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BY : Tenudakin
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           “Wildcat? Hello-”

           Wildcat continues dazing over the small town of Blue Valley from the top of Blue Valley Medical Center, not aware that Dr. Mid-Nite, who was standing right beside her, trying to get her attention.

           “Wildcat? You there? Hello, Earth to Wildcat, Earth to Yolanda -” Dr. Mid-Nite continues to call her softly as she snaps her fingers right in front of the cat-suited heroine face, bringing her conscious back, making her jolt a little.

           “Gosh! Beth, what is it?” asked Yolanda in an irritated tone as Beth interrupted her train of thought.

           “Oh~ nothing, except you have been staring in the same direction for the past 10 minutes, we are supposed to be on night patrol,” retorted Beth. Beth paused for a while, taking a breath before asking the question that was on her mind. “You seem quite distracted and you seem to have a lot on your mind, especially for the past few weeks. Is everything all right?” asked Beth concerned.

           “Uhm~ no, no, I’m fine~” Yolanda stammers.

           Beth gives her a doubtful look. “You do realize that Chuck can tell whether you are lying or not, right? Plus, I don’t need Chuck to tell me to know you have something on your mind, or rather, someone special on your mind,” she said as she smiles at a very flustered Wildcat. “Do you wanna tell me who is it- no- Let me take a guess,” said Beth. “It’s Courtney, right?” asked the hooded heroine. Looking at Yolanda’s surprised face, she knew she had hit the jackpot.

           Wildcat nodded slowly, wearing a flustered smile. “How did you know?”

           “Well, the way you have been looking at her during recess, practice, patrol, well pretty much every time you see her is kinda obvious, and you the way you look whenever Courtney’s name is mentioned, and-“

           “Okay, okay, I get the point, I am terrible at hiding my crush on her,” Yolanda said looking embarrassed.

           “Hey, girl, there is nothing wrong with you liking a girl,” reassured Beth.

           “I know, I know~”

           “But why you hadn’t told her?” asked Beth.

           “I’m~ urgh~ worried that she doesn’t like me that way.”

           “You know what? I think you should just be honest with Courtney tell her your feelings, maybe she got feeling for you too.” Beth said placing her hand on Yolanda's shoulder.

           “Really? What makes you think so?”

           “Just an instinct,” Beth answered smiling. “And think about you and Courtney ship name, Starcat sounds pretty good to me, even Chuck thinks so” said Beth jokingly.

            Yolanda rolls her eyes. “Trust Beth to ruin a moment,” she thought to herself.


           Rick launched an attack at Courtney. Courtney managed to block his attack before striking back at him.

           “C’mon Court, your reflexes are slow!” taunted Rick as he blocks Courtney's attack.

           “Just going easy on you, don’t get too cocky!” retorted Courtney.

           Courtney launched another attack at him.

           “C’mon Court, get your head in the game,” said Rick as he dodged her attack and knocked her down.

           “Heh, going easy on me?” Rick asked smiling as he helped Courtney up.

           “Yeah, I was, in fact, ~ hold on ” Courtney stopped abruptly to check her phone.

           “Oh, it’s Yolanda, she’s not coming to training,” said Courtney.

           Rick saw her expression, he thought he saw Courtney looking disappointed when saying that Yolanda could not come. He smiled to himself.

           “So, I see you got a thing for Montez huh?” asked Rick.

           Courtney nearly dropped her phone in surprise. She calms herself down before continuing the conversation.

           “What makes you think so?” asked Courtney.

           “Well, I just saw your face Court, a look of disappointment, when you told me that Montez isn’t coming,” explained Rick. “Secondly, you weren’t exactly trying to subtle when you are around her either, the way you look at her is exactly the way Beth looks at me. You are in love, Stargirl. At least for about weeks if I were to take a guess,”

           “Since when did you became so observant?”

           “Spending a lot of time with Beth has made me more observant of my surroundings, but don’t change the subject. You~”

           “Well, you don’t see me denying it, right?” replied Courtney as she rolled her eyes at Rick.

           “But, what is stopping you from telling her then?”

           Courtney was silent for a few seconds. “Fear,” she said.

           “Remember, what you told me about pursuing Beth?”

           “If you are really in love with someone, don’t wait too long,” said Courtney reminding herself of the time she advised Rick to reveals his feeling to Beth.

           “Now, I am giving this same advice to you, Court. Go and talk to your Wildcat, Stargirl.”

            That night, after patrol, Yolanda returned to her house, she took off her Wildcat suit and headed to her bathroom to take a shower. As she took off her panties, she felt a wet patch on it.

           “Oh gosh, this is like the 10th time I got my panties wet this week,” she thought to herself. She walked to her mirror, looking at her own naked body, wondering what Courtney will think of her like this.

Then, she felt her pussy becoming moist and touched it, realizing her urges, she lays on her bed naked, imagining Courtney touching her pussy, then rubbing the folds of her vagina, she moans a little, trying hard not to disturb her family. “Hmmm, oh Courtney,” she moans as she lays on her bed, rubbing her pussy a little harder while grabbing her dildo she kept in her secret box under her bed. “Ah, yes! ~Mmm.” Yolanda began to masturbate herself with her dildo, moaning Courtney’s name occasionally. Thinking of Courtney’s fucking her with a strap-on, her cute and radiating smile, her sweet voice. “Mmpff~ Oh yes, fuck~ Courtney~ Mmmm!” moans Yolanda softly as she hit her climax. Laying on her bed, exhausted, she drifted off to sleep.


            During school break time, Yolanda and Beth was at their usual table eating lunch. Yolanda kept on looking around for Courtney. Beth soon realized Yolanda’s movements.

            “Hey, cat, waiting for your star?” Beth asked smirking at Yolanda.

            Yolanda rolled her eyes at Beth, ignoring her question. Not long after, Rick walked towards the table.

            “Hey, babe,” Rick said smiling then sitting down besides Beth.

            “Hey,” Beth greeted Rick cheerfully.

            “Where’s Court and Crock? They are usually here before me”

            “No idea,” replied Beth.

            “Hope she didn’t get in trouble,” Yolanda mutters.

            “I doubt it.” Beth replied. “By the way, when are you gonna tell her?” asked Beth.

            “Uhmm~ I honestly don’t know, whenever I am ready, I guess,” Yolanda asked her unsurely.

            “Tell who about what?” asked Rick

            “None of your business, Rick,” the boxer snapped at him.

            “C’mon, Montez, don’t be salty, I’m just curious, we’re friends after all, maybe I can help you, you know~”

            “I doubt it,” Yolanda replied.

            “Tell who about what?” a familiar voice rang from behind them. Yolanda immediately recognizing the voice, turns around. It was Courtney, the girl of her dreams. Artemis was just behind Courtney.

            “Hey, Courtney.”

            “Hi, Yolanda,” said Courtney as she sat down besides the boxer.

            “Sup, Artemis, why you and Courtney were so late?” asked Beth.

            “Let’s just say that our math teacher taught us a lot,” complained Artemis as she sat down.

            “Nothing new, he is always like that, typical of Mr. Harris,” said Rick.

            “I know right? I couldn’t even concentrate just now, I was starving~” complained Courtney. Courtney knew that she was only telling half the truth. The part where she said that she couldn’t concentrate was true, starvation was part of the reason, but the main reason was because she was planning on how to tell Yolanda her feelings for her.

            As the group continues chatting, it was obvious that Courtney and Yolanda are very much in love with each other and are both oblivious to it.

            “Hey, Yolanda?” asked the blonde-haired girl.

            “Yeah, Court?”

            “I’m just wondering~ , if you could come by my place, I kinda need someone to help me with my math and~”

            “No worries, Court, I can drop by,” replied Yolanda smiling. She was glad to have the opportunity to spend more time with Courtney, and probably, a chance to reveal her feelings to her.

            “That’s great, Uhmm~, how about 4?” asked Courtney.

            “Sure, I will drop by,” Yolanda answered, feeling happy that she get to spend some alone time with Courtney and perhaps a good opportunity to tell Courtney about her feeling towards her.

            “By the way, when is Pat and your mom coming back from their trip?” asked Rick.

            “I think they will be back on Sunday.”

            “So, it’s just you and Mike during the weekend?” asked Artemis.

            “No, Mike is having a staying over at his friend’s house,” replied Courtney. “Why, is there anything?”

            “No, just curious,” replied Artemis.

            As the group continues chatting, Yolanda kept on thinking about how she is going to tell Courtney that she likes her. Even during classes, her mind kept on dozing off, thinking about Courtney, her selflessness, caring and sometimes quirky personality. She wonders about how her life would have been if Courtney didn’t give her the chance to become Wildcat, what the girl of her dreams thinks of her and whether she likes her that way.

            After school, Yolanda is walking out of the school, then she heard someone calling her.

            “Yolanda, hey,” Artemis called catching up to her.

            “Oh, Artemis, hi, what is it?” asked Yolanda.

            “Courtney wants me to tell you that you can go to her house at half past 2,” informed Artemis.

            “Ok, thanks,” Yolanda thanked Artemis smiling at the thought of seeing Courtney.


            Courtney unlocked the doors of the house after walking home from school and locked the door before heading upstairs to change. She was thinking about how to tell Yolanda that she loves her. The question has been boggling her mind the entire day. She couldn’t keep her mind off Yolanda, her crush, her one and only Wildcat. Thinking about her strong and brave personality, thinking of how much Yolanda has grown since her first day of being Wildcat. Thinking about how she would take her in bed. Feeling horny, Courtney feels the urge, her panties getting soaked. Courtney cries out in frustration and took off her jeans and panties, grabbing her vibrator from her box of toys, she sat down on her bed. Before continuing, Courtney just remembered something.

            “Oh gosh, Yolanda is coming over, is there even time~” she thought to herself then looked at the clock on her wall. “Ah, it’s only 2.15, no prob.” She thought as she proceeds to on the vibrator and began to masturbate herself.

            Yolanda was walking both cheerfully and anxiously over to Courtney’s house, glad that she is going to to spend more time with her but anxious about how to tell her that she likes her. As she approached the door and was about to knock on the door, she realized that the door was unlocked. Yolanda began to panic internally “Did a burglar entered the house? Did Courtney got kidnapped? No, she is a strong girl, but she could have been taken by surprise. Oh, what should I do?” Question began flooding Yolanda’s mind as she thinks about what to do next. Yolanda walked slowly and quietly into the house, she placed her bag on the table softly, she saw the keys to the house. She proceeds to lock the doors quietly in case the intruder tries to make an escape. She opened her bag and took out her Wildcat suit, putting it on as quietly and fast as possible. After that, Yolanda began searching for the intruder around the house. Then, she headed upstairs and heard sounds of Courtney moaning coming from her room. Yolanda walked slowly and quietly to try and apprehend the intruder by surprised. Both angry and scared, she stood outside her room and was about to enter Courtney’s room, until she heard her name.

            “Oh, Yolanda yes! Mmmm….fuck me… Ah~” Yolanda was so surprised to hear her name, she tripped over herself and landed in front of Courtney’s room. She heard Courtney yelp in shock, looking straight, Yolanda have a straight view of Courtney masturbating with a vibrator.

             Courtney, who was frozen in shock, she wasn’t expecting Wildcat to come falling down on the floor outside her room.

            “Yo~ Yolanda?” Courtney stammered.

                “Yo~ Yolanda?” Courtney stammered. Both of the girls were frozen for a couple of seconds before they snapped back into focus. Courtney yanked toss aside her vibrator and yanking her T-shirt down, covering her exposed pussy. Yolanda immediately stood up, turned around and hurried out of her room, giving Courtney some privacy.

            As Yolanda stood outside of Courtney’s room, waiting for her to recover from the shock, so many questions were running through her mind “What just happened? Am I dreaming? Why is going on? Wait a second, was she masturbating to m-”

            “Come in.” Yolanda heard. She took a deep breath and walked into Courtney’s room slowly, taking off her Wildcat helmet, holding it in her hand. Courtney was wearing panties and was sitting on the edge of her bed. She was blushing at the fact that her crush just caught her masturbating. Awkward silence filled the room as both of them were struggling to think what to say. After what seems to be an hour, Yolanda finally broke the silence.

            “You were masturbating?” asked Yolanda who was blushing furiously.

            “Yeah~ , um, you probably heard, what I said while I was~ you know~ masturbating,” Courtney mumbles while looking at the floor, embarrassed at the entire situation.

            Yolanda just remembered Courtney calling her name while masturbating herself with a vibrator. “Yeah, I heard~” she says awkwardly. “Wait, does that means she~” Yolanda’s mind were flooded with so many thoughts and question, but that is the one she really wants to get answered right now.

            “I know, what you are probably thinking right now,” Courtney said, blushing even more furiously. Yolanda thought that she looks even cuter when she blushed like that. “I know you probably think, I’m a weirdo but~ urgh~, I was going to tell you but~” Courtney was so both flustered and embarrassed at the situation. “Yolanda, I~ I like you!” Courtney blurted out.

            Yolanda stood in front of her in shock, she couldn’t believe it, was she actually dreaming. The girl of her dreams feels the same way about her.

            Courtney looked at Yolanda and continued to explain “I know you were probably thinking why I didn’t tell you sooner, well~ to be honest, I was scared that you’ll reject me, I mean your family~” She stop speaking as Yolanda walked forward towards her, getting closer towards her.

            “Yolanda? What-what are you doing?” stammered Courtney moving back a little. Yolanda bend down , looking at her in the eye. Yolanda dropped her helmet on the floor, placing her hands on Courtney cheeks, gently cradling her face. Courtney was surprised at her action, uncertain what to do next.

            “Something I should have done a long time ago.”

            Yolanda kissed her, lip-to-lip. Courtney was taken by surprise, she couldn’t believe it, her crush actually have the same feelings she has for her. Courtney kissed Yolanda back. The two girls fall onto the bed, kissing, savoring the moment of their first kiss together.

After a while, they parted lips, both girls were smiling. Yolanda cupped Courtney cheeks “You look so cute when you blush, you know that Court?” Courtney blushed even more at Yolanda’s compliment. Then, Yolanda noticed the wet patch on Courtney panties. “Hmm, I see someone is horny,” Yolanda said as she placed her hand on Courtney panties, rubbing against it.

            “Mmmm, Yolanda~, Ah,” Courtney began moaning.

            “Oh, you dirty slut, look at the mess you made down their,” Yolanda exclaimed jokingly. Courtney giggles at her remark. “Let me help you take these off.”

            Yolanda took off Courtney’s panties, revealing her very wet and horny shaved pussy. Courtney was blushing, still embarrassed. Looking at her face, Yolanda giggles. “You look so cute when you do that, I wonder if~” Yolanda began rubbing Courtney pussy for a short while before stopping

            “Mmm~ Ah! Yolandaa~” Courtney looked frustrated at Yolanda’s teasing. Yolanda just giggles at her frustration before leaning down, placing her head between Courtney’s legs, holding her legs apart, she began to lick at her pussy, making Courtney moan even more.

            “Mmmpff~ Ah fuck yes! Mm~” Courtney was squirming as Yolanda insert a finger into a pussy, finger-fucking her pussy as she eat her out.

            “Mmm~” Yolanda lifted her head up, while continuing the fuck Courtney with her finger, her face was wet from licking Courtney’s pussy. “Mmm~ You taste delicious, I see you are enjoying my treatment,” Yolanda continues to lick Courtney’s pussy as she insert another finger into Courtney’s asshole.

            “Argh, it’s filthy~ no~ MMm Ah!” Courtney was squirming even more from Yolanda. She was moaning louder and louder. Courtney placed her hand on Yolanda head, pushing her to go deeper.

            “Mmm!” Yolanda voice was muffled by Courtney’s pussy as Courtney pushes her to go deeper.

            “Oh fuck, yes, Yolanda! Mmm, Fuck me faster! Ah yes! Lick me like a good kitty you are!” Courtney rambles as she nears her climax.

            “Fuck! Yes I’m cumming! Yolandaa~” Courtney moans aloud as she cum on Yolanda’s face, pushing, Yolanda’ head hard against her cunt.

            After riding out her orgasm, Courtney loosen her grip on Yolanda. Yolanda got up and pinned Courtney to the bed.

            “Mmm, you taste so delicious, here have a taste,” Yolanda said as she let Courtney suck her fingers, letting Courtney savor the taste of her own pussy and ass.

            “Fuck, that was so good,” said Courtney.

            “Mmm, what about me? You aren’t going to neglect your poor little kitty right?” asked Yolanda battling her doggy eyes at Courtney as she curled up at Courtney’s lap, nudging her ribs softly.

            “Of course not, my dear kitty,” Courtney said as she removed her top, revealing her petite body. She then pinned Yolanda to the bed swiftly, surprising Yolanda, proceeding to remove Yolanda’s Wildcat suit. Yolanda tries to get up, wanting to take off her suit herself, but Courtney grip was firm but soft at the same time.

“C’mon, Wildcat, be a good kitty, don’t move” cooed Courtney as she removed Yolanda’s suit. First Yolanda’s top came off, then Courtney gave her nipple a quick suck, making Yolanda moan.

“Hmm, you like that huh, kitty.” Yolanda just smiled at her and watched as Courtney pulled her pants off, revealing her very soaked panties.

            “Mmm, seems like you wet yourself a lot,” remarked Courtney as she began to pull off Yolanda’s panties. Yolanda knew she just saw Courtney naked but still felt nervous as her crush undressed her, blushing beet red. Courtney noticed Yolanda blushing and cupped her face and pulled her in for another kiss, she pulls back briefly.

            “Yolanda, you look so cute right now.”  Courtney was admiring Yolanda’s body, her firm breast, her pussy was too shaved.

            “Shut up~” giggles Yolanda, blushing even more.

            “Mmm, these goods need some attention,” Courtney said before she leaned close to Yolanda and began sucking and licking both of her breast in turns.

            “Mmm oh, Courtney.” Yolanda moans softly as she placed her hand on the blondie’s hair, stroking it softly.

Courtney moved one of her hands to Yolanda’s cunt, and touching the folds of her pussy, teasing her cunt. Yolanda moans in visible frustration at Courtney’s teasing.

            “Mmm, be patient, Yolanda, patience is virtue,” Courtney smiled at her and quickly returned to playing with Yolanda’s nipples and breasts and inserting on of her fingers into Yolanda’s cunt, moving in and out slowly before speeding up little by little.

            “Oh fuck, yes! Mmm~ Court~ Ah~” moaned the boxer, squirming around, closing her legs a little.

            “Mmm~” Courtney released Yolanda’s nipples from her mouth and moved her head down between her legs and began to lick and suck at her pussy while holding Yolanda’s leg open.

            Yolanda mewled as Courtney began eating her pussy, squirming even more. Yolanda pushed Courtney head against her pussy with her hands as she nears her climax.

            “Fuck~ Mmm~ Oh fuck! Yes I’m cumming! Court! Yes~” Yolanda mewled and squirmed as she squirted on Courtney’s face, covering it with her juices.

            “Mmm, you squirted quite a lot, kitty, gosh, my face is so wet,” Courtney remarked after she got up and kneeled on the bed waiting for Yolanda to recover from her orgasm.

“Here, let me help you,” Yolanda got up and kneeled on the bed licking Courtney face clean for her. Courtney was visibly enjoying Yolanda licking her.

As Yolanda tongue parted from Courtney skin, something strook Courtney’s mind. Courtney opened her box and sex toys and from inside it, she pulled out a double-sided dildo.

            “Wow, that’s, mmm~” Yolanda was a little surprised of the size of the dildo.

            “If you don’t want to~ I won’t force you~” Courtney began rambling off again in embarrassment.

            “I’m fine~” Yolanda laughs at her. “You are really too cute when you are flustered,” she giggles. “Plus~” she speaks as she got closer to Courtney, “I love you, I trust you.”

            Courtney worried expression softened at hearing Yolanda’ words. Getting back on the bed, she got close to Yolanda.

            “Put it in my pussy, first,” Yolanda said softly.

            Courtney slowly pushed the dildo into Yolanda’s pussy. Yolanda mewled softly as she did. After Courtney managed to push the dildo in her, Yolanda got up slowly and began pushing the other side of the dildo into Courtney vagina. Courtney leans in for another kiss as Yolanda moved her hip slowly, before both of them lay down on their back moving their hips slowly, pulling close to each other, connected by the dildo.

Both Courtney and Yolanda were looking at each other lustfully, they have both been dreaming of this moment since they discovered their crush for each other, but they didn’t expect it would come so fast. Unexpected but a welcome development.

Courtney and Yolanda began to speed up, moving their hips faster, their inner thighs were hitting together as they ride the double-sided dildo. The girls let loose of themselves, moaning out loud, mewling as pleasure came from riding it out together.

“Fuck~ Mmm Yolanda~ Yes fuck me,” Courtney moans out loud as she fondles her breasts.

“Oh yes! Courtney! Ride me! Fuck me!” Yolanda mewled out of pleasure.

The girls were squirming, as they ride faster, they were holding each other feet, wanting to be as close as possible to each. They were making loud sloppy sounds as they ride the dildo faster than ever.

            “Hmm, Yolanda~ I’m gonna~”

            “Me too~ Ah~ Let’s go together~”

            “Ah! Yes Courtney Ah~”

            “Yolanda! Yes Mmm~!”

            Courtney and Yolanda both cum together, squirting hard, they hugged each other, riding out their orgasms loudly.

            After that, the girls lay on their bed exhausted but happy, giggling softly, looking into each other eyes, kissing again. After a while, they pulled apart, giggling at the awkwardness in the air.

            “I love you Court.”

            “I love you too, Yolanda.”



            “Where on Earth are Yolanda and Court?” asked Artemis. “They aren’t usually this late for training.”

            “Well, we do know that operation Starcat was a success,” exclaimed Beth smiling.

            “Yeah, we know, babe, even though it literally took 3 of us to get the both of them together,” Rick agreed.

            “Well, we aren’t going to tell them right?” asked Artemis curiously.

            “You mean you are not going to tell us about how the 3 of you, tricked Yolanda into going to my house early and unlocking my house door, letting her believe that I was in trouble, to let her catch me~” said Courtney opening the door suddenly, surprising them, Yolanda was behind her.

            “Well, look like Starcat here figured us out,” said Beth smirking. “Don’t worry Court, we didn’t see you, if that is any comfort.”

            “We are not mad, but grate~” said Yolanda.

            “That we finally help to get you two oblivious lovers together? You’re welcome,” Artemis smirked at the new couple.

            “So Starcat is on?” asked Beth.

            “It seems so,” replied Rick smirking.

            “Come on, lets continue training, lets give Starcat some space,” taunted Artemis.

            The 3 of them continue training. Leaving Courtney and Yolanda to train with each other.

            “I can’t believe those 3, th~” ranted Courtney.

            “Calm down, Court, though it’s thanks to them, we’re together now,” reminded Yolanda.

            “You’re right, kitty,” Courtney replied smirking

            “Is that name going away anytime soon?”

            “Why, you don’t like it?”

            “No, I love it, let’s train” said Yolanda smiling at Courtney holding her hand. 

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