Supergirl: Work Hard, Play Harder

BY : TheChemist
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    Lena Luthor had been on a real roll lately. Not only was L Corp, her company now that she had taken over for her disaster of a brother Lex, booming but it was excelling beyond even her lofty expectations. They were developing new technology and what was making Lena proud was that they were making huge strides in cancer research. In fact, her latest project was focusing not just on improving cancer treatment but eradicating it completely. 

    Curing cancer wasn’t cheap though. Even for a women as wealthy as Lena Luthor, she needed help in this respect. It didn’t help that her recent purchase of Catco Media had cost her several billion of dollars and had yet to reap much profit. Worse than that, owning Catco was all fine and dandy but it meant she had less liquid cash than normal, thus needed outside investors to make her cancer cure possible.

    “I hope the room last night was to your satisfaction, Ms Luthor,” Ronald, the planner for the luxury hotel resort asked as the L Corp CEO came walking through the atrium.

    “Ronald, it’s simply Lena. And yes, everything about my stay thus far has been exemplary,” the sophisticated and elegant woman replied. “Now I only need my meeting to go as well as your service has been.”

    “Your Lena Luthor. CEO of the quickest raising Fortune 500 company, not to mention a woman with Mansa level intellect. They’d be fools not to want to get into bed with you,” Ronald said with conviction.

    “Get in bed with?” Lena chuckled at his choice of words. “Interesting expression you chose.”

    “Oh my God. Ms. Luthor I’m so sorry if I offended,” Ronald blushed.

    “No offence at all. Just trying to figure out if it was a Freudian slip,” the ivory-skinned woman replied. Before Ronald, who was blushing fiercer than before, could reply Lena added. “And for God’s sake call me Lena. Or do I need to slap it into you.”

    “Ms. Luthor, we have to get to your meeting.” Lena’s male assistant reminder her.

    “Listen, Ronald, why don’t you come by my room later tonight for a drink.”

    “Oh, well, of course Ms...Lena,” Ronald caught himself this time. “And what shall I bring? To drink that is?”

    “How about a bottle of Dom and a bottle of 12 year old Jameson Irish Whisky,” Lena answered as she started to walk away. As she passed him the billionaire made sure to sway her hips even more to show off her highly impressive ass even more. After a few steps she paused and slowly turned her head. “Odd combination but we drink the champagne to celebrate a successful deal being brokered or the whiskey if I don’t get the funding.”

    Ronald only stared after the gorgeous woman as she confidently strode away, knowing full well his eyes were glued to her. While dressed in business garb Lena Luthor’s beauty was still evident, as was her insane body. Put frankly, Ronald was amazed the the businesswoman had curves on top of curves. The blouse she wore showed a respectable amount of her cleavage, hinting at the D-cups she possessed while the pencil skirt perfectly showcased her top level ass. Wide set hips with a narrow waist gave Lena the classic heart-shape bottom while the thickness and roundness of her booty made the Luthor what was known as a ‘phat ass white girl’.

    “I’ll see you tonight then.”

    “7pm. Don’t be late...and don’t come empty handed.

*    *    *

    At 6:59pm Ronald stood outside Lena Luthor’s penthouse door. In his left hand was a large bottle of the most expensive champagne his resort had while in his right was an equally quality bottle of amber alcohol from Ireland. He was preparing to knock when the clock on the wall ticked to 7pm and the hotel room door he stood in front of opened to reveal a stunning image. Before the resort planner was Lena Luthor, who had traded in her business attire for a dress that acted as a second layer of skin it was so tight, it’s bright blue coloring standing in stark contrast to her pristine white skin.

    “Punctual. I like a man who can follow orders,” Lena cooed with a wide, almost predatory smile.

    “Can I assume,” Ronald asked, holding up the champagne. “That we celebrate.”

    Rather than verbalize a response Lena reached for the bottle of Dom but grabbed Ronald’s wrist instead. As she pulled the worker towards her Ronald stepped closer to the L Corp CEO, entering her room and allowing the door to slam shut behind him. Their faces came together and they began making out with a fervor that portrayed to Ronald that Lena worked hard and liked to play equally hard.

    Tossing both bottles of alcohol on the sofa allowed Ronald to use the strength in his arms that he worked so hard at the gym for. Initially the hotel planner used his hands to hoist the beautiful CEO up under her arms at which point Lena wrapped her legs around his waist. Instantly she felt his hands shoot straight for her amazing fat ass, giving it a mighty grope as he used it as a handhold to keep her supported as he walked further into the room.

    “Mhmm. You can indeed, big boy,” Lena moaned into his mouth before their tongues began licking against each other.

    Ronald didn’t reply, instead he carried Lena backwards through her room until he was standing in front of the bed. Hoping he wasn’t being to presumptuous Ronald sat down on the mattress as Lena quickly unlocked her ankles from on his back so that she could straddle the handsome man. Their kissing only intensified as they sat on the bed while his hands went pack to pawing at her plump booty while the billionaire ran her hands over his muscular chest.

    Lena began to grind that impressive ass down against his groin, and actually smiled as his tongue entered her mouth as she felt his cock harden. Which was why it came as a surprise when the dark-haired billionaire broke their heavy makeout session, however it was because she had something more progressive in mind. Sliding off his lap Lena knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed between his legs while her hands made short work of his belt buckle and pants. Once undone she slid them down Ronald’s legs before fishing out his already erect cock from his boxers, a smile plastering onto her gorgeous face.

    “Mmmm. That’s what I wanted.” Lena cooed before opening her mouth and leaning forward.

    Ronald was no stranger to blowjobs, in fact he could be considered an expert in receiving oral sex so he was well versed in good versus bad ones. Lena Luthor, despite being an extremely wealthy and utterly gorgeous woman who would never have to subject herself to taking a dick in the mouth, was a blowjob machine. She immediately took hold of the base of Ronald’s cock while her lips bobbed along the upper 4 inches of his member.

    “Glllkkk glllkkk kklllkkk,” Lena moaned around his dick as she sucked him off with vigor.

    “Oh yes,” Ronald cooed, leaning back so that he could peer down and watch her work.

The talented cocksucker continued to orally service, but this time shortening her attention to just his sensitive tip for a while to thoroughly tease the man with the huge dick. Finally to his relief she pushed her lips back down his tool and took in more of his flesh into her moist heat. Lena allowed a little more of his meat inside her this time, over 5 inches now, before pulling back slowly along his length until the only contact her lips had with Ronald was on his pee slit. She repeated the action but this time she did it with more speed and continued to do so until she was bobbing at a fast pace.

“Mmmphm…ammmahhm,” were the sounds being emitted by Lena Luthor’s mouth as she noisily slobbered on his fleshy rod.

To say that Lena was a natural at giving head wouldn’t do it justice. Everything about her blowjob was top notch. The L Corp CEO constantly was looking up at him with her big green eyes, maintaining eye contact as her nose now nestled into the thin patch of pubic hair he had. Now that she was deep-throating his wide cock, she made even more erotic, wet noises as his dick was bathed in the moist heat of her mouth.

“Gllkk...kkllllkk...ggllllkkk,” Lena gurgled, just drowning out Ronald’s own grunts of pleasure.

“God that’s amazing,” the hotel employee groaned.

Lena Luthor was acting more like a well versed and seasoned prostitute then a high born wealthy lady. It seemed she was throwing her face down on Ronald’s cock, taking his girthy member to the back of her throat with each bob. The deep action of her blowjob caused some saliva to leak from her mouth, which helped to slick his cock so her free hand could really stroke the bottom few inches of his lengthy tool.

With her lips bobbing along his thick pole and her left hand stroking the finally few inches she couldn’t fit into her gullet Lena put her second hand to use. Reaching down she found his sack and began to rub it, her palm and fingers gliding easily with the copious amount of spit she had drooled. Fondling his balls gave Lena another idea so she let his very wet cock rest on his 6-pack abs so that the genius CEO could use her tongue to lick each of his nuts before capturing first the left one and sucking on it. 

“Oh yeah,” he moaned as Lena Luthor released the suction and licked up his pole.

“You like that,” she asked with a cocky grin before sucking on the other ball before licking up his dick again.

Lena went back to sucking on his manhood, but this time instead of showing off with her deepthroating ability, she chose speed. Working with her mouth and hand in perfect union, the sexy dark-haired woman bobbed her lips halfway down his dick while her fist stroked the remaining portion. The result had the muscular man groaning once again, driving him crazy as she seemed to get faster with each passing moment.

“Tell me what you want,” Lena demanded.

“Suck my balls,” Ronald answered without hesitation.

The gorgeous businesswoman didn’t miss a beat, using her fist to tilt his dick back so she could capture one ball in her mouth and began sucking erotically. All the while, the green-eyed woman locked eyes with her new boy toy, staring at him as her cheeks dimpled from the applied suction and her hand lightly stroked his pole.

“Oh yes, that’s good,” Ronald cooed, suggesting her to suck his nuts in order to allow him to catch his brief from her intense blowjob.

Not quite done with slobbering on his cock just yet the rich woman let his nut fall from her mouth. Sticking out her tongue Lena ran the wet, flat muscle up along the underbelly of his penis before reaching the top and giving his tip a little suck. She repeated the trick not one more time, not two more times but three, moaning and applying more spit on his lengthy dick with each pass.

“This dick tastes so good,” Lena moaned, maintaining eye contact with the hotel employee as she licked his pole again. “It fits so well in my mouth.”

Once more Lena went back to gliding her lips along his shaft as she seemed to throw her dark colored head down his tool. Lena was so distracted with the task at hand that she didn’t notice the man who had suddenly appeared in the doorway of her room, nor did she hear his footfalls over the sound of her gargling around Ronald’s dick.

“Ms Luthor, you are expected in National City in 6 hours,” Lena’s assistant said with neither he nor Lena seeming at all phased by what had just happened. Meanwhile Ronald had a shocked look on his face and wanted to cover up.

“You need to learn to ease up. Work hard then play harder,” Lena said as she gave Ronald’s tip a last suck like a lollipop. “In fact, come here and let me show you how.”

Nick, Lena’s assistant, walked towards the kneeling woman and was undoing his belt at the same time. As Ronald had deduced this wasn’t the first time he had walked in on Ms. Luthor in the middle of getting her rocks off, however it was the first time he was asked to join in. By the time he kicked off his pants he stood behind Lena, who was in the process of rocking further back on her heels and pulling Ronald to his feet. Now both men were on their feet completely naked with Lena kneeling before them, each healthy-sized dick in her hand. 

    “Mmhm…awwhh,” they groaned in unison.

    Being no stranger to finding herself in front of a pantless men, all that changes this time was the number of guys. The horny CEO opened her mouth and mimicked the action of French kissing someone except this time it was with the tip of her assistant Nick’s cock. Her lips were just able to completely engulf his dickhead while her tongue went about licking the entire surface of his sensitive skin.

Wanting to get more of his dick wet with her saliva, Lena freed his tip from her mouth. Extending her tongue she ran it’s moistened surface down one side of his hard member until she reached his base. The curvy goddess was focusing solely on Nick, though she continued stroking Ronald’s swollen tool with her other hand, still wet from her oral attention mere moments ago. With her hands and mouth working at the same time Lena licked down and took turns open-mouth kissing the more athletic looking man’s nuts before returning to the base and licking up the other side of his member.

    “Oh my God this is amazing,” Nick grunted, reaching down to bundle up her dark as night hair.

Lena gave the newer man what was surely the best blowjob of his life, allowing him to hold her hair and somewhat help her along the course of his cock. She and her extremely pouty lips were made for sucking cock, and boy did she put them to good use. However, just because the new man was enjoying Lena’s services didn’t mean Ronald was just waiting. Instead the hotel employee reached down and got his hand under Lena’s dress, first rubbing her slit which was completely wet before dipping a digit inside.

    “Mmm yeah!“ Lena moaned in response to his finger entering her pussy. “Don’t worry Ronald, I didn’t forget about about you,” Lena said after pulling her skilled mouth from the first dick.

    As Lena fixed her gaze and attention onto the hotel planner’s cock, she was slightly disappointed that his finger left her snatch so he could straighten up. However, the void was soon taken up by her assistant only he used two fingers to cram into her pussy. With her pleasure center set ablaze Lena still got to work, sliding her incredibly pouty lips down Ronald’s smooth member until it poked the back of her mouth then reversed course.

    Ronald promptly grunted his approval and squeezed harder on the wealthy woman’s thick hair he held in his hand. Her lips were made to suck dick as they felt like wet pillows massaging his cock in the effort to milk him completely. And apart from having natural tools, Lena also had a willingness to orally please men given how energetic so she performing her duties, something not all women displayed.

    “Jesus Lena, you’re so good,” Ronald cooed, lost in the embrace of her warm mouth on his dick.

    “Compliments are always appreciated,” the stunning dark-haired woman smile as she switched Ronald’s dick for Nick’s.

    From there Lena fell into a comfortable rhythm of taking maybe a dozen pulls with her mouth along Nick’s cock, feeling her plump lips gliding along his lengthy shaft then pulled off him and pivoted to her right. Of course it was only a matter of time before she rewarded both men further by showcasing her rare and well-earned skill of deep-throating, at which point she would fit on of their cocks completely down her gullet and hold it there for a handful of seconds before surfacing for air. With spit-strings still attaching her lips to Ronald’s cock, Lena would turn and repeat the act for Nick, choking down his thick dick until her eyes went a little misty and the need for oxygen became pressing.

    “Is there anything you aren’t amazing at?” Nick groaned in appreciation.

    Noticing that his boss was getting strands of spit all over the front of her dress Nick reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt. Ronald noted that the other man was having a little difficulty getting the skin tight dress over Lena’s extremely curvy figure, especially her pillowy tits so he lended his support and helped pull the dress over Lena’s head, rendering the billionaire completely nude. 

    To say that Lena Luthor was stunning wasn’t quite doing her justice. For one, she had the face of an angel with her large hypnotizing green eyes that seemed to change color in the light. And now that she was naked both men got a fuller appreciation of her body. For one, her ass truly was breathtaking as it was big, wide, round but tight as well. But her tits were another matter altogether as they were easily D cups that bounced as they fell away from the support of her bra and were capped with a brilliantly bright large pink nipple.

    “Aren’t you sweet,” Lena thanked before leaning back in to slobber on his dick again.

    This time as she bobbed along Nick’s length she felt a strong hand on her opposite tit as Ronald had reached down to grope her large gland. As she flashed him a look with her green eyes first before wrapping her lips back around his dick, Lena next felt Nick’s strong hand on her free boob, tweaking the nipple with thumb and forefinger before squeezing it roughly but not painfully.

    “God I picked two guys with big, beautiful dicks,” Lena moaned, taking a break from sucking and simply rubbing each of their cocks along her face. “I need to feel them inside more of me.”

    “Well let’s do something about that,” Ronald spoke.

    Lena smiled and got to her feet but she stood only long enough so that she could lay down on the bed. No sooner had her back rested on the mattress when Ronald the hotel planner was between her thighs. Lena helped the man out by spreading her legs wide and inviting, for which Ronald needed none as he stepped up and slid his condom-less cock right into her snatch.

    “Oh mother fucker! That’s the stuff,” Lena screamed as the man started to fuck her.

    Ronald couldn’t help but look down and watch as his cock thrust slowly into Lena Luthor’s bald, pink cunt. He hadn’t asked if she wanted him to wrap up his member but he figured a strong woman like Lena would have insisted if she cared. So instead he felt every touch of her pussy as he slide smoothly in then out, her wet velvety folds gripping him perfectly.

    “Oh God you’re so tight.” Ronald grunted.

    As Ronald looked up he saw that Lena had resumed her oral duties on Nick, who was now kneeling on the mattress beside the billionaire’s head. Despite the rhythmic pounding she was on the receiving end, Lena kept her concentration as she expertly rode her lips on Nick’s manhood. He was helping her as well by having a hand coiled in her silky black hair, stabilizing her head and helping her rock towards his dick with each of her forward bobs.

    “Oh my God! Oh my fuck!” Lena swore as Ronald stroked his entire 8 inch cock into her wet furnace.

    Ronald had briefly thought it would be weird fucking a woman with another guy in the mix but thus far it really wasn’t. Sure, it was a little strange to have Lena’s gorgeous face obstructed by another man’s hips but it was oddly erotic watching the billionaire suck on a dick all while his cock was being constantly sheathed and withdrawn from her tight cunt.

    Instead of thinking about the fact he was fucking with another man present, Ronald thought about the woman they were having sex with. Each and every time Ronald crashed his pelvis against hers as he buried himself to the hilt caused Lena’s large D-cup tits to bounce because of the force. This only encouraged the hotel planner to ram into Lena Luthor harder and see them bounce more, which also seemed to make her moan louder.

“Yes! Give me all that cock!” Lena screamed, taking a brief break before using her tongue to lick Nick’s cock in front of her face. “Don’t stop! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Keep going!”

Ronald was proud of his record of making a good majority of his female exual partners cum during their hook-up. However, he had no idea if it would happen tonight since he had no experience with threesomes and it seemed like Lena would be too distracted. However, Ronald was pleasantly surprised to hear her comments and as her hand shot between her legs and began rubbing her clit Ronald reasoned she was close. 

Lena knew she was close but wanted to delay her gratification just a little longer to build up more tension, making the orgasm that much better. As her hand started to friction her sensitive nub harder she was delighted to find that the men were working in sync with one another. The faster Ronald was thrusting the more Nick was rocking forward, forcing his dick to hit the back of her throat. Between their twin energies, Lena had finally reached a fever pitch with her orgasm inevitable now as her hand continued to go faster, working herself into a frenzy until she was at her climax.

“OOOHHHH FFUUCCKKKKK!!!” Lena shouted, having to let the dick in her mouth go as she focused on cumming.

“Had no idea you were a screamer, Ms. Luthor,” Nick commented with a shit-eating grin.

“I’m full of surprises.” Lena replied with a devilish grin as Ronald slowly stroked balls deep in her sopping wet pussy. “For example, you may also not know that I want a dick in my asshole now. And look what I happen to have in my hand,” Lena said, lightly stroking Nick’s saliva-coated cock.

Nick tried not to scream in utter excitement and to keep a neutral face, though he thought his emotion betrayed him. For anyone who ever say Lena Luthor’s ass they marveled at it, especially an ass man like Nick. He had dreams about it, getting to grope the thick flesh with his fingers, spreading her cheeks and licking the very center of her asshole, tasting what her insides tasted like. And now his most carnal desire was about to come true as the gorgeous Lena Luthor had practically just begged him to sodomize her.

Ronald was smart enough to read the signs and so after another thrust he pulled out of the multi-billionaire’s snatch and stepped back. In truth he wasn’t disappointed to be taking a little break from fucking Lena Luthor as he had approached pretty close to cumming as well. Therefore he was happy to replenish some energy as he watched the ivory-skinned beauty roll over and get on all fours while her assistant knelt behind her.

“Do you have any lube,” Nick asked, hopefully she did.

“I’ve got your cock good and wet already. Besides, my asshole has plenty of stretch,” Lena replied as she reached back and smeared some spit around her puckered backdoor.

Even though Lena felt like she had enough lubrication, Nick felt like a little more for his boss was the least he could do. Leaning down he immediately shoved his tongue into her tight asshole, licking over the rosebud several times before using his hands to spread her cheeks so his tongue could actually burrow an inch deep into her colon. Lena was surprised by her assistant’s rimming but she moaned in appreciation before she used her widespread mouth to engulf the dick in front of her face that moments before was balls deep in her snatch.

“God that’s good,” Lena said as her lips rubbed along the side of Ronald’s cock.

Neither men knew if Lena was talking about their role in the threesome - from the rimming by her assistant or wrapping her lips around the hotel employee’s cock. But after the billionaire CEO resumed her frantic bobbing of Ronald’s cock, Nick had decided that he had sufficiently rimmed her asshole to his satisfaction. As he straightened up from his squat he gave one last spit into her slightly gaped ass before rubbing the tip of his cock against the saliva-slick hole. After a moment to let Lena know what his plan was Nick pushed forward and despite the thickness of his cock and relative tinyness of her hole, the first 3 inches of his cock disappeared inside Lena Luthor’s asshole.

“Oh Lord. I’m assfucking Luna freaking Luthor,” her assistant practically howled in delight.

What surprised Nick even more than the elegant and super wealthy Lena Luthor taking a really thick cock in the ass was the easy at which she did it. While she did take a brief break from using her mouth on the other man’s dick, she still pumped his length with her fist while wiggling her tongue at his bulbous head. But Nick had taken his monster of a cock and within a half-dozen strokes had managed to fit his entire 9 inches of flesh inside his boss’ bowels.

“Nick, remind me to give you a raise ASAP,” Lena stated to her employee before wrapping her lips back around Ronald’s dick.

“Yes Ms. Luthor,” Nick grunted while savoring the feel of her sphincter hugging his cock.

Clearly anal sex was something that regularly happened between Lena and whatever gentleman suitor she deemed worthy. Ronald couldn’t help but shift his gaze between watching the ivory skinned beauty glide his cock between her lips and looking down her body to watch in fascination and extreme arousal as the other man performed long pumps from tip to base in and out of his boss’ asshole as she moaned throughout the process. He was amazed that within minutes of starting to be sodomized that Lena was able to have Nick balls deep, for which he reasoned a steady pace that was neither too slow nor too jerky - smooth and steady thrusts. 

At this point Lena was being used at both ends of her body and she couldn’t have been having a better time. She had learnt long ago how to enjoy anal sex, but her concentration was broken for the moment as the man whose dick was occupying her mouth reached down to fold his fist in her long silky hair, which he was using it to help her head bobbing along his shaft. Ronald never would have known she was taking a thick cock up the ass with the way she was moaning and still maintaining a fast and rhythmic blowjob which was easily one of the better sucks of his life.

“Oh God! Your dick feels so good in my ass.” Lena cooed.

Nick was buoyed by the gorgeous woman’s comments, which came at the perfect time because he had been working himself into a frenzy. Between the feel of her asshole, the relentless pace he had set and the fact he was assfucking Lena Luthor with her amazing booty, it was only natural to be hurtled towards his orgasm. Needing to halt his rapidly approaching climax before it was too late, Nick took a chance by pulling out of her creamy white ass altogether.

“Fuck me! Look how wide I made this perfect ass,” Nick commented as he slowly pulled out of his boss’ ass and stared down at her gaping booty. 

Lena recognized what her employee was doing but kept her mouth shut. Well, metaphorically she shut her mouth while literally her lips were pressed tightly around the other man’s veiny dick as she pumped it in and out of her wet mouth. Back behind her Nick was using a supposed gape fetish to stop from blowing his load. Not that the dark-haired beauty minded, in fact after Nick planted his cock balls deep in her ass before withdrawing fully Lena would push out, making her asshole flare wider for him, making him have a bigger and deeper look into her rectum.

Waiting for Nick to go back into her backdoor for more than a single pump Lena made a request of her employee. “Roll me over. I want to feel both of you...together.”

Nick stopped pumping altogether after processing what his boss just asked. Knowing her reputation, Lena Luthor was a woman who got what she wanted and expected things done in a timely fashion. Therefore Nick didn’t overthink her request and simply acted by shoving his dick as far into her asshole as possible, which was a good 8 inches deep, before leaning over her curvy body. With his arms wrapping around her thin waist he pivoted on his left knee and took all her weight onto his chest before she got her feet under her and began riding him immediately.

As Nick and Lena were performing their barrel roll to land in the middle of the bed, naturally Ronald had to pull his dick from the lovely woman’s mouth. However, as he watched her begin to ride the other man’s dick in her asshole, Ronald couldn’t help but long for his turn to get back inside Lena Luthor in any hole she wanted. Looking from her sodomy occuring in her big ass back up to her gorgeous face, Ronald was surprised to find her eyes on him. Lena gave her lips a seductive lick before her eyes flashed down to his spit-covered dick then back up to his face at which point she raised an eyebrow suggestively.

“Got room for one more?” Ronald asked, already moving towards the bed.

“Thought you’d never ask,” Lena cooed, her heavy tits bouncing in front of her with every descent she made.

Lena gave one last energetic ride down Nick’s cock before she stopped riding him and simple let her employee rest with his entire dick up her ass. With her creamy white ass pressed against Nick’s hips Lena leaned back and spread her legs wide right in time for Ronald to slide up between those spread legs and push his cock right into her pussy.

“Oh God! So much cock! Fill me up boys!” Lena screamed the moment two dicks occupied both her holes.

Lena was no stranger to being double penetrated, fucked by two studly men at the same time, which was why she could take in everything that was happening. For example she could feel her employee beneath her thrusting upwards into her rectum at almost twice the rate that Ronald and his slightly thicker cock was pumping into her pussy. However Ronald soon remedied that situation by leaning further forward, using his body weight to cram a few more inches into Lena’s snatch and give himself greater mechanical advantage to thrust inside her.

The two sexually experienced men swiftly realized the importance of working together, even though they didn’t exchange a single word. Nick had slowed down after punching up with as much speed as possible to allow the other man a few moments of hard pumping into his boss’ snatch while he simple left his dick buried balls deep in her asshole without thrusting. Once Ronald settled down they started working as a unit with Nick being allowed to drag the ivory skinned beauty downward onto his cock before giving control to Ronald so he could pull the curvy Luthor towards him as he spiked his cock into her snatch. 

“Jesus Christ,” one or both men grunted, Lena wasn’t quite sure.

Lena wasn’t moaning and screaming to make the two men feel like studs - she was wailing in delight because it actually felt that good. Having both holes stuffed and hitting all the right spots was intoxicating, especially as the two poles simultaneously rubbed against the thin membrane that separated her pussy and asshole which only heightened the sensations. Which was why it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that an orgasm was hurtling towards her at neck breaking speeds.

“Oh shit, Le...Ms’re incredible,” Nick grunted, the feel of his cock slamming into her asshole being heavenly.

“Agreed,” Ronald groaned as the curvy woman’s pussy lips hugged every inch of his dick. “Fucking great.”

“Oh shit oh shit oh shit! Fuck me harder!” Lena screamed her encouragement. “So close just give it to me harder!”

The curvy CEO immediately felt both her guests answer her call. Ronald’s hands reached down to grab her tapered waist so that he could pull Lena back with even greater force as he spiked his thick cock into her cunt. Meanwhile Nick had a similar thought of dragging her mighty booty downward to match his upward thrust into her snug ass but only with his hands gripping her bouncing tits to accomplish that goal.

“Yes! I’m cumming!” Lena howled at the top of her lungs as she creamed all over Ronald’s dick.

Having their cock separated by only a thin barrier between Lena’s pussy and rectum meant both men’s tools were grinding against one another. This just added to the amazing sensation of the adopted sister of Lex Luthor squeezing them tightly for the past little while as they fucked her at the same time. And now at Lena’s request they had ramped up their thrusting to unsustainable levels, especially after they had been using her for the past 30 or so minutes.

“Fuck me! Need to cum,” Nick bellowed, mere moments away from his climax.

“Cum inside me,” Lena replied with hesitation. “I want to feel you filling up my ass.”

“God damn,” Nick groaned.

With the decision made and his boss begging for his spunk, Nick gave in. With a guttural snarl paired with his hands tightening their grip of her large tits, Nick slammed up into her ass for the last time. Pulling on her body down to hold himself deep within in, he let loose as a half-dozen shots of thick warm jizz shot into Lena Luthor’s rectum. He held himself still in the depths of her bowels until he was emptied completely, with Ronald having slowed to allow Nick the freedom to cum in the billionaire without problems.

As the personal assistant relaxed his grip on Lena’s tits, leaving red marks on the pristine skin, Ronald began fucking Lena hard once more. The second he spiked his cock forward he felt a familiar tingle in his sack and knew his long awaited orgasm was now at hand as well. It was hastened a lot more when Nick slipped out from underneath Lena after his dick deflated and eased out of the dark haired woman’s ass, lowering both Lena and the other man to the mattress and allowing the older man to thrust extra deep into his boss.

“Cum in me too,” Lena answered his unasked question. “I wanna feel your seed in me.”

Much like with the other man, hearing Lena demand his cum inside her broke the last of Ronald’s willpower. With a guttural growl the older man speared deep into Lena’s warm cunt and blast after blast of his semen erupted deep into her womb. He imagined she was on the pill to have requested his spunk to be blown into her pussy but at that moment Ronald could have cared less. After all, he was cumming into Lena fucking Luthor!

Having both men cum inside her within a minute of each other had triggered another orgasm for Lena, albeit not as powerful or loud as her first but no less satisfying. Lena realized so was no longer resting on the chest of her assistant so took advantage of nestling her head in her pillows of the bed as the exhausted hotel planner hung his head against her heavy tits for a few seconds before rolling off her to the side currently not occupied by her other satisfied man. 

“I don’t mean to be insensitive Ms Luthor but to make it back to National City in time we need to leave this hotel in 5 minutes.” Nick reminded his boss, snapping back into his role as assistant.

“Well maybe I could persuade Ronald to get a hotel staffer up here to pack my few belongings and you, Nick, can get the jet gassed up and ready while I go have a quick rinse,” Lena spoke, taking the bull by the horns like normal.

“Sounds like a plan Ms. Luthor,” Nick replied, rolling out of bed and into business mode.

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