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BY : Tenudakin
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            Yolanda wasn’t sure what to make of the bags of liquor she was carrying upstairs after she locked the doors. On one hand, she was excited for the night, but on the other hand, she was a little worried that things might really go out of hand.

            “Did Artemis bring the goods?” asked Courtney as Yolanda entered the room. Courtney was sitting on her study chair, seemingly arranging the stuff on her table.

            “Yeah, Court, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about this,” Yolanda said as she walked into the room, carrying two huge bags of liquor Artemis sent.

            “I wanted to surprise you kitty,” Courtney answered, smiling as innocent as ever. “Where is the fun in just telling you stuff?”

            “Fuck… we’re really going in hard this time,” Yolanda muttered as she looked at the liquor now set on the table in Courtney’s room. “By the way, Artemis wanted me to remind you that you still owe her money.”

            “I told her I will pay by the end of next week,” Courtney shrugged.

            “How?” Yolanda raised her eyebrow sceptically. “Do you need me to-”

            “I have my ways, kitty,” Yolanda could swear that Courtney just winked at her. “But now… let’s continue on, the night is still young kitty,” Courtney said smilingly.

            “You’re seriously feisty for action today,” Yolanda chuckled. “Isn’t your ass hurting?”

            “It’s fine really. Just a little sore,” Courtney shrugged. “Okay, it’s sore, but I’m fine,” Courtney admitted sheepishly after seeing that unamused look on her girlfriend’s face. “Come on, lighten up, kitty. We are going to have so much fun tonight,” Courtney said brightly.

            “Fun how?” Yolanda asked, but looking at the liquor that their friend just sent over, Yolanda knew all too well what Courtney had planned.

            “Drinking of course,” Courtney said. “Wasn’t that obvious enough?” Courtney head cocked in the direction of the bottles of liquor on the table.

            “What are we just going to drink like that?” asked Yolanda, obviously having not much knowledge of this.

            “Of course not. Where is the fun in that? Haven’t you heard this drinking game called Never have I ever?” asked Courtney as she walked towards Yolanda and looked into the bags of liquor and took two shots glasses from it.

            “Heard of it. Never played it before,” Yolanda said.

            “What?” Not even as a kid?” Courtney asked surprised, looking at the brunette.

            “Kids can drink!?” Yolanda asked even more surprised now.

            “There is a version of the game that doesn’t involve drinking, but that’s no fun,” Courtney rambled.

            “So how do we play this game?” asked Yolanda curiously as Courtney sat down on the chair.

            “Okay, each of us get a bottle of liquor and a shot glass. And then we get to ask each other stuff like… umm… for example, Never Have I Ever suck a dick before, if you have done it before, which I know you have,” Courtney smirked. “You have to take a shot.”

            “Umm… from what I hear here is drinking in turns,” Yolanda said plainly.

            “Well, that is if you know me well enough to get me to finish my bottle of liquor,” Courtney chuckled. “Whoever finishes their drink first loses,” Courtney explained after seeing the look of confusion on the brunette’s face.

            “Oh, okay, I think I got it now,” Yolanda said, her eyes looking at the bottle of liquor that she thought was already quite big. “By the way, what happens to the loser?” asked Yolanda.

            “You want to have a punishment for the loser?” Courtney asked.

            “Well… If you want to but…”

            “What if the loser will do anything the winner wants for a day?” asked Courtney smirkingly.

            “Why do I feel like I’m going to lose, and you have some things planned for me,” Yolanda asked smiling sceptically.

            “Do I look like the kind of person that will do that?” Courtney smiled.

            “Yes,” Yolanda answered sarcastically. “So, where are we doing this?” Yolanda asked curiously.

            “Where else? In my room of course,” Courtney said as she lifted two bottles of liquor and set them on the table beside the shot glasses. “Alright then, the rest can probably be for another occasion,” Courtney said. “Aren’t you a little overdressed?” asked Courtney teasingly.

            “Hmm? Yeah, I reckon so,” Yolanda agreed. Yolanda then stripped off her clothes and set them aside as Courtney placed the two bottles of liquor and shots glasses on the floor.

            “So, you done this before?” Yolanda asked as she sat down.

            “Drinking liquor? Yeah-” Courtney answered casually.

            “Never have I ever drunk liquor before,” Yolanda quickly interrupted, wearing that grin Courtney knew too well.

            “Yolanda,” Courtney groaned as she chuckled. “You don’t ask people what they have done before saying Never have I ever during the game.”

            “Well, the game just started after I said never have I ever, didn’t it?” asked Yolanda cheekily.

            “Oh, is that how it is?” Courtney asked. “Alright then,” Courtney said as she poured liquor into the shot glass before drinking it in one go.

            “But seriously though. When?” asked Yolanda curiously.

            “Not too long ago, took a bit from Pat’s liquor cupboard,” Courtney said.

            “Then, why did you even asked Artemis to bring all these liquors?” asked Yolanda, not understanding.

            “Well, it would be damn obvious if I took two whole bottles of liquor from the cabinet, right?” Courtney snapped. “Plus, I will probably get screwed by mom too if she finds out.”

            “Okay, fair enough. Your turn,” Yolanda said as she leaned against the bed post carefreely.

            “Never have I ever dated a guy,” Courtney said, smiling mischievously at Yolanda.

            “You bitch,” Yolanda chuckled as she poured her own into the shot glass. Yolanda lifted it up and looked at it for a short while before gulping it down her throat. “I don’t suppose I need to tell you how terrible hat entire ordeal was?”

            “No, not at all. You’re with me now anyway,” Courtney answered brightly. “Shoot away,” Courtney challenged.

            “Never have I ever peeked on someone naked,” Yolanda said casually.

            “Oh, yeah… don’t be surprised. I did sneak a peak of mom’s body,” Courtney said cheekily as she pours another shot and gulped it down. “Never have I ever destroyed a toaster,” Courtney said.

            “Come on, you know I’ve done these things,” Yolanda whined playfully before taking a shot. Yolanda felt her chest getting warm as she drunk.

            “That is the whole point, getting your opponent to drink,” Courtney snapped back loudly. Yolanda was pretty sure that the alcohol was getting to the blondie already.

            “Alright then, Never have I ever destroyed a car,” Yolanda said. “Now you’re getting it,” Courtney chuckled as she tipped the drink into her mouth.

            “Never have I ever sent my nudes to someone,” Courtney said.

            “Umm… Court. You sent your nudes to me before, you remember right?” Yolanda asked, lifting her eyebrow sceptically.

            “Oh yeah… I did,” Courtney said smiling. Yolanda thought that it was impossible for Courtney to look so innocent in a scenario like this. “Silly me,” Courtney chuckled before tipping another shot down her mouth as Yolanda drunk too.

            “Shoot away kitty,” Courtney said, her voice getting tipsy.

            ‘Never have I ever been fucked in the ass,” Yolanda said.

            “That literally just happened not even an hour ago,” Courtney said loudly as Yolanda chuckled. Yolanda watched Courtney downed another shot.

            “Why don’t we ask questions that we don’t know about each other, it will be more interesting,” Yolanda suggested. “That way, we might be better to learn more about each other.”

            “Alright… alright then, never I have ever… uh… stalked someone’s social media,” Courtney said.

            “I did that before,” Yolanda admitted as she poured another glass and downed it quickly, feeling her face getting a little warm.

            “Oh, whose?” asked Courtney curiously.

            “Henry’s,” Yolanda said. “I would probably stalk yours, but you don’t really post anything on it.”

            “Alright, your turn,” Courtney said.

            “Never have I ever gone commando,” Yolanda said to her surprise, Courtney took another shot. “You did?”

            “Almost all the time when I’m at home, sometimes in school as well, whenever I feel it,” Courtney said as she placed the glass on the floor, chuckling at Yolanda whose jaw dropped in surprise. “You should try it too. It is quite exciting as well as beneficial. At least based on what I read off the net.”

            “I will think about it,” said Yolanda.

            “Alright then, never have I ever tried BDSM,” Courtney said. She was pretty sure that Yolanda had done that before with Henry. She was surprised when Yolanda didn’t move. “No?”

            “Nope, never tried that out with Henry. What even made you think that I have?” asked Yolanda lifting her eyebrow.

            “Well, just the way you’re so… commanding in bed sometimes is just giving me dom vibes you know?” Courtney explained.

            “Ah… nah, never tried that before, maybe in the future, we can experiment a bit?” Yolanda suggested.

            “Certainly, on the list,” Courtney chuckled.

            “Well, since you’re going dirty with the question… Never have I ever been walked on by someone while masturbating,” Yolanda said.

            “Oh… yeah, definitely had, in fact it was you who walked in on me masturbating and moaning your name,” Courtney snapped sarcastically. “What happened to asking about stuff that we don’t know about each other?”

            “Oopsie, I forgot,” Yolanda chuckled unconvincingly.

            “Yeah, right,” Courtney said cynically as she downed another shot. “Never have I ever faked an orgasm.”

            Yolanda chuckled as she downed another shot. She was feeling a little tipsy now. “Yeah, not with you though, don’t worry,” Yolanda assured after noticing Courtney looking surprised.

            “Oh… Henry?”

            “He tried to eat me out, and all he did was lick at the completely wrong spot. I had to fake one to get him to stop,” Yolanda said. “That and a couple of other times as well.”

            “And you never faked any with me?” Courtney asked curiously.

            “Never,” Yolanda confirmed.

            “That’s good to know,” Courtney smiled. “Well, your turn.”

            “Hmm… let me think. Never have I ever tasted my own piss,” Yolanda said.

            “Oh… never did. But it is a kinky idea,” Courtney chuckles.

            “It is?” asked Yolanda.

            “I watched some porn of girls pissing on each other, quite hot and kinky,” Courtney said.

            “Well, that’s weird, but as long you like it, it’s fine,” Yolanda shrugged.

            “Never have I ever masturbated in a public toilet,” Yolanda said randomly

            “Haha… that was so random… but I will admit it,” Courtney laughed as she poured out another shot before taking it. “I ever masturbated in many public toilets.”

            “Wait really?” Yolanda said surprised.

            “Yeah, the school toilet, mall toilet, airplane toilet you name it,” Courtney rambled. Yolanda could see that the blondie’s face was already a little red.

            “Gee… you are a horny one,” Yolanda chuckled. “Your turn.”

            Courtney and Yolanda both continued with the game, almost taking equal number of shots as they did. Courtney was beginning to act a little wild as she began to speak louder and a little more wildly as she poured liquor into her shot glass, spilling a little on herself as she tipped the drink down her throat.

            “Oh my god is she drunk already?” Yolanda wondered. Yolanda wasn’t that drunk yet. But she felt very tipsy at this point.

            “Mmm~ Yolandaa~ Enjoying yourself?” Courtney asked slurring.

            “Yeah, she is drunk,” Yolanda thought to herself. “Yeah, I’m fine do you still want to continue or-”

            “Continue with what? Let’s just continue drinking!” Courtney answered loudly as she picked the bottle of liquor and stood up. “Whooo~ Ho!” Courtney walked swingingly towards Yolanda, who was still leaning against Courtney’s bed post and got onto the bed, sitting above Yolanda as she drunk directly from the liquor.

            “Come on~ Yolanda~ Drink up!” Courtney urged as she tipped the bottle of liquor, slopping quite a bit down her body, some landing on Yolanda.

            Yolanda just chuckled at the intoxicated mess Courtney was in as she joined in drinking from the liquor bottle in her hand. “If Courtney was going to let loose and go nuts tonight, might as well go nuts with her,” Yolanda thought to herself as she drank the liquor.

            “Mmm~ I’m thristyyy~ kittyyy~” Courtney said teasingly before she drank another good quarter of what’s left in her bottle.

            “You’re literally drinking, Court,” Yolanda snapped back at the very drunk blondie.

            “No~ I’m thirsty for you~” Courtney groaned aloud. “I want your piss~” Courtney moaned.

            “What?” Yolanda muttered in surprise. “Okay, Court… I think you’re really drunk,” Yolanda said as she tried to get up. She could feel her head spinning as she did.

            “No, I’m not!” Courtney pouted as she wrapped her legs around Yolanda’s neck, restraining her from moving, forcing her to sit down, pressing her head against the bed post.

            “Court~ Let me go,” Yolanda requested in a dangerous sweet tone, beginning the slur.

            “No~ I want you to play with me~” Courtney whined like a little innocent child.

            “Court, let me go!” Yolanda said more furiously now as she tried to free herself from Courtney grasp on her.

            “No~ Play with me!” Courtney answered.

            “Urghh~” Yolanda groaned as she downed more liquor without thinking.

            “Play with me~ Mmm~” Courtney pleaded playfully. “Or else I’m going to pee on you~”

            “You wouldn’t dare,” Yolanda chuckled dryly.

            “Oh yes I dare~” Courtney answered loudly.

            “You wouldn’t!”

            “I would! Let me prove it!” Courtney said firmly.

            “Nah, you wouldn’t… What the fuck!?” Yolanda shouted in surprise as she felt something warm trickle down her hair and face. “No… this girl didn’t just…” Yolanda stuck out her tongue and tasted the fluids that just flowed down on her. “This is piss… she didn’t…”

            “Ha! Told you I would,” Courtney said triumphantly as she slopped more liquor, pouring a little on Yolanda playfully. “Hmm~ Let me wash you a little~ kitty, you need a bath~”

            “Court… you better stop!” Yolanda growled slurring her speech.

            “Hmm~ Stay still kitty~ You’re still dirty~” Courtney cooed as she continues to pee on Yolanda.

            “Why you…” Yolanda turned around, just as the stream of pee hits her face and mouth. “Little bitch!” Yolanda grunted as she slapped Courtney’s pussy hard while the blondie continued to piss on her, drenching her wet at this point. “Pissing like a little slut you are huh?” Yolanda asked loudly, ignoring the fact that Courtney was literally wetting the bed, the floor and herself.

            “Aw~ Don’t be angry~ I’m sorry~ I won’t do this anymore~” Courtney apologized in such a whiny and playful tone, that Yolanda was pretty sure she wasn’t sorry at all.

            Then, just as Yolanda was about to pick up her bottle of liquor, another stream of piss hits her mouth. “Or perhaps I will~” Courtney chuckled as she downed more liquor.

            “Oh… You asked for this bitch,” Yolanda growled angrily as she slammed the bottle down and stood up, pushing Courtney backward roughly, making the blondie spill some of her drink.

            “Uh oh, looks like my kitty is angry~” Courtney said in a singsong tone. “Don’t be please… I said I’m sorryyy~” Courtney lifted the bottle of liquor to her mouth before downing the rest of the drink.

            “Nope, naughty sluts like you needs to be punished,” Yolanda said loudly as she slaps Courtney’s pussy hardly, making the blondie moan from the sudden impact on her wet pussy. “You’re so turned on by this aren’t you?” Yolanda asked chuckling.

            “Ah~ Yes~ Play with me~” Courtney moaned as she dropped the empty bottle and spread her legs, revealing her wet pussy.

            “Play with you? More like punish you~” Yolanda said teasingly before she began spanking Courtney’s wet pussy roughly. “How do you like that!?” Yolanda asked gruntingly as she hit Courtney’s pussy.

            “Ah~ MMm~ Kityy~ AH!” Courtney moaned as she released another stream of piss, landing some on Yolanda’s hands and legs.

            Yolanda lifted her hand to her mouth and licked it, tasting Courtney’s piss. “Hmm… taste better than I thought it would taste…” Yolanda said before landing another hard spank on Courtney’s already reddened pussy, which was still releasing piss, wetting the bed.

            “Mmm~ need to clog this leak,” Yolanda teased as she looks around the messy room dazingly. Then, her eyes set onto the bag of sex toys that were still on the table besides the bed.

            “Hey~ don’t leave mmmee~ I’m sorrryy~” Courtney called after Yolanda as she moved away from Courtney towards the bag of sex toys. Yolanda picked up the bag and tossed them onto the bed beside Courtney.

            “Please~ Play with me please~ Oh, pretty please~” Courtney begged, looking pitifully innocent.

            “Oh, you and I are going to have so much fun tonight,” Yolanda growled smirking as she pulled out a large dildo before moving towards Courtney. “Turn around! On your knees and hands!” Yolanda said commanding, clearly under the influence of the alcohol in her.

            “Gee~ It wouldn’t hurt to say please I mean…” Courtney rambled as she did what Yolanda says. “AH!” Courtney cried out as she felt something forcibly entered her asshole. “Fuckkk~” Courtney moaned as Yolanda pushed the dildo deep into her asshole that was just fucked not even a day before. Courtney felt the dildo fill her inside once more, as her anal muscles contracted giving her pleasure and making her moan from it.

            “Such an anal bitch…” Yolanda chuckled maniacally as she spanks Courtney’s butt multiple time, making the blondie moan in pain.

            “Ahh~ Fuckkk~ Kiityyyy!” Courtney moaned as she released another stream of fluids onto the bed.

            “Gee~ Court, at this point, you’re probably going to flood your room with your piss~” Yolanda slurred as she continues to spank Courtney’s ass mercilessly. “Such a FUCKING SLUT!” Yolanda barked as she spanked Courtney’s with all her might.

            “Ahh~ Fuckk~ Y~ AHH!” Courtney moaned out loud as she fell forward, laying flat on the bed, breathing heavily.

            “Huh… hope you learned your lesson,” Yolanda scoffed as she moved towards the edge of the bed to pick up her bottle of liquor on the floor, continuing to drink from it as she moved back towards the intoxicated blondie who was still lying on the bed. The dildo was still buried deep into her abused asshole. Yolanda soon noticed the small stream of piss still leaking from the drunken blondie.

            “Really? Can’t control your bladder huh?” Yolanda slurred as she observed Courtney’s leaking pussy. “Or you just love to piss around? Being the slut, you are.”

            “Mmmm~” Courtney moaned in response, enjoying the sensation of the dildo being buried deep in her ass.

            “Such a slut~” Yolanda scoffed before continuing to down the bottle of liquor.

            “Ah~ Don’t be angry~ Kityy~ I’m sorry~” Courtney moaned playfully.

            “Shut it,” Yolanda scoffed, spanking Courtney’s ass which was already red from the previous spanking.

            “Ah! Fuckkk~ Pleaseee~ I’m sorry!” Courtney moaned from the rough spankings that Yolanda was giving her. “I’ll do anything you want!”

            “Really?” Yolanda slurred. “Anything I want huh?”

            “Yess~ Kittyyy~” Courtney answered.

            “Oh, you’re in for a long night, turn around,” Yolanda said, chuckling as she stood up on the bed while Courtney turned around obediently before the brunette positioned herself above Courtney’s face, squatting. “You know what to do slut,” Yolanda commanded as she spanked Courtney’s pussy.

            “Mmmmfff!” Courtney moaned as she buried her face into licking and pleasuring Yolanda’s pussy while the brunette drank.

            “Fuckk~ yess~” Yolanda moaned as she rode Courtney’s face.

            “Mmm~Mmmmff!” Courtney moaned as Yolanda began to ride her.

            “Fuckkk~ Yes~ Ahh~ So good~ Lick me like the thirsty slut you are~” Yolanda moaned.

            ‘Mmmmfff~ Mmmff~” Courtney moaned in response.

            “Fuck, even sitting on you can keep you quiet huh?” Yolanda scoffed. “How about drowning you?” Yolanda asked as she released a stream of piss on Courtney’s face.

            Courtney was taken by surprise as she felt a stream of piss water down on her face, her tongue and even into her mouth. “Mmmm~ MMmfff!” Courtney moaned. Courtney’s face and hair were now drenched with piss, as well as her bed.

            “Drink it like the dirty piss slut you are!” Yolanda said loudly as she slopped liquor down her front. “Oh, fuck! Yess~”

            Courtney continues to pleasure and tonguefuck Yolanda’s pussy wildly despite the stream of piss hitting her. In fact, Courtney felt addicted to the taste of Yolanda’s piss, lapping at Yolanda’s pussy desperately for more.

            “Mmm~ Fucking hot~” Yolanda groaned as she rubbed Courtney’s ass with her ass, smearing the blondie’s face.

            “Mmm~ seems like my kittyy~ wants pleasure somewhere else~” Courtney said playfully as she grabs hold of Yolanda’s hip and pushed herself up. Courtney began to lap at Yolanda’s asshole.

            “What the- Hey that’s Ah~” Yolanda was overtaken by the sensation of Courtney going down on her asshole. “Dirty slut~” Yolanda growled.

            “Mmmmm~ Mmmm~” Courtney moaned against Yolanda’s asshole as she tonguefucked her asshole.

            “Ohhh~ Fuckk~ Oh fuckk~” Yolanda moaned as she felt her orgasm getting closer.


            “FUCK!” Yolanda shouted as she came, squirting juices on Courtney’s face. Yolanda rode Courtney’s face as she came, smearing her fluids all over the blondie.

            “Mmmm!” Courtney moaned against Yolanda’s ass.

            “Fuck~ That was so good,” Yolanda breathed as she set her bottle of liquor aside and moved towards Courtney’s wet pussy and rubbed it, making the blondie moan. “Aww~ So wet, and desperate for fucking,” Yolanda cooed as she licked it playfully. Yolanda then bent down completely and began lapping and tonguefucking Courtney’s pussy. Yolanda could still taste Courtney’s piss fresh from it was she pleasured Courtney.

            “Ahh~ Mmmm~ Fuckkk~ Kiittyy~” Courtney moaned and strained as Yolanda eat her pussy out.

            “Mmm~ Taste like the slutty girl you are~” Yolanda chuckled as her hands moved to take the dildo that was still in her asshole.

            “Ahh~ Fuckk~ Yolandaa~” Courtney moaned as she felt the dildo move in her asshole.

            “Mmm~ take this like the fucking anal bitch you are!” Yolanda said as she began fucking Courtney’s ass with the dildo as she tonguefucked Courtney’s pussy.

            “Ahh~ Mmm~ Kittyyy~ Oh Fuck~ Yes~ YES! MMM~” Courtney shouted in pleasure as she released another stream of piss, hitting Yolanda’s tongue and face.

            “Ooh!” Yolanda exclaimed as she lifted her face up while continuing to fuck Courtney with the dildo. “Let me return the favour,” Yolanda said as she pissed on Courtney again, this time hitting her face and her upper body.

            “Ahhh~ Tasty~” Courtney moaned as she opened her mouth and drank some of the piss. “FuckkK~ I’m gonna cum~ I’m gonna cum~” Courtney cried out.

            “CUM THEN! LIKE THE SLUT YOU ARE!” Yolanda bellowed as she continued to thrust the dildo in and out of Courtney’s ass.

            “AhHH~FUCK! KITYYY~” Courtney shouted as she squirted, wetting Yolanda’s face in the process.

            Yolanda chuckled as Courtney orgasmed. Yolanda then forcibly pulled the dildo out of Courtney’s asshole, making Courtney moaned from the sudden emptiness inside of her. “This should keep you quiet,” Yolanda said as she turned around, holding the dildo in her hand and forcibly thrusted the dildo into Courtney’s mouth, gagging her. Courtney could taste her ass from the dildo in her mouth. Yolanda just laughed as she mercilessly pushed the dildo into Courtney’s mouth, making her gag from it for a few seconds before pulling out.

            “How did you like it huh? Tasty?” Yolanda asked dangerously sweetly as she looked at Courtney.

            “Ohh~ Yes~ Do it more~ Fuck me!” Courtney moaned.

            “As my princess wishes,” Yolanda smiled as she grabbed the familiar black strap-on dildo and wore it in front of Courtney. Courtney watched intoxicatedly as the black dildo swung in front of her.

            “Come on~ You watched porn before~” Yolanda ushered as she slapped Courtney’s face lightly with the black strap-on that was fucked her ass. Courtney then playfully stuck a tongue out, licking the strap-on before taking it in her mouth. “Now that is a good girl~” Yolanda praised as she began to thrust backward and forwards, fucking the cute blondie’s face roughly. Courtney was making gagging sounds as Yolanda fucked her face.

            “Ah!” Courtney exclaimed as Yolanda pulled out, grasping for air.

            “You love being used and screwed so much, don’t you slut?” asked Yolanda as she slapped Courtney’s face with the strap-on, smearing Courtney’s own saliva on her face.

            “Oh yesss~ I love it so much~” Courtney chuckles intoxicatedly as Yolanda moved backwards before flipping her over forcibly. “Ah! Kittyyy~” Courtney was taken by surprise when Yolanda flipped her over.

            “Welll~ How about this~” Yolanda asked chuckling. “I fuck both of your holes until you pass out.”

            “Oh~ Yes please~ Please kitty~” Courtney begged sweetly and innocently. “Fuck me~”

            “As my princess wishes,” Yolanda said as she picked Courtney’s-soaked panties from the bed. “Now, this should keep you quiet,” Yolanda said as she stuffed the panties into Courtney’s mouth before kissing her briefly.

            “Mmmff~” Courtney moaned impatiently through the makeshift gag as Yolanda grabbed the lube and lubed the strap-on.

            “Now, time to fuck you senseless~” Yolanda slurred as she pushed both the strap-on dildo into Courtney’s ass and the dildo in her hand into Courtney’s pussy.


            Yolanda opened her eyes dazingly, she could feel her head hurts. She looked at Courtney, sleeping blissfully besides her. “Oh my god… what the… is it morning already?” Yolanda wondered as she noticed the sunlight shining through the curtains. “Argh…” Yolanda groaned as she pushed Courtney’s body aside softly and sat up.

            As Yolanda tried to get up, she noticed a weird feeling in her asshole, Yolanda touched her asshole, realizing that there was a buttplug in her asshole. “What the… when did,” Yolanda muttered as she got up. Yolanda then pulled the butt plug from her asshole and set it aside. Yolanda also realized that she was wearing the black strap-on used to fuck Courtney’s ass.

            Then, a stench of smell drift upon Yolanda’s nose.” Why the hell this place smells like… alcohol and… piss?” Yolanda thought to herself as she looked around the room. A bottle of almost empty liquor was laid on the side of the bed while there were patches of wet stain on the bed. Yolanda then sniffed her hair. “What the… why does it… what did we do last night?” Yolanda tried to recall the last thing she remembers.

            “The last thing I remember was… we were drinking, Courtney was getting drunk, walked over to me and her… piss on me… and… and…” Yolanda thought. Then she looked at Courtney, who was still asleep, she noticed that there was a dildo near Courtney’s pussy. A bottle of opened lube was laying nearby as well.

            Yolanda felt a piercing headache as she moved to wake Courtney up. “Court… Court!” Yolanda hushed. “Court! Wake up!”

            “Urgh…Five more minutes~” Courtney muttered in her sleep.

            Yolanda smiled as she looked around the room. Then, something caught her eye, there was a red light coming from the table opposite of the bed, hidden behind stuff on the table. “What the…” Yolanda muttered as she got down the bed and towards the light source. Yolanda then pushed the stuff in front of the source aside, then she saw it, it was a GoPro, connected to a wall adapter plug. Yolanda then took it and looked at the screen of the GoPro and realized that the memory card was already full.

            “Did she…” Yolanda thought to herself perplexed by the GoPro in her hand as she looked at Courtney’s sleeping figure. Then, she remembers that Courtney was arranging stuff on the table just as she herself walked into the room with the liquor. “Hh… Typical of Court to surprise me…” Yolanda muttered smilingly as she held the GoPro.

            Then, a naughty idea struck Yolanda as she looks at Courtney’s naked body sprawled on the bed and the strap-on dildo she was wearing. “Hmm… time to give her a surprise in return,” Yolanda muttered smirkingly as she placed the GoPro down and walked towards Courtney.

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