The Sexy Stories of Starcat

BY : Tenudakin
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            “Urgh… that was a huge mess,” Yolanda groaned as she rested on the sofa. The two girls were wearing shorts and bra.

            Courtney and Yolanda spent the past few hours after eating their breakfast cleaning up the huge mess they made in Courtney’s room from the night before. It was already 3 in the afternoon when they were finally done with all the cleaning.

            “Yeah, so much work,” Courtney groaned as she plopped down on the sofa besides Yolanda. “Cleaning the room, the bed, the dining room, Urgh…  It was fun though, all of that, I assume we have a fun night when we were drunk.”

            “Maybe the next time we want to go crazy, we do it in the shed?” Yolanda suggested sarcastically.

            “Nah, this place feels better now,” Courtney shrugged.

            “So, what do we do now?” asked Yolanda as she rested her face on Courtney’s lap. “Watch a movie?” Yolanda suggested.

            “Hmm… Wait… talking about watching stuff… we haven’t had the time to check the footage from the GoPro,” Courtney realized after noticing the device she placed on the living room table. “Why don’t we watch it now?”

            “Well, I mean we can do it some other time,” Yolanda said. “We can do some other stuff, maybe get some snacks before dinner or…”

            “Nah, rather do it now,’ Courtney said excitingly as she opened the drawer and took out her family laptop.

            “Are you that eager to-” Yolanda asked smilingly as she got up.

            “Come on kitty, don’t tell me you aren’t a bit curious of what happened last night, resulting in piss and liquor everywhere,” Courtney said as she started the laptop.

            “Actually, I am quite curious,” Yolanda said smiling at her girlfriend. She never could understand how her girl looked so innocent in these situations.

            “Well then, let’s get our answers,” Courtney said, holding GoPro excitedly.

            Courtney connected the GoPro to her family laptop after she started the laptop as Yolanda brought down the cushion to the floor, sitting on it as she waited for Courtney. “Come on kitty, don’t be so tense,” Courtney assured Yolanda who sat beside her on the cushion. “It’s just watching our own sex session, nothing to worry about.”

            “Yeah, I’m fine,” Yolanda answered. In her head, she was wondering what actually happened during the night before.

            “Alright then… here is the video,” Courtney muttered as she moved the mouse on the table and clicked on the file. “Yolanda, found it,” Courtney informed the brunette.

            “Alright then, let’s see how things went last night,” Yolanda said. “Start the video.”

            “Or should I say porn,” Courtney chuckled. “What? We are technically watching our own sex tape,” Courtney added smilingly after seeing that look on Yolanda’s face again.

            “Hmph… Very funny,” Yolanda chuckled as she turned her head towards the screen.

            “Alright… Hmm… Never Have I Ever part… yeah remember this… and that… when did I start to go crazy?” asked Courtney.

            “I think it was right after you said never have, I ever played with food before,” Yolanda recalled as she rested her head on Courtney’s shoulder, both of the girls leaning on the sofa behind them as they watched the video.

            “Wait… we did that?” asked Courtney.

            “Have you actually ever taken that much liquor before?” asked Yolanda.

            “Nope,” Courtney answered. “Well last night was a record though, my bottle was empty.”

            “As if mine bottle was any different,” Yolanda scoffed jokingly. “So how do we decide who wins?’ asked Yolanda curiously.

            “Well, I let you win this time, Yolanda,” Courtney said.


            “Yeah, well, I kinda like surprised you with so many things already, I was thinking of giving you a chance to get back at me,” Courtney offered.


            “Yeah, why not?”

            “So, I get to let you do whatever I want for a whole day?” asked Yolanda curiously.

            “Yeah, as long as you don’t touch the off-limits-” Courtney added.

            “Don’t worry Court. I would never make you do something that you don’t want,” Yolanda assured. “We’re Starcat after all.”

            “Yeah, we are,” Courtney smiled.

            “But don’t expect me to go easy on you though,” Yolanda warned playfully.

            “Well, let’s see, kitty,” Courtney said chuckling. “So, according to you… wait… what was I doing?” asked Courtney curiously as she looks at herself in the video, walking drunkenly, swinging over to Yolanda.

            “Oh yeah, this was kinda the last thing I remembered,” Yolanda recalled.

            “Continue with what? Let’s just continue drinking!” voice could be heard from the footage. “Whooo~ Ho!”

            “Oh my, I was really drunk, wasn’t I?” asked Courtney.

            “Oh, you have no idea,” Yolanda chuckled dryly.

            “Come on~ Yolanda~ Drink up!”

            “Yep, I look like a drunken mess,” Courtney said as she observed herself in the video.

            “Yeah, I was tipsy there too, and then…” Yolanda trailed off.

            “Mmm~ I’m thristyyy~ kittyyy~”

            “You’re literally drinking, Court.”

            “Ooh… You sounded quite annoyed there,” Courtney observed as she turned to look at the brunette, whose head was resting on her shoulder.

            “Yeah quiet,” Yolanda answered chuckling.

            “No~ I’m thirsty for you~ I want your piss~”

            “Holy… Did I say that’ Courtney suddenly straighten up in surprise from hearing such words coming out of her?

            “Yeah, you did,” Yolanda said.

            “Oh my… Guess we really did it then… pissing on each other. That would explain the bed,” Courtney rambled.

            “And you walked over, wrapping your legs around my neck,” Yolanda said.

            “Court~ Let me go~”

            “No~ I want you to play with me~”

            “Haha… so childish,’ Yolanda chuckled.

            “Court, let me go!”

            “No~ Play with me!”


            “Play with me~ Mmm~ Or else I’m going to pee on you~”

            “You wouldn’t dare.”

            “Oh yes I dare~”

            “You wouldn’t!”

            “I would! Let me prove it!”

            “Nah, you wouldn’t… What the fuck!?”

            “Oh my god… Haha… I really did piss on you,” Courtney burst out into laughter as she watches the event in the video unfold.

            “Told you so… And after that my memories goes blank, a bit of flashes here and there though,” Yolanda said.

            “Look at your face, you looked so pissed off,” Courtney laughed as she watched Yolanda’s reaction.

            “Haha very funny,” Yolanda said sarcastically.

            “And I… oh my god… I really lost it yesterday,” Courtney said as she watched herself pour liquor on Yolanda drenching her.

            “Oh, yeah a bit of memories coming back to me now,” Yolanda muttered as she watched.

            “Oh wow, you got quite a mood, you usually not this… dominating,” Courtney said as the scene of Yolanda dominating her played before her eyes, biting her lips lightly as she felt that urge in her pussy again. “Kinda hot… Mmm~” Courtney muttered as she slipped her hand inside her shorts.

            “Aw~ Don’t be angry~ I’m sorry~ I won’t do this anymore~”

            Or perhaps I will~”

            “Oh… You asked for this bitch.”

            “Uh oh, looks like my kitty is angry~ Don’t be please… I said I’m sorryyy~”

            “Nope, naughty sluts like you needs to be punished. You’re so turned on by this aren’t you?”

            “Ah~ Yes~ Play with me~”

            “Play with you? More like punish you~”

            “Ah~ MMm~ Kityy~ AH!”

            “Are some kind of piss fountain or what?” Yolanda chuckled. “You really love to piss a lot.”

            “Well I don’t hear you complaining, look you were even tasting my piss,” Courtney chuckled as she gestured towards the screen as she rubbed her clit.

            “Are you seriously masturbating to our ‘sex tape’?” Yolanda asked, lifting her eyebrow.

            “Hey~ don’t leave mmmee~ I’m sorrryy~ Please~ Play with me please~ Oh, pretty please~”

            “You can’t deny that all this is pretty hot,” Courtney answered. “I have to say, I was really begging like a child.”

            “Oh, you and I are going to have so much fun tonight. Turn around! On your knees and hands!”

            “Oh my… such a dom,” Courtney exclaimed as she watched Yolanda dominate her drunken state.

            “Oh my… I did that to…” Yolanda mumbled as she watched herself push the dildo forcibly into Courtney’s already abused asshole. “Gosh… did I lube it?”

            “Don’t worry so much kitty, just enjoy the show~” Courtney said as she continues to rub her clit as she watched the video.

            “Such an anal bitch…”

            “Oh, and you spanked me, looks so rough as well,” Courtney added.

            “This feels like watching porn,” Yolanda said.

            “Hmm… oh, isn’t this so hot?” asked Courtney as she continues to rub herself.

            “Hmmph, I would be lying it I said it isn’t,” Yolanda admitted as she watched.

            “Ahh~ Fuckkk~ Kiityyyy!” Sounds of Yolanda spanking Courtney surprised to two. “Such a FUCKING SLUT!”

            “Oh my… I hope I didn’t go too hard,” Yolanda said in concern. “That was really loud.”

            “Nah… My ass is fine so far… a little sore but fine,” Courtney shrugged.

            “Ahh~ Fuckk~ Y~ AHH!”

            “Oh my, seems that I hit you really hard, or you’re just too drunk,” Yolanda said as she moved her hands towards her pussy. “Urgh… why am I so turned on by this?” Yolanda could feel her pussy getting wet the moment she touched it.

            “I know right?” Courtney agreed. “How, for the first time drinking, you took a lot as well.”

            “And I left the dildo in your ass, I think,  I can’t really tell,” Yolanda said. “The angle of the camera is… oh yeah still there,” observed Yolanda. “And you’re still pissing. You really love doing that don’t you?”

            “Well, I did say it was a kinky idea, bound to do it at some point,” Courtney answered, her eyes still on the screen. “Gosh, no wonder the bed reeked, I really pissed a lot.”

            “No kidding,” Yolanda agreed.

            “Ah! Fuckkk~ Pleaseee~ I’m sorry!”

            “Gosh your cries and moans are really sexy,” Yolanda exclaims. “You will do anything I want?”

            “Oh my god… I’m such a submissive,” Courtney chuckled as she continued to rub her pussy.

            “Oh, I sat on your face,” Yolanda said as she watched herself in the video.

            “I have to say, I’m really loving you as a dom,” Courtney said resting her head on Yolanda’s as she watches. “So hot~ I couldn’t even get you to be this dominating usually.”

            “I’m learning Court…” Yolanda groaned.

            “I know kitty,” Courtney sassed

            “Fuck, even sitting on you can keep you quiet huh? How about drowning you?”

            “Oh, I guess you got your revenge then,” Courtney observed. “Damn, that most had felt so good, seems like I was enjoying being pissed on.”

            “Gosh, so much for me calling you a piss fountain,” Yolanda said as she watched herself piss on Courtney, drenching her wet.

            “Drink it like the dirty piss slut you are! Oh, fuck! Yess~”

            “Mmm~ I’m loving the dirty talk,” Courtney said. ‘Oh, seems like I even taste your tight hole.”

            “Were you… licking my asshole there,” Yolanda asked.

            “Looks like it,” Courtney said.

            “Well, seems like I enjoyed it,” Yolanda replied.

            “Well, I think we really need to try all this again, without being drunk,” Courtney suggested brightly.

            “Hmm… you mean… peeing on each other?” asked Yolanda.

            “Something like that… in the bathroom of course,” Courtney said. “I don’t want to have to clean the bedsheets again… too much work,” Courtney said, remembering all the work they’ve done to clean the mess not long ago.

            “Mmm~ take this like the fucking anal bitch you are!”

            “You’re quite an anal bitch huh,” Yolanda chuckled.

            “I won’t deny it. I loved being fucked in the anal ever since yesterday,” Courtney chuckled.

            “Ahh~ Mmm~ Kittyyy~ Oh Fuck~ Yes~ YES! MMM~”

            “Such cute and sexy moans,” Yolanda muttered. “Gosh I’m so turned on now.”

            “And I was still pissing… and oh, you pissed on my face again… we really did a lot of pissing on each other last night,” Courtney said.

            “Looks so hot though. You were right, feels so kinky watching ourselves doing it,” Yolanda replied.


            “AhHH~FUCK! KITYYY~”

            “Gosh, we were really loud last night,” Yolanda winced from the surprise of their loud voices in the video.

            “Damn… it was a miracle the neighbours didn’t come knocking at our door,” Courtney agreed. “Oh and you… you put the dildo that was just in my ass in my mouth?”

            “Oh my… I did that?” Yolanda exclaimed surprised.

            “How did you like it huh? Tasty?”

            “Ohh~ Yes~ Do it more~ Fuck me!”

            “Hmm… Your ass does have an… unique taste to it,” Yolanda admitted shyly.

            “As my princess wishes.”

            “Princess? Hmm… I kinda like that nickname,” Yolanda interrupted.

            “The Princess and her Kitty,” Courtney added. “Sounds nice.”

            “And… oh my… I took that into my mouth?” Courtney said surprised as she watched Yolanda fucking her facing forcibly. “Ooh~ That do look messy.”

            “You love being used and screwed so much, don’t you slut?”

            “Oh yesss~ I love it so much~”

            “Yeah… I’m pretty sure you do love it,” Yolanda interrupted.

            “Well… that’s is me now,” Courtney chuckled.

            “Welll~ How about this~ I fuck both of your holes until you pass out.”

            “Oh~ Yes please~ Please kitty~ Fuck me~”

            “As my princess wishes. Now, this should keep you quiet.”


            “Ooh, stuffing my panties into my mouth,” Courtney exclaimed. “I looked so hot and sexy.”

            “Now, time to fuck you senseless~”

            “Gosh, this is so fucking hot~” Courtney purred as she masturbated while watching Yolanda fuck both of her holes in the video. Then, she felt another hand slipped into her panties, Courtney turned and looked, it was Yolanda’s hand. Yolanda was pleasuring her.

            “Mm~ Couldn’t keep your hands to yourself huh?” Courtney said.

            “Don’t blame me. You’re such a turn on,” Yolanda answered as she rubbed Courtney’s clit.

            “Mmm~” Courtney moaned sexily as her own hand found their way into Yolanda’s panties. The two girls were now masturbating each other as they continued to watch their own sex tape.

            “FUCK! FUCK! Mmm~ SO FUCKING GOOD! FUCK ME! FUCK ME LIKE I’M YOUR SLUT! YOUR BITCH! LIKE A PIECE OF MEAT!” Courtney cries and moans in the video could be heard as Yolanda fucked both of her holes.

            “YEAH~ Scream and moan all you want, SLUT!”

            “Oh gosh, we were so noisy… Mmm~” Yolanda said as she watched the video.

            “So sexy though,” Courtney added as she continues to rub Yolanda’s clit. “Mmm~ Yes… That’s the spot~”

            “Hmm… You’re really turned on by watching yourself get fucked huh?” asked Yolanda huskily as she pleasured Courtney.

            “Speak for yourself, you are as wet as well,” Courtney answered as she tapped Yolanda’s pussy lightly.

            “Look at us. So wild,” Yolanda hummed as she felt pleasure building.

            “Ah! YES Fuck~ GAG ME! MMMFGG!”

            “Hmm… you like being gagged huh,” Yolanda said. “I gotta say, that cute face you make while your mouth is stuffed is such a turn on.”

            “Fuckk~ Mm~” Courtney moaned as Yolanda’s pleasured her clit. “Looks like we both cummed a lot.”

            “I think you definitely cummed a lot,” Yolanda corrected. “Hey look, I’m pulling those toys out of you and…”

            Yolanda was interrupted by a farting sound from the video.

            “Hehe~ Seems like I’m a bit of gassy tonight~”

            “Dirty slut~”

            Courtney and Yolanda watched as the brunette in the video went down on the blondie’s ass. They could still hear farting sounds.

            “Oh my… I farted on you?” Courtney exclaimed in surprise, shifting a little.

            “Mmm~ yes~ eat my slutty ass~” Another fart sound followed.


            “Seems like I enjoyed smelling you,” Yolanda chuckled as she observed. “Your ass do taste quite addictive after all…”

            “Really?” Courtney asked.

            “Yeah, why not?” asked Yolanda. “Anyway, how long did we do it?”

            “Let me check,” Courtney said as she moved to check. “We did it for… another 1 and a half hour.”

            “Oh gosh. I can’t take this anymore,” Yolanda groaned as she turned over, facing Courtney and peppered Courtney’s neck with kisses.

            “Ah~ Oh look at my kitty~ So hungry,” Courtney teased playfully as Yolanda went down on her. “I thought you wanted to get some food?”

            “Nah… food can wait… I want you first,” Yolanda said with a naughty gleam in her eyes.

            “Naughty kitty,” Courtney teased before they began making out.

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