The Submission of Kara Danvers (Supergirl)

BY : LovetheFallenAngels
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Disclaimer: I do not own Supergirl or any associated characters. I am not profiting from the posting of this story.

This is a very long story and it starts a little slowly. I recommend reading from the beginning as it will make the eventual sex scenes hotter, but if you want to jump right in start with Chapter 3. 

I wrote this story after asking what would happen if Kara Danvers got dominated, and how that would affect Supergirl. I hope you like it. 


Kara walked into the offices of Catco at seven fifty a.m. for the weekly staff strategy meeting. Lena’s office, once occupied by the indomitable Cat Grant, was empty. The Luther heiress was running late. There was time to get a muffin before the meeting began. Kara had skipped breakfast. She’d slept in, but she'd rather go about her day on an empty stomach than be late. It seemed her coworkers didn’t share her commitment to perfection.

James was in the kitchen fixing himself a coffee without cream. Kara admired his broad shoulders and thought Lena was a lucky woman. James turned around.

“Good morning Kara,” he said.

He hadn’t even flirted with her since getting involved with the boss. He was a good friend, and maybe he was man enough for Lena, but Kara was still a little disappointed.


Kara plucked a lemon poppyseed muffin off the glass serving tray and pulled a piece free before popping it in her mouth.

“We’ve got a new staff member,” James said.


“Try to keep your cool okay?”

Kara slowed her chewing. James looked nervous. God, he was such a softie sometimes. Lucky for him, he was pretty.

“What? Why would I need to keep my cool?”

“Well,” James said. “The new guy is - he’s a change of pace for Catco. Let’s just say that.”

Kara rolled her eyes and plopped another piece of muffin into her mouth. “Change of pace? How?”

“He’s -“ James cut off. The rest of the staff were gathering in Lena’s office. The head honcho herself was trailed by a tall man dressed in a dark suit. “You’ll see.”

Kara left half of the muffin in the kitchen, wiped her hands on her pale blue pencil skirt, and followed James into the meeting. The Catco staff gathered in a sporadic standing position around the couches and leather armchairs. The newcomer stood at Lena’s side.

He was tall, taller than James even, and had a thin, tautly muscled frame that looked good in his dark suit. His eyes were dark brown and striking, they burned with intensity when Kara met his gaze. The new guy studied her like an interesting piece of art, lingering on her legs, her breasts, and then settling on her face. She narrowed her eyes, having caught him groping her with his eyes, but he just cracked a little smile. Kara blushed and studied a patch of carpet, breaking the eye contact.

“Welcome,” Lena said. “Apologies for being late. I was taking our newest staff member out for breakfast. We’re very lucky to have him. Everyone, meet Rick Gates, you’ve probably heard of him.”

The other staff members started murmuring to each other and James fixed Kara with a meaningful gaze. She didn’t recognize the name but everyone else seemed to. Who was this guy?

One of the junior reporters, a girl with a black ponytail, raised her hand.

“Yes,” Lena said.

“Don’t you think the reputation of Catco will take a hit if we employ someone like him?”

Lena opened her mouth to respond but Rick laughed and the boss deferred to him with a wave of her hand.

“Why don’t you take this one Rick?”

He stepped forward, eyes fixed intently on the junior reporter, and Kara’s breath caught in her chest. This was gravitas. The man had the presence of a stage actor, his charisma was palpable, and if she could describe him in one word it would be commanding.

“I’m bringing a level of objectivity to this media enterprise that has been sorely lacking. We’re in the business of news entertainment, and the word orbiting the blogosphere is that Catco is the Supergirl fan club. My work will level the playing field.”

His voice was like bass honey, it rolled and dipped at perfect inflections. What did he mean about Supergirl?

“Supergirl fan club?” Kara said. She heard her voice rising. “Supergirl needs someone to speak up for her, and the other media outlets won’t do a thing.”

“My arrival doesn’t mean we’re going to stop advocating for Supergirl,” Rick said. “It just means we’re going to publish both sides of the coin.”

Rick’s eyes lingered on Kara and she wanted to step back from him. This was so ridiculous, she was Supergirl for heaven’s sake, why was she intimidated by him?

“I tend to agree,” Lena said. “We have been one-sided in our Supergirl features. I believe Rick’s work will lend any pro-Supergirl pieces we publish the true air of objectivity. If we’re willing to criticize, the general population will see the praise we do give as more genuine.”

Kara fumed silently, glaring at Rick, and he met her gaze, apparently unfazed by her disapproval. His eyes worked up and down her body once more. What a pig. It was challenging for her to keep her mouth shut, she wanted to lambast the man in front of everyone but now was not the time.

After the morning meeting, Kara went to her desk. First, she searched for Rick Gates Supergirl articles on Google. The first article made her squeeze the desk, and she had to let up for fear of cracking the glass. The article was titled Supergirl or Supergoof? and pointed out every mistake she had ever made in National City. It presented a body count on account of her mistakes and even blamed her for deaths where she hadn’t been present. She could have done something, he argued. Supergirl should have saved them. 

“Hey,” a voice drew Kara’s eyes from her computer. Rick stood above her, a towering figure, and looked down at her with an annoying level of superiority.

“What?” Kara said. She slammed her laptop shut, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing she’d been looking him up.

“Listen, I know you’re a big Supergirl advocate, and that you must know her in some way. After all, you’ve got the inside scoop on the Girl of Steel.”

“Damn right,” Kara said. “And if you think I’m going to sit here quietly while you drag her through the mud, you’re wrong.”

Rick shrugged. “I understand. You think I’m wrong, that Supergirl can do no wrong, and that’s fair. She is Supergirl, after all. You’re allowed to have your feelings, but I’m really not a bad person. I write what I write because I expect more of her. No, I demand it, she’s super and she should act like it.”

Kara almost threw her mouse at him. She pulled it into her lap instead and then it crunched as she squeezed, falling to pieces her hand. Blushing, she hid it in one of her desk drawers.

“Are you okay?”

“Fine,” Kara snapped. “Leave me alone, got it?”

“Okay,” Rick said. He didn’t seem angry, or even upset at her venomous demeanor, which just made Kara angrier. The damned man walked to his desk, across the office, as nonchalant as can be.

“Jerk,” Kara muttered under her breath.

James gave her an encouraging smile from across the office but Kara wasn’t having it. Her day was ruined.




Kara answered the door and sighed in relief when she saw Alex.

“Thank God,” Kara said. She wrapped her arms around her sister. “Oh and you brought the ice cream, you’re a lifesaver.”

“What’s up Kara?” Alex said. “Tough day at work?”

Kara wasted no time opening the ice cream and attacking it with a spoon. They sat on the couch, Alex’s arm wrapped around her shoulders, and she finally felt safe. She used to feel safe at Catco, but now there was a jerk there. She told Alex all about the new guy, Rick Gates, and Alex listened obligingly.

“Why are you letting this get to you?” Alex asked when she finished explaining. “You don’t have to answer to him.”

“He’s just - what does he expect? How dare he blame me for all those people’s deaths.” The spoon slipped out of Kara’s hand and her lip trembled. There were so many deaths on Supergirl’s hands according to Rick Gates.

“Kara? Oh, Kara.” Kara leaned into Alex’s embrace. She wept silently, she would not sob on account of him.

“He said he just wanted to make Supergirl better. That he expected more from h-her.”

“Kara,” Alex said. She broke the hug and looked into her eyes. “Maybe this is upsetting you so much because you agree with him.”

“What?” Kara said. She jumped up and the ice cream fell on the floor. She picked it up quickly and then looked at Alex. “Are you crazy? Agree with him?”

“They say we get the most upset about things we know are true,” Alex said. “Maybe what he’s saying is bothering you so much because you agree. You demand so much of yourself, maybe his criticisms echoed your own.”

Kara opened her mouth to disagree but found no words. She looked out the window at the dark tops of skyscrapers, stretching out across National City.

“Shit,” Kara said. She fell down on the couch. “Insight sucks sometimes.”

“I know sweetie,” Alex said. “Forget about it for now. But you were really upset, and that’s not like you, letting some mindless hater get to you. I just thought - but enough about that. Let’s watch something cute and eat ice cream, what do you say?”

“Better than considering Rick Gates might know what he’s talking about.”

After Alex left, Kara lay in bed trying to sleep, but her mind was so loud. Maybe he’s right. No, can’t be. His opinion doesn't matter, he has no idea how hard it is to be Supergirl. Supergirl is super, she’s supposed to be perfect. But is she? Kara shook her head, the pillow rustling under her head. No, she couldn’t expect herself to be perfect. That was unreasonable. She was only human. I’m not human though.

Groaning, she flipped over and buried her face in the pillow, lying facedown. In her mind’s eye, she saw Rick Gates standing at her desk, intense eyes locked with hers. She saw him reach down, his large hand massaging the nape of her neck, pulling her up until their lips were inches apart.

“Gah!” Kara said. She turned around, before sitting up. Leaning forward, she cradled her face in her hands. What was happening to her? Her groin was moist, and that filled her with a sense of shame and disgust. Rick Gates turned her on? God, she wished she had had more time to figure out her sexuality before she donned the cape. Now it was impossible, and she was so inexperienced.

Leaning back, she closed her eyes again and Rick Gates appeared unbidden, a phantom of undisclosed desires, caressing her cheek. He leaned in to kiss her and she accepted, allowed him to explore her mouth with his tongue, his hand pulling down her skirt. He was completely in control. Kara’s hand worked down the waistline of her panties and she was shocked at how wet she was. She’d never been that wet before, not with Mon-El, not with James, only Rick Gates garnered that reaction from her body.

Kara closed her eyes and surrendered to the fantasy, fingering herself to an intense, leg-shaking orgasm. She felt flushed with shame but fell quickly asleep, losing herself to nightmares where Supergirl tried to save people but arrived too late.

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