StarShiv: A Series of Smut

BY : Tenudakin
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Disclaimer: I do not own DC's Stargirl, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

            “Mmm~ Fkk~” Cindy bit her lips to stop herself from moaning too loud as she masturbate in her room. Cindy sat on her chair as she eyed the laptop watching porn.

            It was Courtney’s turn to be the dom this week and just before she left for a state gymnasium competition that took place for 5 days. She gave Cindy an direct order not to masturbate or cum until she returns. At first, Cindy thought that it was going to be a walk in the park. It was until Cindy realized that Courtney had dosed her food with the brunette’s own creation that made Cindy horny, yet unable to cum until she was given the antidote, which Courtney has taken with her.

            Of course, Cindy could just mix the antidote herself, she did create it after all. It was when Cindy decided to go to her lab when she realized that Courtney took the keys to the lab with her. Leaving her poor girlfriend to handle the effects for days in her absence.

            “Mmm~ Court~” Cindy moaned as she felt pleasure building but never reaching an end. “Oh, fuck it!” Cindy groaned as she just remembered her current condition unable to climax. “That blondie better return soon and free me from this torture,” Cindy muttered as she picked up her phone and saw a message that Courtney sent.

            “Hey babe. How is my girlfriend doing?”

            Under the message was a picture of Courtney completely naked with her hands covering her breast and leg covering her crotch. Cindy growled. “That girl surely knows how to torment me.”

            “Oh, I’m doing fine. When are you going to return?” Cindy typed.

            “Hmm~ Is my slave already getting horny?” Courtney replied. “I told you already. The competition will last for five days. Have you lost count already?”

            “I miss you.” Cindy typed.

            “Don’t worry Cin. Coming back in two days.”

            Cindy groaned in frustration. She have been cooped up in her house ever since Courtney left. Mostly due to the fact that she has a irresistible urge to masturbate and can’t concentrate on during anything else. She tried to control those urges on the first day when she hang out with her friends. Only for Yolanda to soon realized that Cindy’s crotch area of the pants were soaked. After that, Cindy declined to hang out with them and stayed at home. It was until the second day that Cindy truly broke and started masturbating, yearning for pleasure and release.

            But then, she only felt pleasure but no release. The more pleasure she felt the more she wanted the release to come, but it never came. Hence, the brunette begins with her crazy masturbation marathon, completely ignoring the fact the Courtney ordered her not to. “Plus, she wouldn’t know anyway,” Cindy thought to herself.

            After days of torture like that, Cindy had lost count of days she was like this, her pussy was evidently rubbed raw and sensitive from all that masturbation while her nipples was sensitive to anything on it, causing the girl to go practically living a nudist life in the house.

            Then, the phone rang. Cindy groaned stopped the porn. She picked the phone up. It was Yolanda.

            “Hey, Cin. Are you coming to training or not?” asked Yolanda, her voice sounded mad.

            “Uhm, sorry. No, I’m still not feeling well,” Cindy lied.

            “Yeah… okay,” Yolanda said skeptically. “Do you need us to come over?” asked Yolanda.

            “No- No, no need, I will be fine,” Cindy declined hurryingly.

            “Okay… take care,” Yolanda said before hanging up.

            Cindy sighed before she placed her phone down and looked at her hands that were soaked in her fluids before savoring it.

            The next day for Cindy was pretty much the same for the brunette, just eating, sleeping and masturbating to porn without any satisfying release, which still frustrated Cindy a lot. Cindy had hoped that the effects would wear off by itself. But then again, she made sure that wouldn’t wear off without the antidote when she and Courtney first tested it on each other.

            Mmm~ Fuck~” Cindy’s moans echoed throughout her room as she masturbates to lesbian porn, soaking the chair with her juices as she fingerfucked herself roughly. “Ahh~ Mm~”

            Cindy’s body shuddered from the build up pleasure, trembling, but Cindy still couldn’t feel any climax even with the pent-up stimulation on her sensitive spots. She groaned in frustration.

            “My, my… Seems like my girl has been naughty,” Cindy heard a voice behind her said. Cindy knew that voice too well. It was Courtney.

            “C- Court? You’re back?” Cindy asked in surprise as she turned around.

            “I’m back,” Courtney smiled as she walked forward towards Cindy.

            “B- But I thought-”

            “Wanted to give you a surprise,” Courtney said.

            “Oh, I- I see,” Cindy stuttered from the shock.

            “By the way, you’ve been a naughty girl, slave,” Courtney said smirking as she cupped Cindy’s chin.

            “What are you… oh,” Cindy then realized and remembered. All that horniness has made her forget about her mistress’s previous order.

            “Hmm~ look at you. So desperate and horny. Look at your cunt, fucking wet and rubbed raw,” Courtney commented as she trailed her hands down the brunette’s body. Then, Courtney moved to pinch Cindy’s nipples.

            “Ah~Co~!” Cindy moaned and shuddered from the feeling of her over sensitive nipples being pinched,

            “Hmm~ You’re more sensitive than usual,” Courtney chuckles as she continues to pull about as Cindy thrashed around on the seat.

            “Please… Court… The antidote…” Cindy said weakly, worn out from days of masturbating without any release.

            “Ah ah. You’ve been a bad girl, Cin. Do you remember what my order was?” asked Courtney as she toyed with Cindy’s nipples.

            “No Ah~ masturbating,” Cindy answered.

            “That’s right, and what did you do?” asked Courtney.

            “I masturbated,” Cindy answered shamefully.

            “Hmm~ At least you’re honest,” Courtney praised before moving Cindy’s hand behind her.

            Cindy heard something clasp on her hands and felt handcuffs around her wrist. “Let’s get your punishment over and done with,” Courtney said as she cuffed the brunette. “Stand up.”

            Cindy stood up and let Courtney escort her towards the dungeon, which was also their playroom now. Cindy legs trembled as the cold air of the dungeons brush against her as they walked. The two girls walked toward the bedroom in the dungeons.

            “Get on the bed, lay on your back with your legs spread open,” Courtney ordered. Her tone wasn’t as commanding as Cindy when she dominated Courtney, but it had a certain power behind it that made it sound so intimating to Cindy even Courtney’s voice was calm.

            Cindy got on the bed, spreading her legs, awaiting her punishment. She watched as Courtney grabbed a huge vibrator and a strap and walked towards her. Courtney then placed the vibrator in the middle of the brunette’s leg and positioned it pressing against Cindy’s already depraved cunt before strapping Cindy’s leg together firmly. Cindy let out a couple of moans as Courtney did her work.

            “Oh my, you are quite vocal tonight,” Courtney chuckled before leaving the bed and took a bottle and syringe out of the cupboard.

            “Do you know what this is?” asked Courtney, waving the bottle in front of Cindy.

            “The antidote, mistress,” Cindy answered.

            “Correct. But I’m not going to give it to you yet,” Courtney said. “Not until you make me cum of course,” Courtney said as she placed the two items on the table as she moved to the bed. “Oh, and this should give you some motivation,” Courtney added as she pressed a button on the vibrator, making it vibrate.

            “Ah~ Ah~ Fuck~” Cindy moaned. “Please~”

            “Come on now slave, you know what to do,” Courtney said as she positioned herself right above Cindy’s face.

            Cindy didn’t need to be told twice. She began licking, sucking and tonguefucking Courtney’s shaved pussy desperately, making Courtney moan and chuckle from her attempts.

            “Oh, you’re really desperate to get that release, aren’t you?” Courtney chuckles as her hand moved to play with the brunette’s nipples again, making Cindy moan against her pussy as she eat her out.

            “Oh yes, fuck me with your dirty mouth~” Courtney moans as she grind on Cindy’s face.

            “Mmprgh~” Cindy moaned against Courtney’s crotch.

            “Mmm~ good girl~” Courtney moaned as she squeezed Cindy’s nipple harder, making the brunette squirm. “Mm~ I missed you~”

            “Mmm~ Cmm~”

            “Not yet Cin. You know the rules,” Courtney reminded as she grinded against Cindy.


            “Oh, yes~” Courtney moaned as she felt herself nearing her climax. “I’m cumming~” Courtney squirted her juices all over the brunette’s face, soaking her wet. “Lick that cunt~” Courtney moaned as she grinded roughly.

            “Mmmmm~ MmCoumm~”

            “Ah~ Fuck~ Now that is how you should welcome your mistress back,” Courtney said as she got off Cindy and sat down beside her, collecting her juices and let Cindy suck her fingers.

            “You’re really desperate, aren’t you?” Courtney smiled as Cindy sucked her finger. After a while, Courtney stood up and seemingly about to leave.

            “W- Wait Wait! Are you going to leave me here?” Cindy stuttered.

            “Hmm~ Is there something you want?” asked Courtney.

            “Yes! Please~ P~ Let me cum already! Please~ I’m begging you! I Ah~ Can’t take this anymore! Please mistress~” Cindy begged desperately.

            Courtney smiled as she turned back to face the brunette, who was almost losing it. “Well, how can I say no to you, my dear,” Courtney said as she held the syringe filled with the antidote and injected it into the brunette.

            Courtney then set the items aside and unstrapped Cindy’s leg and removed the vibrator from her legs, then uncuffed Cindy’s hand. “Get on all fours Cin,” Courtney said as she moved down the bed and grabbed a huge black strap-on dildo. Cindy eyes widened at the size of the thing that was about to enter her.

            “The effects take some time to wear off, so let’s have some fun, while we wait,” Courtney suggested in a playful tone as she got onto the bed, the dildo pressing against Cindy poor abused clit.

            “P- Please, fuck me~”

            “As you wish,” Courtney answered before ramming full length into Cindy’s pussy.

            “Ahhh~ Fuckk!” Cindy moaned out loud from the sudden feeling of fullness in her. “Fuck~ Ahh~”

            The screams and moans of pleasure echoed throughout the room as Courtney roughly pounded the brunette.

            ‘Ahh~ Fuck~ Court~ Mmm~”

            “Damn, you are really vocal tonight,” Courtney grunted as she thrusted, holding Cindy’s hand and hair.

            “Ah~ Yes~ Mmm~” Cindy could feel her reaching her long-awaited climax. “I’m gonna~ cum~”

            “Cum then! Cum for your mistress!” Courtney said as she thrusted even harder, driving Cindy overboard.

            “Ahhh~ Fuckkk!” Cindy screamed as she finally orgasmed, days of build up release finally being released as she climaxed, squirting her juices all over the bed, the dildo and Courtney’s legs. Cindy slumped on the bed, still trembling and shaking as she orgasmed while Courtney pulled out and watch her girlfriend shake.

            “Mmm~ overwhelming isn’t it?” Courtney chuckled as she set the strap on aside and moved towards Cindy trembling figure.

            “Ahh~ Court~” Cindy moaned, her body still trembling slighty.

            “C’mon here,” Courtney hugged Cindy shaking figure. “Calm down, Cin.”

            “Mmm~” Cindy mumbled as she fell into Courtney’s warm embrace as she still felt the aftershocks of her previous climax. “So~ tired~”

            “Fall asleep then, I will be here,” Courtney coaxed, planting a kiss on Cindy’s neck.

            Cindy turned around weakly and kissed Courtney as she slowly drifted to sleep.

            “I love you…”

            “I know.”

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