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So before we get going, I should note that this following story was written mostly between Season Two and Three of Supergirl and set an undetermined number of years in the future. I just haven't had the opportunity to post it until now. Therefore, there may be bits that clash with Season Three, so consider it an AU. Now with that out of the way, onto our feature presentation.

Chapter One:

"I really hope you learned your lesson about trying to rob a jewelry store with an alien cannon. Because, seriously, that's overkill."

The grumbling thugs down on the ground follow the progress of the retreating Supergirl with contempt in their eyes. National City's beloved heroine flies off into the distance to leave the Major Crimes Unit to deal with this goon squad.

'Seriously, use an alien drill which you barely understand. And one that uses a faulty power source. The fact the stupid thing hums even when it's turned off should be a dead giveaway. And destroying the same jewels you're trying to steal with the cannon. Boy, we've got some real winners tonight.'

Tonight ends up pretty much like any other night. Any time thugs get foiled by their own incompetence makes it a nice night for Supergirl. Perhaps in some ways, she's improving with each day she's a heroine and she's been at this for several years. Some close calls, the usual amount of heartache and intrigue, which went along with the job, but the Girl of Steel finds herself getting more comfortable in her own skin as Supergirl.

As Kara Danvers on the other hand, well there's still that mandatory amount of adorable awkwardness that plagued her life ever since those teenage years. Balancing a career, a life, and Supergirl combine to make a few headaches for Kara. She manages, just better.

And as a wise man once said, with great power, there must also come great responsibility. Or maybe it was something Kara once read in a comic book years ago. The lesson fits her life oddly well enough for it to apply it. And as always, there are more responsibilities for being a symbol and a role model than just busting up the bad guys.

Friday night, every week, almost without fail, for the past eight months, Kara makes a visit to a place and a cause which has become very near and dear to her heart.

'Not late, but not early. Right on time where I need to be.

A tall building with glass doors comes into Kara's vision. A large green sign which reads "The Safeway" appears on the building. A trio of youths stands on the outside, enjoying the nice night. They all see Supergirl up and one of them smiles and waves at her, the gesture they return.

Every Friday Night, Kara visits the National City Safeway like clockwork to check in to see how things were going. The home for troubled children and teens, from broken homes, who have had a hard lot in life. Victims of abuse, runaways, drug addicts who fight their addiction to get a second chance, and those who wish to be on the right side of the law.

Every time Kara stops at the Safeway, she reminds herself how lucky she is. To be brought taken in by a good family like the Danvers, after her cousin found the pod after it injected from the Phantom Zone. She could have been found, used, and exploited by someone else. And unfortunately, many of these children were exploited and abused before being taken in by the safe way.

"I heard you kicked some serious ass tonight, Supergirl!" one of the young boys cheered.

"Well, I just do what I can," Supergirl says. She can't help, but smile. "Where's Ms. Lang?"

One of the other boys piped up. "She's down the hallway, Miss Supergirl….she's been on the phone all day!"

Kara frowns at the statement. It seems odd, and she wants to get to the bottom of this. The boy who spoke turns away from her to reveal most of his right ear is missing. It sickens Kara to recall the story about this one, how his drunken mother disabled him with a beer bottle. He was very lucky to be alive.

That being said, Kara moves quickly to the office and stops at the door. She gently knocks on the door.

"Come in!"

Kara pushes the door open and steps into the office. A very attractive redhead woman dressing in formal attire sits in front of the desk. Her long hair clips back and a pair of very professional looking glasses tops off her outfit. Kara sees a pair of filing cabinets, some paperwork in disarray, and behind her desk, a larger portrait of Superman hanging above the woman's head.

"Kara…it's good…I forgot you were coming tonight."

"You've been busy," Kara said. "So, what's up, Lana?"

An old friend of Kara's cousin, dating back to his days in Smallville, peers at the Girl of Steel and just motions for her to sit down. Lana Lang runs the Safeway. Boys and girls come from places like National City and Star City to Metropolis and all the way from Gotham City and Bludhaven. Youth from all sorts of places who just demand a second chance.

"You want some coffee?" Lana asks. "Because I really could use some coffee. I actually could use something a bit stronger than coffee…but I have to lead a good example here...and that portrait reminds me of how Clark would stare disapprovingly at me if I drank my day away."

Kara cracks a smile and can see the troubled thoughts straight away.

"So, you remember Angela Beaumont?" Lana asks.

"How could I forget?" Kara asks.

Overly religious parents who were not too supportive of Angie's coming out. Their attitudes towards her preferences drove her to a drug addiction and a drinking addiction. She came to the Safeway about a year ago to get her life back together and after a couple of hiccups was on the fast track to heading to college.

"She didn't return after leaving with some friends a few nights ago," Lana answers.

"You think she's a runner?" Kara asks. "Or do you think something happened?"

"Something happened," Lana tells Kara in a somber voice. "How else do you explain her friends returning like they've been traumatized for life?"

No logical explanation for that, if Angie just ran off and did not return, then it would not cause them to be so traumatized. Kara puts on her investigative reporter hat and asks Lana the uncomfortable question that pops into her mind.

"You don't think her friends might have done something to her?" Kara questions Lana. She realizes that question could have been asked with a bit more tact. "I don't…I don't mean to be rude or anything, it's just that…."

"I've considered they could have," Lana agrees with reassurance that the younger woman was not speaking something that she had not already thought about. "These children are troubled…but I have to believe in them until there's damning evidence that they've done something too wrong to overlook…and I know they haven't. But they're hiding something, even if it's not something that they haven't done."

Lana sips the coffee to try and give herself time to collect her thoughts.

"Angie's eighteen, so she's able to go as she pleases, and the NPPD is not taking this as seriously. Even though….I'm worried something happened…her friends are keeping their mouths shut."

"Do you think they might talk to Supergirl?"

Lana drains the cup of coffee and considers Kara's question. "You know something, it's worth a shot. We don't really have anything to lose."

She guides Lana towards a recreation room. A trio of three teenagers, two girls, and a boy, watch the television. A blank expression comes to their face. They all jump up. One of the girls leans back and whimpers in terror. Another of the girls looks defiant and straight into Supergirl's eyes.

"You're not going to arrest us because we didn't do anything wrong," the girl tells her.

"I know you didn't do anything wrong," Kara says. "And it's fine if you're scared, but Angie's life is at risk."

The thumping of their heartbeats indicates they're terrified beyond all belief for some reason. Supergirl remains calm under pressure, hoping that a gentle tone will get them to spill something.

"She screamed," the boy whispers in a small voice. "And…there was something…a smell coming from the bathroom after she went in there."

"What kind of smell?" Supergirl prods.

She speaks in a calm, patient, and considerate manner because she can tell how terrified these children are.

"B-burning rubber," the boy stammers and he staggers back against the wall. "Please don't make me leave here….we were all scared…I don't want to go back…not to my uncle! PLEASE! Please. Please."

Each "please" gets fainter into a more fearful whisper. The trio of teenagers resembles little more than scared rabbits cornered by a hunter than actual kids. Kara feels bad for having to question them and making them relieve some kind of terrible ordeal. It had to be done though, but it did not make it makes her all that comfortable.

"No one's meaning you leave," Lana gently says. "But if you have any information, it could save Angie's life. And I'd be grateful if you told me….and Supergirl."

"Angie said she swore someone was following her," the quiet girl says. "I thought…well you know how she is after she came here, how she's bounced a couple times. We didn't take her seriously, you know…maybe we should have, you know, listened to her."

Kara knows their telling the truth. Their heartbeats down about right and there's no deception. They are fearful of the same person who took Angie coming back to take them.

"I'll find her," Kara tells Lana.

This was one situation where Kara Danvers and her job as a journalist would be more able to sniff out any leads than Supergirl ever would.

'Okay, I've found that there are four or five more reported abductions. And those are among the ones that are reported so how many more are unreported. And there's an eyewitness on this one. Someone's snatching up girls between the ages of fifteen and eighteen for some reason.'

Kara checks the official reports coming in. Most of the police departments write it off, much like with Angie's, as another troubled teen runaway. The abduction in Gotham City paints a different picture and how much the GCPD are taking it very seriously. Despite Commissioner Gordon's report that they have not had any leads.

'When you're the crime capital of America, I guess you aren't going to write things off that easily.'

The doors of the DEO pop open to allow Kara entrance. The reports they are runaways flash over Kara's mind.

'I'm not convinced there's something shiftier going on than a few teenager girls being nabbed. There's going to be something else. There has to be something that I'm missing. Or rather, something someone's not telling. Angie says she saw someone. They wrote it off as paranoia. But just because you've been paranoid in the past doesn't mean that there's not someone out to get her.'

Kara steps over and runs into her sister. Alex resembles someone who just walks through the motions. And one look at her sister shows she has a completely rough night.

'She's worked as late and hard as I have. And she doesn't get recharged as fast easier. I wonder what's up.'

"You look exhausted," Kara says in a concerned voice. "I think you should get some rest."

"Rest…yeah right, that's funny," Alex says with her arms crossing over each other. She leans back and uses the wall as a brace. "Sorry…Kara…it's just been a rough night."

"How rough?" Kara asks.

"Oh, three trucks, all of them containing alien weapons, having been brought I," Alex explains. "Mannheim's refusing to cooperate with us. I think he gets off on making us sweat. I don't think he's quite fully realized that he's not dealing with your average government agency. He keeps refusing to speak to us further without an attorney."

"He does have rights," Kara offers.

It was a very Superman statement for her to say and Alex responds with a very evident sigh.

"Legally, yes" Alex answers. "We can hold him as a suspected terrorist for a certain amount of time, but eventually…there's problems. Especially when Mannheim's not exactly high end enough."

"He's merely the big fish we have to use to bait the larger fish."

The loud and booming voice of Hank Henshaw comes over. Well, in public, but under that skin rests J'onn J'onzz, a Green Martian, who runs the DEO.

"And you're talking about Da…." Kara remarks before J'onn holds up a hand to stop her from speaking any further around the rookie operatives who are not privy to such information.

"At this point, we don't know," J'onn states. "When we have the truck, we'll know what we're dealing with and whether Mannheim's involved with them or he's just gotten his hands on the leftover weapons from the last time they caused trouble on Earth."

Kara agrees it makes sense. Bruno Mannheim oozes slime, and the man he works for, Morgan Edge, is as scummy as they come.

'Media Edge is CatCo's number one rival here on the West Coast, so it makes sense,' Kara muses. 'And boy, have I learned my lesson about mentioning Edge around Cat. Three hours later, thankfully she finally lost steam. Then again, anyone would be bitter about nearly getting popped off by gangsters working for Edge.'

She shakes her heads of all of those thoughts.

"So, what are you up to?" Alex asks.

"I've been…looking into something," Kara replies. "There's a missing girl from the Safeway in National City. There's…something going on there. It's not the only abduction….I was wondering if the DEO be onto something."

"It's tragic if something happened," J'onn states in an empathic voice. "But, I'm afraid there's nothing pointing to any kind of involvement that would mandate the DEO being involved."

"We…we were kind of helping we'd have your help on the entire missing truck of alien weapons," Alex states in a very somber voice.

Kara just smiles at her sister. "And I was hoping that you guys would have my back on this abduction thing…but I guess it's something that I'm going to have to handle alone."

Alex cringes at Kara's words. She's certain Kara does not mean to guilt trip her about not being able to help with this. However, the way Kara says it, makes her feel horrible.

"I know, I know," Kara replies. "Big picture…and I'm sure the DEO can handle it perfectly without me. I'm following up a couple of leads and maybe I'll get the lowlife who did it."

"I wish you the best of luck," J'onn tells her. "And…if there's something more to this, then contact us immediately."

Kara reads his words as if there's a reason for the DEO get involved, then get them involved. Otherwise, she's on her own, which suits Kara just about as well.

"Let me know if you really need my help," Kara tells them. "And I'll be there….but right now, this is more important for me."

"You sweat the little things," J'onn says. "It's not a criticism…but….."

"The little things add up to be a big problem later," Kara replies. "So, you know how to get in touch with me, and I know how to get in touch with you, and we'll meet up later."

Kara leaves the DEO, a fair bit disappointed in some ways. She flies to back to the scene of where Angie's abducted, hoping that perhaps there's something that she could pick up there.

"Bad time?"

Kara hovers and waits for the law enforcement to leave the area. She feels they could get in their way. She holds the phone to her ear when waiting for them to leave.

"Yes," Lena Luthor's voice cuts in over the phone. "I…I know why you called as well. Angela's abduction really has stirred up a hornet's nest. They are writing her off…she's been in and out of rehab at least three times before she got it together. And she finally found sanctuary. I think there was a lot of promise in her once she pulled herself together."

"Yeah, I know," Kara agrees. "The board's not giving you….."

"It would be unwise to talk about them right now. It would merely be bad for my blood pressure now."

"That bad?" Kara asks.

"Yeah, they think the Safeway's a bad idea," Lena comments. "Even if I'm just funding it from afar and letting Lana Lang run it. And she does an admirable job in making sure they all feel at ease."

"She does pretty well," Kara tells her.

"And the media's just making an already bad matter worse," Lena informs Kara. "We're getting the blame for the girl going missing in the first place."

"That doesn't seem right," Kara responds. "You can't micromanage every aspect."

"Yeah, try telling that to the board," Lena replies. "Not all of them are bad. A lot of them are pretty good at their job. Present company included."

Kara smiles and switches the phone to get a better look out.

"Some just want to cause drama and controversy. I'm pretty sure reporters are supposed to report the news and not make it."

"Yes," Kara answers to her. "If you're upset I'll call back later."

"No, I'm glad to hear a familiar voice," Lena offers in a very calm and tranquil voice. "And…..I don't need to remind you that the Expo is tomorrow, and you have a pass."

"Yeah, I'm representing CatCo. And I'll be there."

"Well, you're more dependable than a lot of people in my life," Lena tells her. "I hope….I hope everything goes right and she's found. I really am…because…everyone deserves a second chance to make the most out of their life. No matter where they've come from."

"Yeah, I know," Kara states to her. "I'll see you in the morning."

"I'm going to have to skip out on breakfast," Lena tells her. "I know that I'll be in a board meeting first thing in the morning and that's going to make me late enough as is."

"Oh, right," Kara answers. "Well…good luck."

Kara wishes for good luck tonight. Every second counts and Kara hopes to find something which will point to where Angie ends up.

'I wish I knew what the guy following her looks like. And I have better descriptions of the man who did get an eyewitness account. The only thing I know is that he's short and his face is covered. Not really that good of a description to go off on.'

She moves in to check the back first before going down in the front. Kara pushes a crystal visor over her eyes to pick up something the police may have missed, even if their investigation lacks something in her mind.

Many consider Bludhaven to be a more corrupt and dirtier version of Gotham City. Those people who set up shop here often go here to escape the crowded Criminal underworld of Gotham and the Arkham crowd. They are a less colorful class of criminals. The Arkham crowd monopolizes most of Gotham City leaving very little room for the average thug to spread his wings and actually make an honest living. Unless you worked for one of those colorful men, and that was a risk some thugs decide not to take.

A man sporting a look of a fat man who lost a lot of weight in a very short time steps over. He dresses in a wife top and a pair of pajama pants hanging over his body. He stops across from the edge of the mirror and spends a couple of seconds trying to determine what to do.

He opens up the cabinet and pulls out a can of dog food. He eyes the expiration date.

"Best eaten before March 2011? Ah, what do I care? I'm not a dog."

Jefferson Blanco fumbles with the can opener to get the dog food can open. He pours it on the plate and walks over to sit down. Not the brightest star in the sky, but at least he's still alive.

A thump from above interrupts his meal. Blanco's eyebrows raise up and the lights flicker for a second. He's not surprised.

'Barely make enough to pay the power bill,' Blanco thinks. 'Had to sell my car for gas money last week. And this place is crawling with rats….but still beats working for the Joker.'

A figure comes out from the shadows. Blanco sucks in his breath and steps back. He pulls a rusty butcher's knife off of the cabinet.

"Stay back!"

The butcher knife handle breaks apart from the slightest exertion of it and crumples to the ground. Blanco staggers back just in time to come face to face with a figure dressed in black, with blue stripes down the sides, and a blue symbol which represents a dragon etched on the side. The top of his face contains a domino mask and his hair parts back.

'At least it's not Batman. Not that Nightwing's much better.'

"Blanco, you've fallen pretty hard," Nightwing comments shaking his head.

"Yeah, because of your boss and the rest of the lunatics he created," Blanco grunts. "One guy starts dressing up like a bat, the entire city goes nuts. I remember back in the day how it wasn't like that."

Nightwing grabs Blanco's arm to prevent him from leaving, not he had anywhere to go.

"You've been out in the docks a lot," Nightwing tells him. "You've seen something out there, haven't you?"

"Kid, I see a lot of things by the docks. Lots of hookers, pimps, pedophiles, drug-dealers, you name it, I've seen it…but what….."

Nightwing holds up his hand to show Blanco a picture of a girl about seventeen or eighteen years old with sandy brown hair.

"Yeah, I didn't see her," Blanco hastily says.

"Are you sure?"

Nightwing grabs Blanco on the underside of his thumb and applies pressure. Blanco's eyes tear up from the pain this one simple joint manipulation does.

"Yeah, I swear….I didn't see her get nabbed by some sleazy looking guy last night…least I think it was a guy…short looking fuck has his face all covered up. And I'm not sure…but she might have gone with him willingly….she was reluctant at first, until he touched her. And then she went along with him. It's crazy."

Blanco's thumb comes undone from Nightwing's grip and he comes to the floor. He winches and looks up to see Nightwing gone.

"Yeah, you're welcome, pal!"

He speaks to nothing other than a blowing curtain and an open window. Blanco pulls back the curtain, bullet holes and all, and fumbles with locking the window up.

'And most nights, Bludhaven makes Gotham look like National City.'

Nightwing prepares for the next step of this investigation. Lying underneath the mask, Dick Grayson, the first Robin, and the current Nightwing, considers the best course of action to take next. Contacting Oracle to compare notes would be the most logical thing for him to do. Only someone else beats him to the much.

"Master Dick, do you hear me?" Alfred asks over the headset.

"Yeah, Alfred, good to hear your voice again," Nightwing comments. "So, what can I do you on this fine evening?"

"Well, for me, nothing at the moment," Alfred tells him. "But, for Master Bruce…there's plenty you can do. You recall the favor you said you owe him from a few months back."

Nightwing lets out the breath he's been holding in.

"Oh, yeah I do," Dick answers with a momentary sigh. "And why do I think I'm going to regret being put in a position where I owe him a favor?"

"Something's…come up for Master Bruce, and he will not be making the Expo in National City," Alfred answers. "He would be grateful if you attend in his place."

"But, I really can't tell you what's going on in Wayne Enterprises," Dick protests on the other end.

"Mr. Lucius Fox will be there and will do all of the heavy lifting," Alfred answers.

"Yeah, I guess that's fine," Dick replies. "You know, it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I do wonder what kind of mess Bruce has gotten himself into this time."

"He was vague as you would expect."

Nightwing's shock and astonishment registers at less than zero and the call is terminated quickly. He holds up his wrist gauntlet to see Oracle already sent him information regarding the Safeway and also how a reporter named Kara Danvers was putting out feelers for information about a reported runaway, who may be a kidnapping victim.

'Hmm, the plot thickens,' Dick muses. 'I guess these things happen for a reason. If the next phase of this investigation points to National City, it's just as well that I'm heading there. I've hit a stone wall here anyway.'

Into the shadows goes Nightwing so Dick Grayson could make the trip to National City. And potentially conveniently bump into a certain reporter to see what she's found out about this entire situation.

Thanks to everyone for the favorites, follows, reviews, views, and kudos, and I will see you next Wednesday for the next chapter.

To Be Continued on April 4th, 2018.

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