The Sexy Stories of Starcat

BY : Tenudakin
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            Yolanda opened her eyes dazingly, she could feel her head hurts. She looked at Courtney, sleeping blissfully besides her. “Oh my god… what the… is it morning already?” Yolanda wondered as she noticed the sunlight shining through the curtains. “Argh…” Yolanda groaned as she pushed Courtney’s body aside softly and sat up.

            As Yolanda tried to get up, she noticed a weird feeling in her asshole, Yolanda touched her asshole, realizing that there was a buttplug in her asshole. “What the… when did,” Yolanda muttered as she got up. Yolanda then pulled the butt plug from her asshole and set it aside. Yolanda also realized that she was wearing the black strap-on used to fuck Courtney’s ass.

            Then, a stench of smell drift upon Yolanda’s nose.” Why the hell this place smells like… alcohol and… piss?” Yolanda thought to herself as she looked around the room. A bottle of almost empty liquor was laid on the side of the bed while there were patches of wet stain on the bed. Yolanda then sniffed her hair. “What the… why does it… what did we do last night?” Yolanda tried to recall the last thing she remembers.

            “The last thing I remember was… we were drinking, Courtney was getting drunk, walked over to me and her… piss on me… and… and…” Yolanda thought. Then she looked at Courtney, who was still asleep, she noticed that there was a dildo near Courtney’s pussy. A bottle of opened lube was laying nearby as well.

            Yolanda felt a piercing headache as she moved to wake Courtney up. “Court… Court!” Yolanda hushed. “Court! Wake up!”

            “Urgh…Five more minutes~” Courtney muttered in her sleep.

            Yolanda smiled as she looked around the room. Then, something caught her eye, there was a red light coming from the table opposite of the bed, hidden behind stuff on the table. “What the…” Yolanda muttered as she got down the bed and towards the light source. Yolanda then pushed the stuff in front of the source aside, then she saw it, it was a GoPro, connected to a wall adapter plug. Yolanda then took it and looked at the screen of the GoPro and realized that the memory card was already full.

            “Did she…” Yolanda thought to herself perplexed by the GoPro in her hand as she looked at Courtney’s sleeping figure. Then, she remembers that Courtney was arranging stuff on the table just as she herself walked into the room with the liquor. “Hh… Typical of Court to surprise me…” Yolanda muttered smilingly as she held the GoPro.

            Then, a naughty idea struck Yolanda as she looks at Courtney’s naked body sprawled on the bed and the strap-on dildo she was wearing. “Hmm… time to give her a surprise in return,” Yolanda muttered smirkingly as she placed the GoPro down and walked towards Courtney.

            Yolanda walks toward the sleeping figure of Courtney Whitmore, sitting on the edge of the bed, the strap-on swinging as she did. Yolanda smirked as she touched Courtney’s thighs, parting them slowly, exposing the blondie’s pussy, but that was not where Yolanda wanted to go this time. Yolanda picked the lube up and poured some onto her palm, lubing the strap-on dildo with her hands, making it slippery enough for what she was about to do next.

            After Yolanda finished lubing the black strap-on, Yolanda moved in between Courtney’s spread legs and lifted her up a little. “Hmmph… such a heavy sleeper,” Yolanda muttered as she positioned the strap-on right at the entrance of Courtney’s asshole. “This ought to wake her up.”

            Yolanda slowly pushed the strap-on into Courtney’s asshole, slipping inside her slowly. “Mmmppff~” Yolanda could hear Courtney muffled moans as she slowly fucked Courtney ass, thrusting inside her asshole.

            “Mmm~” Courtney moaned sleepily.

            “Wake up Court~” Yolanda cooed as she laid down cuddling the blondie as she fucked her ass, thrusting her hips against hers.

            “Mmmff~” Courtney moaned sleepily in response to the pleasure.

            “Come on Court~” Yolanda whispered into Courtney’s ear as her hands moved to toy around with Courtney’s nipples, pinching and pulling them lightly.

            “Mmmf~ Ah~” Courtney moans began to grow louder. Courtney then opened her eyes tiredly. “Yolanda? Where are Mmm~” Courtney opened her eyes, expecting to see Yolanda in front of her, then she realized Yolanda was laying behind her, fucking her ass.

            “In the morning… Ah! Really?” Courtney chuckled turning around to look at the brunette who was flicking Courtney’s hardened nipples.

            “I don’t hear you complaining,” Yolanda smiled as she continued to thrust.

            “Mmm~ You know I love this~” Courtney moaned as her hands moved to rub her clit as Yolanda began to pick up her pace. Courtney yawned from the tiredness she felt.

            “Hmm… You’re quite tired huh?” Yolanda asked in concern.

            “Yeah, a bit of headache too, argh,” Courtney groaned as Yolanda continues to fuck her ass, making the blondie moan.

            “How much of last night did you actually remember?” Yolanda asked curiously as she fucked Courtney moderately.

            “Urgh… I don’t know… Don’t ask me to think… just fuck me~” Courtney groaned. “Don’t talk so much and let us enjoy this~”

            “Alright… gee… even when you are sleepy, you are still horny,” Yolanda chuckled as before nibbling Courtney’s earlobe.

            “Ah~ Mmm~ Horny for you my kitty,” Courtney answered as she arched her back from the pleasure she was feeling.

            Yolanda then moved her hands to pleasure Courtney’s clit as she fucked her asshole. Courtney then clutched the bed sheets as she felt herself close to her climax.

            “Mmmm~ Yolanda~” Courtney moaned as she orgasmed, her body squirming from the pleasure. “Ah~ Fuckk~”

            Yolanda, knowing that Courtney has cummed, began to slow down her pace before she pulled the strap-on out of her ass, leaving a gaping hole.

            “Ahh~ That was… nice,” Courtney said sleepily. “Thanks for the wake-up call.”

            “Yeah, welcome but Courtney… Something happened last night and-” Yolanda was interrupted by a farting sound. “Courtney did you-”

            “Yes, I did,” Courtney answered plainly.

            “That is so gross,” Yolanda groaned jokingly. “Urgh… what did you eat?” Yolanda groaned.

            “Ha… You already ate my ass and fucked it raw, and you still think that farting is gross? Some hypocrite you are…” Courtney chuckled tiredly as she sat up. “Wow… we really made a mess, didn’t we?” Courtney looked around her bed and the room. “I wonder what we did?” Courtney asked. “Is that...?”

            “Piss yes… The last thing I remember was you pissing on me,” Yolanda said dryly.

            “Oops, seems like an accident,” Courtney stuck out her tongue playfully.

            “Huh sure…” Yolanda answered. She was pretty sure that wasn’t the case at all.

            “I suppose we can always look at the footage,” Yolanda said dryly.

            “Footage? Oh, you discovered the GoPro. Courtney asked smiling awkwardly.

            “Yes,” Yolanda answered, giving Courtney that unamused look once more.

            “Hey, Kitty~ don’t be like that, at least we will know what we did last night,” Courtney assured smilingly as she got down the bed. “Ah~ Still sore,” Courtney moaned as she moved towards the table and unplugged the GoPro from its power source. “I’m still surprise you didn’t notice the lights of this last night,” Courtney said fumbled around with it.

            “Whatever, let’s get food first, I’m starving,” Yolanda said.

            “Alright then, let’s head down,” Courtney said as she walked towards the door.

            “Wait… are we not going to get dressed?” Yolanda asked.

            “If you’re worrying someone might see us, relax the curtains are closed remember?” Courtney assured. “Just come down, nobody will see your beautiful and intoxicating body except me,” Courtney said.

            “Mmm~ I’m fine with that,” Yolanda chuckles as she move forward to join Courtney, heading downstairs.

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