Star X Ice

BY : Tenudakin
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    “Oh god, is so hot!” Courtney groaned as she sat down after training.

            “I know right?” Yolanda agreed as she slopped down beside Courtney.

            “Don’t get me started on the sun today,” Beth added as she sat down beside Yolanda. “It’s scorching hot!”

            “Urgh… I’m so in need of a bath when I get back home,” Courtney groaned. “So stuffy.”

            “How are those two still going?” Yolanda asked in awe as she watch Cameron and Rick fight.

            Rick, being the more experienced fighter of the two managed to dodge Cameron hits easily before returning some. Cameron blocked the attacks swiftly before moving to attack.

            “Huh… Not bad,” Rick panted as they stopped temporarily. “Still, you need work.”

            “I will… take that as a compliment,” Cameron panted before continuing.

            “Hh! That was close, nearly got me of guard there,” Rick said before returning a hit, managing to catch Cameron off guard. “You gotta stay focused man, I know the girls are watching,” Rick smiled at the girls, well specifically at Beth.

            “I know… I know,” Cameron grunted before quickly kicking Rick off his footing swiftly.


            “Ha! Got you good! So much for telling me to stay focused,” Cameron chuckles as he held out a hand and helped Rick up.

            “Well, seems like I need to take my own advice,” Rick chuckles. “Let’s stop. I think the girls are tired,” Rick said.

            “Oh, you have no idea,” Yolanda groaned. “It’s burning hot!”

            “How can you two stand this damn summer heat?” Courtney asked in frustration.

            “Well, it is hot,” Rick agreed. “I’m heading home to soak myself after this, damn hot.”

            “You have no idea Court. I’m soaked in sweat,” Cameron said.

            “Don’t melt, Cam. Courtney will probably be sad if you do,” Yolanda teased playfully.

            “Yolanda!” Courtney groaned in embarrassment while the others chuckled. “Come on Cam. Let’s go home.”

            “Coming babe,” Cameron said.

            As the couple walked out of the training room, they saw Pat fixing a car. “Finish training early?”

            “Yeah, dad,” Courtney said.

            “Can’t blame you. It is hot after all. I see both of you are drenched,” Pat observed.

            “Yeah, definitely taking a bath when we get home,” Cameron said.

            “Yeah…” Pat said, his tone was skeptical as he looked at them. “Well, see you two later.”

            “See you Pat,” Cameron said as the two teenagers headed towards the boy’s car.

            Once the couple reached the house, they immediately headed to Courtney’s room after Cameron parked his car.

            “Damn, it’s god damn hot!” Courtney complained again as she rub her sweat with a towel. “I’m going to soak myself in the bathtub.”

            “Yeah sure, go ahead, I can wait,” Cameron said.

            “You sure you wanna wait?” Courtney asked skeptically as she began stripping her shirt off. “I mean, the bathtub is definitely big enough for the both of us. Plus, it’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before,” Courtney said, smiling as she pulled down her shorts, biting her lips lightly. Cameron could feel something growing hard in his pants.

            “Are you seriously teasing me now?” Cameron asked.

            “Well, the heat must had got to me. Plus, nobody else is home, just me and you,” Courtney added as she entered the bathroom. “Well, are you joining me or not?”

            Cameron chuckled as he walked towards the bathroom. Courtney turned on the water, letting it fill the bathtub. Courtney turned and look at Cameron, gesturing for him to come closer.

            “Damn, Court. You’re frisky today,” Cameron said as he walked forward.

            Courtney caught hold off Cameron’s shirt and lifted them over. “Well, are you going to strip or not?” Courtney whispered.

            “Be patient,” Cameron reminded putting his shirt aside. Courtney fake pouted before eyeing the bathtub that was almost at the desired level. Courtney then turned the tap off.

            “Well I’m getting in first,” Courtney said as she took off her bra and slid off her panties. Cameron could somehow feel his manhood getting harder at the sight of his girlfriend nude.

            “Damnit Court.” Cameron thought as he eyed her. Cameron watched as Courtney sank down into the bathtub, causing ripples to form on the water surface.

            “Are you joining?” Courtney asked again, giving her boyfriend that look again.

            “How can I say no to those eyes?” Cameron answered smilingly as he pulled down his pants and boxer, revealing his already hard cock.

            “Hmm… looks like little Camney is already excited,” Courtney teased as Cameron got into the water. Courtney could already feel the water getting colder.

            “Ahh~ Now that’s a cool bath,” Courtney said as Cameron sat down behind her.

            “Wanna help me deal with it?” asked Cameron.

            “Hmm~ Like you said,” Courtney replied as she moved her hand to lightly squeeze her boyfriend’s cock. “Be patient.” Courtney removed her hands and moved herself to face Cameron.

            “I swear you will be the death of me, Court,” Cameron said smiling at his girlfriend.

            Courtney just smiled and began washing herself in front of Cameron. But Cameron knew all too well that the blondie was just putting up a show to tease him.

            Courtney started off by covering herself with the foams. She continued washing her hand, then her legs, her front, then it came to her pussy. Courtney washed her pussy in front of Cameron as he watched the spectacle. Then, Courtney began to masturbate in front of Cameron, letting out soft moans.

            “Oh, fuck it,” Cameron muttered before moving forward in the bathtub and cornering Courtney.

            “What are you- Ah!” Courtney moaned as Cameron inserted a finger in her pussy, fingerfucking her.

            “Is this what you want? To be fucked like the horny slut you are?” Cameron asked as Courtney squirmed from his hand work.

            “Ah~ Fuck~ Cam~ Yes~” Courtney moaned as she moved, water began splashing around. Courtney moved to kiss Cameron as the boy fingered her.

            With Cameron talented hands, Courtney was near her climax. “Fkk~ Yes!” Courtney moaned out loud as reached her climax. “Ah~ Fuck, Cameron that was good~” Courtney moaned as she enjoyed the sensation.

            “Now, I think the little one is due some servicing,” Cameron said as he sat up on the edge of the bathtub, his erected cock still hard.

            “Of course, how could I forget,” Courtney smiled as she moved near Cameron and positioned herself between his leg and began sucking and licking on Cameron’s cock.

            “Ah~ Good girl,” Cameron groans as he placed his hand on Courtney’s head, guiding her head down his cock.

            The sloppy sounds of Courtney going down on Cameron’s manhood filled the bathroom along with sounds of water splashing around them.

            After a while, Cameron guided his cock and pulled out of Courtney’s mouth. “That’s enough for now.”

            “Mmm?” Courtney was puzzled.

            Then, Cameron slid back into the waters as Courtney backed away from him. “Get on top of me,” Cameron said as he rested his head on the soft edge of the bathtub

            Courtney smiled at Cameron as she got up and lowered herself on Cameron’s dick, letting it enter her slowly.

            “Mmm~” Courtney moan as she felt Cameron’s cold dick going inside her.

            “Liking the cold Court?” asked Cameron as his hand moved to pinch Courtney’s nipples, making her moan as she felt the cold from Cameron’s hand.

            “Fuck yes~” Courtney moaned from the pleasure.

            “You have a dirty mouth,” Cameron commented smilingly before slowly fucking Courtney underwater. Cameron began fucking Courtney faster.

            “Ah~ Fuck~ Yes~ Mmm~” Sounds of moaning and water splashing echoed throughout the bathroom as the teenagers made love to each other in the bathtub, moaning each other names as they felt pleasure.

            “Oh~ Cam~ I’m cumming~” Courtney moaned as she climaxed.

            Cameron continued to move as Courtney squirted on his cock. Then, Courtney stopped moving and moved forward to kiss Cameron as Cameron continued to fuck her at a slower speed before stopping.

            “Where you want it today?” asked Cameron after they broke apart.

            “My face,” Courtney answered smiling naughtily as she got up and let Cameron sit back up on the edge of the bathtub, leaning against the wall. Courtney positioned her face in front of her boyfriend cock as she stroked it, coaxing for his cum to come out.

            “Fuck Court~ I’m cumming,” Cameron said as his spunk shot out his penis and painted Courtney’s face, with some landing in Courtney’s mouth.

            “Ah~” Courtney moaned in surprise as Cameron’s cum covered her face. Courtney began licking her face clean.

            “Mmm~ Cam, we should do this more often,” Courtney said as she savored Cameron’s cum.

            “You mean having sex in the bathtub?” asked Cameron as he got back in the waters.

            “I mean having sex in some other places other than the bed. You know, like the living room, the car, or maybe even in the school,” Courtney suggest playfully.

            “When did you become so out going with sex, I still remember the shy and awkward you during our first time,” Cameron chuckled as Courtney laid on him.

            “I~ Ah! Don’t know… Maybe because you let out the beast,” Courtney answered as Cameron moved his hands to toy with Courtney’s breast.

            “Well, let’s see Court,” Cameron said.

            “Yeah, let’s see.”

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