The Sexy Stories of Starcat

BY : Tenudakin
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            It was just another usual day for Courtney and Yolanda. The two girls went through their usual daily life of school and JSA training with the team. After a long day and dinner at the diner, Yolanda heads over to Courtney’s place as usual, to stay over for the weekend, and keep her girlfriend company. There was no one else at home. Barbara has a business trip, so Pat went along with her while Mike went to stay over at his friend’s house as usual.

            “Come on Yolanda~” Courtney called out as she flopped onto her bed impatiently, already naked. Meanwhile, Yolanda was still stripping “We don’t get to do this in the house and be as loud as we want that often-”

            “Gee… You’re real pushy, Court. We have this entire house to ourselves for like the next 3 nights,” Yolanda chuckled as got onto the bed after setting down her clothes on the study table, before pinning Courtney as their lips meet, kissing, their tongues touching.

            “Mmm~” Courtney moans as Yolanda’s hand move to touch her pussy and clit.

            “Oh~ You’re already so wet, and excited,” Yolanda exclaimed softly as she pleasured the blondie.

            “For you kitty,” Courtney smiled.

            “Naughty girl,” Yolanda mouthed as she moved her hands away from Courtney, making the blondie fake pout.

            “Come on, Yolanda~” Courtney whined. “We only get to do this in the comfort of my room once or twice a week, stop teasing me~”

            Yolanda chuckled at her girlfriend. “Well, if you insist,” Yolanda got up and moved to the side of the bed. There was a bag full of Courtney’s toys of these types of occasion. “So, which one?” Yolanda asked.

            “I was thinking the large one,” Courtney answered as she got up and moved over to Yolanda and knelt beside her.

            “You mean this one?” Yolanda asked as she took what she thought was the largest strap-on in the bag of sex toys.

            “No… Oh, I forgot to tell you,” Courtney said smilingly as she rummaged the bag, before taking out a strap-on that was larger than the one Yolanda held. “I did some online shopping. Borrowed Artemis’s card, again,” Courtney finished.

            Yolanda’s eyes widened as she saw the thing in Courtney’s hand. “Are- are you sure?” Yolanda stuttered as she roughly measured the length of the strap-on in her mind. The previous one they had was already 6 inches. “This one is definitely more than that, 6.5 inches? 7 inches?” Yolanda thought to herself.

            “Yeah, why not?” Courtney asked innocently.

            “How- How big is that?” asked Yolanda nervously.

            “8 inches long, diameter is quite wide too, isn’t it?” asked Courtney, seemingly calm with what she was seeing, holding it beside her arm to compare the sizes.

            “You want me to do you, with that?” asked Yolanda, still surprised as Courtney handed her the dildo. She was still in awe that Courtney was even suggesting it.

            “Yeah, I think the message is quite clear, isn’t it?” asked Courtney, still not noticing Yolanda’s shock at seeing the size of the dildo. “And I was thinking that you could do my ass.”

            “What!?” Yolanda said shockingly.

            “Yeah, we’ve been talking about this for a while,” Courtney said. “What better than to do it here? I don’t want my first anal to be in that shed,” Courtney said casually. “Don’t worry, I cleaned it.”

            “Courtney, you're crazy. That's not gonna fit in your ass, you're not a pornstar, you gotta start small or it could really hurt you,” Yolanda said in concern for her girlfriend.

            “Yeah, so that’s why I also used Artemis’s card to buy these,” Courtney said as she took out a couple of anal toys, including anal beads and buttplugs of different sizes and shapes. “I had this in my ass whenever I was at home to prepare myself for you,” Courtney explained, holding one of the buttplugs in front of Yolanda, which Yolanda thought was already quite big.

            “Gee… since when did you get so-” asked Yolanda chuckling awkwardly.

            “Well, ever since you stuck your finger into my asshole during our first, been thinking about it ever since,” Courtney said. “Couldn’t resist the thought of it, so I watched some porn, you know, about anal, and you know, convince Artemis to let me use her debit card… well not exactly hers… you get the idea.”

            “You’re sure you want me to do you with this?” Yolanda asked Courtney again.

            “Yes, I want you to fuck me with that, and with that dom side of yours,” Courtney said. Yolanda could never understand how Courtney looked so innocent in these situations.

            “So…what do you want me to do?” asked Yolanda as she fumbled around with the strap-on dildo that Courtney handed her.

            “I don’t know, you’re supposed to be the dom one. I mean haven’t you watch any anal porn before?” asked Courtney.

            As of a matter of fact, she did. Yolanda tried to recall some scenes of the lesbian porn she watches to get off before she and Courtney got together. She had come across some anal porn before. “Licking her asshole?” Yolanda thought to herself. A certain taboo feeling filled her, but Yolanda ignored it. “Couldn’t be so different from eating her pussy, out right?” Yolanda thought as she moved herself closer to Courtney’s ass.

            “Alright then, get on all fours Court,” Yolanda said awkwardly as she prepared herself mentally for what she was about to do, hoping that it wouldn’t taste that bad. Meanwhile, Courtney got on her knees and

            “Come on Yolanda don’t keep me wait- Oh~” Courtney stopped talking as she felt something wet brush against her asshole. “Mmm~ ah~”

            Yolanda was licking up and down against Courtney’s asshole, enjoying more than she thought she would. “Mm~ This is not as bad as I thought it would be, Hmm~ This taste, I wonder if I-”

            “Oh my~ Ah~ Mmm~ You’re so good at~ Fuck!” Courtney moaned out in surprise as Yolanda’s tongue went into Courtney’s asshole.

            Yolanda began lapping up and down against Courtney’s asshole, pushing in and out occasionally, savouring the unique taste as she did while making the blondie moan. “Who knew this is so addicting?” Yolanda thought to herself as she slapped Courtney’s round bubbly ass as she tonguefucked Courtney’s ass, yearning for more as her tongue touched the insides of Courtney.

            “Ah! Oh! Now who is the pushy one~” Courtney teased moaningly as Yolanda tonguefucked her asshole. ‘Ah! Fuck yes~ Now you’re getting into the mood~ Yes!” Courtney moaned as Yolanda continuously pleasured her asshole.

             The room was immediately filled with moans of the blondie whose asshole was being lapped at, tonguefucked and fingered by Yolanda. At this point, Yolanda felt that she was enjoying the taste of Courtney’s asshole more than she should be.

            “Ah~ Yes~ Yolanda~ Fuck~ You’re so good at this!” Courtney moaned. “Ah~ Yes~ I’m~ AH~ Cumming!” Courtney moaned as she rubbed Yolanda’s face with her ass, smearing the brunette’s face with her juices as she squirted. The fact that Courtney came so quick from her asshole being licked surprised Yolanda.

            Yolanda pulled out her finger and licked it, savouring Courtney’s butthole’s and juices taste on her finger. “Mmm… I have to say Court, you taste so much better than I thought you would.”

            “Mmm~ You’re so good as well,” Courtney said panting from her orgasm. “I want you to fuck me with that now~”

            “Alright, alright. Be patient girl,” Yolanda chuckled nervously as she wore the huge strap-on, the black dildo swinging as she wore it.

            “Looks good on you,” Courtney smiled as she turned around and looked at Yolanda. Courtney then turned over and got on all fours. “Come on now kitty, fuck me.”

            “Let me lube this first,” Yolanda said nervously as she grabbed the lube. She was pretty sure that she was going to need a lot, despite Courtney was already wet. Yolanda was now unsure of this. “Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you-”

            “I’ll be fine, I’ve been through worse haven’t I now?” asked Courtney cheekily. “Come on, bring out your dom side,” Courtney ushered. “I want you to be dominating, remember?” asked Courtney reminding the brunette of their chats about doing this.

            “Alright then,” Yolanda shrugged as she rubs some lube on the dildo, making it slippery. “Should I-”

            “Just do as you wish kitty, I trust you,” Courtney said. “Don’t hold back, just go in.”

            “Okay…” Yolanda answered awkwardly. “So, should I just go in slowly or-”

            “It’s up to you. You’re the dom! Remember,” Courtney answered, wriggling her ass a little, inviting the brunette to fuck her senseless.

            Yolanda positioned the dildo at Courtney’s ass. Courtney’s pussy was already so wet at this point, it was drooling. But Yolanda knew that that wouldn’t be the main course of today. Courtney’s round, firm and perfect ass will be fucked. Yolanda herself knew that she could be very rough if Courtney wanted to. Courtney probably wouldn’t be able to walk straight for a few days.

            “Come one~ Yolanda~ Don’t tease me anymore~” Courtney whined out loud, snapping Yolanda back to her senses.

            “Alright Court, brace yourself” Yolanda said as she pressed the dildo’s head against Courtney’s asshole, slowly pushing in. “Here we go.”

            Courtney gasped as the huge dildo slowly filled her butthole, stretching it wide as the strap-on dildo slowly disappear into her asshole. “Mmm~ Ah!” Courtney cried out, seemingly in pain. Yolanda immediately stopped pushing upon hearing Courtney’s cries, concerned for her girlfriend, who was now gasping and moaning.

            “Are yo-”

            “I’m fine! Just… Ah! Overwhelmed! Continue on… give me more… Ah fuck~ Feels so… good~” Courtney answered moaningly as she felt the strap-on dildo that was buried halfway deep into her asshole. Courtney squirmed as she felt her muscles contract against the dildo. Yolanda sighed worryingly and slowly push more of the length into Courtney, who was now grabbing onto the bed sheet, clutching it as the dildo slowly entered her asshole completely.

            “Oh god… fucking yes~ Ah! Fuck me, Yolanda~ Fuck me! Kitty!” Courtney moaned out loud as she felt the dildo completely filling her anus. “Fuckkk~ So good!”

            Yolanda would probably be lying if she said that Courtney’s moans and screams of pleasure didn’t turn her on, and somehow, it was turning her on a lot this time. Perhaps it was because the view of Courtney’s perfect ass being stuffed was a sight that turned her on more than she thought it would. Perhaps it was because Yolanda was doing something, she previously thought was taboo. “Well, then again, what I’ve been doing with Courtney so far is considered taboo by my family anyway,” Yolanda thought to herself.

            “Yolanda~ Fuck me~ Please~ Screw my asshole~ Fuck me until I break! Destroy my asshole!” Courtney suddenly shouted, bringing Yolanda back once more. “Fuck me! Like I’m your anal whore! Butt Bitch!” Courtney was obviously overwhelmed by the pleasure she felt from her perfect asshole being stuffed.

            Courtney requests and noises were more than enough to jumpstart the kinky beast inside of Yolanda. Yolanda began to thrust in and out of Courtney’s butt. “Mmm~ yes~ Fuck~ Yes! Harder! Rougher! Just destroy meee~” Courtney moaned out loud and shouted from the overwhelming pleasure she felt.

            Yolanda soon began to thrust in and out faster, her hip pounding against the blondie’s butt roughly as she did. Giving what Courtney wanted so badly. Courtney screams and moans were so loud that someone outside could probably hear them at this point. Courtney could already feel herself closing to her first orgasm not even long after Yolanda began fucking her roughly.

            “I- I’m fucking cumming~ Ah!” Courtney shouted as she squirted, wetting her thighs and eventually the bed.

            Yolanda was surprised at how quick Courtney orgasmed from being anal fucked. Yolanda suddenly felt an urge to go even more rougher on the blondie. Perhaps it was because off how sexy this entire scenario was, or it was Courtney’s loud and sexy moans edging her to go down rougher, further. Yolanda grabbed a handful of Courtney’s bushy hair and began tugging on it as she fucked the blondie’s ass, spanking her ass red as she did.

            “Damn it! You love being fucked in the ass so fucking, much don’t you?” Yolanda asked loudly as she fucked Courtney’s roughly, making her moans grow louder than before.

            “Ah~ Ah~ Yes! I love it~ I love to be fucked in the ass! Ah! Yes! HARDER! ROUGHER FUCK YES! DESTROY MY ASSSS!” Courtney screamed as she was overwhelmed once more by another orgasm that made her squirt her juices again.

            Yolanda was taken by surprise from how quick it has taken Courtney to orgasm again. “Damn, she is really loving this…” Yolanda thought to herself as she her hands moved to hold Courtney’s hip, attempting to thrust even deeper than before.

            Sounds of flesh hitting, moaning, shouts of pleasure and spanking filled the room as Yolanda screwed Courtney’s tight asshole. Courtney felt as she was being fucked into oblivion as Yolanda pounded against her. The sensation of the huge dildo fucking her asshole was driving her over the edge in a pleasurable way. Courtney felt as if the black strap-on dildo that Yolanda was fucking her asshole with was milking out every last pussy juice out of her body as she squirted and squirted again from the pleasure of being fucked in the asshole by the brunette.

            “Ah~ Ah~ Fuckkkk~ Fuckkk~ AHHH~” Courtney screamed in pleasure as she orgasmed once more, squirting even more than the last time, making Yolanda even more surprised as she thought that it was impossible for her to squirt anymore.

            “Look at you… a fucking slut for anal!” Yolanda said loudly as she repeatedly spanked Courtney’s ass. “How many times have you cummed from being fuck in your asshole huh?”

            Yolanda herself was also cumming from fucking Courtney as the strap-on dildo was also pounding against her pussy, giving her pleasure as well as she screwed Courtney’s ass. The mental stimulation of seeing and hearing Courtney is such a sexy mess was adding more as well. Of course, Yolanda wasn’t screaming and squirting like the blondie she was fucking right now, who was in a total mess.

            “Ah~ Too many times~ Fuck~ Lost track! Ahh~ YES!! FUCKK~” Courtney moans were basically drowning the spanking sound at this point.

            “FUCKKK! CUMMING AH~ Yes!” Courtney screamed from the continuous pleasure of the huge black strap-on fucking her roughly.

            “Mmmm~ Ah!” Yolanda moaned out as she felt herself cum again.

            “You’re such a slut!” Yolanda grunted loudly as she continues to thrust in and out of Courtney’s asshole. “Such an anal whore!”

            “YOUR SLUT~ Ah~ FUCK~ YES! I’M YOURS! YOUR ANAL WHORE!” Courtney screamed from pleasure as she squirted for what seems like an umpteenth time while Yolanda felt herself cum again. Courtney’s hands and leg finally gave way and the two girl fell back on the bed, panting heavily from the intense lovemaking session they just had. The black dildo was still buried deep inside Courtney’s asshole.

            “Fuckkk~ so good~ Ah~” Courtney moaned as she tried to move and felt the black dildo still buried deep inside of her.

            “Oh, I forgot to pull it out, sorry,” Yolanda realized as she got up, quite exhausted. She backed away from Courtney, whose leg was drenched with her pussy juices that she squirted so much. Yolanda pulled out the strap-on dildo, revealing Courtney’s gaping asshole. Yolanda could see the insides of her asshole. Immediately, she felt an urge to go down on her again.

            “Ah~ Fuck~ I feel so empty now…” Courtney groaned as she felt a sudden emptiness in her butt. “Oh~ That was so- Mmm! Yolanda?” Courtney asked as she felt something enter her asshole, moving around. It was Yolanda, licking and tonguefucking her gaping asshole while Yolanda fingered Courtney’s pussy roughly.

            “Oh~ Fuck~ Yes~ You’re going to make me cummm~ Agaain~ Ahh~ Fuckkk~ FUCKK!” Courtney moaned loudly as she squirted another load of her juices right on Yolanda’s already wet face, pressing and shaking her booty right on Yolanda’s face as she did, muffling any sounds Yolanda made.

            Courtney was truly worn out from being fucked and toyed anally and laid on her stomach, breathing heavily as Yolanda laid besides her, still wearing the strap-on.

            “Fuckk~ You’re so good~” Courtney moaned tiredly. “We should do this more often~ Ah~”

            “Yeah I agree,” Yolanda chuckles as she turns to face Courtney, whose face was red. “I didn’t hurt you though… did I?” asked Yolanda in concerned.

            “Probably won’t be able to walk straight for a while, but I’m fine,” Courtney answered.

            “How did it feel?” Yolanda asked curiously, seeing Courtney enjoy it so much made her wonder if she could try it.

            “You never done it with Henry?” asked Courtney.

            “We… never got the chance to go all the way so… yeah, not really sure how it feels,” Yolanda said sheepishly.

            “Maybe I can fuck you anal, if you want that,” Courtney suggested.

            “Not with this of course… Not yet anyway… I want to start off with something smaller,” Yolanda answered.

            “Hmm… You can use the buttplugs. I brought a pair of each anyway,” Courtney offered smiling.

            “Seriously though,” Yolanda said as she got up and dragged the bag of sex toys over. “Artemis agreed to let you use her father’s debit card to buy all these?” asked Yolanda puzzled. “For free?”

            “Well… of course not, I’ll have to pay her back,” Courtney said. “What is the time anyway?” asked Courtney as she got up. “Ah~ Yeah feeling it,” Courtney groaned as she felt a little sore, but somehow, she liked that feeling of soreness.

            “Well, it is about 8,” Yolanda said.

            “Good gracious, have we been fucking since 7?” Courtney said surprisingly.

            “I think so,” Yolanda chuckled as she looked at the black strap-on she still wore. “Well, we still have a night and two days ahead of us, what do you want to do tonight?” asked Yolanda just as Courtney’s phone began to ring.

            Yolanda picked the phone up. “Oh, it is Artemis,” Yolanda said casually.

            “Oh crap, Artemis is probably waiting for me outside,” said Courtney as she moved down the bed. “Fuck…Ah!” Courtney groaned from the soreness.

            “You just stay in bed, Court,” Yolanda said. “I’ll get the door.” Yolanda moved down the bed to wear her clothes.

            “Thanks, kitty,’ Courtney said smilingly.

            Yolanda made her way downstairs and toward the door. She opened the door, revealing Artemis, who was standing at the door, her arms crossed. “Finally, I was wondering when you two would be done,” Artemis said. “I could hear you from outside. Doing anal huh?”

            ‘Artemis, what are you doing here by the way,” Yolanda said, ignoring Artemis rants about them being noisy.

            “Courtney didn’t tell you? She asked me to bring a bit of drinks from my dad’s liquor cabinet,” Artemis said casually gesturing to the two plastic bags filled with bottles of liquor at her feet.

            “Wh- C- She did what!?” Yolanda asked surprisingly.

            “Oh, she didn’t tell you huh?” Artemis said smirkingly. “Well then, cheers,” Artemis said before turning around and walking away towards a car, Rick’s car. Yolanda could see Rick and Beth in the car, snickering.

            “Oh, by the way! Tell Court that she still owes me for the toys!” Artemis called out before turning back.

            Yolanda sighed, smiling. “That girl does like to surprise me.” Yolanda knew that she was in for a crazy weekend.

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