Killer Frost Awakened

BY : TheChemist
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Disclaimer: I make no money from this story. I do not own or have anything to do with The Flash, nor its settings or characters specifically Caitlin Snow, Killer Frost, XS, Anumet Black, Norvok

    Caitlin Snow awoke with a pounding headache in behind her eyes, as though the nerves had commissioned a jackhammer to do extensive work on them that morning. Feeling groggy as all hell, the Star Labs scientist and resident doctor reached towards the nightstand on her side of the bed to grab her phone but only ended up jamming her fingertips against the much higher table. Grumbling her displeasure Caitlin rose her arm more but the only thing her fingers ended up closing on was a small plastic bottle that was sticky along the edge.

    “What the…?” Caitlin murmured tiredly before she opened her eyes and sat up.

    The scene before her was confusing to say the least. Immediately the thing that smacked her in the face was that this was not her bedroom. Her bedroom was neat and minimalist while the room she currently occupied looked like a crack den with clothes thrown all about, open pizza boxes littering the ground and numerous dust bunnies decorating the space. Secondly, looking at what she was holding revealed her hand was grasping a bottle of cherry flavored lube. As she paused, she realized her mouth had the same taste on her tongue and as the thought deeper she could feel the familiar ache of her vagina after it had been thoroughly stretched out. 

    Having a good idea what she would find when she looked beside herself, Caitlin still had to confirm. “Morning gorgeous.” a blonde haired man said as she looked at him.

    Caitlin was shocked into silence for several seconds but her mind whirled with activity. She had no idea who this (albeit gorgeous) man was, where she was and the circumstances for which she had arrived here. However, despite all these alarm bells sounding, not once did she think that anything nefarious had occurred. For some reason her gut, or something, was telling her that this was very much consensual.

    Before Caitlin could decide which question she wanted answered first the sandy haired man spoke again. “Your hair.”

    “My hair,” Caitlin asked, running a hand through her long brown mane. “What about my hair?”

    “It’s different. Much different.” he replied, sitting up and sparking up a cigarette.

    “Oh no,” Caitlin sighed, getting a bad feeling. “Let me was an icy shade of white.”

    “Exactly,” he agreed after breathing out the smoke. And you had these crazy witch eyes that are missing now. Wig and contacts?”

    Ignoring his question Caitlin spoke. “You need to tell me exactly what happened.”

    “Pretty standard really. We flirted a bit over at Amunet’s bar as you served drinks. Didn’t really think you were interested…”

    “Remember that. I wasn’t.” Caitlin added.

    “But then at the end of the night after you did last call you come out of the change room looking like this leather-clad temptress. You come right up to me and tell me to take me back to my place and fuck you good and proper.”

    “Which you obviously did,” Caitlin agreed given how sore her pussy felt in a good way, plus the tension that was currently absent from her shoulder for the first time in...quite awhile.

    “Anyway you, last night you that is, told me to give you this DVD to watch in the morning in case you were a little out of sorts, which is obvious that you are,” the stranger said, drawing Caitlin’s curiosity. “You watch, I’m going down the street to grab coffee and bagel. Want one?”

    “No, that’s fine,” the scientist replied, hand already working the remote while her focus was focused solely on the TV screen.

    “Suit yourself,” the man said before throwing on a shirt from the heap on the floor and leaving the bedroom.

    It took Caitlin no time at all to work the TV onto the proper setting and to boot up the DVD drive. Apparently the disc that she wanted to watch was already loaded in the machine so after a brief time working the menu the TV screen snapped from pitch black to a quality resolution of the exact room she was currently occupying. In fact, a quick pan of the room revealed the location of the camcorder that had recorded this very disc.

    Suddenly a face Caitlin was all too familiar with appeared on screen no more than a foot from the lens. It was Caitlin’s face but different in several key ways - the white/grey hair, the piercing deep ice blue eyes and the look of utter confidence. The man that she woke up besides this morning wasn’t in the room, or at least not in frame, before Killer Frost spoke into the mic with that arctic cool voice of hers.

    “Caitlin, I’m doing this for your own good. You’ll be pissed but it’ll pass as you come to learn why I’m doing what I’m doing.” Killer Frost announced.

    The white-haired meta didn’t add anything further because the rough looking man came into frame at that moment. “Hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

    “Get in here and fuck me.” Killer Frost retorted, opening her arms to invite him in for her embrace.

    The rough looking man strode forward towards the meta and as he leant down he didn’t kiss her. Instead he played dangerous by grabbing the short-tempered Killer Frost’s hair and pulled down hard, snapping her head back to force her to look up. Even with her high heeled boots Frost still came up a good 5 inches shorter than the sandy haired man named Jimmy. Holding her in the pulled back position for a few seconds to help secure his dominance Jimmy eventually leaned down and crammed his tongue into the meta’s mouth.

    “I’m gonna make you pay for that one,” Killer Frost threatened when they surfaced for air.

    “I highly doubt it,” the man replied as he yanked down her form fitting leather jacket, which now allowed him to maul her perky tits through her shirt.

    Caitlin watched on in a mixture of horror and fascination as someone that was both her and not her was stripped rather roughly. Obviously she/her on film didn’t mind the harsher treatment, not that it was overly hard but definitely more intense than the more prim and proper Caitlin Snow had ever partaken in. But if Killer Frost was getting off on the hair pulling, rough groping and now spanking to her bare ass, then wouldn’t she like it as well.

    “All that spanking really turns a girl on,” Killer Frost cooed between kisses, snapping Caitlin’s attention back to the TV.

    “That would explain would you’re so God damn wet,” Jimmy replied, Caitlin noticing his hand between her thighs and obviously finger-deep in Killer Frost’s pussy.

    “That and seeing this big hard cock that’s all mine,” the white-haired meta spoke while moaning. 

    Caitlin watched on without blinking, afraid of missing any of the action. On screen the pair were mutually stimulating each other as they stood just off to the side of the bed. While it was hard to tell how many digits Jimmy was using to finger blast her alter ego, he was doing so with vigor and his effort was appreciative given the loud moaning coming from Frost. Meanwhile Caitlin’s other self was returning his efforts with an equally enthusiastic handjob as her fist practically blurred up and down Jimmy’s healthy 7-inch pole.

    Suddenly her alter ego gave another low moan but deeper this time, making Caitlin realize that either Killer Frost had more sensitive nipples than she did or the sandy haired guy was just really good sucking on them. Regardless, Jimmy had his head buried in her cleavage, seemingly switching from the left breast to the right whenever the mood struck him. Meanwhile this was all taking place as Caitlin’s meta half stroked his cock with just as much zeal and his hand never slowed in finger fucking her pussy.

    “Whoa!” Killer Frost lightly shrieked as the muscular man moved his hands to her armpits so he could lift, twist then throw her onto the disheveled mattress.

    Caitlin didn’t know what the sandy-haired man wanted to do because rather than stay placidly laying on the bed Killer Frost got to her knees and dragged Jimmy to the bed. With the man now flat on his back Killer Frost planted a few eager kisses on his chest as she descended down his body until ultimately arriving at his erect cock.

    “Suck that cock good,” Jimmy demanded as his date licked her lips in anticipation.

    “Does it really look like I need instructions on how to blow a dick?” Killer Frost shot back with a look of annoyance. 

    “Just get that cock in your mouth.” the man added.

    Caitlin worried for the man since Killer Frost was not one to order around given her quick trigger temper but rather than give the man a serious case of frostbite she gave into his request. Parting her lips wide she immediately inhaled the first several inches of Jimmy’s cock before retreating all the way off his pole. He had given a low moan of approval and another one when she pulled the same trick, only this time she didn’t pull her lips from his pole. Instead she dragged those plump lips up over his crown then descended back down to his lap until only 3 inches of flesh remained outside her mouth.

    “Glllkkk lllkkkk ggggllllll,” Caitlin heard Killer Frost gurgle without ever gagging.

    Caitlin continued watching in jaw dropping amazement as her other half blew the rough looking man. Caitlin was far from a virgin but she wasn’t exactly well experienced or especially confident when it came to sex. However, Killer Frost seemed to not suffer from that flaw at all. Whether she was hurtling her lips up and down the sandy haired man’s shaft or doing more dirty and borderline degrading acts like sucking on his balls, Killer Frost acted with the utmost conviction.  

    “Yes baby. Suck my big dick,” Jimmy encouraged the meta.

Killer Frost parted her plush lips and brushed her long hair behind her ears then took him into her mouth again. Just like before Jimmy moaned audibly as she started sucking him off while he was left with his head tilted back and fingers digging into the top of the metahuman’s head. She enjoyed the effect she had on him before shifting all her focus on building momentum with her head bobbing up and down his towering pole, taking more of him inside her each time. After a good minute of the more intense blowjob, she slowed her pace back down then pulled her lips from his spit-covered cock altogether.

    “You like me sucking on your big cock,” Killer Frost asked before running her tongue up the side of his veiny pole.

    “Fuck yes,” the career criminal groaned, tightening his fist in her long hair simultaneously.

    “What about when I put on of your nuts in my mouth,” the meta asked next as she did as she mentioned.

    “Ahhh! Damn that’s good,” Jimmy retorted with a squirm brought on from pleasure.

    Killer Frost was done with the talking now as her mouth was needed back on the sandy haired man’s dick apparently. Caitlin’s metahuman half was hitting her stride once more as she rapidly bobbed her ice white head up down Jimmy’s meatpole. She worked her fist in perfect rhythm as her mouth so as her wet lips rode the top half of his shaft her hand stroked the portion unable to fit between her plump lips.

    Though she shared a body and brain with Killer Frost, Caitlin was learning a great deal about her metahuman half tonight. One was how amazing of a cocksucker Killer Frost was, given the performance she was watching as Frost continued to slurp and suck his member. Graced with seemingly boundless energy and skill, which made Caitlin wonder when her meta half had honed the ability through practice, especially since it had been over 4 consecutive minutes of bounding her mouth up and down on Jimmy’s fleshy pole without Frost surfacing for air nor had she lost any of her frantic pace.

    As much as Jimmy was enjoying the white-haired girl’s well-versed fellatio ability, his resistance to spewing a healthy amount of jizz down her throat was ebbing away. Nowhere near done with her for the night, he knew that he had to break Killer Frost’s skilled oral attack. Acting quickly before his mind got washed away in the pleasure the slim woman was doling out, Caitlin watched from the screen as Jimmy rolled to the side just enough so his dick popped free of her talented mouth.

    “Let’s see if you’re cunt feels as good as your mouth,” Jimmy rasped.

    As the tattooed man went to sit up he found his progress impeded by Killer Frost’s hands landing on his pecs. “Of course it does, little man.”

    “Little man?” Jimmy asked before helping the girl’s ascent from between his legs to sitting on his lap by pulling roughly on her arms. “Won’t be saying little man as my dick tears your pussy up.”

    “That’s the fire I was looking for,” Killer Frost replied with a wide smile before raising her hips up and sitting down fully on his cock, engulfing it all in her snatch. “Mmmmm! That’s the stuff.”

Caitlin was now sitting at the edge of the bed, face no more than 2 feet from the TV screen as she watched the hot and heavy action. She couldn’t help but marvel at Killer Frost’s naked skin which seemed to glow in the scant light that dimly filled the room. Though it was in fact her body Caitlin was still amazed and turned on by her perky tits bouncing in front of her metahuman half with each ride downward, well until Jimmy’s large hands went and corralled each. They filled his paw even though they were far from huge but they fit her slender body perfectly. Her long legs were propelling her intense riding and due to the camera angle it afforded Caitlin the luxury of watching Frost’s underrated meaty booty clap down onto the man’s lap.

    It was very apparent that both the rough looking man and Killer Frost were fueled by lust and wanting to get off rather than any type of meaningful connection. Therefore taking it slow or easy never factored into their tryst. It was clear to Caitlin that they were simply using the other for sure sexual gratification with 0 emotional attachment, and also because Killer Frost was trying to make a point to her. Caitlin was a smart girl and Killer Frost’s motives seemed readily apparent - the meta side of her being thought that Caitlin needed to loosen up and have fun.

“God that’s a good dick,” Frost panted, a thin layer of sweat covering her fit body. 

Caitlin noted that her alter ego was earning the broken sweat as over and over Killer Frost used her seemingly endless energy to ride to the top of his pole only to collapse back down as soon as she got there. The Star Labs scientist noted that Jimmy wasn’t simply laying back as he was helping to feed more of his dick into her greedy pussy by thrusting up just as Frost got to the end of his pecker, driving deeper into the horny girl.

“God you feel so good,” Jimmy groaned while switching between roughly groping Frost’s chest or ass, not that she seemed bothered by the pressure.

Killer Frost ran a hand through her long white hair as she continued to ride his full length. Though Caitlin had no recollection of last night, nor was she experienced with watching others have sex, she could tell that the career criminal was hitting all the right spots. In fact, the Star Labs scientist noted that she and Killer Frost shared several of the same tells when it came to nearing an orgasm, which the metahuman clearly was being pounded towards. 

Even though it wasn’t to her and it had happened hours previous, Caitlin could imagine how good it felt to have his large hands squeezing her small but perky tits with the palm of his hand rubbing her erect nipples. Frost must have loved it too but to help push herself over the edge and cum for him, the metahuman took one her hands that were being used to help propel herself up and down his rod and moved it between her legs. When she began rubbing her clit Killer Frost’s riding slowed from the frantic, frenzied pace it once was, but the slower style suited them both. Jimmy’s dick had more time to properly probe her twat, plus it insured he wouldn’t cum before her.

“Keep fucking my tight pussy with your big cock,” she pleaded. Jimmy in turn bucked his hips wildly into her from beneath in response. “Mmmm...yes...keep giving me that dick!”

“Yeah?” he asked as the thwacking sound of rapid skin on skin collisions filled the room. “Gonna cum while getting fucked so hard?”

“Yes! Fuck! I’m cumming!” Killer Frost rasped before emitting a near ear-piercing scream that almost made Caitlin’s toe curl with the emotion it evoked.

Even though she had only just cum, Jimmy didn’t allow the metahuman to have much time to ride out her orgasm. After feeling her pussy clamp down on his pole as she rocked back and forth on his lap, plus hearing her bellowing scream, Jimmy knew she had reached her peak. Timing it just right so that as her muscles began the transition from rock hard after her orgasm to loosening up he lifted Killer Frost up off his dick high enough so he could slide out from under her but leaving the white-haired beauty on her knees still.

“Gonna fuck you like a dog until I cum.” Jimmy stated as he saddled up behind her.

“As long as it’s deep and hard then fuck me however you want,” Frost replied coolly from her position on hands and knees, head a foot away from the wall.

Though Killer Frost was a slender girl it didn’t exclude her from being able to take a hard fucking. Caitlin had never really had that rough of sex in the past so she didn’t know if she was into to that, something she’d have to ponder the next time she had a boyfriend. Shifting focus back to the screen Jimmy had a strong grip of her wide hips and use them to pull back onto his cock as he speared all 7 inches of hard dick into the meta’s snatch.

“Oh fuck! Give it to me hard!” Killer Frost screamed her order.

Though they had never hooked up before, at least Caitlin didn’t think they had, the pair had awesome chemistry. There was none of that first-time sex awkwardness, instead they had picked up on each other’s rhythm and were hammering out a pretty epic session. The best illustration of that was when Jimmy, having picked up on the fact his date liked it rough as she was using her arms to push her firm ass back on his dick, reached down and pulled back hard on Killer Frost’s hair. It forced her head to snap back but the look on her metahuman’s half face was that of pleasure, not pain.

“Fucking hell that’s good,” Killer Frost grunted as she slammed her ass backwards yet again.

“God this so hot,” Caitlin couldn’t help but think, especially since her pussy was as wet as it had ever been currently.

The combination of her head being snapped back causing mild discomfort and forcing her hips to tilt made the sex both more intense and more pleasurable. Killer Frost had always gotten off with a little bit of pain mixed into the equation, which was why she was such a huge fan of anal sex and having her nipples bit lightly and even pinched. Plus the new angle Jimmy’s cock was slamming inside her cunt made him graze her G spot with a little more force, propelling her quickly to another orgasm she didn’t see coming.

“Either slow down or give me everything you got,” Killer Frost warned.

Rather than answer verbally the sandy-haired man let his words do the talking. While maintaining the grip on her head Jimmy began ramming into Killer Frost with an extra gear that neither of them knew he was holding back. The slapping of his hips against her plump ass rang louder and more frequently as he threw himself repeatedly into her wet furnace. 

“Gonna cum in you,” Jimmy stated with certainty.

“Yes you are,” the metahuman agreed through a grunt of pleasure. “Cum deep in my pussy.”

“No you better not,” Caitlin yelled at the TV while subconsciously looking down at her sex, pondering if they actually did.

Killer Frost almost came just with the knowledge that this random man was soon going to be feeling both her and Caitlin’s womb with his seed imminently. However the curvy metahuman held off just long enough for Jimmy to actually do so. His thrusting pattern changed significantly as his grip tightened even stronger on her fleshy hips while he spiked viciously into her cunt. Then right as his climax was upon him he grunted loudly while driving into his date one last time before the semen started firing out of his tip.

As Jimmy came, so too did Frost. She had been on the verge of her orgasm for almost the full time she’d been fucked doggy style, even more so as Steve stepped up his thrusting the past minute or two. However, it took the first splash of her date’s seed to splash in her snatch to spark Killer Frost’s second orgasm. With a mighty howl that was fitting of their intense fuck session, the icy meta felt every muscle in her body tighten for several long seconds before they released and went limp just as severely.

“WHAT!?” Caitlin couldn’t help but scream aloud, even though she was impressed Killer Frost came a second time in such a short timeframe, something Caitlin never had happened to herself. “She let him try to impregnate me?! Bad enough she let a complete stranger have sex with without a condom but to let him climax inside. Dammit Frost!”

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