Star X Ice

BY : Tenudakin
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            Courtney tried not to move as Cameron work his way around her naked body with the ropes in his hands. Courtney could feel the ropes biting into her skin, pressing again her skin lightly. As Cameron pulled the ropes, making it press against her already wet crotch, Courtney moaned as she felt her cunt rub against the thick rope.

            “Mmm… You’re enjoying it, aren’t you, slave?” Cameron asked, smirking as he tugged at the ropes harder, making Courtney winced from the sudden movements of the rope.

            “Yes, master,” Courtney said as she wriggled a little, earning herself a smack on her ass.

            “No movements, remember slave?” Cameron warned after landing a spank on Courtney’s right cheek.

            “Ah! Yes, master. Sorry,” Courtney said as Cameron fastened the ropes around her breast.

            Courtney stayed as still as possible as Cameron continued to tighten the ropes around her body. Courtney could feel the ropes pressing against her sensitive areas and couldn’t help but let out a soft moan.

            “Is it too tight, slave?” asked Cameron concerned as he stopped handling the ropes in his hands and looked at the blondie.

            “No, master, it’s perfect,” Courtney answered, smilingly. Courtney knew that she could trust Cameron to do this. Courtney also knew that Cameron care for her, his girlfriend and sometime, his Court.

            Cameron continued to make sure the knots around Courtney is secure, tugging against the ropes to make sure of it. Cameron then pulled Courtney up, positioning her to kneel on their bed as he got down from the bed and stood in front of her, admiring his work on her girlfriend.

            “Hmm… do you like my work on you, slave?” Cameron asked as he continued to look at the blondie.

            “I quite like it, master,” Courtney replied. Courtney was kneeling on the bed. Her hands were tied behind her by ropes that were also pressing hard against her skin around her breast and her already wet pussy.

            “Mm~ Fuck, you look so beautiful, slave,” Cameron licked his lips as he got closer to the side of the bed where Courtney was kneeling and grabbed her hair, tugging it lightly. “Court… you look at me!” Cameron ordered after noticing that Courtney was looking at his penis, which was already erect.

            “Sorry… I was distracted, master,” Courtney apologized as her head shot up quickly, looking at Cameron.

            “Distracted by my cock?” asked Cameron, chuckling softly as he moved Courtney’s head close to his erected shaft, pressing her face against it. “I wonder why?”

            “I want it inside me… please,” Courtney begged, looking at Cameron with the eyes that Cameron knew all too well.

            “Ah… Where is the fun if I just give you your reward?” Cameron asked as he chuckled and transformed.

            Courtney watched in both awe and anticipation as Cameron transformed into his ice form. Even Courtney had seen Cameron transform many times already before their missions. It was always somewhat, satisfying to watch her boyfriend transform into his ice form. Courtney could already feel the air in the room getting chillier every second. She began to tremble from the cold.

            “I know… despite how cold it’s going to be, you love it, don’t you slave?” Cameron said, whispering into Courtney’s ear before pushing her back, letting her fall on the bed and spread her legs open. Cameron now had a full open view of Courtney’s drenched sex. Cameron chuckles as he moved his ice blue hands towards Courtney’s in thighs, touching it slowly while brushing his ice-cold hands down Courtney’s inner thigh.

            “Mm~ Ca~ Master~” Courtney moaned as she felt the coldness of Cameron’s hand touch her thighs, turning her on even more, making her nipples erect.

            “Ah, ah. Be careful what you say… slave. Or else…” Cameron warned as he formed an ice shard with his hand and held it close to Courtney’s sex. “This might go inside of you,” Cameron said as he pressed the ice shard against Courtney’s cunt, making her moan aloud from the coldness she is feeling from the ice shard being pressed on her pussy.

            “Yes…ah…master,” Courtney answered as Cameron placed the ice shard aside.

            “Now where were we… oh yes, your thighs, such beautiful and smooth thighs,” Cameron complimented as he trailed his ice-cold hands closer and closer to Courtney’s crotch.

            Courtney watched and shivered as Cameron made his way around her body, slowly crawling over her. Courtney moans as she felt the coldness of Cameron’s hands. Courtney arched her back from feeling the cold pleasure that she was having.

            “Enjoying it… aren’t you slave?” asked Cameron, looking at Courtney’s half-satisfied face.

            “Yes… master, mmm~”

            “Well, let’s turn the intensity, up shall we?” Cameron said, smirking as he suddenly pressed his palm against Courtney’s cunt.

            “Ahh~ Master~” Courtney moans grew louder from the sudden coldness being felt from her cunt. Cameron let go his hands quickly to let Courtney recover from the sudden pleasure she felt.

            “Remember… slave, no cumming,” Cameron warned, looking at Courtney dangerously.

            “Yes… ah… master,” Courtney said, breathing heavily.

            “Good,” Cameron said, then pressing his ice-cold palms on Courtney’s breasts, against her nipples.

            Courtney could feel herself close to orgasming as the chilliness of Cameron’s frosty hands stimulated her sensitive nipples. Courtney breathing grew rapid as she was very close to her orgasm.

            “Master…may I…”

            “No, not yet slave. I still have so much cold fun for you to have fun with,” Cameron said before lifting her hands, making Courtney groan. “There…don’t be disappointed…Court, there is more for you~” Cameron said playfully as he formed a small ice cube in his hand. “Let’s do this… the classic way,” Cameron said, chuckling as he pressed the cold ice cube against Courtney’s right nipple then left, making Courtney moan.


            “What about I put this in here?” Cameron asked, looking at Courtney as he slowly inserted the ice cube into Courtney’s cunt.

            Courtney could feel the insides of her womanhood going cold, it was making her insides so sensitive and chilly, Courtney was moaning from the indescribable pleasure she was feeling.

            “Mmm~ Feels good, doesn’t it?” Cameron whispered into Courtney’s ear as he inserted another ice cube into her pussy, making the blondie shiver even more. “You like this so much, don’t you slut?” Cameron said as he playfully slapped Courtney’s ass cheeks, making her yelp in pain softly.

            “Ah~ Masterrr~” Courtney moan out loud.

            “Don’t worry, slave. This is just a warm-up for you babe,” Cameron chuckles as he conjures a dildo-shaped ice as Courtney looked at him in awe and pressed it against her opening.

            “Master~ Please~ Stop teasing me~,” Courtney moaned, the coldness was overwhelming, making her insides sensitive.

            “Mmm~ I think your reward would feel more fulfilling and enjoyable if I tease you more,” Cameron cooed as he inserted the ice dildo into Courtney’s ass.

            Courtney’s ass clenched against the dildo as it went inside her, but instead of shattering, the ice dildo seemed to be able to hold up against the pressure. Courtney felt as her ass was colder than before. She was shivering and breathing heavily as Cameron shoved the ice dildo deeper and deeper inside her. Courtney squirmed from the cold pleasure she was feeling in her asshole. But it only made Courtney yearn for more.

            “Ah~ Master~ Fuck~ Please~” Courtney half-moaned half-begged. Courtney felt as she couldn’t take Cameron’s ice-cold teasing anymore.

            “Ah~ slave. You beg so nicely,” Cameron chuckled as he lifted Courtney up, with the ice still inside her. Cameron laid Courtney down on her belly and kneeled in front of Courtney’s face. Courtney, who was still squirming from the ice inside of her ass and pussy, looked up and saw Cameron’s erect manhood, ice blue. “Service me, Court,” Cameron ordered, tugging against the blondie’s hair.

            Courtney didn’t need to be told twice as she took the cold cock in her mouth. Courtney felt like she was sucking on an ice cream. Her mouth felt cold but not too cold. Courtney bobbed up and down on Cameron’s shaft slowly, licking and sucking like her life depended on it.

            “Faster, slave,” Cameron ordered, slapping Courtney’s face lightly. Courtney tried to speed up, but she couldn’t speed up too fast as her hands were tied behind her back, restricting her.

            “Fuck, gotta do this myself,” Cameron muttered and grabbed Courtney’s hair and thrusted his shaft deep into Courtney’s mouth.

            “Mmmppff!” Courtney moaned at the sudden movements by Cameron as he thrusted in and out of Courtney’s mouth.

            “Ah! Yes!” Cameron groaned out loud as he fucked Courtney’s face wildly, before stopping suddenly, gagging Courtney with his ice-cold cock, deepthroating her, then letting her breath for a few seconds before doing it again.

            “Mmmmmppff!” Courtney moaned as she gagged on Cameron’s cock.

            “I’m going to piss slave. You better not get the bed wet this time,” Cameron warned as he pissed directly in Courtney’s mouth. Courtney felt the cold and a little salty liquid flow down her throat, making sure not to let out even a drip this time. Courtney lowered her body and lifted her head and drank Cameron’s cold piss. Seeing Courtney managing to drink all of his piss, Cameron was genuinely surprised and impressed.

            “I see your training has paid off,” Cameron said after he finished pissing and pulled his cock out of Courtney’s mouth.

            “Yes, master. Did I do well?” Courtney asked as she got on her knees.

            “I would say, you did great, slave,” Cameron complimented. “Time for your reward,” Cameron said as he turned Courtney around. “Raise your ass up.”

            Courtney arched her ass up, shaking it a little. Cameron chuckled and pressed the tip of his cock against Courtney’s pussy. Courtney could feel the frostiness of Cameron’s member, making her moan as Cameron pulled on the ropes that was on her clit then let it go, letting the ropes hit on Courtney’s pussy.

            “Mmm~ Master~ Please, I want it~” Courtney begged, pressing against the cold member.

            “Ah~ You really look so cute when you beg like that,” Cameron said as he pushed his ice member slowly into Courtney’s wet pussy. “Mm~ You deserve this.”

            “Ah~ Mmmm~ Fucck~” Courtney moaned as Cameron thrusted his ice dick into her throbbing pussy that was pent up from all the teasing earlier. Then, Courtney felt Cameron grabbed her ponytail and pulled her up. Cameron then leaned close her ear.

            “Mmm~ You like this, don’t you?” Cameron whispered as his hand moved towards Courtney’s breast and pinched it softly.

            “Yes~ Ah~ Master,” Courtney moaned from the slow teasing and pleasure she was receiving.

            Cameron began to slowly thrust faster, hitting deep in Courtney. Courtney felt as the heat within her and the coldness of Cameron’s cock clashed in her pussy, making her feel the pleasure from it. Cameron grabbed onto Courtney’s hair which was tied into a ponytail as he began to fuck her vigorously.

            “Mmm~ Ah~ Fuck~ Yes~ So good~” Courtney began to moan out loud as she was beginning to get lost in the waves of pleasure that came from being fucked by an ice dick.  Soon, Courtney could feel that she was going to cum soon.

            “Master~ may I cum?” asked Courtney as Cameron thrusted in and out of her.

            “Wait~ slave,” Cameron grunted. “You’re only allowed to cum when I’m about to cum,” Cameron ordered.

            “Yes…master~ Ah~ Mm~”

            Cameron continued thrusting in and out of Courtney’s cunt as Courtney moaned and mewled from the pleasure, grasping on her own hands that were tied on her back from the pleasure. Cameron was now grabbing Courtney’s tied hand as he held the blondie up and fucked her doggystyle.

            “Master~ May I come~ now~ Ah! Please~” Courtney begged once more as she felt that she couldn’t hold it anymore. Courtney felt that she would fail if she tried to hold herself from cumming any longer.

            “Cum! Slave! Cum on your master’s dick!” Cameron ordered.

            Upon hearing Cameron’s order, Courtney let herself loose and let the pleasure overtake her body and cum, her insides pressing on Cameron’s cock hard, feeling the frost even more.

            “Ah~ Master~ Thank you!” Courtney thanked as she came hard, squirting her juices, wetting the bed a little as her juices trickled. Courtney then felt Cameron pulled out quickly and moved to the front of her.

            “Get up, on your knees slave,” Cameron ordered as he stood up on the bed, his ice-blue member in front of Courtney’s face as the blondie kneeled. Cameron was stroking his member hard and fast. “Where do you want it, slave?”

            “On my face, master,” Courtney answered as she opened her mouth and leaned in closer to Cameron’s cock.

            “Mmm~ take my load, slave,” Cameron groaned as he cummed, shooting strings of  hot cum on the blondie’s face, coating it with cum, while shooting some cum into her mouth, letting Courtney savour it. Courtney mewled in surprised as Cameron shot out quite a huge load of cum, more than usual when they did it with him untransformed. This time, the load that Cameron shot out was way more than any of those times.

            “Come, clean me,” Cameron ordered.

            Courtney took his member and sucked on it, milking out more cum as Cameron was still cumming from time to time, shooting his load into Courtney’s mouth. After a while, Cameron pulled out of Courtney’s mouth stroked Courtney’s head.

            “Good girl,” Cameron complimented as he leaned in close to the blondie and kissed her deep, tasting his own cum in Courtney’s mouth as their tongue touched while Cameron slowly turned back into his human form. The couple lay on the bed, their bodies touching against each other, kissing. After a while of kissing, they parted, looking into each other eyes. Cameron felt his cock going hard again upon looking at Courtney, who looked so vulnerable and undeniably sexy being tied up like this and with streams of cum still on her face.

            “Master~ Are you hard again?” Courtney asked, with a smirk on her face, a smirk that Cameron knew all too well.

            “Are you horny again? Slutty girl,” Cameron said, chuckling as he fondled Courtney’s breast, tugging the ropes.

            “Your slut,” Courtney corrected as she pressed her crotch against Cameron’s dick.

            Cameron grinned as he looked at the blondie. He knew that it was going to be a late night for them.

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