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BY : Tenudakin
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Disclaimer: I do not own DC's Stargirl, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

           It was a Friday night, about a month after Yolanda and Courtney found out about their crushes for each other. Yolanda was busy with her math homework. As she was trying to solve a question, someone knocked on the door. Then suddenly a thought came through her mind.

           “Come in,” Yolanda said, still concentrating on that thought. The door opened revealing to be Alex Montez.

           “Hey, sis.”

           “Hey, what is it?” asked Yolanda.

           “Mom wants me to tell you that we will not be home for the next 2 days,” said Alex.

           “Okay~” Yolanda was used to the neglecting she was getting from her parents for the past year.

           “She also wanted me to tell you to not ~”

           “I know~ I know~ I get the point~” Yolanda was getting a little annoyed.

           “Hey, you alright? You have something on your mind?” Alex asked as he closed the door.

           Yolanda smiled and stopped what she was doing. Alex was the only family member that didn’t treat her like nothing, even after her big mistake. “I ought to tell him, at least, about my relationship,” Yolanda thought.

           “Well, I~ um, am in a relationship now,” Yolanda revealed.

           “That was kinda expected~” Alex smiled as Yolanda revealed the truth.

           “Wait~ What do you mean?” Yolanda asked curiously.

           “Well, you seemed less bothered by everything and happier, especially for the past few months, and judging from that newspaper cut out you have on your wall,” Alex explained pointing to the newspaper cut out that Yolanda framed on the wall, with the headlines “New Heroes Save The Day”. “I would have to take a guess, either you really look up to them, or you are one of them,” finished Alex.

           Yolanda was shocked and surprised at her cousin’s observing skills. “That was all it took to give me away?” asked Yolanda surprised.

           “Well, you may also have unintentionally misplaced your helmet a couple of times and your sneaking out wasn’t exactly subtle. Mom and Dad may not really care to enter your room, but I do~ ”

           “Oh my gosh, I’m such a fool~” Yolanda groans. “Wait, what does this have to do with you knowing about my relationship?” asked the girl.

           “Well, you see since I knew you were Wildcat, I may have been trying spy on you in action~” Alex continues to explain.

           Yolanda knew what Alex was going to next, “and you saw me flirting with Stargirl during a patrol,” Yolanda finished the sentence for Alex.

           “Yeah, and those picture on your desk was enough to give away your secret relationship.”  Yolanda face-palmed herself at her own stupidity.

           “I see, so I’m sure you understand my situation then,” Yolanda said.

           “Yeah, you’re thinking about how to tell them, right?” Alex asked.

           Yolanda nodded quietly, that was part of her thoughts.

           “Here’s a piece of good advice, don’t,” Alex said.

           “Okay, I get the point, thanks Alex~”

           “But that is not really what you were wondering about right? You are thinking about her, right?” asked Alex again.

           “You are really too observant, Alex,” Yolanda smiled as Alex revealed her thoughts again.

           “I was just guessing, sis,” Alex chuckles. “Here’s is another advice for you, you are a cat, why not act like one around her, I can only envision how good and sexy you would look~”

           “Oh, shut up you pervert,” Yolanda joked as she laughed at Alex’s joke.

           “Hmm, just giving advice, sis,” Alex replied smiling. “I’m happy for you, I truly am,” said Alex.

           “Thanks, Alex,” Yolanda thanked.

           “It’s late, I’m off to bed, goodnight sis,” Alex said as he walked out of the room, closing the door.

           “Goodnight Alex,” Yolanda said smiling as another idea hit her as she took out her phone and began googling “How to act like a cat”.


            Yolanda was staying over at Courtney’s over the weekend to keep her girlfriend company as Pat and Barbara went on a business trip while Mike was staying over at his friend’s house like usual. It was evening and the couple just returned from training and dinner with the JSA.

Yolanda just came out of the bathroom, with a towel wrapped around her body, her girlfriend was waiting for her outside the bathroom to take hers.

            “You know, I don’t really get why we can’t take a bath together, it would save so much time, plus, we’ve seen each other naked an~” Courtney said puzzled about Yolanda decision to take their baths separately.

            “Oh, come on Court, you know what would happen if we did take one together,” said Yolanda eyeing Courtney seductively.

            “Okay~ I get your point, Yolanda but~” Courtney continues.

            “You know what, we can continue this conversation later, clean up first, babe, we can have our fun later~” Yolanda rolled her eyes, Courtney was always so persistent, and that is one of the things she loves about her. Yolanda walked into Courtney’s room, eyeing the bag she had placed down earlier when they first reached home, looking at it, she smirked to herself. “Showtime,” Yolanda thought to herself.

            After a while, Courtney walked out of the bathroom, she too, wrapped her body with a towel, as she was walking out, she was expecting to see her girlfriend waiting for her on her bed, but the sight she saw was quite unexpected.

            Yolanda was naked, curled up on the bed, seemingly asleep. She was wearing black cat ears on her head and her hair was flowing freely. There was a black collar with a small bell on Yolanda’s neck. Courtney also noticed that Yolanda got a black furry tail as her eyes trailed on Yolanda appearance. Courtney also saw that the bag that Yolanda was carrying around earlier as open, inside there was a leash and a couple of other toys.

            “Yolanda?” Courtney voice sounded unsure of the situation.

            On hearing Courtney voice, Yolanda eyes opened immediately, getting up, the girl ached her back, seemingly stretching after a long nap. Yolanda crawls down from the bed and crawls slowly towards Courtney, rubbing her cheek against Courtney’s leg, purring softly.

            Courtney was slowly getting the idea of what Yolanda was doing, she smiled, “Hmm~ this is how you wanna play this huh kitty,” said Courtney as she lowers herself and stroking Yolanda’s smooth hair.


            “Gosh, she is really trying hard to be a cat~ Mmm, she looks so sexy~ I can just~ no, let’s play this out for a while,” Courtney was thinking of what to do next, then an idea clicked her mind.

            “Hey, kitty, are you thirsty?” asked Courtney as her hand strokes Yolanda’s back, playing along with Yolanda.

            “Mrrow,” Yolanda nodded her head, wondering where her girlfriend, or she would rather, her owner would take this to.

            “Oh you poor little thing,” Courtney cooed. “Wait here kitty, I will be right back.” Courtney headed out of the room.

            “Meow~” Yolanda purrs as she follows her.

            “No, kitty, you stay here,” Courtney insisted.

            Yolanda ignores Courtney and followed her. Seeing Yolanda still following her, Courtney gave up and let her kitty follow her down the stairs. The bell on Yolanda’s neck rang, her breast swayed as she climbed down the stairs with difficulty.

            “See, I told you to wait for me upstairs kitty,” Courtney said seeing Yolanda struggling to get down the stairs.

            “Mrrow,” Yolanda purrs, continuing down the stairs ignoring Courtney’s warning.

            Courtney headed to the kitchen and got out a bowl and took out a jug of milk from the fridge, pouring milk into the bowl. Yolanda managed to get down the stairs and crawled beside Courtney and stared at her blinking her eyes as she waited for her owner to give her some milk.

            “Aww~ Yolanda look so cute like this~” Courtney thought as she poured the milk.

            “Here you go~ drink up kitty,” Courtney said as she placed the bowl of milk in front of Yolanda.

            “Meow~” Yolanda seemingly thanked Courtney. She settled down and began lapping at the bowl of milk.

            “Wow~ you must be really thirsty,” said Courtney patting her kitty’s head as she drinks the bowl of milk.

            Yolanda continues to drink the bowl of milk as Courtney strokes Yolanda’s back.

            After what seems to be quite a while, Yolanda lifted her head up and crawls away, purring softly.

“Yolanda, where are you going?” Courtney asked as she followed behind her.

Yolanda headed to the living room and curled up on the carpet, purring softly.

“You know, Yolanda, I can’t understand most of the things that you are trying to say when you are meowing like a cat,” Courtney rolled her eyes as she joked. Sitting down on the carpet, she strokes Yolanda hair softly. But instead of hearing Yolanda’s calm purrs, Courtney hear Yolanda purrs even louder.

“Mrrow~ Meow~”

Courtney thought that the sounds Yolanda was making sounded familiar. Then it hit her mind, she sounded almost like a female cat in heat. Realizing Yolanda intentions, Courtney smiled and trailed her hand down, feeling the folds of her kitty already wet pussy.

“Meoww~” Yolanda purrs sounded calmer now. She was enjoying Courtney stimulating the folds of her drenched pussy. Yolanda was already feeling horny for the entire day as she planned her “surprise”. Her purrs getting high again as she wants more.

“Patience kitty,” Courtney chuckles as she slowly rubs Yolanda wet twat. Yolanda curled up, laying on Courtney’s lap now, letting her owner touch her. Yolanda was still purring softly.

“OMG, this girl purrs sounds so real, how does she even do that?” Courtney thought as she continues rubbing Yolanda’s pussy softly.

“Mmm~ you like that huh, kitty?” Courtney asked smiling at the girl in her lap.

“Meoww~” Yolanda nodded.

Courtney slowly increases her speed, bit by bit, going faster slowly, making Yolanda purrs and moans.

“Mrrrw~” Yolanda meows louder and higher as she was close to her climax. Then Yolanda felt the urge to pee. “Oh gosh, I~ need to pee, but~” Yolanda mind was racing on what she should do, she don’t wanna spoil the mood and head to the toilet, then a naughty thought touched Yolanda’s mind.

            Courtney could feel Yolanda squirming. “Oh, you like that, kitty? I see you’re about to cum,” Courtney hushed.

            “Meoww~” Yolanda purrs loudly, knowing what she is about to do and the possible consequences, but she still wants to try it.

            “I’ll take that as a yes, then,” Courtney said as she speeds up again before stopping, slapping at Yolanda’s pussy.

            “Mmeeooowww~” Yolanda moans out loud as she cummed and released her fluids.

            What came next was totally unexpected for Courtney.

“Mmeeooowww~” Yolanda moans out loud as she cummed and released her fluids.

            What came next was totally unexpected for Courtney. Courtney could feel streams of warm fluid shooting out of Yolanda’s cunt, feeling her hand getting wet she looked down at Yolanda’s pussy.

            “Yolanda! What the fuck?!” Courtney jumped as she saw what Yolanda just did. Looking at the puddle of urine that her kitty made on the floor. Courtney was both shocked and confused.

            “Mrrow~” Yolanda rolled at little in Courtney lap. Acting like nothing had happened.

            Courtney then soon realized where Yolanda wants this to go. Smirking internally, she grabbed Yolanda’s hair, spitting on her face.

            “You dumb kitty! What on earth~” Courtney said shaking Yolanda’s head wildly, making her purr violently.

            Yolanda could feel the pain in her scalp but at the same time, she like the feeling of being dominated.

            “You are so getting it!” Courtney said angrily, standing out letting Yolanda fall on the floor. She grab her kitty’s hair and forced her down on the puddle of urine.

            “Mmmppff!” Yolanda moaned as she was forced onto the floor.

            “Clean it up! Now!” Courtney ordered Yolanda, grabbing her black hair forcing her face down on the floor.

            “Meow~?” Yolanda tried to play dumb, trying to push Courtney more.

            “I said, clean it up!” Courtney was shaking Yolanda’s head with more fury, then opening her mouth with her hands and forced her to lick up the puddle.

            “Meeooww!” Yolanda mewled out in pain. After Courtney let her hair go, Yolanda began licking the puddle clean, purring softly as she did.

            Courtney still holding Yolanda head down, not planning to let her up until she is satisfied. Then, another naughty idea hit her. As Yolanda ass was facing up as she licked the puddle, Courtney gave her kitty one spank on her ass. The sound of Courtney’s hand coming down on Yolanda’s ass was quite loud.

            “Mmmmmww!” Yolanda mewled as she felt the pain, she could feel the pain making her hornier. Wanting more, she shakes her ass a little.

            Courtney saw Yolanda’s body reaction to her spank she smiled to herself. “Mmm~ I see you need some punishment~” Courtney landed another spank on her other ass cheek before landing three rapid spanks on Yolanda’s wet pussy.

            “Mmmm! Mmmah! Meoww~!” Yolanda moans out loud as she was still trying to lick her own mess clean, trying not to cry out loud as Courtney continues to spank her ass and pussy hard.

            “Damn you kitty! I gave you milk yet you peed the floor. Is that how you repay me?” asked Courtney fiercely as she continues to spank Yolanda ass rapidly.

            The living room was filled with the sounds of Courtney’s hand coming down on Yolanda hard, Courtney’s scolding, the bell on Yolanda’s neck ringing and Yolanda’s mewling from the pain and pleasure she was receiving. Yolanda’s ass was now red from the spanking she was given. She was trying really hard to keep her position as her ass became more and more sensitive.

“You slutty cat! You are liking this aren’t you!?” Courtney said, her tone was filled with anger as she continues to spank Yolanda.

“Mew~ Mew! Mmmh!”

            Courtney could feel her kitty squirming as she spanks her for what seems to Yolanda to be the 100th time. Yolanda has tears in her eyes as the pain was underwhelming, yet she could feel the pain, the heat on her ass turning into pleasure.

            After what seems like forever to Yolanda, Courtney finally stopped. Courtney admires her handiwork on Yolanda’s ass as Yolanda purrs softly.

            “C’mon get up!” Courtney ordered, grabbing Yolanda by her hair again. “We are going back upstairs,” Courtney said letting grip loose and walked upstairs. Yolanda, whose face and hair was wet from licking the puddle of urine, followed her owner, crawling behind her as fast as possible.

            “Meoww~” Yolanda continues to purr as she makes her way up the stairs. Courtney had already hurried into her room as Yolanda was just halfway through the stairs.

            “C’mon! Move it kitty!” called Courtney from the room.

            Yolanda’s ass was sore and red from the spanking she received from her owner. Yolanda hasn’t been spanked like that for a long time, the last time she was spanked like that was probably when she was a child. Yolanda was having a little difficulty moving up the stairs as her sore ass was sensitive. When she finally made it to Courtney’s room, she was her owner, already naked, holding her leash and a belt in her hand.

            “Finally! What are you looking at? Come over here you slutty cat!” Courtney commanded in a loud voice.

            Yolanda immediately crawled over towards Courtney, rubbing her face against Courtney’s leg, purring softly like before. Courtney smirked and kneel down in front of Yolanda, attaching the leash to the collar on Yolanda’s neck. Then, Courtney stands up, tugging on the leash, making Yolanda moans at the sudden movement.

            “Follow me kitty.” Courtney lead Yolanda into the bathroom. “You are going in the corner,” said Courtney as she forced her kitty into the corner of the bathroom. Yolanda was now leaning against the corner of the wall, her legs spread open by her owner. Her ass was making her so uncomfortable as it was so sore.

            “Let me ask you something? Do you like to drink pee?” asked Courtney as she trailed the belt around Yolanda’s breast while tugging on the leash.

            “Meeeowww~” Yolanda mewled nodding her head. Truth be told, Yolanda did enjoy drinking it, lapping it all up just now.

            Courtney landed the belt in her hand on Yolanda’s breast without warning.

            “Meeeeoowwwww!” Yolanda half-screamed half-mewled from the pain.

            “Tsk, so naughty, I like it~ But~ naughty kitties like you ought to be punished, am I right?” asked Courtney smirking as she landed another hit down on Yolanda’s pussy, making her squirm from the shock.

            “Meeewwwll!” Yolanda was on the verge of tears again from the pain and pleasure.

            “Well, considering that you already took your spanking earlier~” said Courtney as she tossed aside the belt. “I’m gonna give you what you love so much,” Courtney said as she spread open her pussy lips in front of Yolanda’s face. “Drink up kitty.” Courtney pulled Yolanda leash, pulling her closer underneath her pussy. Yolanda mewled in response, opening her mouth wide open.

            The warm fluid shot out from Courtney’s cunt, hitting Yolanda’s face, drenching her before entering her mouth. Yolanda savored Courtney’s piss as she felt streams of piss flowing down her body. If felt so filthy, so naughty, yet the black-haired girl loved every second of it.

            “Mmm~” Courtney moans softly as she pees on Yolanda. “This is so fucking hot,” she mutters.

            When Courtney finished peeing, Yolanda was drenched with piss, from the heads to toes, mewling happily.

            “Huh~ You really loved that huh?” asked Courtney smiling, stroking Yolanda’s piss drenched hair softly.

            “Hmm~ time to clean you up, kitty,” Courtney said as she grabbed the shower tap.


            A jet of water hit Yolanda. Yolanda mewled as the cold water washed onto her body.

            “Mmm~ Let’s wash your slutty pussy,” Courtney chuckles as she let the water stream hit Yolanda’s pussy, making her squirm from the pleasure being applied onto her wet pussy.

            “Meeewwll, Mewl~”

            “Huh, you like that?”

            Yolanda nodded, wanting the release, purring loudly.

            “Not yet,” Courtney said as she turn off the tap. Yolanda let out a mewl of disappointment.

            “Aww, don’t be sad kitty,” said Courtney as she grabbed a towel and wiped her wet kitty dry.

            “You will get it, after I have mines,” Courtney said smirking at Yolanda.

            After wiping Yolanda dry, Courtney led her out of the bathroom and onto her bed. Yolanda, mewling curled up on the bed, waiting for her owner next order. Yolanda felt a tug on her leash, she sees Courtney laying on the bed, her leg spread open.

            “C’mon and lick me clean, kitty,” Courtney invited, tugging on her leash softly.

            Yolanda crawled over slowly and got closer to Courtney’s exposed pussy, which was already so wet. Yolanda immediately got down to business as she lapped at Courtney’s pussy as she had lapped at the puddle of piss earlier.

            “Mmm~ Fuck kitty, your tongue is so talent,” Courtney moans.

            “Meoww~” Yolanda seemingly answered Courtney while focusing on pleasing her owner.

            Courtney was squirming a little from Yolanda eating her out. She was pent out horny ever since she saw Yolanda naked, wearing cat ears and having a anal plug tail in her ass.

            “Ohh~ Fuck~” Courtney groans, arching her back a little from the pleasure she was receiving. Yolanda saw that her owner was enjoying her service, smilingly, Yolanda placed her hand on Courtney’s pussy rubbing it.

            “Mmm~ oh yes~ kittyy~”

            Yolanda sped up the movements of her tongue and hand, making Courtney squirm even more as she nears her climax.

            “Oh fuck, kittyy~ mmm I’m cumming!” Courtney moaned out loud as she finally got the release she wanted, squirting on Yolanda’s face, drenching it again.

            “Gosh, mmm~ kitty, you are good,” Courtney panted as she pets Yolanda’s head. Yolanda mewled happily in return before turning around with her back facing Courtney, most noticeably, her pussy.

            Courtney knew what her horny kitty wanted and chuckled. “Hmmm~ I think you deserve to have your reward too,” Courtney said as she grabs something from Yolanda’s bag. The cat girl turned around and saw Courtney putting on a huge strap-on.

            “Meow~ Meow~” Yolanda licked her lips arching her ass, as if inviting Courtney to fuck her senseless, making her owner laugh at her actions.

            “My, my, look like you’re eager,” Courtney said.

            “Meoww~” Yolanda nodded as Courtney grabbed her hip and prepares to penetrate her.

            “Here we go!” Courtney announced as she thrusted the huge strap-on into Yolanda’s pussy.

            “Meeeeowwww!” Yolanda mewled loudly at the sudden feeling of her pussy being filled.

            “Mmmm~ you like that, kitty?” asked Courtney.

            “Meow~ Meowww~”

            “I would take that as a yes,” Courtney began fucking Yolanda going a little faster, pulling on her leash.

            Yolanda was moaning and mewling loudly as Courtney fucked her roughly.

            “Meeeww~ Mmmhh~ Ahh~ Meeewll~”

            Courtney’s bedroom was filled with the sounds of Yolanda mewling and moaning and the sound of Courtney thrusting into Yolanda’s pussy. Yolanda arched her back as she was getting close to it.

            “Meow~ Meow~ Meowwwwww!” Yolanda mewled out as she climaxed, squirting her juices out. After riding out her climax, she fell flat on the bed, panting. Courtney pulled out of her quickly, making Yolanda gasp as her pussy was suddenly empty. Courtney walked and stood in front of Yolanda face, pulling her up by the leash.

            “Lick this clean,” ordered Courtney.

            Yolanda began licking on her own juices, making slurping sounds as she did, before slowly taking it in her mouth, sucking on it like a lollipop.

            “Hmmm~ you seems to enjoy it,” Courtney said before pulling out of her mouth, slapping her face with it lightly. Yolanda smiled at Courtney, purring softly.

            “Gosh you look so cute like this,” Courtney pulled Yolanda in for a long kiss, the girls kissed, they were full of passion, full of love for each other. As they parted their lips, the girls lay on the bed, smiling.

            “Gosh, that was so good,” Courtney said. “You planned this?” asked Courtney turning her head to Yolanda who was on her knees purring.

            “Meow~ Meow~” Yolanda nodded.

            “You know, I don’t really understand half of the things you say when you meow like that right?” Courtney laughs.

            Yolanda smile break into a laugh.

            “Well, trying to keep the mood,” Yolanda joked while caressing her girlfriend breast briefly.

            “Mmm~ you look so hot in that~ Yolanda,” praised Courtney, tugging on Yolanda’s tail a little.

            “Ah! Yeah, I heard so,” mutters Yolanda.

            “From?” Courtney asked.

            “My cousin, Alex, he was the one that gave me this idea,” explained Yolanda.

            Seeing Courtney looking a little puzzled, Yolanda laughed again.

            “If you are worrying about whether I wore this for him to see, it’s a no,” joked Yolanda.

            “Of course, silly me~” Courtney rambled.

            “You know, we should do this more often,” Yolanda said. “I like it when being dominated like that,” Yolanda admitted blushing.

            “Hmmm, how about we try it again soon?” asked Courtney.

            “Hmm, but how are we supposed to decide who is the dom and sub?” asked Yolanda.

            “Well~ we can either take turns, or we just let training decide for us,” Courtney smirked at Yolanda.

            “Hmm, so you’re saying whoever lose during sparing in training gets to dominate the other?” asked Yolanda. Courtney nodded back. “Oh, you’re on, Court,” Yolanda smiled.

            “Don’t get your hopes to high, I might beat you and maybe, loosen up your little kitty ass hole here,” Courtney joked as she tugged on Yolanda’s tail, making her yelp a little.

            “We shall see, Court, we shall see,” Yolanda smiled as she pinned Courtney to the bed.

            The girls didn’t get much sleep that night.

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