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BY : Tenudakin
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          Artemis, Beth, Yolanda, and Courtney were studying over at Courtney’s house.

“So, how do you two girls do it?” asked Artemis casually

           “Artemis… I’m sure you’ve seen us…” Yolanda rolled her eyes, tired of Artemis' questions about being in a lesbian relationship.

           “C’mon, Montez, I told you time and time again, we didn’t see you that time,” Artemis said chuckling.

           “Artemis’s right, we didn’t we anything, except seeing through Chuck heat vision… but nothing too, you know visually…” Beth rambled.

           “Shut up…” Courtney said blushing embarrassedly as Artemis laughed.

           “No… but really… how do you two do it?” asked Artemis.

           “Don’t you watch porn?” asked Courtney.

           “Is that how you do it?” asked Artemis lifting her eyebrow.

           “What are you? A pervert? Why are you so interested?” Yolanda asked irritated.

           “Just curious, calm down girl,” Artemis said soothingly.

           “Actually, I’m curious too,” Beth pipes up.

           Courtney and Yolanda rolled their eyes ignoring their friend’s pestering and gossiping about their relationship.

           After Artemis and Beth left the house, Yolanda and Courtney smiled at each other as they enter Courtney’s room after sending them off.

           “You’re feeling horny went they talked about that, didn’t you?” asked Courtney smiling as she closed her room’s door.

           “What do you think? Hard not to think that you’re not wet down there now~” Yolanda said before pulling her into a deep kiss.

           “Mmm~ seems like my kitty is getting horny~ you better keep quiet; my mom and Mike is downstairs~”

           “Ah, I will try,” Yolanda chuckles as the girls went down on each other.

           Courtney and Yolanda had been together for months now and throughout their relationship, they have been experimenting with their sex life, trying something new each time together in bed. One of their recent endeavors was when Yolanda roleplayed as a cat, which got them into BDSM roleplay after discovering that they both were into it. But then there was a slight problem, who was going to be the dom and the sub, alternating seems like a boring idea, so the girls decide to let events in their life decide that.

           On the first day of officially trying it out after talking about it for a while, Courtney was defeated by Yolanda in combat training. The others didn’t know what the big fuss was about when Yolanda and Courtney trained against each other that day, they were competitive but never like that. Courtney knew at that moment when she lost, she was in for it, yet she could not help but feel horny thinking about what her kitty will do to her.

           The girls had everything planned and informed their parents about not being at home that night to be having a sleepover at Rick’s. Unknown to anyone else, Yolanda and Courtney were doing something way naughtier than a simple innocent sleepover.

           Yolanda and Courtney arrived at their pre-planned location, bringing everything they need.

           “So… We are here babe…” Courtney informed. She was feeling a little excited.

           “Yeah… Uhm… Sorry, Court…” Yolanda apologized out of the blue.

           “For what?” asked the blond girl.

           Yolanda smiled at Courtney. Her smile was turning into more of a smirk. “This,” Courtney saw as Yolanda’s hand swiftly poked her neck sharply and the next thing she knew, she passed out.

           When Courtney woke up, she was already half-naked, with only her bra and panties on, dangling from the ceiling, barely standing on her toes. There was a ball gag in her mouth. She wriggles around playfully as she waited for Yolanda to show herself.

           “Oh… you’re awake… thought you will never wake up…” Courtney heard Yolanda say. Her head shot up and saw Yolanda. Yolanda was wearing a black latex suit, leaving her breast and pussy exposed, she was wearing a belt around her waist, some toys were dangling from it. Courtney blushed slightly at the sight of her girlfriend. Yolanda looked so sexy like that.

           “Hm~ Like what you see girl?” Yolanda asked after noticing the blondie blushing.

           Courtney nodded in reply, looking at Yolanda.

           “Mmm~ You look a little overdressed now don’t you think?” asked Yolanda as she trailed her hand down on Courtney’s body, tapping briefly on Courtney’s nipples, making her moan.

           “Aww~ you’re so cute when you are all pent up and vulnerable,” Yolanda cooed as she caressed Courtney’s face, slapping it softly.

           “Mmmplsmm ~” Courtney moaned softly. She could take the suspense anymore. She wants to cum so badly.

           “What? Oh… I will let you talk for a while before we get into it,” Yolanda said as she took out the ball gag from Courtney’s mouth.

           “Please… Yolanda~” Courtney began to plead.

           Courtney knew she said something wrong when she saw Yolanda’s face expression changed from a smirk to a frown. The next thing she felt was Yolanda’s foot landing on her crotch. Courtney yelp in pain and squirmed from the aftershocks.

           “Listen to me girl, you’re my slave and I’m your mistress, so you better refer to me as your mistress… Do you understand?” Yolanda pulled Courtney’s face close to her and whispers softly, yet Courtney can feel her the danger and menacing side of this side of Yolanda in her voice. Courtney was intimidated by Yolanda's dominance over her, who knew that her kitty had it in her, yet she yearns the feeling of being someone’s sex slave.

           Courtney wanted to try Yolanda and see how much disobedience it would take to tip her off. She shakes her head. Then, she felt Yolanda’s foot landing on her crotch again, making her yelp in pain, she wriggles in both pain and pleasure from the kick.

           “Are you going to behave?” asked Yolanda loudly, giving Courtney a threateningly look while cupping her chin.  

           Courtney nodded wildly still feeling the aftershocks of the kick to her crotch. “Yes… mistress…”

           “Good… mmm… what to do with you… mmm,” Yolanda trailed her fingers down on Courtney’s body again. “Let’s get these things out of the way, shall we?” Yolanda asked as she grabbed a knife from the table beside them.

           “Yes, mistress,” Courtney replied quickly, not wanting to test Yolanda’s patience further, although she felt that having a kick to her cunt made her felt so horny while being painful at the same time.

           The feeling of the cold blade of the knife on her skin made Courtney winced a little. Courtney looked like Yolanda dragged the knife softly around her body, pressing the blade against Courtney’s cheek briefly.

           “Mm~ don’t be scared, you trust me, don’t you?” asked Yolanda, hoping that she wasn’t taking it to far yet.

           “I trust you… Mistress Yolanda,” Courtney replied looking into her girlfriend eyes. She knew she would trust her with her life.

           Yolanda paused for a while before continuing to let the knife touch Courtney’s body softly, trying not to really cut her. Even though Courtney knew that she could trust her girlfriend, but the feeling of a knife on her naked skin is making her feel so vulnerable and exposed, and somehow, even hornier. Yolanda moved the knife from against her throat to her stomach then her breast, continuing to toy around.

           “Ah~ Let’s free your goods,” Yolanda whispered softly as she cuts off one side of Courtney’s bra, pulling it off her body, revealing her breasts. Yolanda caressed Courtney breast slowly then pressing the side of the knife against Courtney’s nipples briefly, making Courtney moan from the coldness of the blade against her already hard nipples.

           Courtney breaths as she felt Yolanda cut off her panties, letting the air brush against her wet pussy then pressing the side of the knife against her pussy, making her wince a little in surprise. “Mmm~ Mistress~” she moans softly.

           “Mmm~ You’re already so wet, your naughty slut~ and they called me a slut,” Yolanda whispered into Courtney’s ear before nipping softly on it while slowly finger-fucking her.

           “Ah~ Mistress~ Mm~” Courtney moaned softly, enjoying the moment.

           Yolanda stopped suddenly, making Courtney groans in disappointment. Yolanda chuckles at Courtney's pouting face. “Did you really think I was going to let you have your release this quickly?” Yolanda asked as she gave Courtney’s pussy a slap, making Courtney jump a little.

           “We still have a long night ahead of us girl, I’m going to have so much fun slowly breaking you and make you my slave,” Yolanda said softly, turning Courtney on even more.

           “But first, you need to get on your knees,” Yolanda said as she grabs a remote from her belt and pressed a button, lowering Courtney down.

           Courtney was now kneeling on the cold floor as Yolanda spread open her pussy lips in front of the blondie.

           “Mmm~ Before we get started, I need to pee…” Yolanda said. “Open your mouth, slave, I know you like the taste of it, don’t waste any,” Yolanda ordered.

           “Yes, mistress,” Courtney said before opening her mouth wide open.

           “Here it comes,” Yolanda said as piss was flowing out of her and onto Courtney, drenching her wet. Courtney felt the warm piss hit her face and mouth, with plenty flowing down her body. Yolanda smiles as she sees Courtney like this. After quite a long while, the stream of piss stopped.

           “Mmm~ You’re so fucking wet right now slave,” Yolanda said softly as she admires her work on Courtney. “Mmm~ I’m disappointed slave, you didn’t get it all~”

           “But~ it was too much…” Courtney began to protest and was silent when Yolanda slapped her, then grabbing her by her hair.

           “I’m starting to think that you are forgetting your place… slave,” Yolanda said with anger in her voice, shaking Courtney’s head a little.

           “I’m sorry mistress…” Courtney apologized.

           “I’m sure you are slave, but bad girls must be punished… wait here, slave,” Yolanda said as she let’s go of Courtney’s hair and headed to the table full of sex toys.

           Courtney watched as Yolanda picked quite the toys. It felt as Yolanda was taking her sweet time, making Courtney wait in both anticipation and frustration of the suspense her mistress was giving her.

           Yolanda walked back to Courtney, holding a couple of clothespins, and a cane. Courtney gulped as she knew what Yolanda was planning. Yolanda placed the things on the ground beside Courtney.

           Courtney looks at Yolanda picked up a clothespin and circles it around one of her nipples. Courtney waited for Yolanda to make her next move. Yolanda clasped one of the clothespins on Courtney’s nipples, making her moan from the pressure being applied on her nipple, then clasped a clothespin on the other nipple. Courtney gasped softly from the sudden pressure being placed from her nipples, wriggling a little as Yolanda got close to her pussy, then clasping two clothespins on her pussy lip. Courtney was quivering from the pain of the clothespins being clasped on her sensitive areas. She squirms as Yolanda looked at her admiringly.

           “Stick your tongue out slave,” Yolanda ordered.

           Courtney quickly complied, sticking her tongue out, her eyes were still focused on Yolanda. She watched as Yolanda picked up another clothespin and clasped it on her tongue. She mewled in pain as she felt the clothespin clasping tightly on her tongue.

           “Hmm~ who is the kitty now?” asked Yolanda as she strokes Courtney’s hair softly.

           “I’m mistress,” Courtney answered with difficulty.

           Yolanda chuckles as she picked up the cane. Slowly coming close to her while trailing the cane around her body.

           “Mmm~ you know what I’m going to do, right slave?” whispered Yolanda softly as she showed Courtney the cane and grasped Courtney's throat slowly tightening her grip on Courtney’s neck. As Courtney felt as Yolanda slowly gripped her throat, she was gasping for air. After a short while, Yolanda released Courtney’s throat, letting her breath. Yolanda picked up the cane and pressed the button, raising the chains and pulling Courtney up. Now Courtney was dangling from the chains again, her feet barely touching the ground, standing on her toes.

           Courtney felt so many feelings going around on her body. The clothespin on her tongue, nipples and pussy, the chains on her hand, and Yolanda trailing the cane down the back of her. Courtney whimpers as Yolanda yanks her tongue softly.

           “Mmm~ You better count girl~ 15 strokes is ought to get the message to you… do you understand?”

           “Yes… mistress,” Courtney said with great difficulty.

           Yolanda chuckles as she pulls Courtney’s hair, shaking her a little. “Mmm~ you’re making me so horny right now, slave, you’re so wet down there too~,” Yolanda said slapping Courtney’s face softly before landing a stroke on Courtney’s right ass cheek, making the blondie wince in pain.

           “One,” Courtney moaned. It was difficult to say anything with a clothespin being clasped on her tongue.

           Yolanda landed the next stroke on her other ass cheek, making Courtney squirming in pain as she felt her ass burn from the hit.

           “Two~Ahh!” Courtney moaned as she felt clothespins biting against her sensitive areas as she winced from the caning.

           “Mm~ You’re liking aren’t you slut~,” Yolanda said seductively as she landed, she consecutive strokes on Courtney’s ass.

           “Ah! Three… Four Five!” Courtney screamed out loud in pain as she wriggles around feeling the aftershocks.

           “Ah~ you should see yourself now Court~ All tied up, and fucking horny and wet~ Mmm~” Yolanda chuckles as she drags the cane against Courtney’s back, slowly walking to the front of the blondie, brushing the tip of the cane against Courtney’s face.

           “Please~ Mistress Yolanda~” Courtney pleaded, wanting the release so badly, yet she could feel that she was enjoying the moment.

           “Ah, Ah~ a good girl always takes her punishment~,” Yolanda said as she cupped Courtney’s face while pressing the cane against Courtney’s sex, tapping it lightly. Courtney squirmed as she felt the clothespin biting on her sex. Yolanda moved backward and swiftly caned Courtney's inner thighs, making her yelp.

           “Ah! Six, ah…ah!” Courtney moaned as she felt her thighs burning in pain.

           The sounds of the cane landing on Courtney’s body and moans and screams of the blondie echoed throughout the room. Courtney counted in pain as Yolanda left red marks on her naked body. She could feel the pain melting into her each stroke, the heat burning on her skin, turning into pleasure. Courtney began drooling all over as every time she counted. The clothespin clasped on her mouth didn’t help either as she was having a difficult time speaking.

           With every whip, Courtney felt the pain shot through her body making her wince, feeling the clothespins that were clasped on her nipples and pussy fold, making her feel very sensitive. Then, Courtney felt her bladder was full, she cursed internally, thinking that she should have peed before even coming here. Courtney could feel herself about to lose control of her bladder every time Yolanda caned her.

           “Ah~ Twelve! Mistress~ Ah~ Pls!” Courtney screamed in pain as Yolanda landed the cane on her ass again.

           “Hang on slave~ 3 more to go~” Yolanda smiled encouragingly.

           “Mistress~ Pls~ I need to~ Ah! Thirteen!” Courtney screamed as Yolanda caned her ass again.

           “Mm~ You’re wanna cum~ huh?” Yolanda asked in a threatening voice as she caned Courtney’s crotch, making her slave shake in both pain and the pleasure melting into her body.

           “Courtney couldn’t hold it any longer, she was going to pee any minute now. “Fourteen~ Ah Pls~ Mistress~ I need to p~” Courtney could finish telling her mistress as Yolanda caned her crotch again, knocking off the clothespins clasped on her pussy folds, driving her over the edge as she began peeing uncontrollably, soaking her thighs and making a puddle beneath her, shaking from the aftershock.

           “Ah~ Fifteen~ Ah~” Courtney panted, not daring to look at her mistress's face, she could see piss still flowing from her, drenching her legs.

           “Tsk tsk~” Yolanda shakes her head and tossed the cane aside then cupping Courtney face up looking her in the eye while unclasping the clothespin on her tongue. “You still haven’t got the message through your head huh?” whispered Yolanda into Courtney’s ear.

           “I’m… sorry,” Courtney apologized.

           “You’re sorry to who?” asked Yolanda as she grabbed Courtney’s throat, tightening her grip.

           Courtney could feel Yolanda’s grip tightening around her throat, gasping for air. “I’m sorry… Mistress…ack… Yolanda…” Courtney apologized trying to breathe.

           “Hmm~ I know you are sorry~ but bad girls must be punished,” Yolanda whispered into Courtney’s ear again then nibbling on Courtney’s ear.

           Yolanda stood back and looked at her slave, then smirking. Courtney recognized that smirk and knew Yolanda was planning something for her.

           “I’m going to release you from these chains, after that, you see that bed over there, lay there until I order you to do anything else,” Yolanda ordered.

           “Yes, mistress,” Courtney replied quickly, not wanting to disappoint her mistress any longer.

           A few minutes later, Yolanda was done with her work on Courtney. Courtney was now lying on the bed, handcuffed and with her legs cuffed. Courtney had a blindfold over her eyes and a ball gag in a mouth. Courtney never felt more vulnerable, she couldn’t even see what was going on, yet she likes this feeling of not knowing what is going around her. Courtney was laying on the bed, waiting for her mistress patiently.

           Yolanda licked her lips as she was holding the toy she was going to use next, getting onto the bed, she placed the toys aside and got on Courtney nibbling on her skin briefly before getting up, making the blondie moan. “Gosh~ This is so fucking hot~,” Yolanda thought in her mind as she continues the setup.

           Courtney felt Yolanda placing pads on her nipples and inner-thighs, yet she didn’t know what it was. “Mwah?” Courtney tried to ask.

           “Mm~ slave, do you have any idea what we are going to do?” asked Yolanda as she tapped lightly on Courtney’s wet pussy.

           Courtney shakes her head. “Mmmnnomm~” she moaned while trying to answer Yolanda.

           “Here, let me give you an idea~,” Yolanda said as she pressed a button on the remote shocking Courtney briefly, making her moan.

           Courtney squirmed and wriggles from the shocks she received. “Mmmppff~”

           “Do you know now?” asked Yolanda smiling.

           Courtney nodded wildly. “No way… we are actually doing this?” Courtney thought to herself.

           “Well Court, this is just the beginning, I know you talk about this so much, about electric play~ Mm~ I got quite a line-up for you~ I’m thinking this is more of a reward to you than a punishment,” Yolanda said as she pulls out another pad, this time placing it on Courtney’s crotch. Courtney shivers from the touch of the pad, whimpering while bracing herself.

           Courtney screams into the ball gag as Yolanda shocks Courtney again, sending waves of shocks. Courtney curled up squirming from the pain and pleasure she was receiving. “Mmm~ Mmm~ Plsmm~” Courtney moaned.

           “Mm~ You’re liking this aren’t you slave?” asked Yolanda as she pats Courtney’s head smiling.

           Despite the pain she’s receiving, somehow, she liked it. Courtney nodded wildly, responding to her mistress. Yolanda looked at Courtney, chuckling to herself. “Oh~ You slut~”

           Yolanda shocked Courtney a third time, this shock was stronger than the last two. Courtney bites against the ball gag as she felt the shocks. Courtney could feel her eye tearing up from the pain and pleasure she was receiving. Yolanda got close to Courtney, stroking Courtney’s hair as she shocked the blondie again.

           “Mmmmm~ Mimmstressm~ Plsmm~” Courtney moaned and pleaded into the ball gag.

           “What is it? You wanna cum? Mmm~ How bout you cum with this?” Yolanda said as she inserted an electric dildo into Courtney’s pussy then turning it on, shocking her insides while shocking her nipples and inner-thighs.

           Courtney half-moaned and half-screamed, biting the ball gag hard. “Mm~ Mmm~ Pls~ MmAhh~mMMCmming!” Courtney felt a sensation slowly building up throughout her body, unlike anything she felt before she hit her climax. Courtney lay on the bed shaking from her climax, moaning into the ball gag as the electric dildo was still on.

           Yolanda pulled out the electric dildo and removed the pads from Courtney’s body, putting the shocking tools aside then removing the ball gag from Courtney’s mouth, then the blindfold from the blondie’s eyes. Courtney was still shaking from her climax.

           “Mmm~ You like that?” asked Yolanda smiling at Courtney, who was stilling puffing, recovering from her climax.

           “Yes… mistress… thank you…ah…” Courtney thanked her mistress.

           “Mmm~ Why don’t you thank me by giving me what you had just now?” asked Yolanda smirking as she uncuffs Courtney’s hand and legs, then handling her the electric dildo.

           “Mmm~ mistress?” Courtney was a little confused, who was supposed to be the sub.

           “Just do it~ Court~ I wanna try it~” Yolanda ordered.

           Courtney smiles and pinned Yolanda down on the bed, slowly inserting the electric dildo into Yolanda’s pussy.

           “Ahh! Court! Fuck Ahh! Mmm!” Yolanda gasped as she felt the dildo sending electric shocks to her pussy, making her squirm. She could tell why Courtney liked it so much.

           “Fuck~ Suck on my breasts slave~” Yolanda ordered as she was enjoying the shocks from the dildo.

           “Yes mistress~” Courtney replied and got close to Yolanda’s chest and began sucking and nibbling on her breast and nipples.

           Yolanda felt out of the world as the blondie sucked on her nipples so talentedly, stimulating her sensitive areas. Yolanda soon felt that she was nearing her climax.

           “Fuck~ I’m going to cum… Ah! Fuck! Yes!” Yolanda moaned as she cummed, holding Courtney’s head against her chest as she climaxed.

           “Ah~ Court~ Help me take it out~,” Yolanda said.

           “Yes, mistress~,” Courtney said smilingly. The blondie took out the dildo and place it aside, kneeling on the bed, awaiting her next order.

           “Mm~ Courtney, you’ve been a good girl tonight~ taking your punishment like a good girl~” Yolanda praised, cupping Courtney’s chin.

           “Thank you, mistress, ” Courtney replied smiling brightly, making Yolanda blush a little.

           “As your reward, I am letting you choose your next activity,” Yolanda said.

           “Really, mistress?” asked Courtney.

           “Yes, anything,” Yolanda said.

           A smirk crossed over Courtney’s mind, making Yolanda curious. Courtney then whispered into Yolanda’s ear, telling her what she wants. On hearing Courtney's request, Yolanda was shocked.

           “Are you sure?” Yolanda asked.

           “Yes, mistress~” Courtney replied playfully.

           Yolanda was hesitant, but slowly, she smiled too, looking at Courtney. “Mm~ your idea sounds exciting~ let’s go outside slave~”

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