Batgirl's Plight

BY : LadyInfinite
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Disclaimer: Batgirl belongs to DC Comics. Story is purely fan made and not meant to make profits.

Batgirl brushed back her long, auburn hair as she waited patiently. Her long, black cape and cowl hid her unnoticed as she crouched on a third floor ledge. Also hidden was the form-fitting one piece black spandex that served as her costume. The smooth material hugged every inch of her athletic body, a far cry from the sweaters and short skirts she wore during the day as an average, though pretty college co-ed at Gotham State. Her yellow utility belt, which hung low on her shapely hips, contrasted against the dark material, as did the bat-emblem displayed prominently across her equally shapely breasts. Batgirl had completed her own version of the bat-uniform with yellow gloves and boots, feeling it would be bad form to copy the Dark Knight's familiar garb too precisely. She had only been a caped crusader for a few weeks following a run-in with terrorists on her way to a costume gala at Wayne Manor. Despite her success, Batman had given her a stern warning, scolding her as though she was a spoiled child. Heedless, Batgirl had begun quietly taking on dealers, muggers and pickpockets, of which Gotham never seemed to run short, the presence of Batman and Robin notwithstanding. She smiled as she thought of the name 'Batgirl' finally being noticed in the newspapers and by her father Commissioner Gordon, in the past few days. Hopefully, even Batman himself will notice her after tonight. Anxiously, she began to fidget. "I hope laughing boy shows," she thought.  A lucky coincidence had led the plucky heroine to her stakeout. Luck that she hoped had not run out.  While sharing lunch with her uncle in his office that morning, she had overheard a phone conversation between the commissioner and the Batman concerning that morning's escape of Gotham's most notorious criminal, the Joker.  The mild-mannered Barbara Gordon had been able to just make out Batman's deep resonant voice on the other end of the phone.  The two crime fighter's had agreed that they could only wait for the Joker to make his inevitable first move.  Batman planned to use his vast detection resources to determine the likely targets for the criminal clown.

Barbara had a better idea. "He's going to need some sort of base, a home," she thought after leaving his office.  She had spent the afternoon and into the evening at the University library, putting her work-study time to good use. Which had disappointed a fair number of library regulars, who usually spent much of their `study' time ogling Barbara's shapely tan legs and trying to glimpse up her skirt as she re-shelved books. Using the vast computer network she was building as her senior thesis, her research had paid off. Barbara had discovered a novelty-joke shop whose owner had recently passed away, his obituary buried in the Gotham Herald.  The pretty young detective found civil court documents which told her the shop would be boarded up while the legalities of the owner's estate were worked out.  Finally, blueprints from Gotham's Hall of Records revealed that the store backed against a large warehouse, similarly abandoned. "That's got to be the place, it's perfect for him" thought the excited novice heroine. Now, costumed as Batgirl, she was not nearly as confident.  She would hate to spend the entire night staking out this abandoned shop in one of Gotham's seedier neighborhoods with nothing to show for it.  The cracking and peeling of the old sign obscured the name of the shop. The smiling visage of a once-happy clown could still be made out, looking more mournful than mirthful and further darkening the mood of the amateur caped-crusader. 

In the labyrinth city layout that made up Gotham, this darkened crime-ridden area was mere yards from several of the city hottest nightspots. She could hear the steady thump of any number of dance clubs one block away, reminding her of how `normal' people spent their nights, as she shifted her position to avoid cramping. Just as the beautiful crime-fighter was about to give up, the screech of tires caused her to slip back into hiding.  Batgirl's breath quickened as a long black sedan skidded to a stop directly in front of the boarded up shop. The passenger door opened and a familiar cackle split the quiet of the night. "Perfect," declared the Joker as he leaped from the car. "You know what they say. `Location, Location, Location'," he giggled insanely. He was wearing a long overcoat, so deep purple that it was nearly black at first glance.  A matching large, wide-brimmed hat covered his head.  He was much larger than Batgirl had thought he would be, nearly as big as Batman. She had expected him to be skinnier, more awkward, more clown-like; not the large athletic man who gleefully danced an odd little jig in front of his new hideout. Batgirl nearly gasped when the Joker spun back to the car, revealing his deathly white skin and hideous grin, highlighted against the blackness of the darkened buildings behind him.  She had seen his picture before but was unprepared for the evil that seemed to drip from that wicked smile. "Get us some grub.  I'll find the key!" he yelled back at the unseen driver as he searched for a likely looking brick. The costumed crime fighter could barely contain her excitement as the car sped away. "Good, he'll be alone and I'll have the advantage of surprise." She thought, her confidence resurfacing.  It was one thing to track the crook down, quite another to bring him in.  She pulled a slender line from her utility belt.  With a deft toss, she looped her line securely around a streetlight above the chuckling villain. Batgirl smiled to herself. "All that practice is paying off." she thought smugly. 

"No use being subtle about this. He's too big for me, I'll have to take him down quick." Gripping the line tightly in both hands, Batgirl launched herself at the unsuspecting Joker's back, intending to use the momentum of her swing and her yellow boots to drive him into the front of the building and into unconsciousness. "Quick and painless," she smiled as her cape and long red hair billowed out behind her. "At least for me." And it would have been, had not the Joker chosen that precise moment to discover the object of his search. He kneeled to the sidewalk just as a black and yellow blur swept by overhead.  The surprised heroine sailed past him, her failed attack causing no more than a slight breeze. Awkwardly, she adjusted her body position and narrowly avoided slamming into the wall she had intended for her opponent. Releasing her line as her boots struck the wall of the shop, Batgirl flipped backwards to the sidewalk, with only a slight stumble.  Putting on her best `I meant to do that' expression, the young heroine spun to face a genuinely surprised Joker.

"Nice outfit.  Until I noticed those ample bat-boobies, I almost thought the real Bat had found me," the Joker sneered as he ogled the heroine. The eyes narrowed and his gaze became icy cold, "that's definitely one fashion mistake you don't want to make around me.  I've found a cape and cowl to be quite hazardous to one's health in my presence. "Now beat it, prom queen. I'm busy." sneered the villain and, with a dismissive tip of his hat, turned his back on Batgirl. The young heroine was infuriated. "How dare he ignore me?" she thought, her ire mounting. Batgirl stalked angrily after her disinterested opponent, who was humming a happy little tune as he prepared to break into the abandoned shop. Batgirl's boot was a yellow blur as she launched second attack at the villain's unprotected back. Releasing her rage, the kick struck him squarely between the shoulder blades. It was good kick. Maybe her best kick. The Joker flew forward with a girlish yelp and landed on his face a few yards away with a heavy thud. "Hmph, prom queen indeed." gloated the smug heroine as she reached to her utility belt for her cuffs, satisfied that the evildoer had underestimated her, just like the small-timers she had faced. As she approached the fallen Joker, Batgirl heard a low chuckle.  Shocked, she watched as he rolled over, grinning wider than ever and sneered up at the shapely heroine. "So I guess the bat-in-training wants to play. S'okay, we'll play," the Joker laughed sadistically. "Tag," his wing tips shot forward, painfully striking the unsuspecting Batgirl below the knees, sending her sprawling. "You're it."

Ignoring the pain in her shins, the agile heroine rolled back to her feet in time to see the Joker lightly skipping away from her, towards the noise and lights of the busy dance clubs.  "I may be out of my league here," thought Batgirl, reconsidering the wisdom of taking on the psychopath on her own.  "But I can't let him loose on those innocent people now that I've flushed him out."  The young heroine raced after the villain. Batgirl shielded her eyes from the glare from the flashing neon and passing headlights of the busy night club district.  The novice heroine scanned frantically for the escaping Joker through the crowd of club goers gathered outside the city's hotspots.  Her bruised ego inflated a bit as she noted with some pride that more than a few in the crowd recognized and cheered her on. After a moment's hesitation, Batgirl heard the familiar chortle of her quarry.  Following the sound, she snaked her way through the milling crowd, some of the more helpful citizens pointing toward the fleeing Joker.  Finally, her search led to where a group was peering into a narrow gap between two of the buildings, too small to properly call an alley. Several of the onlookers indicated the chasm when asked where the Joker had gone. The heroine took a deep breath and vanished after the villain into the darkness. Again, Batgirl needed a moment for her eyes to adjust back to the darkness. The narrow walkway was nearly completely black and, through some acoustical oddity, eerily quiet. Only the deep bass thump from the dance club inside one of the neighboring buildings could be heard.  Her boots clicked on the pavement as she cautiously made her way deep into the darkness.  Only garbage cans and general refuse could be seen. "Where is he?" She thought "This could be a trap."

Batgirl never completed her thought as a two-by-four swung horizontally out of the shadows, striking her mid-section, doubling her over, and driving the breath from her lungs.  Before she could recover, the board came around vertically to break over the back of the stunned heroine's skull, sending her to the pavement and into unconsciousness.  A chuckling Joker stepped out of the darkness, discarding his broken weapon. With a wicked grin, he crouched over his now-helpless pursuer, who lay sprawled, facedown on the pavement. "Thought you'd make headlines by taking me in?  Trying to build your rep?" the villain laughed.  "Well, fine, let's give them something for the front page," the Joker taunted, overjoyed to take his nemesis down a peg or two, even if indirectly. With a sinister grin, the villain's hands moved quickly and with surprising deftness. He reached around the helpless heroine's neck and unclasped her heavy black cape. The Joker gave a low whistle as he pulled the cape away, revealing Batgirl's curvaceous, graceful, spandex-clad body. He unclasped the utility belt from around her slender waist and pulled free, adding it to the discarded cape.  Chuckling at his wickedness, the Joker brushed aside her long red hair, grasped the zipper at the neck of the unconscious young woman's costume and pulled it slowly to the small of her back. Batgirl's costume opened to reveal an expanse of tan, taut skin between the nape of her neck to the dimpled small of her back, broken only by the white clasp of her bra. The heroine lay unmoving, oblivious. Giggling madly, the Joker peeled back the costume, pulling it off the heroine's shoulders and down her slender, toned arms. The villain pulled Batgirl's arms free of her costume and her yellow gloves, letting her naked arms sprawl out at her sides.  He then worked the top of her costume down to her slender hips, until the waistband of the helpless heroine's panties just peeked over the wadded black spandex. At this point Batgirl began to groan softly as she regained awareness, causing the Joker to momentarily halt her stripping and pull a handkerchief from his breast pocket. And pulled. And pulled in the manner of a nightclub magician. Soon the grinning madman had a ten-foot long, multi-hued piece of cloth. Working quickly, before the heroine fully regained consciousness, he pulled her wrists together, twisting them high up her athletic back and wrapped them multiple times with the silken kerchief before tying a tight knot.  Grasping her slender, bound wrists in one hand, pinning the woman to the ground, the Joker returned to his work on her costume. 

Batgirl awoke to a throbbing at the base of her skull.  She groaned softly as her clouded mind began to clear. A chill wind blowing over her bare shoulders and the feel of the cold pavement against her naked stomach alerted her to her dilemma.  Her eyes widened as she came to full realization of what was happening to her. "My costume!  W-What are you doing?!" Batgirl gasped and began kicking her legs wildly as she struggled against her captor. Struggles which became more frantic as she felt the tug of the remainder of her costume at her slim waist. "Wait! Stop!" she begged, receiving only an evil cackle in reply. The Joker tugged the costume over Batgirl's slim hips and down her tight, athletic buttocks, which was jiggling as the heroine struggled. He began to cackle more loudly as the heroine's panties were exposed.  When Barbara Gordon had dressed that morning, she had given little thought to her choice of lingerie.  In retrospect, the white cotton panties with a pattern of little red hearts and matching bra may not have been the most heroic decision she ever made.  But the young heroine could have never dreamed it would matter. She wailed a long anguished "No!" at her humiliation at the hands of the Joker, who was now laughing hysterically as he continued to strip the heroine. He bared her long, tan legs to the night air as he pulled her costume down. Keeping a firm grasp on the struggling heroine's wrists, he slipped her boots and costume off over her kicking feet. "You can't do this!" wailed Batgirl, tossing her long red hair as she struggled to turn her head to see her sadistic captor. "You've won. Just let me go," she pleaded. "Let you go?" mocked the Joker as he yanked the bound heroine to her feet and spun her to face him.  His cold eyes crawled over every inch of his nearly naked captive, causing her cheeks to color in shame.  Her shapely body shivered in the cool Gotham air, now clad in only her mask and underwear, which barely concealed her young body. Her toned skin shone in the limited light of the darkened area, contrasted against the shadowed brick walls behind her. The white, heart-patterned cotton of her bra strained to conceal her round perfect breasts.  

Below them was the tight, toned abdomen and slim stomach of an athletic crime fighter.  The small cloth triangle of her panties hung precariously off her slender rounded hips.  Her long tan legs quivered as she shuffled her bare feet on the cold pavement. "Let you go?" the leering villain repeated, "Not just yet, I've decided I'm going to make you famous." The Joker snatched up the heroine's discarded clothing and draped it over his shoulder. He then grabbed the puzzled heroine's bound arm and began to drag her back into the busy club district, where a good-sized crowd had begun to gather, unable to see the lewd activity hidden in the darkness. "Let's go. Your public awaits." laughed the villain. Horrified, Batgirl struggled frantically, trying to stay hidden between the buildings. "No! You can't do this! I can't go out in public in my underwear!" She pleaded. The Joker stopped short and looked back at the helpless heroine. "I do believe you're right," he considered. With a wicked grin, his quick hands snaked out and snatched the cupped fabric of Batgirl's bra.  Before she could react, the flimsy cloth pulled away with a sharp tear. Batgirl gave a horrified whimper as her perky, full bust was exposed.  The Joker laughed as he leered at the perfect pale globes. The humiliated heroine turned her back to escape his gaze and hide her nudity. Too late she realized her mistake, that the sadistic clown was not done. She felt his fingers slip inside the waistband of her panties, just below the curvaceous small of her back. Batgirl gasped, shocked, as the villain roughly pulled the waistband down over her round, tight butt. She tried to leap forward to escape the Joker, to no avail, only causing her ass to bounce and jiggle as it was freed from her underpants. With a second tear, the last remnants of Batgirl's clothing, and her dignity, pulled between her kicking legs, stripping her completely. The humiliated heroine dove behind some garbage cans, crouching in an insufficient attempt to hide her nakedness as the Joker flipped away the tattered remains of her lingerie. 

Snickering "You were right.  That will be much, much better. You're a born showman, Bat-babe." He grinned. Batgirl groaned feebly from her hiding place, wishing desperately that she could melt into the brick wall that prevented her escape. Her frenzied mind was unable to cope with her predicament; her preparation as a crime-fighter could have never encompassed this degrading contingency. Bursting with sadistic glee, the Joker reached for his naked quarry.  He easily fended off her protests and pulled her out into the passageway and shoved her once again towards the brightly-lit street.  He noted with an evil grin as she was jerked to her feet that the small shaved triangle of red hair between her legs was revealed, glimpsed before the heroine crouched and awkwardly lifted one knee to hide her sex. 

Batgirl looked back over her bare shoulder and pleaded with the Joker, who seemed hypnotized by her writhing buttocks, "Please, please, please don't do this." She begged. Unfazed by her pleas, the Joker laughed. "It's Show Time!" And with a final shove with his scuffed black shoe against her bare ass, propelled the naked heroine out into the bright glare of neon lights. Batgirl stumbled awkwardly into the midst of the crowded sidewalk with an embarrassed squeal. The noise caused every head to turn to gawk at the humiliated heroine. The crowd gave a collective gasp as they viewed Batgirl's attire or rather her complete lack of any. Her appearance caused a variety of reactions throughout the gathered throng of club-goers. Many had the decency to avert their gaze, at least after an initial peek. More, who didn't know who she was, or didn't care, jeered and hooted lewd comments. If asked later, this group would have trouble recalling that she wore a mask at all, though they were positive she was a natural redhead. Some just laughed at the obviously embarrassed heroine.

Batgirl tried in vain to cover herself. Unable to free her bound wrists, the heroine was forced to bend nearly double and stand awkwardly on one leg, the other knee raised to cover her naked pubis. Helplessly, she realized the humiliating position gave those behind an unimpeded view of her round, wiggling bottom. Further heightening her shame was the exposure of her full round breasts, which swung and bounced hypnotically as she struggled to maintain her balance. The crimson-cheeked Batgirl searched frantically for some escape, but the crowd around her was packed too tight, growing more and more so as the herd tried to catch a voyeuristic glimpse of the nubile young heroine as she squirmed. Over the noise of the street and the jeering of the crowd, Batgirl could hear one cackling voice, each venom-filled word dripping with sarcasm. "Attention, good citizens of Gotham. Have no fear, your streets will now be safe and pristine, for you have a new crime-fighter. If you have not read about her in the papers, allow me to introduce the invincible. the unstoppable. the seductive. oh, and by the way, the very-very naked. Batgirl!" the Joker loudly taunted, causing the crowd to give way so he could move in beside the humiliated heroine, guffawing all the way. As he approached, the villain spoke in a low voice, meant for Batgirl alone, "Stand up straight. Let them see your heroic self.  You want them to remember you, right?" With those words, the Joker gave her exposed buttocks a painful slap, causing her to squeal again and her pelvis to shoot forward, momentarily standing her up to her full height and, more embarrassingly, exposing her naked pussy to the full view of the crowd. 

Batgirl groaned in anguish as she scrambled to regain her balance and crouched over again, squeezing her eyes shut to fight back her tears. Some in the crowd had seen enough. A burly doorman from one of the nearby clubs stalked forward intending to put an end to the viscous madman's shameful exhibition. The bouncer towered over the pale-faced villain; his black T-shirt stretched tightly across his muscular torso. "What do want, Tinkerbell? I'm busy here." snapped the Joker, oblivious to the vast differences in their sizes. The brawny doorman only grinned and pulled back his fist, planning to pound the villain into a white and purple stain on the pavement.  His grin turned into a grimace as the Joker had planted his shoe squarely between the larger man's legs. Batgirl watched helplessly as her would-be-rescuer toppled with a squeak. The criminal clown added the final touch by slamming his elbow into the bruiser's face as he fell, crushing the larger man's nose with a sickening snap. The crowd began to turn much uglier. Batgirl, though grateful to be removed slightly from the center of attention, knew the situation would soon turn deadly. The grinning psychopath was capable of just about anything if threatened. 

She also worried about her own chances bound, naked and helpless, at the hands of a drunken mob. Yet, the heroine could do nothing, paralyzed by both her bound wrists and the embarrassment of her stark nakedness. The lethal confrontation never occurred, however. A loud screech of tires announced the arrival of the Joker's long black car. The car jumped the curb, sending the crowd scrambling to avoid being hit, and skidded to a stop beside the Joker and his nude captive. "Ah, our ride. Perfect timing." Laughed the Joker, grasping a handful of Batgirl's long red hair and dragging her toward the waiting vehicle, her naked body trembling. "Where are you please just let me go! You've humiliated me." She pleaded to deaf ears. The heroine could hear the wail of approaching sirens, but was unable to resist as the villain opened the rear passenger door and, with another humiliating slap, shoved her into the dark vehicle. Her final impression on the stunned crowd was of her bare, round buttocks as she disappeared into the vehicle. Her pitiful pleading was cut short as the Joker slammed the door. Blowing the terrified crowd kisses, the villain laughed insanely and climbed into the front passenger seat, the door slamming as the car sped away, scattering pedestrians. The black sedan ran a red light, causing a small pileup that would keep any pursuit busy for a few hours, and squealed around a corner disappearing into the night with Batgirl bound, naked and helpless in the back seat. The heroine had landed awkwardly, facedown in the back of the dark sedan. 

She had managed to wriggle up to a sitting position as the car sped away. The driver, she noted, was none other than the Joker's perpetual sidekick/toady, Harley Quinn, dressed in her familiar red and black jester's motley.  "What happened, Mr. J?  You okay? And who's the bod?" she asked, concern for the villain and contempt for the heroine evident in her voice. "Not much. Just ran into a Bat-wannabe and thought I'd bring her along for laughs. You didn't get anchovies did you?" the Joker answered, opening up a steaming pizza box as the care careened dangerously through Gotham's streets. "Yeah." Laughed Quinn nervously, turning to get a look at the embarrassed heroine, despite the tremendous speed with which she was driving. "Let me guess, it's laundry day?" She sneered at Batgirl, who once again colored in shame at being in the altogether. Quinn's eyes narrowed and her white-painted face very nearly turned green with the jealousy. She was most definitely the only woman in the Joker's life and intended to keep it that way. She turned back to her driving. With a wicked grin, she wrenched the wheel to one side, watching in the rear-view mirror as the nude heroine went sprawling in the back seat. 

The Joker, caught similarly unaware, now had cheese and tomato sauce smeared across his face. "Settle down, Harley." He said as he wiped his face with Batgirl's cape, "I thought she might be a good way to get under the Bat's skin, otherwise I'd have left her back there to be fondled by the yokels. But if having her watch you drive bothers you so much, I'll take care of it. Besides, I'm hungry and I'd rather not be wearing my dinner." Reaching over the seat, he grabbed the stripped heroine by her hair as she struggled to regain her seat. He pulled her close to a tacky, plastic flower in his lapel. Batgirl struggled futilely as he held it under her nose.  Soon, her struggles ceased and she slumped unconscious to the seat. The Joker satisfied that she was out for a while, tossed her costume, as well as the half-empty pizza box, over the seat, finally partially covering the disrobed heroine, though she would never know. "Now, we need to find a new place to hole-up." grinned the smug villain. 

"And the night is still young. Let's have some fun, this frightfully boring town must have missed me. This is the best I've felt in years." He began to cackle as the car sped through the Gotham night. Batgirl's cloudy vision slowly cleared as she regained consciousness, twinged though it was with the sharp pain of her throbbing head. 

The heroine groaned as the events of the previous evening came back to her in an embarrassing rush. Her groan was stifled by a thick rag tied tightly across her mouth, nearly choking her. She could also feel that she had been more securely bound while out. Thick ropes were tightly looped around her wrists, still behind her back. Similar bonds held her knees and ankles. Most humiliating, she was still without a stitch of clothing. The heroine shuddered when she tried to imagine what could have happened to her while she was unconscious, exposed helpless to her captors. She lay on her side on a concrete floor, the cold pavement pressed against her naked skin. From her vantage point, she could see that she was in the middle of a large, nearly empty warehouse, subliminally causing the bound heroine to feel even smaller and more unprotected. Skylights high above revealed a typical overcast Gotham sky that provided dim daylight through the exposed I-beams that criss-crossed the ceiling, which seemed as spotlights to the naked Bagirl, who would have given anything to be hidden. Empty, rotting crates and rusty industrial equipment were scattered around the expanse of the cement flooring, telling evidence that the building had been abandoned for some time. Batgirl heard the rustle of paper behind her. She craned her cramped neck around to peer over a bare shoulder, not wanting to turn and put more of herself on display. The heroine saw her captor, dressed in his pajamas, which were covered with a pattern of happy clowns, and a long purple robe. 

The Joker hunkered in a large overstuffed velvet-covered chair, ridiculously out of place in the large warehouse, one leg draped over a padded arm. Behind him was a dining room table and chairs, still covered with the remains of the villains' fast-food breakfast. His hench-woman was nowhere to be seen. The criminal's face was hidden as he read the morning edition of the Gotham Herald. Even at this distance, the helpless heroine could make out both the Joker's and her own name in the banner headline. She gave a shocked, muffled squeak when she discerned the words in between: `Humiliated by.' The noise alerted the Joker, who lowered his morning reading. "Ah, you're awake. Mornin' Sunshine!" He said cheerfully, his greeting echoing through the vast empty building. Green hair still disheveled from sleep; the villain tucked his paper under his arm and moved toward the bound heroine. The Joker stood grinning over his helpless captive, leering at her nude body as she labored ineffectively against her bonds. Batgirl pulled her knees to her chest, attempting to cover her bare breasts. The villain grinned, then roughly grabbed the embarrassed heroine's bare arm. She struggled feebly as he dragged her to the table, her bare skin sliding over the cool cement flooring. "Before we start, maybe you'd like to peruse this morning's paper?" said the Joker as he propped the naked Batgirl in a wooden chair. Standing behind her, he stooped and placed his pale face and hideous grin next to her ear, which was still covered by her mask, all that remained of her costume. Reaching around the chair and it's squirming occupant, he held the Herald up for the heroine to see. Batgirl turned her head away, unable to read the lead story, a detailed account of her degradation the previous evening. "Oh, don't be modest, you're on the front page. You even got top billing. Here. let me." taunted the Joker, who began to read the dry, detailed story aloud to the horrified heroine, adding his own colorful, and sometimes vulgar, commentary. 

Batgirl did her best not to listen, but, unable to block the narrative, her eyes began to tear. Her reddened eyes widened and she gave a muffled, woeful groan as the villain finished the story, an account from a shaken fast-food worker. The Joker and his sidekick had finished their wild night by robbing the cash from the register along with several breakfast combos. The newspaper said the robbery had occurred at the drive-through window with, the Joker quoted with wicked mirth `what was assumed to be Batgirl's nude buttocks' prominently displayed hanging out the passenger window. A position, the Joker described wickedly, she had spent much of the night and following morning as they had searched all of Gotham for a new base of operations. "They left out the best part, we offered to let the snot-nose to give your ass a quick spank for only five bucks; a bargain at any price," the Joker complained as Batgirl began to sob softly through her gag. Sobs that grew in intensity when the laughing villain dropped a five-dollar bill in front of her reddened face, "Here you go, you earned it." guffawed the villain. 

Dropping the paper to the floor, the laughing villain left the crying heroine with her shame and disappeared into a small office that had been added to one corner of the warehouse. He returned moments later; dressed in the same clothes he had worn the previous evening. Batgirl spotted the pile of her uniform discarded behind the large, stuffed chair as he approached her once again. "While Harley's out doing some errands for me, I thought we'd have a little fun," grinned the Joker as her cleared the refuse of his breakfast off the table and onto the floor with a sweep of his arm. He whirled and grabbed the struggling heroine, ignoring her smothered protests. He sat the bound Batgirl on the hard table with a thump as her bare bottom struck the thick wood. Laughing wickedly, the Joker clutched her slender neck in one hand, forcing her back onto the table. The other reached toward one of her unprotected breasts. Batgirl continued to fight to avail as the Joker cupped the full firm globe of her bust.  As the villain's hand closed around her, the horrified heroine felt a sharp, stinging pain from her breast and heard the sharp crackle of electricity arcing. The surprised Batgirl screamed against her gag at the unexpected pain. Her tormentor released her breast, ending the burning distress, and held his hand up to her face. The fiend wore a round metal electrode attached to his finger by innocent looking ring. The electrode trailed a wire down the Joker's sleeve and into his jacket. "Don't like my `joy buzzer' much, do you?  Granted, I modified it some, but this gag's still a classic." he smirked evilly and moved his cupped hand back to her stinging bare breast. 

Batgirl tossed her head emphatically, her muffled pleading ignored.  The smirking villain continued to fondle her, each squeeze sending waves of pain through the heroine's jiggling breasts. She screamed at his touch, her body helpless before his exploration of her bare bosom. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, he ceased his depraved electrocution with an evil laugh. Her sore and aching chest heaving as she lay on the table, Batgirl's mind reeled, "please. what else can he do to me?" she thought. "I can't take more of this." the humbled heroine thought desperately. The Joker gave her little respite. He grasped the heroine once again and brandished his evil toy. Batgirl's eyes widened when she realized his hand was not reaching for either of her reddened breasts, but moving lower, over her taut, athletic abdomen toward her exposed sex. Terrified, the heroine frantically fought against him, her long legs kicking against her bonds and banging off the table. The wicked clown grinned and grasped the struggling Batgirl's crotch, wrapping his hand over the shaved red triangle of hair that covered her pussy. As the electrode contacted against her, an excruciating jolt knifed through her pelvis and, more terribly, inside the horrified heroine. She gave an agonized shriek, nearly biting through her gag. Her back arched at the exquisite pain, thrusting her naked breasts towards the skylights. Her bound bare legs kicked furiously, her butt clenching against the unyielding wood of the table. Hideously, the Joker held her by her most private region, guffawing at her suffering.  Then, he began rhythmically grasping and releasing the heroine's pussy, sending wave after wave of torment through the vulnerable Batgirl.  The tortured heroine's body jerked spastically at her electrocution. 

Finally, her agony ended as she momentarily lost consciousness, unable to withstand any more pain. The Joker released his captive, letting her still quivering body slump to the table. Reaching inside his suit coat, he clicked off the power to his horrible gadget. His pale nose wrinkled at the smell of burnt hair rising from the heroine, causing his smile to broaden. Her soft moans alerted him as she roused from her stupor. He noted with twisted pride how the mighty heroine lurched, terrified, away from his outstretched hand. He decided to leave her alone in her pain and humiliation remembering he had his `work' to begin and his sidekick was due back any time now. Batgirl watched the fiend's retreating back, praying that her ordeal be over. She began softly sobbing at her humiliation, her molestation, at the hands of the Joker. Her mind retreated from the dull throbbing pain coming from her aching breasts and between her legs.  She lay uncomprehending, nearly comatose, as the Joker greeted the return of Harley Quinn. 

The two villains busily went to work, the tortured heroine thankful to be forgotten for the moment. Batgirl was roused from her trance hours later as the Harley Quinn and the Joker roughly lifted her from the table. The dim light coming though the skylight told the heroine that she had been lying naked the whole day. Batgirl groaned, but could offer little resistance as the two dragged her between them to the stuffed chair, exchanging lewd comments about the heroine's state of undress. The aches of her degrading torment had dimmed somewhat, but unfortunately, her memory of it was still painfully clear.  

The chair had been turned to face the office. Large, barred windows showed its nearly empty interior. The only occupants were four terrified twenty-somethings, three shapely, overly made-up young women and a tall, moderately handsome young man, their dress reminiscent of the club-goers of the previous evening. 

Apparently, their kidnap had been one of Harley's errands.  Other work had been done to the office, the air vents had been taped shut from the outside, save one, to which was connected a sinister looking gas canister. An expensive-looking audio system sat on a table outside the room, wires leading to large loud speakers mounted against the barred windows. The Joker took a seat in the large chair, settling in comfortably. His viscous sidekick did just that to Batgirl, whose bound legs caused her to fall across the fiend's lap, knocking the air from her lungs and leaving her naked, round ass lifted up humiliatingly. Quinn left the embarrassed heroine and moved to release the gas into the office. "What do you think of out little mini-club?" asked the Joker, laying his hand on her bare bottom. Batgirl shuddered at this new outrage; her tight butt tensing in anticipation, nearly sighing with relief when she realized that his evil joy-buzzer was not active. "I cannot take all the credit for this. When I told Harley of our little display last night, she actually pitied you, the little softie," he smiled lovingly at his busy cohort.  We decided we would get even with the ogling idiots tonight, just for you." The Joker pulled the saliva-soaked rag away from Batgirl's mouth, wanting to hear her reaction. "Get even? What are you talking about, you're the one who--" Her outrage was cut short as the Joker grasped a handful of red hair and turned her head to the office, which was rapidly filling with evil toxin, much to the horror of the young occupants. "Just watch. The little concoction my partner is releasing is a special little mixture I came up with while locked up with a thug who insisted on blasting his music at all hours." the Joker explained, beaming. "Sadly, I never got a chance to use the formula, the moron had an unfortunate accident late one night, but then, I was less subtle in my impetuous youth." Quinn had finished with the gas and moved over to the stereo, with a grin she turned the power on. 

"Essentially, the vapors remove the victim's muscle control, they now respond only to the loud bass of say, your typical Gotham night spot," the Joker elucidated further as the loudspeakers began to pump a deep resonant house beat into the small office. The terrified club-goers began to lurch awkwardly to the bass thump, not comprehending what had happened to their bodies. Their movements became more frenetic as they fought to regain control of their flailing limbs. The shocked Batgirl could only watch powerlessly as the small office became a hellish mosh pit. "What are you doing to them? Leave them alone." the heroine implored the beaming villain over her bare shoulder. "That's sweet, Batsie. Maybe if some of their kind had come to your defense last night like that, you might not have been in this degrading circumstance." the Joker underscored his point with a loud slap to Batgirl's round butt. "Nope. They'll keep moving to the beat until their hearts burst or they beat each other to death," he continued as Batgirl gave a pained squeal in response.

Joker so enjoyed the reaction of the heroine, he continued to spank her bare, exposed bottom, keeping time with the rhythmic music, using her for a perverted bongo drum.  He laughed as she shrieked in outrage, enjoying the macabre dance taking place in the background. Batgirl had never felt so impotent, humiliated as a naughty child, while the villain slowly killed the four innocents. With a final stinging spank, the sadistic clown stood, letting the abused heroine fall to the concrete floor on her sore, reddened ass. "Well..." He announced. "...This has been a hoot, but Harley and I have big plans and a trunk full of my magic potion, enough for the whole district to get happy feet." He leered down at the heroine, "don't worry, we'll be back." He brandished his fiendish joy-buzzer. "Maybe we'll show Harley the game we learned this morning," he said with a sinister grin. Stepping over the squirming, nude heroine, the Joker took his adoring sidekick on his arm and headed toward the exit. "Keep an eye on the kiddies!" He laughed over his shoulder as the pair retreated. 

Batgirl lay still for a moment, feeling the music reverberating through the floor. Groaning, she rolled to her knees, the four wildly shuffling victims now visible through the office windows. The heroine gasped as two of the dancers slammed together, both coming away with bruises and multiple cuts. Another, the young man, spun savagely toward the plate glass of one of the windows, and with a tremendous crash, shattered it, sending sharp shards through the bars and into the warehouse. He continued his frenetic dance, his bloodied arm spraying the small room and his fellow victims. The Joker had made one fatal error.  If not for the desperate situation of the innocent young people, the humiliated, tortured and broken heroine would have lain down and waited for the villains to return to renew her torment, which inevitably would have ended her life. As it was, Batgirl was determined to find a way to save the Gotham citizens, even though she was bound and naked. Thinking quickly, because the flailing dancers didn't have much time, the heroine rolled across the floor to the stereo, ignoring the both broken glass that nicked her naked flesh and the aches of her cramped, protesting body. Spinning to a stop next to the table, Batgirl kicked out with her bare feet, her naked legs straining at the exertion. It took two kicks, but the stereo finally slid off the table with a satisfying crash, bringing the deadly music to an abrupt halt, its final bass pulse echoing around the empty warehouse. Batgirl squirmed and worked her way back to her knees so she could peer into the office. The four had all slumped to the floor, exhausted, as the music had stopped. They laid sprawled unconscious, each with bruises, cuts and certainly some broken bones, their clothing torn to rags. The raw panting from the foursome seemed very loud in the now-quiet warehouse.  The heroine was most concerned about the young man; his slashed arm was still bleeding at an alarming rate. The others would survive, but he needed help immediately.

The bound heroine searched desperately for something to free her. Finally she seized upon a long jagged shard of the broken window. As quickly as she could manage, Batgirl worked her tied arms and hands to the sharp piece of glass. Working blindly, she slowly began sawing the ropes around her wrists, ignoring the cuts to her fingers and hands. Gradually, the ropes began to loosen. With a wrench and a cry of triumph, Batgirl freed her wrists. Dull pain shot through her shoulders, she had been bound nearly twenty-four hours. Working more quickly now, she untied her ankles and knees, overjoyed to finally be released. The naked heroine rose unsteadily to her feet. Remembering her obligation to the wounded captives locked in the office; Batgirl streaked to the pile of her discarded costume. She grabbed her utility belt and, for modesty's sake, wrapped her cape around herself before rushing back to the door of the office. As she pulled her lockpicks from her belt, the heroine made a mental note to add a cell phone to her equipment. 

As she bent to the task of breaking into the office and freeing the Joker's victims, Batgirl sensed, rather than heard, a presence behind her. The battered heroine spun to face this new threat. Her attack was unneeded, as it was the Dark Knight, Batman, who had come up silently behind her. She was grateful to see her hero, or would have been, had not her cape come loose during her turn and fallen to her ankles. The heroine gave a high-pitched embarrassed squeal as she was revealed. "Doesn't this ever stop?" she thought in anguish as she wrapped her arms around her nudity and spun away from the famous crime-fighter. If there was one person in all of Gotham that she could wish wouldn't see her humiliated, it would be the man she emulated and idolized.   

Batgirl's hands were not quick enough, in the small time it had taken to cover herself, Batman objectively noted the angry red marks on her bare breasts and her reddened pubis. As she turned and stooped to grab her cloak, he noted her bruised buttocks. All of which told the Caped Crusader of the heroine's torment at the hands of his nemesis. Considerately, he waited until Batgirl was once again covered before he called for his partner, Robin. The red-clad crime fighter came swinging down from one of the open skylights. "See to those people." the Dark Knight ordered his sidekick and led Batgirl away with a comforting arm around her shoulders. Batman sat the heroine in the large chair and, as he bandaged her bleeding hands, listened as she revealed the Joker's wicked plan for the city's nightspots. Thankfully, the hero did not ask what had happened to her or chide her for taking on the psychopath alone. "That's one lesson I won't need repeated." thought Batgirl, already beginning to recover from her ordeal helped by her rescue of the Joker's captives. Robin came over to report that he had bandaged the young man's arm stopping most of the bleeding and had called the paramedics. "Stay with them and have the paramedics take a look at her as well." said Batman, pulling his grapple from beneath his cloak and firing out the skylight. "I have a score to settle. No one does this to someone on my team." He said coldly as he flew into the night. Batgirl beamed to herself at the implication that she was a member of Batman's exclusive circle. The two remaining heroes watched him disappear. The Boy Wonder smiled nervously, unsure of what to say to the heroine. Awkwardly, he excused himself to check on the Joker's other victims, leaving her with her thoughts. Batgirl took this opportunity to gather her clothing and move behind the chair, out of view of the office to redress. She shrugged off her cape, fully aware that she was naked once again. Quickly, she pulled on her tight costume over her still-attractive body, wincing as the fabric rubbed against the sore and raw skin of her buttocks, breasts and between her legs. She pulled on her boots, belt and gloves, feeling better as each article was added to her costume. The heroine took a moment to wipe her tear-reddened eyes with her cape, absently wondering why it smelled of garlic and basil, grateful her mask covered most of her pretty face, which was likely puffy and red from her crying.  

She refastened the long cape around her slender neck. Batgirl, as she dressed, began to worry about Batman. Once, she would have thought nothing of him facing the Joker alone, but now that she had faced the madman and seen how viscous he could be, the heroine was concerned he may need backup. "Besides," she thought as she creeps towards a more mundane exit, "I think I have a score to settle as well."

Batgirl arrived late to the scene; not having the advantage of a Batmobile, and her motorcycle was still hidden in the very neighborhood where she was going. Her route took the heroine by the abandoned shop where her horrifying ordeal had begun the previous evening.  She could remember her brashness, her overconfidence. Mistakes she hope she wasn't repeating tonight. She moved quickly to the busy strip. 

However, tonight, the only lights came from the flashing police and paramedics that filled the street. Staying close to the walls, Batgirl remained hidden as she extracted the story from over-heard conversations of passers-by. Apparently, Batman had foiled the Joker's plan by shutting down the power grid for this neighborhood; cutting off the deadly music just as the gas had begun to take effect. Batman had secured the villain's car and its gas canisters, but the psycho and his partner had escaped. 

The police believed they had the criminals cornered in one of the older buildings, which Batman had just entered. Batgirl followed her idol by leaping from the fire escape of a neighboring building, over the heads of the police who were watching all exits, at least those on the first floor. As she slid in a third-floor window of the darkened building, the heroine heard a loud crash from below. She quickly found the stairs and raced down. She arrived in time to see the Joker's shapely sidekick point a gun at the dodging Batman a second time. Oddly, the muzzle of the gun ended with a large boxing glove, which flew towards the hero as she pulled the trigger, the missile propelled by a spring concealed in the barrel. The glove struck the wall, where the Dark Knight had been an instant before, leaving a surprisingly large hole for such a ridiculous weapon. Harley pulled back on the pistol's hammer and the glove recoiled quickly back to her with a buzz. Before Batgirl could move close enough to disarm the woman, she fired again. Batman dodged a third time, this time however, as the glove struck the wall he wrapped a large gloved hand around it. 

Harley pulled back on the hammer and gave a surprised yelp as she was jerked off her feet when the glove couldn't recoil. The slight villain crashed into the wall and slumped to the floor. Batgirl prepared to offer her assistance to Batman as he knelt over the criminal to handcuff her.  But a sudden movement caught her eye down a long dark hallway. Quietly, she crept into the darkness, struck by how similar this hallway was to the darkened passageway where she had been defeated before. The experience of deja vu was further heightened as a lead pipe came swinging out of a darkened doorway at her stomach. This time, the heroine was prepared. Knowing she could not match the larger man's strength, she used her judo training. Grasping the pipe, she spun, adding to the villain's own momentum, flinging the surprised Joker into another room across the hall, where he struck the far wall with a tremendous impact. "That won't work twice," Batgirl thought with a small smile. 

Moving cautiously, in case the Joker was playing opossum, Batgirl approached the sprawled villain. She used a booted foot to roll him over. As the wicked criminal turned over, his arm flopped out to his side, his open hand revealing the joy buzzer he had used so evilly that morning. Batgirl's eyes narrowed wickedly. "You know what they say about turn-about," the heroine said as removed the electrode from the villain's hand and reaching inside his coat, pulled it through his sleeve. "And I always play fair." She finished as she dropped the device down the front of the unconscious Joker's pinstriped purple pants. The clown regained awareness with a painful jolt. With a screech, he reached for his groin. "Don't." A soft feminine voice stopped him. The Joker looked up to see a familiar shapely heroine sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of him. A thin wire trailed from a control box in her gloved hand to the waistband of his pants. The villain shuddered as he assessed the situation. "Batba--er--girl! Batgirl!" He stammered nervously. "Nothing personal, right? I'm sure we can work something out. I mean you are one of the good guys, right? Right?" The Joker looked frantically for an escape and saw a looming shadow in the doorway. "Batman!" he cried, gleeful. "You've got to stop her, I know my rights!"

"You must have us confused with the police," replied the shadow. Batman then ignored the begging villain and turned his attention to his new protege. "Batgirl, glad you could make it.  I'll take Quinn down to the police. Why don't you bring him down in say, fifteen minutes?" He said without a hint of irony. "Make it twenty." Replied the heroine coldly, fingering the control. "Of course. Try not kill him." With that Batman, turned and left her with the pleading criminal. Pleas that were halted abruptly with an electric crackle.

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