Hermione Granger: Legend of Tomorrow

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    “So we can fight this Mallus guy now, right?” Ray Palmer asked the entire team of Legends. “We have John Constantine, Master of the Dark Arts.” 

    “Self dubbed Master of the Dark Arts,” Sara Lance stated. “However, he is a certified exorcist, demonologist and hedge warlock.”

    “Certified? By who,” Zari Tomaz, newest Legend interjected.

    “It’s not as simple as that, Mr. Palmer. We need more firepower than just my supreme talent,” the British Occult detective stated.

    “Not as tough as you sound, limey?” Mick Rory chirped in, beer in one hand, sandwich in the other.

    “We have several Totems of Zambesi and now a warlock. I know Damien Darhk and his daughter are working with this Mallus, but that should give us the advantage we need combined with the resources of the Time Bureau,” Nate added, optimistic as ever.

    “Lad, we are talking about Mallus here. He is a demon of the highest order. Possessing magics and abilities that we can barely fathom. The only reason why he hasn’t destroyed us all is that his power is somewhat muted since he has to work through a mortal avatar, Nora Darhk in this case. However, with each disruption in the timestream, which is happening weekly if not daily, his power grows,” Constantine informed them.

    “Seriously though, how does one become a certified warlock?” Zari questioned after a pause.

    “Not now, Zari” Sara quieted her crew member. “So if we can’t defeat him, what do you propose?”

    “Although we all believe me to have a rather high opinion of myself, I can still acknowledge when I’m out classed. I propose that we bring in the most powerful witch of our time. Well, of any time,” the Brit suggested. “If I may Ms Lance, Gideon please plot a course to June 26th, 2016 England, specifically Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

“Hogwarts!” Every member of the Legends nearly shouted in shock at Constantine’s orders. 

“Are we recruiting Harry freakin Potter?” Ray asked with the biggest nerdy smile plastered on his face.

“That git who got by on luck and his friends? Hell no. We are getting the real brains and talent behind The Boy Who Lived,” the occult detective countered.

“Please say Hermione, please say Hermione,” Sara, Mick and Nate all chanted under their breath in unison.

“Yes, you three are right. Hermione Granger is the witch we need to have in the fight against Mallus,” Constantine shared.

“Legends and Mr Constantine, please buckle into your seats as we prepare to travel to Hogwarts,” Gideon voiced. “Keep in mind that due to the magical barricades in place around the school, this will be a more turbulent ride than normal.”

*    *    *

    “She’s dying!” Sara exclaimed as the Wave Rider pulled out of the space-time continuum and clocked itself. “John…”

    “Not dying...yet. About to die. Will be died. Died in roughly 15 minutes,” Constantine stated as he felt the ship land right on the empty Quidditch field.

    “So let’s go save her then,” Zari said, unbuckling herself before instantly throwing up.

    “Rookie,” Mick laughed from the seat beside her.

    “Zari, we can’t. The timeline is cemented for this event,” Nate, the historian preached as he got the news article from Gideon. “Hermione Granger dies this day in Hogwarts. Stabbed in the stomach in her classroom by a mentally unhinged custodian who was a secret Death Eater.”


    “Zari we can’t. I couldn’t save my sister Laurel without rewriting history. Amaya couldn’t save her grandmother. Hell, we only have to look at the colossal fuck-up Barry Allen caused by going back in time and saving his mom,” this time it was Sara’s turn to lecture the newest Legend.

    “But John is correct in his assertion that we can rescue Hermione after she’s been stabbed and left to die but before she actually, you know, dies,” Ray spoke. “We can rush her back for Gideon to heal but the only caveat with saving her…”

“...Is that she can’t return to her time period ever again or risk causing a massive time quake,” Zari finished, seeing where this was going. 

“Well now that that is all sorted out, we have 13 minutes to navigate the halls of Hogwarts and rescue the lovely witch,” Constantine stated as he slipped on his leather duster. “Whose all coming for the away mission?”

*    *    *

“This is morbid,” Amaya groaned. “We are about to watch a woman be murdered.”

“Attempted murdered,” Sara corrected. “And what a woman!”

As leader of the Wave Rider, Sara wanted to keep the party as small as possible to retrieve the dying witch. Amaya was there for the muscle since her totem could channel the powers of any animal while John Constantine’s knowledge of the school with its shifting staircases was a necessity. And Sara elected herself since, well, Hermione Granger was smoking hot from her pictures and on videos and even that didn’t do her justice.

The three Legends stayed lurking in the shadows outside the Hogwarts classroom where Hermione taught Defense Against the Dark Arts. Her last class of the year had all wrapped up and the gorgeous 25-year old witch was cleaning up her room with her back to the doorway. Both John and Sara drooled over Hermione’s gorgeous face, femininely strong and impossibly long legs, as well as her best asset...her ass. How a girl as slender and lithe as Hermione could have such a wonderful bubbly, thick and well curved ass was truly a mystery.

“Hello Ms. Granger,” a short, twisted-spined middle-aged man said as he entered the room with broom and mop in tow. “Just here to do the floors.”

“Oh perfect Mr. Tarr. I’ll be done with the board in a moment and then the room is all yours,” Hermione responded to her would-be murderer with courtesy. 

Hermione had kept her back to the man as he methodically swept his way towards the front of the classroom, his eyes never leaving the teacher. Sara, John and Amaya all felt sick to their stomach as they watched the crooked man pull the handle of the broom away from the pole to expose a 4 inch pointed blade. Hermione only became aware of the weapon as the janitor slid it into the right side of her body between a pair of ribs.

“Amateur,” Sara sneered as Hermione’s face twisted from shock to pain to outright anguish. “A sole stab that not only missed the heart but was completely on the wrong side of the body.”

“Why,” Hermione crocked, gasping for air as one of her lungs was punctured.

“Courtesy of the Dark Lord. You may have temporarily wounded him but he shall return...not that you’ll see it,” the man spat with venom. 

Straightening up and making sure no one saw him, the janitor wiped clean the blade on Hermione’s cloak before gathering his belongs and fleeing the scene. Sara knew that wound and though it wasn’t as immediate as a swift stab to the heart, it was deadly all the same. It no doubt went through the witch’s lung, liver and most critically her stomach, meaning she had at best 10 minutes left to live. 

“Amaya! Quick,” Sara ordered, springing out from behind their hiding cubby.

“On it,” Vixen replied, channeling a gorilla and gaining its physical attributes. 

“Follow me ladies. Let’s save this lass,” John said before leading them as fast possible through the castle.

*    *    *

    With the Wave Rider back in the safety of the timestream and Hermione resting in Gideon’s medical care, the rest of the Legends moved about the ship unease. They didn’t want to commit to a mission with a potential new member in medical stasis, so instead they puttered about with busy work. Zari worked on the ship’s mechanical systems, Nate researched historical discrepancies when he and Amaya weren’t retiring to their personal chambers. Meanwhile Mick continued his work on his secret project.

    “Ms. Lance, the patient is about to come out of the medically-induced coma,” Gideon’s accented voice rang over the comms.

    “On my way,” Sara replied, practically in a run. Along her jog from the bridge she met Ray at the first intersection, followed by Amaya. When they reached the med-bay, the entirety of the Legends were present, including John Constantine who was already inside talking with the fellow Brit. “Hello John.”

    “Perfect timing, love. Hermione, this is the Captain I was telling you about. Sara Lance,” Constantine introduced. “I was just catching up Ms. Granger here about where, or when, she is and who rescued her. She’s surprising apt on time travel.”

    “Professor Dumbledore had entrusted a Time Turner into my care before they were all destroyed,” Hermione explained. “I do have a few questions though.”

    “I’m surprised you don’t have have a whole 7 lengthy books of them,” Ray replied, getting an elbow in the ribs from his buddy Nate.

    “How can you remove me from the timeline without massive repercussions? I know my living self would cease to be, but my body…”

    “Timing and credit. True, your body was found initially, us taking you away to rescue you had no effect on the timeline at all,” Sara explained. “Please show us, Gideon.”

    The ship’s AI immediately brought up news headlines and articles for the Legends and Hermione to look through. The 25-year old witch found herself standing from the med-bay chair and examine the newspapers as she learnt of the aftermath of her death. Seeing the horrific Death Eater’s Mark burning above Hogwarts school, your copious amounts of blood at the scene, the capture of her murderer and a look of both savage hatred and loss all at the same time on her husband’s face.

    “Ron. He...oh my God. How is he,” Hermione asked, barely containing her tears.

    “I can answer the how then maybe John can field the why,” Nate the historian voiced up. “Ron Weasley took the news of your death understandable hard. However, after 6 months of your murder, Ron was signed by the Puddlemere United Quidditch team as their starting keeper. This year he’s representing England at the World Cup.”

    “My Ron? A Quidditch star? I mean, he always had the talent but he crumbled under the pressure. I suppose he really threw himself into the training after,” Hermione reasoned, her face no longer sad but happy about Ron having moved on.

    “I can give context to that,” Constantine spoke. “As you are aware, there is a very powerful Memory Charm that was used by one of your professors previously, Mr. Lockhart.”

    “Yes. It backfired when he tried using it on Harry and he became a permanent resident of St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Permanent memory loss. Oh know, Ron didn’t,” Hermione explained but the realization donned on her.

    “Yes and no. After proving not able to cope he had the Boy Wonder perform a specific version of the Memory Charm on him, but only on the memories tied to you. He made himself forget about you to move past the crippling grief. And apparently tied up in one memory involving yourself was his stage fright,” Constantine explained.

Hermione was silent a long time processing all that new information. She wish she didn’t have to die and be separated from her loving husband Ron, not to mention her best friends Harry and Ginny. However, that was off the table and when she did some soul searching, she realized that Ron happy was a great thing, even if he had to completely wipe her from his memory to properly move on.

“Are you okay?” Sara asked, stepping closer to the witch and touching her reassuringly on the shoulder.

 “I think I will be, yes. Well, that is to say if a ghost can ever be okay,” Hermione said, offering a weak smile in reply. “I need some time to process.”

“Gidon will show you to your quarters,” White Canary said in a somber tone.

“This way, Ms. Granger.”

*    *    *

    “I’m gonna go talk to her,” Sara said to the crew after a few hours had eclipsed without Hermione resurfacing from her room.

Although the Legends were trying to deal with Damien Darhk and his evil spawn trying to release a horrible demon named Mallus, they couldn’t break their focus from the witch. Rightfully so, since it was that magical user that would give them an actual shot at stopping the evil doers. It also didn’t hurt that Hermione Granger was a character of legend, a true top-tier hero who thwarted the worst of the worst. The fact she was drop-dead gorgeous as well didn’t hurt either.

“You’re going to try to sleep with her,” Ray commented knowingly.

“What? Why would you say that,” Sara scoffed.

“Sara, I’ve been with you since the beginning. For one, you’re a player. I’m not saying that’s good or bad, it’s just a fact. You’re a super sexual being who has embraced it fully, and good for you. Secondly, Hermione is totally your type. Well, she’s all of our types but yours especially,” the man known as Atom surmised.

“She is, isn’t she,” Sara agreed, almost going into a dream-like state. “That gorgeous face, those long legs. And man, that ass!” 

“Preach,” Mick Rory agreed, toasting the captain’s description of Hermione with his beer.

“Amen,” Nate also agreed before flushing in embarrassment since Amaya his girlfriend was right across from him.

“Yes well the girl is clearly in shock from dying, but not actually dying and I so happen to have a vast amount of experience with that,” Sara stated. “I may have been magical resurrected while in her case it was a bit different, I still know better than anyone what she’s feeling.”

“Go get her, Cap,” Zari said, adding in a playful salute to her leader.

With that said, the petite yet powerful blonde exited the main area and headed off down the hallways. She was still working out exactly what to say to the witch but she figured speaking from the heart would be best. After all, she wasn’t lying when she told the Legends that she had been in Hermione’s situation only 4 short years ago.

As Sara approached the room designated for the murdered witch, Sara hailed her over the comms. After a few seconds of either trying to figure out how to reply or needing the time to compose herself, Hermione replied and soon the large sliding panel was recessing back into the wall. 

“Hi Sara,” Hermione said, clearly not herself.

“Can I come in,” the Wave Rider’s captain asked. A nod was her response so she entered. “Thank you. Have a seat, we need to chat.”

“Sara, listen…”

However White Canary stopped Hermione before she could finish whatever it was she was going to say. Without delay, Sara opened up to the witch, sharing her own experience with death, her resurrection due to the Pits of Lazarus, the feral bloodlust that overtook her upon said resurrection before none other than John Constantine. Lastly, Sara talked about coping, and how it was a process but it helped having people around her that understood.

“Wow. That was a lot,” Hermione finally said after minutes of Sara doing all the chatting.

“Yeah. I know,” Sara replied, sharing a little giggle with the witch.

“I couldn’t help myself and spent the last several hours looking up how Ron’s done over the past few years since my death,” Hermione commented. “It is mostly relieving to see that he’s moved on so well, albeit with magical aide. Blimey, he’s even dating a Quidditch player.”

“Ah. It can always be rough seeing the ex moving on. I remember being happy that Nyassi had taken a new lover, but part of me was and is still stinging thinking about it,” the former assassin shared. “I know it’s irrational since I was dead for a year and now am flying through both time and space, but part of me will always love her.”

Hermione couldn’t help but notice that Sara used a feminine pronoun when describing her lover. The witch was by no means homophobic, quite the opposite in fact as she had been known to experiment a little while a student at Hogwarts after the Final Battle, much to Ron’s happiness. Now that she thought of it, it did explain the extra lingering glances the blonde was doing when observing her, especially her stunning legs.

    “And you were successful?” Hermione asked, only now aware that the two had moved closer together on the sofa.

“Moving on is important in the grieving process. In order to move past someone,” Sara started, moving still closer to her prey.

“Moving past someone by getting under someone new,” Hermione thought before replying. “You speak as if you have a great deal of personal experience with this.”

“Oh you could definitely say that,” Sara agreed before her assassin-trained perception told her Hermione inched closer to her.

“So tell me then, Master of Heartbreak, how do cope?”

“Well my methods can be rather…physical,” the Wave Rider’s captain cooly stated, placing a hand on her bare knee.

“Oh? And let me guess, intimate as well,” the witch asked, leaning in and licking her lips.

“Sometimes, but usually not,” Sara replied, staring the other woman died in the eye. “In fact it’s better to show then…”

The beautiful assassin-turned-Canary didn’t have time to finish her sentence because Hermione had closed the small gap between them and put her lips on hers. Sara was usually the aggressor however this time the perennial predator turned prey was momentarily stunned by the kiss and that was all the English witch needed. Continuing to press her advantage, Hermione opened her own mouth and lightly licked along Sara’s pink lips in a move that made her shiver.

Hermione didn’t ease up just yet, instead she pushed on. Well, rather she pushed her tongue past Sara’s lips and slipped it into her mouth. The normal cool customer that was the Wave Rider’s captain was still somewhat stunned by the aggressive nature from the formally timid witch. In fact Sara was simply a passenger as she allowed Hermione to trail a path along her tongue with her own wet muscle. Of course it didn’t take much longer for Sara st snap out of her stupor, thus she slowly began wrestling her nimble tongue with the Bris’ own. It was at this point that Hermione broke the kiss and sat back in her chair.

“Wow,” Sara finally exhaled, genuinely surprised at the ease that the witch fell for her charm.

“Sorry. I hope that wasn’t too forward of m…”

This time it was Hermione who was interrupted halfway through her sentence. Sara was clearly awoken by the witch making the first move with a surprise French kiss but now the assassin was the one pressing the attack. It was as if the floodgates had been pulled open, not only for Sara but for the recently murdered then revived witch, as they pressed not only their lips and tongues against one another, but also their perfect bodies as well.

“I haven’t done this in a long time,” Hermione commented between kisses.

“That’s okay. I’m a very willing teacher,” Sara cooed.

As the pair of Legends continued their makeout session, they both couldn’t help but have their minds wander slightly. For Sara, it was firmly on how strikingly gorgeous her new lover was. It also didn’t hurt that she was a figure of near mythical status, however even that wasn’t new to Sara Lance as she had previously bedded such famous figures as Cleopatra, Queen Guinevere and even a few of King Henry’s wives.

As for Hermione, it was the fact she was kissing someone who wasn’t Ron for the first time, in well, frankly a long time. It wasn’t her first girl-on-girl encounter, that honor went to Ginny Weasley, her sister-in-law. It had happened when she and Ron were on a little break and Hermione needed a way to relieve stress, with the youngest Weasley being more than up to filling in for her older brother.

“Now lay down and let your Captain help.” Sara said as she placed both hands on Hermione’s shoulders.

Hermione allowed the stronger woman to steer her down towards the sofa where she ended up laying on her back. It seemed that the moment her thick ass touched the couch and her body started rolling back that Sara was all over her, as if wanting to press the advantage. By the time Hermione was resting on her back comfortably, Sara had the witch’s dress pushed back on her flat stomach, her long legs spread and had dug her panties off to one side.

Though the brainy woman was still figuring out how to cope with losing her first love, Sara could now confirm that Hermione wanted to get off given how drenched her pussy was. The lesbian was confident she could get the skilled witch off in record time but Sara wanted to have a little fun with her new time-travelling partner first. So rather than just dive right in, the blonde killer pushed her lips against Hermione’s folds before letting her tongue dart out and lick up and down her slit.

“Mmmmm…ooohhh,” Hermione screamed in delight as the talented lesbian’s tongue on her pussy brought her great pleasure.

Sara allowed herself a little smile before licking her friend’s pink lips up and down then flicked out over the clitoris causing the vibrant brunette to quiver atop the sofa. Not satisfied with just playing around the outside, the gorgeous blonde stuck her tongue as deep as she could inside Hermione’s hole to sample her juices on the interior. The result was exactly what Sara was hoping for as the taste was even sweeter than she imagined, not to mention she got off feeling the leggy witch squeeze her blonde head with her inner thighs while screaming louder than before.

Once again, Sara had to remind herself to take things slow for fear of making Hermione cum too soon and blowing what could be her only shot with the attractive girl. Therefore, as she placed two slim fingers against Hermione’s entrance and pushed them inside, Sara did so at the slowest speed possible. A similar pace was applied to tapping the Gryffindor girl’s clit with her tongue although with that she did sparingly, keeping Hermione moaning and thrashing in her bedroom without driving her to her orgasm.

“Oh yes,” Hermione cooed, rubbing her own nipples through her top to elicit further pleasure.

Sara was unaware that the other woman had completely shed her dress and bra but was all the happier for it. The original Legend couldn’t help herself as she backed her fingers out of Hermione’s snatch before placing them in her mouth, running them along her tongue so she could taste and savor her new teammate’s flavor. She’d have preferred to savior them long, however she had a witch to please so they were soon buried back in Hermione’s twat, working them in before using her fingertips to lightly tap on the other girl’s G spot.

“Fuck, you’re delicious,” Sara complimented, using her free hand to reach up Hermione’s naked body and knead her unattended breast.

Knowing that the witch from England was hooked, Sara stopped her all-out assault and finally took the time to remove Hermione’s panties. The leggy Hogwarts teacher helped by lifting her thick rump off the couch as Sara pulled the underwear free but then stopped, leaving them tangled around her knees. As Hermione went to finish pulling them off, Sara went back to work but this time with a different target in mind.

With Hermione’s legs pushed together and held straight up in the air, her booty was presented nicely for her lesbian lover and Sara seized the new opportunity. Holding Hermione in a more rolled up position, Sara extended her tongue and ran it from the other girl’s ass crack to clit, licking everything in between. Making her intentions clear with her follow-up attack, Sara went straight to Hermione’s crinkled asshole, giving it a swirling lap of her tongue before continuing up towards her slit again.

“Whooaa…mhmmm,” Hermione shrieked, first out of surprise then out of enjoyment.

Sara figured it wouldn’t have been a negative reaction given how horny her partner was, but she wasn’t expecting her to have loved the brief rimjob so far. Therefore Sara kept the ball rolling and went straight back to work on her tight butthole. Once again, Hermione moaned under the presence of Sara’s tongue exploring every nook and crook of her puckered rosebud. She went slow at first with a broad tongue then narrowed it so she probed against the muscular ring’s resistance, which was winking open every so slightly. 

The former assassin knew it was a big risk to pull such a bold move as she was doing by drifting south to toss the grieving girl’s salad. However, Sara had nearly 100 different partners so she took pride in her ability to read her lovers, and this tryst proved to hold true. And even though she acknowledged that it was largely an unnecessary risk to try eating out the witch’s bumhole, Sara simply couldn’t restrain herself once given the chance given how perfect of an ass the slender Hermione possessed.

“God you’re so sexy,” Sara complimented as she ran her hands all over the Brit’s tight body.

Sara didn’t want to forget about the main pleasure zone so after a handful of times poking her tongue as deep into Hermione’s asshole as possible, which wasn’t very deep, before she slide back up to rummage her tongue through the witch’s pink folds. Wanting to push Hermione’s limits since she seemed game, Sara placed her middle finger against the slightly gaped asshole as her tongue and mouth worked over Hermione’s clit and pussy. Feeling the muscular sphincter quiver from the intense pleasure, Sara took advantage and pushed her digit past the resistance to nestle 2 inches deep inside Hermione’s bowels.

    “Mhmm...yes Sara. Keep going,” Hermione grunted in satisfaction, not even needing a moment to adjust to the new and foreign sensation.

It wasn’t the first finger that had ever made it’s way into Hermione Granger’s ass but this time it wasn’t by one of the ginger-haired Weasleys. Sara only pushed up until the digit was inside to the first knuckle, but when she felt Hermione’s sphincter relax almost immediately she continued until half her middle finger was wedged in the witch’s bum.

Sara didn’t give her partner any time to relax as her tongue went back in her pussy to further soothe Hermione as she slowly yet confidently moved half her digit in and out of her ass. After a few moments Sara felt she was ready for even more and tested that theory out by going past the second knuckle. The action surprised both of them when her hand hit Hermione’s curvy cheeks with the entire digit disappeared.

“Good girl,” the blonde assassin said, slowly pulling back out. “Do you like having your butt fucked?”
“Yeah,” Hermione panted, feeling herself near her climax in near record time.

“Then you’ll really like this,” Sara said, slowing down her thrusting into Hermione’s ass so she could press her thumb into her new teammate’s pussy.

Having both holes filled was more than Hermione could take. It had never happened to the witch before despite her lengthy sexual relationship with Ron and her brief love affairs with Ginny. Though both Weasley’s were affectionate and willing lovers, they were nowhere close to the level of the ultra-sexual Sara Lance, therefore Hermione was left unable to cope with the sudden explosion of pleasure. With a scream that could likely be heard everywhere on the Wave Rider, Hermione clawed at the sofa cushions as she came. Her thighs clamped down on Sara’s head and she lifted her ass off the couch, bucking her hips against the invading digits.

“That’s it! Cum for me Hermione!”

Wanting to extend Hermione’s climax a bit longer Sara let her tongue dart out to flick at her clit. With each lick Hermione’s hips bucked hard, impaling her holes on the blonde assassin’s fingers even further. Finally the witch couldn’t take any more and collapsed back onto the furniture, totally limp and almost purring in satisfaction.    

“Oh my God,” Hermione cooed, running a hand through her strawberry blonde hair. “You made me cum so...hard.”

“Now that is the proper way we initiate new Legends to the team,” Sara announced with cheer. 

“Shall I return…”

However, before Hermione could finish her sentence, Gideon’s voice came ringing over the speakers in the room. “Ms. Lance, your presence is recorded on the command deck with all haste.”

“God! Okay Gideon, I’m coming,” Sara replied in frustration. “To be continued?”

“Most definitely...Captain,” the Brit smiled, formally acknowledging that she was the newest member of the Legends.

As Sara smiled brightly from the floor up at the gorgeous witch, she rolled off her knees and onto her feet. Taking one last good long look at Hermione’s sprawling naked form, Sara had the smile permanently etched onto her face as she turned and exited the room. When she emerged into the hallway, she found each and every one of the Legends pretending to putter about, though it was apparently they were all listening in on Sara’s tryst with Hermione.

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