Long Live the Back Door

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Disclaimer: This is a work of crossover fiction involving the Big Hero 6 and the Marvel Universes. The technology referenced in the story does not exist at this time. The author accepts no responsibility for its misuse by any person living or dead.

Long Live the Back Door

by Verlin Thomas Halfmann


The Cast of Characters

Hiro Hamada: Previous leader of Big Hero 6, he now heads up the support squad for the Feminine Four. Hiro is a genius of tech and automation. He constantly brags that he has the best girlfriend in the entire world.

Karmi (Triple Threat): When Big Hero 6 dissolved and drifted apart, a new team of heroes was formed called the Feminine Four. Karmi became their leader. She is the absolute mistress of the Biological sciences and human relationships. In her spare time, she delights in creating exotic sex toys in a never ending battle against the forces of sexual ignorance and prudery.

Aunt Cass: Hiro’s Aunt is the proprietor of the Lucky Cat coffee shop. Hiro has a bedroom in the loft above the shop.

Victor von Doom: Known and feared throughout the world as the infamous Doctor Doom. He is Aunt Cass’ persistent love interest and one of the nicest guys that you will ever meet.

Chastity (Half-n-Half): By day an ordinary transgender cheerleader. By night a crime fighting force for justice.

Honey Lemon (Chemistry): Originally the chem whiz of Big Hero 6. She fills a similar role in the Feminine Four.

Momakase: Once a villain of Big Hero 6, she is now a pivotal member of the Feminine Four.

Wasabi: Once a member of Big Hero 6, he now spends most of his time out-of-state studying advanced Plasma Physics.

Go Go Tomago: Once a member of Big Hero 6, she was until recently Victor von Doom’s student teaching assistant in New York City.

Obake: Once a nemesis of Big Hero 6, this mentally damaged super villain is now a recluse. Having telepathic powers which he also bestowed upon Momakase, he now watches the action patiently from afar.

Baymax: A health care robot originally created by Tashashi Hamada (deceased). He is now maintained and extended by Hiro Hamada.

Peter Parker, Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Mary Jane Watson, Professor Granville: Either you know them or you don’t.


“Happy birthday, Karmi!” Everyone shouted in unison. “Aunt Cass was there. Fred and Wasabi. Victor and Go Go. Honey Lemon and Chastity were holding hands. Professor Granville and Mary Jane Watson were standing by. Momakase and Obake were not physically present, but there was no reason for that. Either of them could mentally eavesdrop to their hearts’ content.

Peter Parker, Reed Richards, and Susan Storm had been too busy planning for Reed and Susan’s upcoming wedding to attend.

Hiro shifted uncomfortably and placed a pillow over his lap. He was hot and sweaty and breathing in slow, shallow gasps of air.

“Are you okay, buddy?” Wasabi placed a friendly hand on his shoulder. “You don’t look so good.”

“Fine.” Hiro tried not to fidget.

Karmi shot him a nervous, helpless glance. She looked as bad as he felt. Twitching and shifting her body and sweating profusely, her eyes were darting to and fro.

The party seemed to last forever. Finally, at 10 PM, the food was all eaten, the packages were all opened, and everyone gathered to leave.

“Be safe.” Karmi said, guiding them toward the door.

“10 AM.” Aunt Cass said, grinning over her shoulder, as she and Victor left. “You have the loft until 10 AM tomorrow. That is when we will return. The coffee shop opens at noon.”

“Thanks, Aunt Cass.” Hiro was feeling more and more distracted and uncomfortable by the minute.

“I thought they would never leave!” Karmi said, as soon as the door closed behind them. She shivered – a jagged, uncontrolled motion that started at her hairline and traveled down the length of her handsome, athletic body. Her small, pert breasts were protruding and exposing rock hard nipples.

“K-Karmi!” Hiro stammered. “W-What’s wrong with us? Did one of your bugs get loose?”

Karmi – who loved tinkering with all manner of dangerous microorganisms – grunted and snuggled close, a wild and predatory look in her eyes.

“It h-hit earlier than I p-planned.” She said through chattering teeth. “On b-both of us.”

“What hit?” Hiro was beginning to pant.

“Last night I drugged you.” She reached up with a trembling finger and placed it under his chin. Her eyes were shining brightly. “It amps up your stamina, metabolism, libido, and greatly enhances the rate at which your reproductive system manufactures semen and various hormones. You are quite the gentleman. You are actually managing to keep your hands off of me.”

“H-Hardest thing that I have ever done.” His teeth were grinding slowly together. “C-Care to explain why?”

“It is my 16th birthday.” She giggled. “We deserve a treat. After the way that we handled that business with Spiderman a few weeks ago. We have the loft for the next twelve hours.”

She moved closer, grabbed the back of his head, and pulled it down into the nape of her neck. Hiro shivered violently. He tried to speak, but the words failed him.

“That is what I did to you.” Karmi explained. “What I did to me was the first field test of the Anal Prickter mark 3.”

“Wha-uh...tha-uh...” Hiro began clumsily undressing her. Karmi kept her eyes up, looking off into the distance, and began to lecture dreamily.

“An artificial bio-mechanical organism.” Her voice sounded flat and detached. “When inserted into a female’s rectum, it seeks out that small patch of tissue that expresses the vestigial nerve cluster which, on a male, would be associated with the prostate gland. There it attaches and awaits physical stimulation.

“There is something – kind of a holy grail – experienced by gay men, trans girls, and the occasional lucky female called the ‘anal orgasm.’ It happens when the tip of an object – usually a male penis – rubs across the prostate gland during anal intercourse. It--”

Her voice choked off and she swallowed convulsively. She shivered, breathed deeply, then forced herself to continue.

“It cannot be fully experienced by a female, but since we are all made from the same stuff, the undeveloped nerves can with difficulty be stimulated to achieve the effect in a rudimentary way.

“The Anal Prickter is designed to improve on this. By directly stimulating the nerves, it supercharges these sensations. The one I am wearing is programmed to shut down tomorrow morning at 9 AM. At about the same time as those drugs that I gave you wear off. I knew--I knew--”

Her voice trailed off. She took a deep, shuddering breath.

“--I knew that the sensations would be rough as it attached itself and burrowed in. I had no idea that it would be this...intense! Ohhhh…” She moaned.

Hiro had managed to remove her top and bra. Now he grasped the waist of her baggy sweat pants and yanked them roughly down. He noticed that the back and front were stained with both perspiration and...something else.

Her panties were reeking and soaking wet – front and back. A gamy, animal smell filled his nostrils. He shuddered, froze, and waited for his excitement to die down. She bent over onto the floor, squatting on her knees, and Hiro removed her pants and underwear. She spread her legs so that he could see everything.

He noticed the steady drip-drip of fluid that was staining the carpet between her legs. He noticed how the sweat beaded up on her muscular buttocks and made small, jaggedy crack-like lines as the excess drained toward her knees. Most of all, he noticed her anus.

It was twitching, opening and shutting, as if gasping for breath. He could almost hear its tiny voice, begging for love.

“Go easy, Hiro.” Karmi said. “Go slow. Please don’t hurt me!”

Hiro had no intention of hurting her. There was a brief, discontinuous jump in the world and he noted that he was now naked and squatting behind her. How he had gotten there, he could not remember. He put his thumbs between her butt cheeks and spread them apart, moving clumsily into position.

“Please...don’t...hurt...” Her voice trailed off.

He leaned forward so that the tip of his cock and her amazing butt hole could exchange a long and lingering kiss – both lips locked together in a passionate embrace. He waited for almost a full minute, listening to the tenor of her breathing, admiring the way that her sphincter opened and shut in time with the beating of her heart, and began to move slowly forward.

He froze, breathing heavily, and tried to keep his climax under control. It was so difficult! They both sighed and squealed together as her sphincter embraced his cock head, swallowing it with ease. He could feel an almost unbelievable suction trying to draw him in. Once more he was forced to stop to keep from blowing his seed inside of her.

“Slow.” Karmi moaned. “Slow and easy. Don’t let loose until the right moment. Until I tell you.”

Hiro grunted in frustration. Exactly how did she think that he had any control over that?

Slowly he entered. Centimeter by agonizing centimeter. Always struggling to keep control. He was slightly more than three quarters of the way in when she said--

“Stop! Right there! Don’t move!”


Now, Hiro! Do it now!

It was all the permission that his loins needed. He must have screamed, but he had no memory of it, as the flood gates burst. Bolt after hot, steaming bolt of seminal fluid gushed into her tender rectum. It seemed to last forever. The sensory nervous system can only handle so much. All of his other senses – sight and hearing, smell and taste – shut down leaving him to experience it as a cock would; savoring every last moment of the experience.

As his other senses returned, he could hear the tail end of Karmi’s screaming, moaning melody of delight. Gasping for breath, he struggled not to pass out, his brain sluggishly lurching back to life. She had made him wait until the exact moment when the tsunami of semen erupting from his cock would directly impact the Anal Prickter for maximum effect.

Somewhere in the distance, he knew that birds were singing, flowers were blooming, and all was right with the world. Hiro exhaled deeply.

Karmi began to sag forward and for a moment he was afraid that she would lose consciousness as well. He grabbed her by the hips and held her steady.

“Thanks...Hiro...” She took another two gasping breaths. “Simultaneous anal and clitoral orgasms! That is a lot to take! Remind me...remind me to cut the voltage down by half. We don’t want to kill some poor girl from the pure joy of it.”

“I can’t believe it.” Hiro said.

“You can’t believe how good it felt?”

“No. I can’t believe that I am still hard as a rock. My penis should have wilted by now.”

“No chance. Those drugs will keep you going. In less than 5 minutes, you will be back to a full load and ready to continue. Rest for a moment while we talk.

“Right now – while you are still in control – I want you to bottom out.”

Hiro thrust forward and felt the hair of his scrotum tickling her butt cheeks. Karmi giggled.

“Yes. Good. Now, we need to reposition ourselves.” She forced him back and down, first into a sitting position and then flat on the ground. All without severing their connection. She then spun herself so that she was squatting over him in a classic female superior hip lock from which there could be no escape.

Each time she moved, soft, wounded puppy dog noises issued forth from Hiro’s throat. Head flopping to one side, he looked toward the corner of the room where his health care robot was locked into its charging station.

“Baymax...” Hiro said, weakly, and tried to raise his left arm. “...help me.”

“Hush.” Karmi whispered. She grabbed his arm gently with one hand and brought it to her chest, midway between her breasts. “Don’t worry. Mommy is here. Mommy will take care of everything.”

She raised her other hand and brought his to her face, planting a gentle kiss on his knuckles. Something about the tone of her voice was driving him mad. Slowly, she forced his hand back into place on the floor. Hiro was helpless to resist. He could feel his internal muscles twitching and jerking.

The way that she was looking down on him was the last straw. Hiro felt any last vestige of resistance draining away.

“Now we wait. Is baby hungry? Does baby need to go to the bathroom?”


“Good. Breathe deeply and fill your lungs with air. We can’t have either one of us passing out and hurting ourselves. This is brutal!

“Totally...totally...” Hiro struggled to speak. “...I...I can’t think of a good word. I can’t think at all...”

“Savage.” Karmi supplied. “God! This is so addictive! We have to help each other remain strong. Even once I remove the device, every time that I see you or think about you, my ass is going to start watering, quivering, begging for stimulation. We just have to keep telling ourselves: this is a special treat for special times only. Five more months to your birthday. There are the holidays but – no! – we both have work to do and lives to live. We can’t be butt fucking 24/7. We have to stop for food and meals and exercise and time with friends and studying at school and...you know.”

“Yeah. I know. So...where did this idea come from?”

“Chastity suggested it at girl’s night out. I was already toying with the idea and Honey Lemon thought it would be a good thing to try. Wait until I tell them.”

“So...what are you going to do? Sell the thing or just share it with friends?”

“The mark 3 will be shared with friends. I will continue development through advanced revs and then hold it in reserve in case the world ever needs it.”

Hiro was feeling better now. His brain was fuzzing up and he had to force himself to concentrate.

“Hold it in reserve? For what?”

“You saw how well it worked. There is no way that a clitoral orgasm alone could compare with that. It is very psychologically addictive. More than once in a blue moon and any woman would become frigid to intercourse in any other way.

“Oh, sweet Hiro! We live in troubling times. The world is overpopulated and growing smaller each year. We are polluting our air and water and rapidly destroying our planet. An advanced, self replicating version of the Anal Prickter would rapidly over run the planet and turn all women into cum-craving anal sex queens. Vaginal intercourse would be a thing of the past. People would only do it when they consciously intended to have babies.

“Population would stabilize. Reproduction would be socially controlled. The human race might have a chance of surviving. We are selfish beings, but I want my children and their children to grow and prosper on a healthy planet with a healthy ecosystem.”

“Healthy...ecosystem.” Hiro echoed. His breathing was once more speeding up. It was becoming labored and he began gasping for breath.

“Yes!” Karmi moaned. “Oh! That’s it! Just like that!”

Hiro could feel the muscles of her rectum clenching and milking his twitching, throbbing rod.



“Have I told you that I love you? You know...today?”

“Not that I remember.”

“I love you.”

“I know you do.” Karmi smiled gently down at him. “Right back at you. And I love this. I love the feeling. I love the experience. I love everything about it. Long live the back door.”

Excelsior!” Hiro agreed.

He could no longer contain the pressure and erupted. Minutes later, he was once again able to think.

There was no longer any respite. He was completely limp now – his muscles simply would not function. His body was totally, utterly relaxed. It was a sensation that he had never experienced before. He was as helpless as a new born baby.

Karmi was slowly rocking back and forth, from front to back, humming what sounded like a lullaby under her breath. Each time she rocked forward, the flow of semen stopped. Each time she rocked back, it resumed. Back and forth, like a sexy metronome. Back and forth. Nothing was changing. They had reached perfect equilibrium. His body was manufacturing semen at the exact same rate as it was flowing into her rectum.

As he lay dozing, he had a vision. He imagined the world of tomorrow. An endless, dimly lit expanse of bodies, lying in exactly he same position as they were. Neat, orderly rows. Here and there were gaps where couples had been removed. Some of the women were twitching almost imperceptibly. Some amount of friction was still necessary to encourage the flow. Others were completely immobile. Slowly, the outer bodies decayed and began to flow into one another. Wires and hoses were everywhere, snaking down from above. Wires for stimulating the heart and organs. Hoses for removing solid and liquid waste and providing air and nutrients. And so on.

Between the rows sauntered what appeared to be incredibly beautiful women. Large breasted with wide, generous hips and luscious, full lips. Androids, he supposed. Who were patiently tending the wires and hoses, making sure that everything was just right. He allowed himself to view this dystopian nightmare for some time before it faded.

Now he was seeing a different future. A utopian dreamscape of lovely views, clear mountain streams, children playing naked under a warm summer sun. Two possibilities and everything in between. No way to tell which would be the logical result. Only time would tell.

After this faded, he was left to simply gaze upward at his girlfriend’s face as it rocked into and out of view. He managed to gather all of his strength for one final gesture before falling back into helplessness once more. With all of the strength left in his body, managed to part his lips and say the following words:



The nurse insisted on bringing Hiro into Karmi’s room in a wheel chair. He waited patiently until she left.

“Hey.” Hiro said.

“Hi.” Karmi’s eyes were averted.

“Don’t say anything.” Hiro shifted uncomfortably. “Just let me do all the talking. You need to rest.

“In case they haven’t filled you in, Cass returned at midnight and found us. Obake and Momakase were riding along and alerted her. Victor made arrangements for the best medical care. If they had left us until morning, we would not have survived. We were both comatose and unresponsive. They drained almost a full liter of semen out of your rectum.

“If I stopped talking now, in about six uncomfortable months you would bring up the subject of what we should do next. We would mull various possibilities for another six months before gradually coming to he following conclusion.

“As soon as we both feel better, you are going to create the Anal Prickter mark 4. It will allow us to remote control it via ultrasound or perhaps radio waves. We will start with an intensity setting of about one percent of what you used previously and with a maximum capacity of twenty five percent. Then we will begin a carefully controlled regimen of good, healthy butt sex. I already talked to Honey Lemon and the rest. They will supervise us. After some tinkering, we will find the right setting.

“Don’t bother objecting. You know the process as well as I. Science marches on. I just wanted you to know that this changes nothing between us. I love you as much as ever.”

Her face was turned away, so he could not see the expression on her face, but her voice spoke volumes.

“I love you.”

There was a long pause.

“Hiro? We are alive, aren’t we?”

“I think so.”

“That is not because of my failure. It is because of the love and support of our friends.”

“Yes.” Hiro agreed.

There was another long pause.

“Long live the back door.” Karmi said.

“Long live the back door.” Hiro agreed.

The End

PS: Further stories by Verlin Thomas Halfmann can be found at fanfiction.net.

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