Football Gangbang

BY : Tenudakin
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            Artemis was fed up with all the weird looks the guys on the team were giving her. It has been a while since she joined the school’s football team and was building her way towards being the star player. Artemis was also very aware that her so-called teammates never treated her as equal, always talking behind her back, saying things about her being a girl and all that. It has been a couple of months now and Artemis was tired of hearing all that rubbish talk about her. It was already bad enough that she doesn’t have many friends to hang around with.

            There was no need to mention the ass groping she has been facing as well. It wasn’t like she hated it or anything, but Artemis had preferred it to be on her terms. If does boys are going to get sexual with her, it would be on her terms not theirs. There was a couple of times that she beat up those meatheads herself due to her getting on her nerves, of course landing her in detention. Her parents never apprehended her for any of those things, she was defending herself anyway. But Artemis has enough, she wanted this to stop, and for the guys to view her as a teammate, and as an equal, or perhaps even more than an equal. And that is when she came up with a plan which would turn out to be better than she ever thought it would.

            Artemis took a deep breathed as she stood outside the boy’s locker room after football practice. “Okay Artemis, don’t freak out, don’t act scared, you’re Crock,” Artemis thought to herself as she opened the doors and went in. The boys in the locker room stopped what they were doing as they saw Artemis walked into the room casually, as if she intended to walk inside here. The room immediately went silent as she walked into it. Usually, the boys would be messing around and being as noisy as usual. Most of the boys in there was either half-naked or completely naked. Artemis could see that some boys even covered up their private bits as she walked in. Even though they were covering it, Artemis could very well tell that they were hiding their penis.

            “What? Why are you all looking at me like that?” asked Artemis, pretending to me casual with what she was doing.

            “Uhm… this is our locker room, for the-” a younger boy said. Artemis turned her head towards the boy, James. “One of the more decent one out of the batch.

            “Yeah? Well, I’m part of the team,” Artemis said casually. “No big deal.”

            “Yes there-” another boy interrupted

            “Can it, William,” Artemis said gruffly as she plopped down on a bench and placed her bag on it. “You don’t want another beating from me. Gee… I’m sweaty.”

            Artemis seemingly casually took of her shirt, and pants, leaving herself in her panties and bra. The boys couldn’t help but stare at the almost naked girl in the boy locker room. Artemis smirked as her back faces to boys. She was pretty sure that almost half of them has boners by now.

            Artemis’s hand stopped for a moment before she unclasped her bra, taking a deep breath. “There is no turning back,” Artemis muttered to herself.

            Artemis could hear soft murmurs as she unclasped her bra and placed it aside. Her firm and perky breast revealed and so vulnerable. Any boy could possibly molest Artemis at this point. But then again, Artemis has nothing to worry about, she was an avid fighter herself, trained by her parents. She could probably take on the entire room herself.

            “Gee, can you guys be quicker? It’s hot here,” Artemis said loudly, making sure the boys in the stall are aware of her existence. Artemis almost let out a chuckle as she heard one of the guys drop something, presumably from the surprise.

            “Rob, was that-”

            “Yes, it’s your teammate, Artemis Crock,” Artemis answered smilingly.

            “What the-”

            “Just be quick would ya,” Artemis interrupted as she sat on the bench carefreely. “God, this is feeling better than I previously thought,” Artemis thought to herself as she sat on the bench relaxingly. “I could get used to this… not as bad as I thought it would be.”

            “Umm… Artemis?” Artemis heard one of the guys call her. Smirking, she turns around confidently, giving the boys a clear view of her top. “What is it?” Artemis asked casually, as if what she was doing was totally normal.

            Artemis tried her best not to smile or laugh as she watches most of the boy flinch from the surprise of her turning around topless. Artemis could now see that some of the boys were getting a hard-on, poking through their boxers or towels. “What is it Keeves?”

            “Umm… don’t you think you should head to the girl locker room?” asked Keeves awkwardly.

            “Is there a problem with me being here?” Artemis asked in a dangerously sweet tone as she stood up and walked towards the blond guy, who was just wearing a pair of boxers. “I prefer to have some company…”

            “Yeah… yeah, no problem,” Keeves backed away as Artemis walked towards him.

            “Damn… what is with you pussying out in front of this girl?” a brown-haired guy, who was in his boxers said.

            “John… don’t,” Keeves warned. “You don’t want to…”

            “What, just because she is a girl I don’t have to- Ooof! Ouch…” John got interrupted as he felt a fist to his chest, sending him hitting against the lockers behind him.

            “Told you so…” Keeves muttered as Artemis planted her feet on the guys chest.

            “You dare…” John growled.

            “Don’t even think about it, John, you wouldn’t-” Keeves warned but was interrupted as John made his move and attempted to attack Artemis. Artemis managed to dodge John easily and sent him crashing back against the lockers.

            “Well, at least someone is smart,” Artemis chuckled, looking at the blond-haired guy. “Anyone else?” asked Artemis. Artemis knew that most of the guys wouldn’t mess with her after what went down between them a few weeks ago. It was a clear message that she wasn’t to be messed around with.

            Artemis then nodded before walking back to her spot, sitting down. But this time, instead of facing the other way, she was facing the boys, revealing her breast and nipples openly in front of the other guys. Artemis could still see that some of the guys are still weirded out by her.

            “What are you guys covering up for?” Artemis asked pretending to be calm with all this. “Ashamed of your dicks?” Artemis asked as she let out a sarcastic laughter.

            Artemis eyes trailed around the room, then she saw someone taking a phone out, no doubt about to snap photos of her topless. Artemis chuckled; this was what she expected them to do.

            “I wouldn’t do that if I were you…,” Artemis said. “You know that I can tell whatever story I want when I get out of here right?” asked Artemis. “It wouldn’t matter what you guys say, because your boys, and I’m the girl.”

            “Where is this going?” Travis asked, a certain hostility in her voice.

            “What do you mean?” Artemis asked, pretending to be confused.

            “You come in here and take off your top… what are you even trying to prove?” asked Travis. Artemis and Travis were never quite on good terms from the very beginning. Things only got worse from then on

            “What? I’m a part of this team, what is the problem sharing the same locker room? Is it because I’m a girl?” asked Artemis purposely. Artemis said as she stood up and walked over towards Travis.

            “Ye- You know what? I’m fine with it alright? I’m fine with it. Look I don’t want anymore trouble. Do what you want,” Travis said, giving up.

            Before Artemis could say anything, she felt a shadow cast over her. Artemis immediately dodged the big sized guy who attempted to grab her.

            “Rob… don’t,” Travis said warningly.

            Artemis swiftly got on the ground and kicked his leg, making him fall to the ground. Those guys that were new to the team looked at each other in surprise. Meanwhile, the guys in the stalls heard enough commotion to come out from there to see what happened.

            “Alright enough,” Travis said loudly. “For those who don’t know yet. This is Artemis Crock. The only girl, on our team,” Travis said, emphasizing the word ‘girl’. “And trust me, even she is a girl, you wouldn’t want to mess with her. So, stop trying to attack her or anything unless you’re really sure… You know what? Just don’t mess with her or you will probably embarrass yourself.”

            “Thank you for the introduction, Travis,” Artemis said sarcastically. “Seems like I got your guys attention huh. Artemis began as she saw the guys coming out of the stall, looking at her surprisingly. “Look, I noticed you guys have been talking about me a lot. Saying stuff that I probably won’t like. Doing stuff just to annoy me, like groping my ass or chest perhaps,” Artemis said. “I’m your teammate, just as you’re mines, so at least treat me with some respect would ya? I know I'm a girl. And that is never going to change. And you guys, being the typical teenage boys you are, will always feel the urge to feel me up, or jerk off to me like the person who is doing it back there right now,” Artemis said loudly as she gestured towards the guy, she spotted stroking his own cock behind the towels.

            “Yeah, I can see that!” Artemis didn’t really mind anyone jerking off to her, it was a good sign. But Artemis wanted the boy’s full attention.  “Anyway, you guys better get your teenage urges under control. And If you guys really can't control how yourself and want to feel me up that badly. Let me give you a piece of advice. Don't just take advantage and grope me, at least ask me, and perhaps I might give you a little more,” Artemis said. Once those words left her mouth, the locker room was filled with murmurs and stifled laughs.

            “You’re joking right?” Travis chuckled as he let out a sarcastic chuckled. “You? Let us feel you? And more?” Travis said. “You might as well let us fuck you.”

            “I probably would if you ask nice,” Artemis answered straightforwardly.

            Artemis could feel the atmosphere of the room beginning to change as the boys begin to murmur among themselves, giving Artemis looks.

            “Haha… that was a good joke,” John let out a laughter, along with some of the guys in the room.

            “What? I’m not joking,” Artemis said. “I’m deadly serious.”

            “Mmppff… and why would we do that? Fuck you?” asked John as he laughed.

            “Because you are boys, you always yearn for this type of stuff… and that is totally normal…” Artemis said carefully. “But face it, some of you here aren’t going to get hooked up in high school or maybe even never. But I can give you that chance… but on a few conditions.”

            “Hmph… of course there are conditions,” Rob muttered.

            “First and foremost, no photos without my approval,” Artemis said firmly. “Second, if you guys are going to get sexual and intimate with me, with would be on my terms only. You all will do as I say. Some advice for you, if I’m happy, you will be happy to, so a simple advice, keep me happy. Third, don’t you dare tell anyone about this without my approval. And if you did, well, you… most of you seen what I can do. And I am expecting to be treated with more respect.”

            “Yeah, and what is stopping us from letting you become like Yolanda Montez?” asked Ken, the guy standing beside Travis. Travis raised a hand to interrupt but stopped mid-way.

            “Well, I thought by now you realize that how all your methods of annoying me hasn’t really worked?” asked Artemis, looking at the guy who just spoke to her. “You called me names, in front of me, behind my back. You tried to make my life miserable. You tried to push me down. The fact that I dare to stand here right now makes it quite clear that I’m not like Yolanda Montez. Even if you try to spill the beans, leak my photos, who would the school, my family, my… friends believe? I think we all know the clear answer,” Artemis said confidently. “So, your choice. You can man up and try to impress me. Or you can pussy out and go on with your miserable lives as if nothing happened in here. Whoever wants to leave, you may leave, but if you rat us out or whatsoever, I will wriggle my way out like I always do, and I will personally make you pay,” Artemis warned, glaring at a particular group of boys. “And remember, there is a reason Cindy Burman doesn’t mess with me, and you will do well to remember it.”

            “Ah fuck this shit… I’m out of here,” John mumbles as he wore his clothes and prepared to walk out along with some of the other guys. Soon, a number of the guys left, most of them were the ones that really disliked Artemis, but there were still a handful of boys left in the locker room.

            “I assume the rest of you stayed because you accept my generous offer,” Artemis said as she eyed the room. “So… anyone?” asked Artemis, her tone more welcome now. “I’m feeling generous today.” Everyone was standing in their place, staring at her blankly, Artemis could see some of their erected dick, clearly aroused by her, pitching a tent in their boxers. “Come on, don’t tell me you all are pussies? Or you know that you can’t impress me with those small dicks of yours? Come on… not even one person willing to step forward? I won’t bite,” Artemis scoffed. “Wow… really? A girl is letting you touch her, and you won’t make a move?” asked Artemis.

            Travis looks around for a while before smirking to himself. If no one is going to do Artemis, he is, and perhaps he can put the girl in place. Travis then talked out from his group while his friends just stared at him.

            “Oh, finally, a volunteer?” Artemis asked sarcastically. “Hmm… Travis huh, come on boys, clap your hands for Travis, the one who has the boys to step up first,” Artemis said loudly. “To be honest, I thought he would be the first one to leave.”

            “Huh… very funny,” Travis murmured. “So… what do you want me to do? Fuck your face? Fuck your cunt? Or your ass?” asked Travis casually.

            “Well… boys. Pay attention to this,” Artemis said loudly before she swept Travis off balance, letting him fall to the ground before planting a foot on him, ignoring his groans. “You guys wanna fuck me? You gotta please me first, understood?” asked Artemis.

            “Yes,” Artemis could hear some murmurs.

            “I can’t hear you,” Artemis said.


            “So, what do you want me to do?” asked Travis, groaning from the pain of hitting the ground.

            “Oh you? You’re so going to pay for all those things you had done to me,” Artemis chuckled as she slipped her panties down her leg and held it in her hand. “You’re going to lick me clean first,” Artemis said.


            “Didn’t I make myself clear? You’re going to lick me clean first!” Artemis said, a little louder this time.

            “Alright… Alright, no need to get walked up,” Travis said as he got up.

            Artemis laid down on the bench next to her, laying down before spreading her legs, exposing her shaved pussy. Artemis smiled as she heard the boys murmur along the lines of how her pussy looks. “Travis,” Artemis called in a singsong tone. “Come and lick all this sweat off me.”

            “With my tongue?” Travis asked surprised.

            “Duh,” Artemis answered.


            “Oh, don’t tell me you can’t handle a bit of sweat now,” Artemis teased.

            Not wanting to back down, Travis got close to Artemis’s naked body and looked at it, silently admiring her body.

            “What are you waiting for Travis? An invitation? I have given that to you already,” Artemis said teasingly.

            “Don’t be so pushy alright? Where you want me to lick you?” groaned Travis as he knelt there, not knowing what to do.

            “Oh, you dumbass,” Artemis muttered. “Lick my foot, my stomach, anywhere, just stay clear of my pussy and ass.”

            “What your foot? No- Mmmm!” Travis got taken by surprise when Artemis caught him and stuffed her panties into his mouth. “Someone take care of this dumbass and makes sure he stays in place and don’t leave. She got up a little and looked around the room as two guys moved to secure Travis. She saw the younger boy who first spoke to her when she entered the locker room. “You, James is it?”

            “Yeah,” The boy answered.

            “Come here,” Artemis said. “The rest of you, feel free to jerk off. But before you guys go off and shoot your load prematurely, you guys should remember to save the cum for me. Don’t go and start shooting your load anywhere,” Artemis said. “And make sure the door is locked,” Artemis added as James walked over to her.

            “So, you’re new right?” asked Artemis kindly.

            “Yes,” James answered.

            “Did it with a girl before?” asked Artemis curiously. “Probably not,” Artemis thought to herself.

            “Yes,” James said, surprising Artemis.

            “Oh well, let’s see how good of a pussy eater you are,” Artemis challenged James teasingly. “Oh, and Keeves, keep that panties in Travis mouth, he deserves it,” Artemis reminded as James moved in between Artemis’s legs.

            “This is going to go so well,” Artemis thought to herself as she saw the boys surrounding her jerking off as James tongue touched her pussy.

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