Star X Ice

BY : Tenudakin
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Disclaimer: I do not own DC's Stargirl, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Courtney woke up in her bed, yawning, waking up from her daily afternoon nap, ready to get dinner with her boyfriend and go on patrol as Stargirl. She looked at the clock in front of her, seeing that it was already 8 pm. Shocked at how long had overslept and immediately stood up, instead of getting up, Courtney felt the pain of ropes tugging at her hand and legs. Looking around, she soon realized that her hands and legs were tied up. Courtney struggles and tries to loosen the knots, but she could not get out. While tugging against the ropes, she felt her body was numb and cold, then realized she was bounded and naked.

"Luckily, Mike is on a camping trip with his friends, and Pat and mom are on a date trip," Courtney thought as she is relieved that there is no one at home that can see her in this embarrassing position. "But wait, someone must have tied me up and strip me. Gosh, should I call for help, no, if the neighbor saw me like this, I am so done," Courtney panicked as she continues to try and free herself. Suddenly, Courtney felt a cold chill in the air, she turns to the source of the chill and saw a masked figure who seems to be made out of ice sitting on a chair watching her struggle.

“Hello there, Stargirl, or I should say, Courtney Whitmore,” said the figure coldly. Courtney was shocked and immediately stopped struggling after hearing the figure say her name and her alter-ego name.

           “Oh yes, I know who you are Court,” the figure said after seeing Courtney shocked and speechless expression written all over her face. “Oh, I have been waiting a long time to get my revenge on you Stargirl,” says the figure as he stands up and walked towards Courtney, cupping her chin, smirking evilly.

           “You know I can scream anytime right? Some plan of yours Icicle Jr.,” taunted Courtney trying to buy some time and think of a plan.

           “Oh, but my dear, you didn’t,” replied Icicle Jr. “Plus, you wouldn’t risk being seen by others in this so vulnerable position,” says Icicle before squeezing Courtney's face a little letting her feel the coldness of his hand before letting go.

           “Are you going to kill me?” asked Courtney, breathing shakily after he released his grasp.

           “Is my next move not obvious?” he asked as he looked lustfully at Courtney exposed pussy that is dripping wet. “Did you think I wasted so much time trying to get you like this just so I could kill you? I thought you were able to think bigger Stargirl,” revealed Icicle Jr. as he gave Courtney pussy a quick tap, causing her to shake a little.

           “No, you wouldn’t dare you fucking b- ouch! ,” before Courtney could finish, Icicle Jr. slapped her face.

           “Tsk Tsk, watch your mouth girl,” said Icicle Jr. as he shook his head.

           “When I get out of here, I will beat you so bad, I will-,” mutters Courtney.

           “Now, this is getting a little annoying,” Icicle Jr. grabs her by the neck and tighten his grasp a little. “Listen here you little slut, you are my captive so unless you want to die, I would recommend you to shut the fuck up! Do you understand?” threatened Icicle Jr. menacingly. Courtney nodded her head while trying to grasp for air. “Good!” Icicle Jr. said as he let go of her throat.

           Calming down, Icicle Jr. stood up. “Now, where were we, oh, your wet pussy,” he recalled while looking at Courtney who was helpless and shivering in the cold air.

           Icicle Jr. then reverted to his human form. Courtney watched as his skin turned from pale blue to normal. She watched as he undid his shirt and pants, revealing his huge penis. Courtney could feel that her crotch is getting wetter at the thought of being fucked by her enemy. She shook her head trying to try to get out of the situation. The man finished undressing and walked towards her. He roughly moved Courtney down from the bed and put her in a kneeling position facing his cock.

           “Service me!” commanded Icicle Jr.

           “What do you mean?” asked Courtney who knew what he was talking about and trying to play dumb.

           Icicle Jr. who was visibly annoyed by Courtney’s words and grabbed her by her hair and began fucking her face roughly. Ramming his cock deep down her throat and making her gag on her cock before letting her breathe some air for a couple of seconds before continuing to fuck her face. Courtney was trying to grasp for air while being fucked in the face. Her mouth was crammed by Icicle Jr.’s huge cock. Courtney could not help but make gagging sounds as he gags her with his cock.

           “Mmm, fuck! Your mouth feels good, Court!” complimented Icicle Jr. as he enjoys face-fucking Courtney, who was going dizzy from all the shaking.

           After what feels like half an hour to Courtney, the man finally let her hair go. “Now, I suppose you know what to do, Stargirl, or do I have to teach you again?” asked Icicle Jr. while preparing to face-fuck her again if she gives the wrong answer.

           Courtney nodded her head weakly and began to blow his cock, sucking back and forth. “Mmmm, not bad for a star-spangled bitch,” taunted Icicle while Courtney continues to suck him off. He placed his hand on Courtney’s head, stroking her hair slowly. “Come on slut, suck faster,” he coaxed. Courtney, whose face was feeling a little numb after the face-fucking she was given tries to suck faster, not wanting to be face-fucked roughly again.

           “Mmm, fuck.. ah .. I’m about to cum, you better swallow it all slut! Ah! I’m cumming!” Icicle Jr. pushed Courtney's head deep down his cock as he cum, releasing his huge load in her mouth before releasing her. Courtney was so surprised by the amount of cum that was shot into her mouth that she spits out quite a bit before realizing she made a terrible mistake.

           “Why didn’t you swallow my cum as I told you to, you useless slut!” Icicle Jr. pushed her against the bed after seeing her spitting out a bit of cum. Hearing this, Courtney knew she fucked up.

           “I’m sorry,” Courtney said, deciding to give in to his wishes to end this quickly. Her captor was visibly not happy with her answer. He grabbed Courtney by her hair forcefully and whispered, “ You know what I am capable of Stargirl, I can freeze you to death anytime,” he warns as he placed his other hand on her nipples, letting Courtney feel the coldness of his hand on her nipple, making them hard and sensitive before giving it a flick, making her yelp a little. “So, listen to me very carefully, I’m your master now, you are my slave, you are to call me master and obey every single one of my orders, do you understand, Stargirl?” asked Icicle Jr. coldly. “Yes… master,” Courtney replied softly.

Courtney was shivering from the cold and from the thought of what is he is going to do to her. She had watched porn about this type of scenario and was thinking about what is going to come next. Her pussy was dripping wet from the mere thought, literally begging to be fucked sore.

“Unfortunately..” the man began, waking Courtney from her thoughts. “Bad girls must be punished,” he said while moving Courtney on the bed. “Lay down with your ass facing up, slave” he commanded. “Yes, master,” Courtney said doing what his captor had ordered her to do.

“Look at that wet pussy, ah, so wet, it’s dripping, waiting to be used,” Icicle Jr. said while caressing the fold of her pussy with his cold hands, making Courtney shiver and moan. “Pls..” she begged.

“Not yet,” he said as he stopped abruptly, walking over to the chair where he sat earlier, he took the black belt that he was wearing earlier. Courtney saw him as he picked up the belt, she knew what is going to happen to her and she’s even more turned on.

“Twenty hits ought to teach you a lesson, you better keep count or else I might whip your ass raw, do you understand slut?” asked Icicle Jr. as he walked toward Courtney ass.

“Yes sir,” said Courtney as she prepared to receive 20 whips.

The crack of the belt landing on Courtney’s ass echoed through the living room. She gasped as the pain shot through her body, making her cry out in pain.

“One,” she counted.


The belt came down on her other cheek. She gasped again. Courtney felt the stinging heat from her burning ass melted down to her pussy and gathered there.



The pain was sharp. Courtney sucked in a breath before she cried out again. She felt her pussy growing hotter each spanking.


Icicle Jr. was silent, obviously enjoying seeing her squirm in pain, continues to spank Courtney slowly.

“Ten,” she counted, Courtney felt her ass on fire from all the whipping. Every part of her ass was red.


She gasped. It was intense. The pain both sweeter and sharper there. Courtney was beginning to love how it felt as it warmed across her ass. She squirmed and moaned as she felt the pleasure and pain from the belt whipping Icicle Jr. is giving her.

“Fifteen,” Courtney shouted. Her moans were getting louder, she didn’t care if she got the attention of the neighborhood, she didn’t care anymore that she gets found naked. The only thing racing through her mind is the tremendous pain and pleasure she is receiving from him.

And finally, it came to the last whip.

           “Twenty! Ah!” screamed Courtney with tears in her eye, mixed with pain and pleasure.

            Courtney was shaking in both pain and pleasure when she heard Icicle Jr. dropped the belt.

            “Hmm, your ass is real red, not to mention how soaking wet is your pussy, does whipping your ass turn you on? What a slut,” he taunted as he caressed Courtney’s cunt, slapping it a little, making her moan. Courtney couldn’t take all the teasing anymore, she wanted to be fucked so badly by him now.

            “Please…” she whimpered.

            “Please who, and what slave?” he said coldly.

            “Please, master, I need your cock, please..” Courtney begged softly.

            “What slave, speak up!” demanded Icicle Jr.

            “Please, fuck me master! I need your cock! Please I can’t take it anymore,” Courtney begged louder.

            “Beg nicely and you shall receive slave, after all..” he said as he tap Courtney pussy once before placing the belt around her neck like a collar and drag her neck by the belt. “You have taken your whipping like a good girl,” he finished before slamming his cock into Courtney drenched pussy.

            Courtney was finally getting what she wants, after being teased for so long. She was moaning and squirming as her captor fuck her cunt rough while tugging her neck with the belt collar.

            “Ah..fuck…yes..harder..rougher..fuck..yes!” Courtney moaned loudly.

            “Hmmm…oh you feel so good slave!” Icicle Jr. says as he fucked her rough.

            Courtney can feel both heat and coldness while being fucked by him, the pleasure of it was so good, Courtney was overwhelmed by the pleasure.

            “Mmm…oh..yes..fuck! I’m going to cum, may I cum master please!” begged Courtney,

            “No wait slave, if you want to cum, it will be when I cum,” he replied.

            Courtney replied in frustration, earning some spanks on her ass as she was being fucked. She was having trouble holding back from her climax.

            “MMmm… master…please…may I cum now!” begged Courtney again after a while.

            “Yes, you may slave, you earn it, cum on your master’s cock! Cum together with your master!” said her captor.

            “Oh, thank you … oh yes Ah! Cameron Ah yes!” Courtney screamed in pleasure as she orgasmed while shots of cum hit her womb. Then, both of them collapse on the bed hugging each other.

            Both Courtney and her boyfriend, Cameron lay on the bed tired. Cameron take off the mask he had been wearing the whole time.

            “Ah.. fuck that was good… I got you good,” said Cameron smiling while untying Courtney.

            “You did got me in the beginning, I was legit worried until you shown yourself,” replied Courtney, who is still shaking from the pleasure. “I suppose you told the others that I wasn’t going for patrol?”

            “Of course, I told them that you and I are going on date night,” replied Cameron as he finish untying her and get some lotion for her red ass. “Turn over please, I need to treat your ass,” Cameron tells Courtney.

            “Wait, what? That is such a lame excuse! Yolanda is going to be so mad at me if she finds out,” Courtney laughed as she turns over.

            “Well, you can take that spanking as your punishment for skipping patrol, I see that I’ve done a good joke on you” joked Cameron while massaging her ass.

            “What about you then? Mmmm, you need me to hang from my staff and edge you for how long I want?” joked Courtney nudging Cameron cock.

            “Huh, well you don’t really seem to be much of the dom in bed,” Cameron teases her.

            “Oh, you will see, Mmm” says Courtney while smiling. “By the way, you got any food? I’m starving.”

            “Of course, do you think that I will disappoint you like that?”

            “Let’s go eat then,” Courtney move from the bed. “Ah,” she moans softly.

            “Are you okay, Court?” asked Cameron concerned.

            “Seems like I bit off more than I can chew just now,” Courtney replied as she tries to move.

            “Hope I wasn’t too rough, are you really okay?”

            “Don’t worry, you know I like it rough Cam,”

            “I think I will just get dinner up to you,” says Cameron as he went to bring dinner up.

            “Thanks babe.”

            After a short while, Cameron came back with food for the both of them.

            “Mmm, you know my taste Cam,” complimented Courtney.

            “Anything for you babe,” Cameron kissed her.

            “Love you. Court.”

            “Love you, too Cam.”

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