumming again.

            “Mmm~ Mmm~ Fmmm~” Artemis moans grew rapid as she felt her orgasm building up again.

            The guy fucking Artemis’s ass grunted as he released his spunk into Artemis’s cum filled asshole, adding more cum to the mixture. The other guy fucking Artemis’s pussy continued screwing her grooling pussy roughly, going as strong as ever.

            “Fuck~ So fucking good~” Artemis moaned as the guy fucked her pussy. She was now jerking Samuel’s shaft as she rode the guy’s dick. “Ah~ Yess~” Artemis panted as the Samuel grunted, spraying his spunk all over Artemis’s face, covering her, some landing in her mouth.

            “Fuck~ Yea~” Artemis cried out as she orgasmed again.

            “Mmm!” The guy fucking Artemis pussy grunted as he quickly pulled out and cummed all over Artemis’s ass.

            At this point, Artemis was literally covered in spunk, most of them on her face and her back, while there was a huge amount of cum in her ass, leaking from it.

            “Ah~ Fuck…. Mmm~ That was fucking good,” Artemis purred silkily as she licked cum from her fingers while she sat on the bench, looking in the direction of Travis, smirking at him seductively as she spread her asscrack in, letting more cum drool out of her gaping asshole.

            “Mm~ tempting isn’t it?” asked Artemis seductively. “Come over here, Trav~” Artemis teased

            Travis rolled his eyes and got up and walked over reluctantly, looking unamused.

            “What? Are you still mad at me?” Artemis asked childishly. “You’re the one that couldn’t pleasure a girl in bed,” Artemis roasted.


            “Yeah, and he couldn’t even hold his cum in long enough,” Artemis continued on humiliating Travis in front of the others.

            “What is your deal?” asked Travis enraged, spitting Artemis’s panties out of his mouth.

            “What does it seem like I’m doing? I’m humiliating you of course,” Artemis answered casually. “And this guy couldn’t even get hard after cumming once the last time I did it with him,” Artemis continued loudly.

            “Ooohh~ Haha…” The room was filled with laughter. Travis was feeling awkward and embarrassed, trying to find something to divert is attention to instead of the awkward and embarrassing atmosphere surrounding him.

            “Alright well, looks like time is getting tight. Looks like you boys had your fun, but I need the locker room cleared. I need some alone time with Travis,” Artemis said loudly.

            The other boys were quick to follow Artemis instructions, giving Travis amused looks as they left. “And don’t forget, tell anyone or take any photos and you’re as good as dead,” Artemis warned loudly. “I will know.”

            Soon, only Artemis and Travis were left in the locker room, alone. “Lock the door for me, would ya?” asked Artemis.

            “Yeah sure,” Travis said plainly before walking to lock the door before walking back to Artemis, who continued to lick cum from her fingers, scooping them from her ass ever since she made the other boys leave.

            “Mmm~ To be honest, I’m surprised that you stayed until now, if I were you, I would have left ages ago,” Artemis said casually as she sat on the bench, licking cum off her fingers.

            “If you wanted me gone, you would have kicked me out ages ago, I’m even more surprised you didn’t, considering all the stuff I did to you,” Travis answered, looking at Artemis. “Even if I wanted to leave, you probably would have made me stay too.”

            “Smart,” Artemis commented smiling. “Well, I hope you learnt your lesson,” Artemis smirked as she scooped some cum from her asshole, licking them off her fingers. “I think you got a big enough punch.”

            “So that was what it was all about, getting back at me?” asked Travis.

            “Well, I didn’t ask you to start calling me names in the first place, nor did I asked you to purposely grope me during practice, though I can assume that you missed doing me, even you did a terrible job that time,” Artemis answered casually, still continuing to lick cum carefreely.

            “Hey, you still mad about that? That was a long time ago,” Travis said.

            “You know what you did,” Artemis said sternly, glaring at Travis, before calming down. “You haven’t answered my question yet. Have you learnt your lesson yet? Are you still going to be an asshole?” asked Artemis, still tasting cum from her asshole.

            “Fine, at least I’ll stop being a dick to you,” Travis answered. “So, we’re even?”

            “Nope, not yet,” Artemis answered.

            “Then what…”

            “Well, it’s been a while,” Artemis said, smirking naughtily at Travis.

            “I can’t tell if you’re just feisty for sex or you’re up to something,” Travis pondered, eyeing Artemis carefully.

            “Come on, you get a chance to prove me wrong and you’re going to drop it?” asked Artemis.

            “You’re actually letting me do this?” asked Travis sceptically.

            “Hmm? Why not?” Artemis asked casually. “Anything you want… What kinky shit are you into now anyway?”

            “You know, just the usual stuff,” Travis shrugged.

            “Oh, I know you’re full of shit Trav, spill it,” Artemis scoffed.

            “Alright, piss play,” Travis revealed.

            “Piss play?”

            “Yeah, you know. Either I piss on you, or you piss on me,” Travis explained sarcastically.

            “Yea, I’m not dumb,” Artemis scoffed. “So, you want me to piss on you?”

            “Of course not, to think I’ll ever let you do that to me. I’m going to piss on you,” Travis answered.

            “Ever done it with other girls?”

            “Nah, they grossed out whenever I mention it,” Travis answered.

            “Hmph… guess is the first time for both of us,” Artemis said. “Just don’t hit my eye when you do it, or else you’re balls are really going to hurt,” Artemis warned smirkingly.

            “Wouldn’t dream of it,” Travis scoffed.

            “Where you wanna fuck me?” asked Artemis, laying on the bench.

            “Hmm… You’re serious huh?” Travis scoffed. “Anything I want?”

            “As long I’m fine with it, yes, anything you want,” Artemis confirmed.

            “You’re acting suspiciously open towards me today, Art, what’s your-”

            “You know what, if you don’t want to do, it I’m going to head off to shower- “Artemis interrupted, getting up before Travis got closer to her and pinned her against the bench. “You’re not going anywhere, until I say so,” Travis said. “Anything I want, remember?”

            “Hmmph… yeah, you would probably cum prematurely and this would be over in not even 5 minutes,” Artemis scoffed as she looks at Travis.

            “Like I said, that was a long time ago, and I’m going to make you forget about that,” Travis said huskily. “Now, on all fours, Art,” Travis requested.

            “Alright then,” Artemis said in a mocking tone, smirking as she turned over and followed Travis’s orders. “So, which hole you want to do today?” asked Artemis seductively.

            “Hmm~” Travis hummed as he got up and knelt behind Artemis’s rear. “How about both? Starting with your drenched piss hole huh, and it is already drooling and ready for me,” Travis snickered as he pushed his tip against Artemis’s cunt, parting it’s lip.

            “You wanna do two holes? Are you even sure you have the stamina?” Artemis teased.

            “You don’t believe me?”

            “Yeah, I don’t,” Artemis answered.

            “Well, let me prove you wrong!” Travis said loudly as he slid his entire length into Artemis’s pussy in one go, making Artemis shudder from the sudden feeling of her vagina being filled by Travis’s shaft.

            “Mm~ Ah~” Artemis let out a moan as she felt Travis’s cock deep inside her.

            “Well, look at who is the slutty girl now?” Travis teased as he began to increase his speed, thrusting and fucking Artemis’s cunt faster and faster. Sounds of Artemis’s ass and Travis’s hip smacking together replaced the silence of the locker room among with the sounds of grunting and moaning, drowning out the sounds of the bench creaking from their movements.

            “Fuckk~” Artemis moaned. Travis didn’t have the biggest cock of the bunch, but he was definitely the roughness out of the group. “Ah~ Yes~ Fuck me harderrr~” Artemis moaned, probably because her pussy was already fucked raw and still sensitive from cumming so many times before.

            Travis held onto Artemis’s hip, his nails digging into her skin as he fucked Artemis mercilessly, as if he wanted to fuck the female athlete senseless. His breaths and grunt became more controlled as he continued to fuck Artemis. “Mmm~ You’re still tight… despite being fucked by 10 guys,” Travis grunted as he fucked her pussy.

            “Oh~ god~ Fuckk~” Artemis moaned. Travis’s cock was somehow hitting all the right spots in her, pussy grool drooled down her thighs as Artemis’s was getting turned on again by Travis rough fucking. She would have never thought that he got the beast in him after what happened during their last time.

            “Not bad~ Huh?” Travis asked mockingly. “Look at who is a slutty mess now huh? You are,” Travis said loudly as he fucked Artemis mercilessly.

            “Oh yes~ Me~ Fuck~ I’m going to~ Mmmm~ Fuckkk~ Cummm~” Artemis moaned out loud as she orgasmed for the umpteenth time of the day, squirting her juices. And to her surprise, Travis kept on going.

            “Impressed huh?” Travis grunted as he felt Artemis’s pussy walls clench around his cock, edging him on to cum.

            Artemis didn’t think it was possible, by now Travis should have cummed and be a tired mess, but Travis was going on strong, continuing to fuck Artemis’s pussy raw. “Mmmm~ Fuckkk~ Ah~” Artemis moaned noisily. “Fuck~ Fuck~ Yessss~”

            “Now, look who is a moaning mess now,” Travis grunted as he thrusted harder and deeper into Artemis’s pussy. Travis then grabbed Artemis’s hair as he continued to fuck her, spanking her ass with his other hand.

            “Fuck~ Yes~ Fuck me rough~ Fuck me like a sluttt~ Fuck my cunt~” Artemis purred intoxicatingly, drunken by the pleasure. “Ah~ Yes~ I’m going~ to~ cumm~ Ahhh~” Artemis moaned as she orgasmed again.

            “Gonna cum~” Travis groaned.

            “Cum in me~” Artemis moaned pleadingly.

            “What?” Travis asked in surprise, making sure he hasn’t misheard her.

            “Cum in me, cum in my slutty pussyyy~” Artemis moaned.

            “Alright… you asked for this,” Travis groaned as he increased his pace, fucking Artemis faster.

            “Ahh~ FUCK~ Shit, shit Ahh~” Artemis cursed moaningly as she nears another orgasm. “Ahhh~ FUCKKK~”

            “Cumming!” Travis groaned as he shot a huge load of cum in Artemis’s pussy, creaming her insides.

            “Mmm~ Fuckk~ fuckk~ ahh~” Artemis purred as she felt Travis’s warm spunk filled her pussy. “Fuck~ Trav~ I~ Ah…” Artemis panted as she rested her head on the bench, her ass still facing up.

            “Aww~ look like the slut is tired,” Travis teased playfully.

            “Ah~ fuckk… shut it… Trav…” Artemis panted as she recovers from her orgasm. Artemis lays on her belly, her knees slightly bent, and hips slightly raised.

            “Fuck your ass, of course Art, at your service,” Travis said teasingly as he pressed his cock against Artemis’s asscrack, preparing to fuck the hole that has been creamed over and over again by the other guys.

            “Wait… what AH!” Artemis moaned out loud as Travis’s shaft, surprisingly still hard despite from just cumming, entered full length into her asshole, burying itself deep.

            “Mmm~ they weren’t kidding when they said your ass is tight… argh… fuck yeah,” Travis groaned.

            “How are you… ah~ still hard?” Artemis was surprise that Travis lasted so long.

            “Why do you have to sound so surprised?” asked Travis. “Just because I couldn’t do it then, doesn’t mean I couldn’t do it now,” Travis grunted as he began to thrust his hips forward and backward, fucking Artemis’s butthole.

            “Ah~ I’m… fuckk~ impressed,” Artemis stuttered out.

            “Of course, you are,” Travis answered sarcastically as he began to thrust faster and faster.

            “Fuckk~ Ah~” Artemis moaned. She felt Travis pounding her ass roughly while a hand pushed her head against the bench.

            “Fuck~ fuck~ ah~” Artemis mewled as Travis cock penetrated deep into her asshole, hitting just the right spot.

            “Seems like I found the spot,” Travis commented gruntingly as he continued to fuck Artemis. “God damn you’re tight…”

            “Fuckkk~ Yes~ Trav~ Fuck me rough~ Fuck~ my dirty shithole!” Artemis moaned out loud, once again intoxicated by the intense pleasure Travis was giving her.

            “Ah~ Fuck… gonna cum soon…” Travis groaned as he thrusted.

            “Oh… fuckkk~ Yes! Cum in me! Cream my shithole!” Artemis cried out loud. “Oh yes! I’m cumming~ AH~” Artemis moaned as she orgasmed from Travis’s intense and deep assfucking, squirting her juices all over the place.

            “Argh… fuck… cumming!” Travis groaned as he cummed for the second time, releasing another load of spunk into Artemis’s already creamed asshole.

            “Fuckkk~ Ah~ Yes~ That was… fucking goood~” Artemis muttered tiredly as she laid on the bench. Travis really worn her out from his hard fucking.

            “You alright Art?” asked Travis.

            “I’m… fine, wait… is Travis Thomas concerned for me?” asked Artemis teasingly as she got up, turning to face Travis’s cock.

            “What… no,” Travis retaliated quickly as he got down from the bench. “I was afraid I broke you, with all that rough fucking,” Travis explained sarcastically.

            “Did you really think I was that weak, though I’ll admit, you went down on me really rough,” Artemis said as she stroked Travis length slowly before licking his slit, circling his tongue on the tip of Travis’s dick which was slick with cum and also had her ass and a couple of guys spunk taste on it.

            “Mm~ Aren’t you going to clean me?” Travis asked. To his surprise, Artemis took the how length down her throat, her tongue swirling around Travis’s cock as she gives Travis a sloppy blowjob, making sloppy sounds as she worked.

            “Fuckk~ those guys were serious when they said you were good,” Travis groaned.

            “Always the tone of surprise,” Artemis said sarcastically before going down on Travis’s cock again.

            “Well let’s just say that our first together gave me some impression of you,” Travis teased. “Fuckk~ I’m going to cum~”

            Artemis eyes widened. “How is it possible that he is going to cum so quickly again?” Artemis thought to herself.

            “Cumming~” Travis groaned as he held Artemis’s head against his crotch, forcing his cock deep into Artemis’s throat.

            Artemis moaned as she took another load of Travis’s spunk into her mouth, sucking him clean as she did before letting his cock out of her mouth. “Ahh~ You came a lot for the third time in a row,” Artemis commented. “I assume you want to piss on me now.”

            “Hmm… here?” asked Travis smilingly.

            “Here,” Artemis confirmed as she got down from the bench and knelt on the floor. “Piss on me,” Artemis said as she closed her eyes.

            “Here goes,” Travis said as he released his piss, peeing on Artemis’s body, which had strains of dried cum, then he peed on Artemis face, some going into her mouth, drenching her hair. When Travis was done pissing on Artemis, she was drenched in piss and kneeling in a puddle of it.

            “Ah~ That was… kinda hot…” Artemis panted smiling at Travis.

            “So now we’re even?” asked Travis holding out his hand towards the piss drenched girl.

            “Maybe?” Artemis said taking his hand and standing up, her legs was still wobbly from all the fucking.

            “So… friends?” asked Travis as he help Artemis up.

            “Ha… More like friends with benefit,” Artemis corrected, winking at Travis.

            “Yeah, friends with benefit,” Travis nodded smirkingly. “So, you going to go home like that?” Travis teased.

            “Of course not, as much I like to stay like this, people will think I’m a slut if I go out smelling like one,” Artemis said.

            “Well you are one,” Travis teased. “Ouch! Hey-” Travis got interrupt by Artemis slapping his balls.

            “That’s for that,” Artemis spat.

            “Fair enough,” Travis shrugged. “Need help to shower?” Travis asked mockingly.

            “Are you implying something Mr. Thomas?” asked Artemis teasingly, looking at Travis seductively.

            “Are you- Why not?” Travis answered, smiling back.

            After a long while in the stalls, the two teens finally came out. “We have to do this again,” Travis said as they were dressing up preparing to leave the locker room. Both of them have took their showers and cleaned themselves.

             “Oh, definitely not every day of course, girl needs her break, maybe weekly,” Artemis said.

            “You need a break? How many times you made me cum inside there just now?” asked Travis sarcastically.

            “Still need a break,” Artemis answered. “And you better not tell them I let you cum in my cunt, I don’t want them to start asking me to let them do it.”

            “Why did you let me do it then?”  Travis asked curiously.

            “Of course, those guys can’t keep expecting to keep on fucking me for free,” Artemis ignored Travis’s question as she sat on her bench besides her bag, still wet from the shower, drying herself with a towel. Travis sighed, he knew that if Artemis didn’t want to say something, there is no way of getting her to say it.

            “Oh? Now you’re prostituting yourself?” asked Travis jokingly. “Ironic that you call Montez a slut.”

            “Hey, I’m not the one that got her nudes sent to the entire school and couldn’t do anything to stop it. Anyway, those guys don’t get laid as much as you and me, you know that better than anyone else. So might as well help them while I make a bit of money,” Artemis shrugged as she dried her hair.

            “Why do I feel that you’re in it for the money part,” Travis asked, lifting an eyebrow.

            “Nah, I’m in it cause I just enjoy it,” Artemis answered smilingly.

            “Of course, you do, you were the one screaming and moaning a lot just now, I’m honestly surprise no teacher came knocking,” Travis said.

            “You know I always find a way out of these types of situation,” Artemis said.

            “Yeah right…” Travis chuckled dryly. “Anyway, you better not let the rumours spread out.”

            “Even if rumours spread out, I needn’t be worried, after all, I have my ways,” Artemis said smilingly as she got up, carrying her bag. “Let’s go, Thomas.”

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