Together Again

BY : Tenudakin
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Courtney, Beth and Yolanda were studying in Courtney’s bedroom when suddenly, Yolanda got the urge to ask her friends a question that has been lingering on her mind for quite a while since they rescued Henry from the clutches of the ISA.

“Hey, Court? Beth?”

“Hmm?” Beth and Court were still concentrating on what there were doing.

“Do you two think that me and Henry should get back together?” asked Yolanda.

Courtney stopped what she was doing and looked at Yolanda. “Are you seriously asking me for relationship advices?” Courtney asked jokingly. “I know I’ve been with Cameron for a few months but…” Beth snickers at Courtney joke.

“I know what you mean, you are inexperienced with being in a relationship,” said Yolanda jokingly emphasizing the inexperienced part, making Courtney and Beth laughs a little. “But seriously, what do you think?”

“Well, if you really still have feelings for him… Why not?” asked Beth. “Many couples gave it another chance after breaking up and it turns out well,” Courtney said.

“Well…those are just stories Court,” Yolanda rolled her eyes at Courtney’s wishful thinking.

“I’m being serious, Yolanda, I think you should go for it” Courtney said.

“Me too, if you really got a feeling for Henry, just go for it,” agreed Beth.

“How can you two be so sure?” asked Yolanda unsurely.

“Let’s just say it’s gut feeling,” said Courtney eyeing Beth both exchanging smiles secretly.

“Perhaps you should find a way to tell him soon,” advised Beth.

“Hmm, if I find the right time…”

“Don’t wait too long, Yolanda, take any chance you get,” Courtney advised. “Otherwise, you might regret it.”

“But, how can I face him, I shoved him off, I didn’t let him apologize, I…” Yolanda was thinking back on how she refused to accept Henry when her truly changed.

“Yolanda, listen, you need to forgive yourself… it’s been two months now…I’m sure Henry forgives you, Yolanda, and I’m sure you forgive him too, but the real question is, why aren’t you forgiving yourself? What past is past… Yolanda, you gotta let it go…” Beth advise Yolanda. Yolanda calmed down a little looking at her two friends.

“Beth’s right,” Courtney said. “You need to put down the past, Yolanda,”

            Yolanda looked out the window, “I’ll try,” she said.


            Rick, Cameron, and Henry were at the Pit Stop, training hard, with Rick training Cameron and Henry hand-to-hand combat. During their break, the three of them were sitting down, resting, exhausted from training. At the same time, Rick, and Cameron both noticed that Henry had been wearing that “he-have-something-on-his-mind” look the past couple of days.

            “Hey, King, you alright?” asked Rick who knew what Henry was thinking. “It had been so obvious…” Rick thought.

            “It’s nothing…”

            “Come on, Henry, we’re your friends, we don’t need to have mind-reading powers to know that you have something on your mind, plus you can tell us, perhaps we can tell you how to patch thing up between you and Yolanda,” Cameron said.

            Henry jumped a little after hearing what Cameron have said. “Was it that obvious?” asked Henry.

            “Well, kinda, Beth and Court could tell too,” said Cameron as Henry face was still wearing a surprised look.

            “It’s not that hard… really,” Rick said, remembering the time he asked Beth out.

            “It’s just, I know I done bad things to her, I really don’t deserve her forgiveness… even if I didn’t spread her pictures… I still treated her badly… yet now… I still want to have another chance with her,” Henry confessed.

            “Hey, Henry,” Cameron said. “I know how it feels like to find a way to approach the girl you like, trying to find ways to tell her, to love her, but you just have to try, make the first step Just go for it, don’t waste your time,” Cameron advised Henry. “Perhaps she is just waiting for you to come to her,” said Cameron.

            “I agree,” Rick said nodding. “You should meet up with Yolanda and tell her.”

            “Thanks guys, I know what to do know,” Henry said as an idea hit him.

            “Now that’s the Henry we know…” said Rick smiling as Henry got up.

            “So where were we, let’s get back to training, I can focus better now since I got the plan done.”

            Rick looked at him smirking. “Don’t get to cocky King, I’m not going to go easy on you,” he taunted.

            “Bring it.”

            That night, Yolanda was in her room as usual, she was studying as usual when she heard her phone rang. She picked it up, wondering who could contact her so late at night. She looked at her phone, it was a message from her ex and her present crush, Henry King Jr. Her hand was shaking in anticipation as she opened the message. She saw a simple “Hi, you there?” Yolanda was thinking about how to reply him.

            “Yeah, what’s up,” Yolanda replied after a while of thinking.

            “Are you free on the weekend?”

            Yolanda ponders for a while, thinking of why Henry would ask her that question. She was walking around her room, thinking of how to reply him.

            “Yeah, why’d you ask?” she finally replied standing.

            “Do you want to hang out? Sunday, around noon to night, you and me,” Henry replies came almost immediately after Yolanda sent her text, surprising her a little. Then another message from Henry popped up just as Yolanda was going to reply him.

            “as friends?”

            Yolanda thought for a while, “Was Henry talking about hanging out together, just the two of us?” she thought. “Nah, Henry… it is unlikely… better not get my hopes up high…”

            Ever since Henry was rescued, Yolanda and Henry were more on a brother-sister type of relationship, so it wasn’t new to Yolanda that Henry wanted to hang out with her, but two of them alone, “that’s a first” the girl thought.

            “Sure,” it was simple, Yolanda was now a little relaxed. “Gosh, I was so excited over a text… What the…” Yolanda thought puzzled as she felt something wet in her panties. Yolanda immediately put down her phone.

            “Gosh… Not again…I swear… this was the tenth time this week, and it’s not even Friday yet… ” Yolanda thought as she undressed herself, letting her clothes fall onto the floor. Then, she realized that she was standing in front of her mirror.

            Yolanda looked at herself in the mirror, it brought back so many memories. The scenario around Yolanda was so familiar to Yolanda, that night, it was that night, that photo, that triggered everything that happened next. She remembers that night, when Henry texted her, asking her for her nudes, she felt so naughty yet so liberating. Yolanda remembers how she used to hate Henry for everything that happened to her, when it was really Cindy at fault. Then, Yolanda recalled the time when she thought that Henry was truly dead, that feeling of guilt, sorrow, regret, and the joy she had when she found him being held by Dragon King, alive.

            Yolanda moved from the mirror and sat on her bed, leaning against the stack of pillows. Yolanda spread her legs open and felt her wet pussy. Yolanda closed her eyes, imagining Henry doing her, dominating her as she masturbated, moaning softly. She remembers, months ago, her time with Henry in bed, the sweet and sexy memories. She imagines Henry fucking her roughly yet passionately. Yolanda arched her back as she reached her climax.

            Yolanda could feel that she was still not satisfied from the climax. “Gosh… I’m not usually this horny… ughh…” Yolanda thought as she stood up. She walked over to her study table and picked up her phone. There was another message from Henry

            “Great, see you at school tomorrow, goodnight,”

            “Goodnight,” Yolanda replied before laying down on her bed again. Yolanda knew that she was going to have a hard time sleeping that night.

            Henry placed his phone down. He lays on his bed, thinking of Yolanda. He remembers the time when things used to be simple and sweet for them, before that mistake happened. He remembered how he used to dominate her in bed. Yolanda was a strong girl, but no one could tell for sure, that she likes being dominated in bed.

            Henry then thought about that time he thought that he was going to die. It felt so real and scary that time. He remembers looking into Yolanda’s eye, filled with guilt and regret, thinking of what it could been. The joy he had when he was freed from the ISA clutches. He remembered how badly he wanted to embrace Yolanda, to be together again. But, it didn’t felt right at the time.

            Henry mind pondered on what Yolanda truly thinks of him now. He could just read her mind and be done with it, but Henry knew that he must not break the trust his friends have for him. Henry smiled, thinking of the plan that he has for Yolanda on Sunday. “Yolanda is going to love it…”

For the next few days, Yolanda and Henry has been looking forward to the day. Even though they knew that they are going to spend a lot of time together soon, they still couldn’t resist the urge to look at the other when they thought the other weren’t looking.

            “Look that those two, Court,” said Cameron as quiet as possible. “Hmm… They are so oblivious… I mean it’s so obvious…” The couple were taking a break after training.

            “Well, kinda like you and me not long ago~” said Courtney, whispering back at him.

            “Well… yeah…” said Cameron awkwardly.

            “Hmm… I hope they find out soon, Yolanda deserve to find someone to love and be loved, after what she had been through…” said Courtney hopefully. Cameron nodded, agreeing with Courtney.

            “What are you two lovebirds talking about?” asked Yolanda noticing the couple are staring at her weirdly and whispering too each other.

            “Nothing…” said Courtney. her voice going high. Rick and Beth snickers as they could guess what Courtney, and Cameron was talking about while Henry, being the oblivious person he was, still not noticing the situation.

            It was finally Sunday, close to noon, Henry woke up, looking at his clock, he couldn’t sleep well the previous nigh as he kept on thinking about how he was going to spend the day with Yolanda. Rubbing his eyes he got off the bed and looked at his phone.

            “Great… Another 2 hours before I get to see her… gosh… what was I thinking… I’ve been a jerk to her and now I want to be with her again?” Henry thought to himself as he headed to the bathroom to wash up. “Ugh… get your head in the game Henry… You can do this… even if she hates you now… she’s worth it…”

            Later, Henry was eating breakfast at the dining table by himself. Then, his phone rang, it was a message, from Yolanda. Henry eyebrows furrowed, wondering what it could be about.

            “Hey, Henry, you remember that you asked me out today right? I’m ready, you can come and pick me anytime”

            Henry looked at his watch frantically, thinking that he overslept or something, it was still roughly an hour early. “That girl is quick…” he thought as he replied her message.

            “Wow… you’re quick, you ate lunch yet?”

            “No, I thought that if we start early, we can get a bite later during the day.”

            Henry thought for a moment before replying her.

            “Sure, I’m coming now.”

            Yolanda was already waiting at the door for Henry to come. She too couldn’t sleep, thinking about how the day will go. The girl had her hair tied in two French-braids like usual, wearing her usual outfit, dark-colored open front sweaters over a colorful top She was leaning against the wall checking for Henry text anxiously.

            “Hey… sis?” a familiar voice asked. Yolanda turned around and sees her cousin, Alex.

            “Alex… hi…”

            “It’s him isn’t it?” asked Alex.

            “Was I that obvious?” asked Yolanda sighing in embarrassment.

            “Hmm… well, you weren’t trying to be subtle,” Alex smiled.

            “I… um…” Yolanda stammers trying to think of what to say.

            “Don’t worry, sis, I won’t tell them anything,” Alex smiled encouragingly. “Hope you and him will manage work things out…”

            Yolanda’s phone rang, she looked at it, it was Henry.

            “I’m here, you ready?”

            “Have fun sis, see you,” Alex said as Yolanda went out the door.

            “Bye, Alex,” Yolanda said before closing the door smiling to herself, at least one of her family members care about her.

            Yolanda walked down the pathway, Henry was waiting in his car, wearing a dark blue top and jeans.

            “Hey…” Henry began as Yolanda got into the car sitting down on the front seat.

            “Hey… Henry., so what have you got planned for me?” asked Yolanda was filled with excitement.

            “You’ll see, but first lunch,” Henry said smiling.

            “Sure thing, King,” Yolanda agreed.

             The two teenagers had their lunch at the diner, at first the conversation was pretty awkward for them, but after a while both of them slowly got over the tension between them, they began chatting about a lot things, school, the JSA, how life have been for them the past few months.

            After taking lunch, Henry took Yolanda to do a little shopping around the town and watched a movie together at the cinema. After the movie, it was close to evening, Henry and Yolanda were in the car discussing about the movie while Henry drove them to their next destination.

            After a while of driving and chatting casually with Yolanda, Henry parked his car at the side of the road, “We’re here,” informed Henry as turned the engines off and got out of the car.

            “In the middle of nowhere?” Yolanda asked joking sarcastically before getting out of the car.

            “Of course not, come one Montez, I won’t do that,” Henry laughs as he locked the car doors.

            “Wait, this place looks kinda familiar…”

            “Doesn’t it? Come on, follow me,” Henry said motioning Yolanda to follow him walking down on a pathway into the woods.

            As the two teenagers walked through the trees, Yolanda felt that she had been here before but she couldn’t remember clearly. “Henry, where are we going?” asked Yolanda again.

            “You’ll see, follow me,” said Henry.

            After a while, they came to a clearing, Yolanda was amazed by the sight she saw, recognizing the place immediately. It was a huge lake,

            “Remember this place?” Henry asked Yolanda as they walked around the lake.

            “This was where it all began…for the both of us…ah… this brings back so many memories,” Yolanda replied after a while, gazing across the beautiful scenery of the lake. The scenario felt so familiar. Yolanda began to recall the old times when thing used to be easy and sweet of them.

            “Yeah…” Henry said, he was now both happy and feeling a little lost, he didn’t think that he and Yolanda will make it through the ay let alone standing here right now.

            “Henry, you okay? Having something on your mind? I had so much fun today, but I can’t help it but notice that something is on your mind…” Yolanda looked at Henry concerned.

            “It’s just…”

            “There’s a reason that you asked me out today, isn’t it?” Yolanda asked, trying not to get her hopes up.

            “Was I that obvious?” asked Henry blushing a little, smiling awkwardly, looking at the girl. Yolanda smiled back nodding.

            “You can tell me, Henry, after all I’m your friend…” Henry looked across the lake at the setting sun.

            “What if I want you to be more than just a friend?” asked Henry looking at Yolanda again. Upon hearing these words, Yolanda blushed a little as Henry asked the very same question that she asked him a year ago.

            “No, it can’t be, am I dreaming?” Yolanda couldn’t believe it. “Is this really happening?” Yolanda thought to herself.

            “What do you mean?” asked Yolanda, trying not to get her hope up just yet.

            “I… I know I haven’t been the nicest person to you in the past few months, I’ve been a jerk… but after what happened, the JSA and ISA stuff, these powers, I was shown a better way… I knew what I done was terrible to you… I’m sorry Yolanda, I really haven’t apologized to you for all that I have done…” said Henry smiling painfully.

            “Henry…” Yolanda gasped softly. “Henry… hey…” Yolanda said, placing her hand on his shoulders. “I forgive you… Henry… it wasn’t mostly your fault… it was Cindy… I know that now…”

            “And the worst thing is… even after all that I’ve done to you, I still want to be with you… Yolanda… I want us to have another chance together… I love you…” Henry revealed to Yolanda who was blushing furiously now. Henry looked across the lake not wanting to look at Yolanda’s reaction, feeling afraid.

            Yolanda smiled, her breathing has relaxed. “Henry.”

            Henry turned around facing her, “Yolanda, it’s alright to tell me if you don’t feel the same way about me…” Henry was cut off as Yolanda immediately pulled him in for a deep kiss. Henry was taken by surprise, but after a short while he embraced the kiss and began kissing back. After what seems like a long moment, the two teenager’s lip parted. Henry and Yolanda were smiling, looking at each other sweetly.

            “It feels like a dream,” Yolanda said still looking at Henry.

            “If this is a dream then I never want to wake up…” Henry said happily.

            “Look the sun is setting… it’s so beautiful” Yolanda noticed.

            “This brings back a lot of memories doesn’t it?” asked Henry as the reunited couple gaze upon the setting sun, the sky turned orange.

            “Things are so different now…” Yolanda said while undoing her hair, letting it flow down her head freely.

            “Yolanda… what are you…”

            “Hmm… you don’t like it?” asked Yolanda smiling, she knew what Henry was thinking about.

            “No… no… I like your hair down like this… but why… I mean isn’t kinda out of the moment to do this now…?” asked Henry puzzled.

            “I changed my hairstyle after that incident as I don’t want to remind myself of the life that I couldn’t have anymore, but now… I feel free…” said Yolanda smiling, trying to explain herself.

            Henry ponders for a few moments, looking at Yolanda, “Yolanda, do you remember the promise that I made to you here?” Henry asked

            “The sun may rise and set, but my love for you will never set…” Yolanda recited smiling at him.

            “That was my promise to you then, Yolanda,” Henry held Yolanda hand, standing close to each other. “And this time, I promise you that no matter what happens in the future, I will be with you through it all,” Henry promised, making Yolanda blush again. The couple watched to sun set over the lake, admiring the beautiful scenery. The two of them gazed into each other eyes, knowing that this is a new start for their relationship.

If someone had asked Yolanda whether she and Henry will get together again then, Yolanda was so sure that it will never happen again. Yet now, she was here cuddling with Henry at Henry’s house, snuggling together on a bed. Henry’s hand on Yolanda’s body, wrapping her as they kissed so deeply, they kissed so passionately. It wasn’t the first time they were doing this, but it felt so special, as special as the very first time they had together more than a year ago. This time, it was two people reuniting again out of love for each other. Henry’s hand traveled all over Yolanda’s body, caressing her softly, making her yearning for more. She was already so pent up and horny when they left the lakeside, Yolanda didn’t think that she could take the suspense any longer.

“Mmm~ Let’s get these out of the way,” said Henry as she slowly removed Yolanda sweater then her top and her jeans, pulling it off her slowly as Yolanda let her boyfriend undress her slowly. Henry stopped for a moment to admire her girlfriend in her bra and panties. Yolanda lay on Henry’s bed. She could feel her pussy going wet again.

“Mmm~ babe, you look so seducing in this~” Henry praised as he pulled her in for another brief kiss.

Yolanda giggles softly, “How long are you gonna tease me~” she fakes pouted.

“Hmm~ as long as I want it, you better get down to pleasing me…” Henry said smiling at her as he half-lays on the bed.

Yolanda knew what her boyfriend wanted, she swiftly began pulling Henry’s jeans and boxers off him eagerly, letting the submissive side of her take over herself, revealing Henry’s already hard cock, playing around with it like a little kitty playing with a cat toy.

“Mmm… you are still huge…” Yolanda said as she slowly stroked his cock, caressing his balls with her other hand. After a short while, Yolanda lean close to Henry’s cock and began taking it in her mouth.

“Ah~ Mmm… Yolanda… babe~” Henry groans as he feels Yolanda going down on his penis, sucking it passionately, removing his shirt then placing his hand on Yolanda’s head stroking her hair softly. Yolanda began to speed up slowly, bobbing up and down his cock faster and faster.

“Mmm… babe~” Henry groans as Yolanda took Henry’s cock deep in her mouth, gagging down on it, sucking on it as if there is no tomorrow.

“Mmm… that’s enough,” Henry yanks Yolanda’s hair softly as he was on the verge of cumming, he wanted the release but not before he’s done pleasing Yolanda.

“Ah… I missed that feeling,” Yolanda said as she got up, smiling at Henry.

“Feeling of what?” asked Henry smirking, he knew what Yolanda was talking about, but he wants to hear her say it.

“Your… cock…” Yolanda blurted out unintentionally.

Henry smiled at Yolanda, who was blushing at what she said. Even though Yolanda was so submissive in bed, she is always having trouble saying anything vulgar in front of someone else. Henry swiftly turned over and pinned Yolanda to the bed, kissing her deeply while caressing her face.

While kissing Yolanda felt her bra uncoupling by themselves. Yolanda looked at Henry knowingly after their lips parted, “You wanna try using your powers for something naughty?” asked Yolanda smiling. Her breast were now exposed and her nipples were already hard, aroused and horny.

“I intend to do so~” Henry smiled as Yolanda gasped as her panties quickly slid down her legs, she felt a gush of air brushed on her pussy. She looked at Henry and knew what he was up to.

“Felt that?”

“Mmm~ yes~” Yolanda moans softly as she felt something invisible rubbing against her pussy, the touch on her pussy was like magic, unlike anything before, yet it felt familiar.

“Mmm~ Oh~ Henry~” Henry began showering Yolanda’s body with kisses as he continues to masturbate Yolanda telepathically. Henry then began sucking on Yolanda breast softly, nibbling it lightly, alternating between both breasts.

“Mmm~ Oh~ Henry~” Yolanda moans began growing louder as she nears her climax.

“Mmm~ You’re liking this~” Henry watched as Yolanda mewled from his touch. Then, another idea crossed his mind.

Yolanda could feel something stretching and simulating her butt hole, she mewled as Henry began masturbating both holes telepathically. The feeling felt so unreal yet pleasurable to Yolanda, who was mewling loudly as Henry continues to play around with her breast.

“Mm~ Henry~ Ahhh~!”

“You’re liking this aren’t you, you naughty kitty,” Henry said to Yolanda who was already lost in the pleasure.

“Ahh~ I’m cumming!” Yolanda squirted her juices out, Henry watched in awe,, it was the first time that Yolanda squirted during foreplay.

“Wow, babe, you really liked it,” Henry looked at Yolanda, who was panting and lying on the bed squirming from her climax.

“That was… it felt so good…” Yolanda panted as she lays on the bed.

“Mmm~ I know what else you want~ it’s eager to have you too baby~” Henry cooed getting close to Yolanda drenched pussy, brushing his cock against her sex slowly, making Yolanda horny again by teasing her.

“Ughh… Henry please… I want you in me… stop with the teasing… I’ve been waiting for this for so long… please,” Yolanda begged as turned around, laying down on her bed with her ass facing her boyfriend.

Henry smiled at Yolanda cupping her face, “Mm~ You beg so nicely,” he said huskily before suddenly thrusting into her pussy, making Yolanda moan loudly. He slowly began speeding up fucking her roughly yet passionately.

“Mmm~ yes!” Yolanda moaned as Henry fucked her wildly.

Henry groans as he fucked Yolanda. “Gosh, you’re tight…”

The room was filled with the sound of two teenagers making love to each other. Then, another naughty thought crossed Henry’s mind. He slowed down a little, fucking Yolanda slowly.

“Hmm?” Yolanda was puzzled and curious why Henry slowed down.

Yolanda turned around and saw Henry smirking at  her with a dildo floating in the air, moving close to them before positioning right in front off her ass hole. Yolanda shook with anticipation. She knew what Henry was going to do yet she wants to try it.

“Ready baby?” Henry asked.

Yolanda just nodded quietly, eagerly waiting.

“Here I go,” Henry thrusted into Yolanda’s pussy at the same time the dildo began thrusting into her asshole. Yolanda moaned out loud from the pleasure of being double penetrated. She was grabbing the bed sheets so hard, overcame by the pleasure she’s taking.

“Henry! Ah~ Yess~ Fuck! Ah!” Yolanda screamed in pleasure. Henry shook  little when she heard Yolanda cursing. It was unusual to hear Yolanda curse like that.

“Ah! Yolanda~” Henry groans, he could feel the dildo pressing through the walls of Yolanda’s vagina, pressuring his own cock.

“Mmm~ I’m going to cum!” Yolanda moaned loudly.

“Me too~” Henry said on verge of cumming.

“Ah! Fuck! Cumming!” Yolanda screamed in pleasure as she squirted making Henry cum in her, she felt his warm cum splashing on her insides.

The couple lay on the bed, kissing each other before parting, smiling at each other.

“That was… so good…” Yolanda said smilingly.

“Yeah… should do this more next time…” Henry said as he pulled the dildo out of Yolanda’s asshole making her yelp in surprise, her asshole was left gaping.

“Ah~mmm, you’ve cum a lot~” Yolanda attempts to collect some of the cum leaking out of her, tasting Henry’s cum mixed with her fluids.

“Mm~ I missed tasting this~” Yolanda said.

“Wait~ I got an idea,” Henry said smirking.

“You seem to have a lot of naughty ideas today… Do it, I trust you.”

Yolanda squirmed as she felt something moving in her pussy, she looked down and saw Henry moving his cum out off her pussy along with some of her fluids, the load of cum churned into a sphere shaped liquid. Yolanda watched in awe as she watched Henry work his magic.

“Ready to take your load?” asked Henry.

Yolanda nodded opening her mouth. Henry shot the load of cum into her mouth, filling her mouth with his cum, letting Yolanda savor it.

“Mmm~ tasty~” Yolanda licked her lips. She got near to Henry and kissed him again, swapping fluids in their mouths.

“I love you, Henry,” Yolanda said after parting.

“I love you too, Yolanda,” Henry said.

The two couple lay tiredly on the bed, before drifting to sleep peacefully, knowing that all is well between them now.

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