No Escape

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Disclaimer: I do not own the Titans or make any kind of profit from it! I just borrowed the characters for a while.

Author's note: Yeah, I know I should just go on with "A Caged Little Birdie", but this idea suddenly came to me and I wanted so bad to write it down. So, here you go, another dark, twisted, Rape-themed story!

Warning: As I have stated earlier, this piece of work contains rape and other kinds of explicit forced sexual activities! So read at your own risk! If you don't like the tags, feel free to leave! 

Chapter 1: Welcome to your new life!

Slave’s apprentice’s lips cracked into a sadistic grin as his gaze met the thrashing and grunting girls on the extra-large king-sized bed. They were trying their best to break free from the restrains on their body as well as the chains that connected to the orange-black collar on their necks. Black ballgags secured their mouths tightly, preventing them to give him a piece of their mind.

When Slade mentioned that there were some surprised presents waiting for him, he didn’t expect this!

Robin slowly approached the bed where his two former female teammates struggled in despair, tugging frantically at their restrains and their collars, using everything they had to escape. As he moving closer, the two girls began slowly backing away until their back hit the headboard. Robin smirked as he saw confusion, panic, and a bit of fear lingering in those violet and green jewels. Only now did he notice that the two girls had been stripped down to their underwear. The scene made he grin from ear to ear, though still a bit frustrating since Slade had touched his toys before he had the chance too. But that was all right, he was sure going to replace all of his master’s marks on their sweet body with his own soon.

“Mnnnggg! Nffffmmmm! Mhhhhgggg! Ughhh!”

They shouted at him, eyes burning with rage, as if threatened him not to come any closer. Well, mostly Raven, Starfire just looked at him with those sad tearing eyes, asking why he would do this to them and pleaded to be let go.

He grinned in amusement. Now this was what he called real entertainment!

In a swift and sudden movement, he performed a flawless front-flip and landed right on the mattress in front of his two new toys. The girls yelped in surprise and leaped aside immediately, trying to get away from him. But the former Boy Wonder was much quicker. He extended both his muscular arms and encircled their small waist in a tight grip, pulling them back to his side. Raven instantly thrashed with all her might, grunting and throwing muffled insults as him, while Starfire tried to pry his arm off while locked her eyes with him in a pleading, questioning manner, as if believing that he was still her beloved leader.

“Well, well, well, look what do we have here!” Robin exclaimed in a cheerful tone, grinning like a maniac: “Such beautiful little pets. Master must be really pleased with me lately.”

He set his gaze on his two brand new toys, leering at them from head to toes, properly taking in what kind of underwear they were having on.

Both the bras and panties that encased Starfire’s body were dyed in the shade of light purple with some laces as decoration. They were a bit skimpy and revealing, as the pads of the bras weren’t even big enough to cover her entire boobs. Also, they were as thin as paper, as the alien’s nipples were pressed hard against their surface, completely visible to his hungry eyes. Underneath the piece of fabric that was known as her panties, her dripping lips were well defined in a V-lined shape, which made Robin’s inner heat grew.

Turning his attention back to Raven, he took in the choice of her sensitive clothing, noticing the big differences between her and Starfire. His pretty little bird was clad in simple black bras that fully covered her C-cups and color-matched panties. The kind of simple could almost turn boring, but somehow fit her perfectly.

Looking at their half-naked, writhing body, Robin felt himself getting filled with need.

The two girl thrashed in his arms crazily, especially Raven, he had to move his arm to her neck and grinded her to his side hard while wrapping his legs around her body to subside her struggling. On the other hand, Starfire’s eyes never left his face, and though she did struggle, she was still trying to call out for him, asking for his purpose and trying to reason with him. Such a soft and naïve girl, he thought to himself.

Noticing that Slade had already arranged some other chains on the bed for him to tame the girls easier, Robin smirked and immediately using one to bond Raven’s both elbow together, wrapping its full length around her slender limbs. The chain was connected to the headboard, so he wouldn’t have to worry about her trying to move away from him again.

Robin watched Raven’s vain attempt to break free and Starfire’s soft, tearful look that demanded to know his reasons for doing this to them for a while, letting himself being filled with excitement before getting down to business. This ways, he would have the motivation to make them feel good.

Not even bother to give the poor girls a warning, his arms around the sorceress’s slim waist immediately drifted to her fabric-covered cunt and began rubbing it! Since she had been misbehaving the whole time, he decided to go hard on her as a punishment. Raven let out a shriek out of shock and dismay, shaking her head and struggling as her eyes grew wider. He smirked, adding more pressure on her mound as his fingers increased their speed. The treatment caused his little dark bird to blush and groan loudly in disapproval


“Yeah, it feels good, doesn’t it?” he blew into her ear and then turned to Starfire who had also been thrashing and begging him to stop assaulting Raven in such a sensitive spot. Robin just laughed at her desperate pleas:

“You should be more worried about yourself than her.”

Before she could properly take in what he said, Robin had already squeezed her developed left breast tightly with his hand. Locating her nipple through the paper-like bras, Robin grinned in delight and proceeded to pinch and roll the peak with his skilled fingers. Starfire let out a low moans through the gag, her struggling quickly increased, but before she got a chance to slip free, Robin had already wrapped his leg around her, keeping her still.

“Enjoy yourselves, lovely pets.” He leaned back again the headboard, quickening his fingers on both girls, making them yelp and groan louder: “I hope you like it, because from now on this will be your new life.”

Just like that, he went on torturing Raven’s womanhood and Starfire’s lovely breasts, humming in satisfaction as the poor girls shrieked, groaned, grunted, and thrashed relentlessly.

Slowly, Raven’s fluid dripped out of her core, damped her panties and soaked his fingers, to her own humiliation and disgust. She hated this, hated him for causing this to her and hated herself for letting it control her. But what could she do when Robin kept on inflicting unwanted feelings on her lower part like that? This was just a normal reaction from her body against his cruel treatment, nothing more, nothing less. But still, it kept leaving strange sensation between her legs and making her stomach filled with the feeling of having millions butterfly flipping inside. She hated it, she hated it to gut! But Robin wouldn’t let her go…

God! What did she and Starfire do to deserve this punishment?

“Oh my, it seems that my little bird has already wet herself.” Robin taunted Raven cockily. Turning his face to Starfire who was still groaning against her will from the sensation he had been forcing upon her nipple, Robin moved his hand to her cunt, noticing that it was damped too.

“I can’t believe that you two produced this much juice just from rubbing only.” He murmured excitedly, both hands moved up and down the two girls’ cores through their soaked panties, causing them to cry out desperately. “Such naughty girls.” He shook his head in fake disappointment and tsked loudly.

“Well, since you have already become wet like this, I say we skip appetizer and move to the main course right now.” He licked his lips, grinning wickedly at his captives, and almost laughed when they looked at each other; panic filled their lovely eyes as they silently asked each other what the mad boy had in store for them. All the while, they were forced to shriek out from the nonstop caressing of his fingers on their private areas, causing their inner flesh to heat up in a weird, unwanted feeling

“So, which one of you wish to have that little cute pussy eaten by your beloved leader first?” he grinned, watching in amusement as the two girls tensed up, widened their eyes and struggled harder than ever. Their faces became as white as a ghost and they screamed out loud helplessly when they saw that they cannot break free. Robin felt himself getting aroused with their sweet muffled sounds. Their desperate struggle truly turned him on. Well, then it was about time they fix what they had created: his hunger.

“Will it be you, my beautiful princess?” he murmured into Starfire’s ear, causing her to turn away and whimper loudly.

“Mmmm…. Ngghhh….Mhhhhfffgg… Ughhh….”

 “Or you, my pretty little dark bird?” Raven jerked her face away from him, panting and yelping in disapproval.

“Mmmmfff! Mghhhh! Mhhhh! MGGGHHHF!”

It was like music to his ear. Their lovely, helpless muffled screams echoed through the entire room, as opposite as day and night. Starfire’s was soft, heart-broken and filled with sadness. It seemed that seeing her crush this way truly shocked her. On the contrary, Raven’s was rebellious, aggressive, filling with so much threats and insults aiming at him.

Breaking them would be a wonderful experience.

“So who?” Robin licked his lips teasingly, eyeing at Raven: “You?”

She shook her head frantically, several muffled screams escaped her gagged mouth loudly.

“Or you?” he turned to Starfire, and she shook her head crazily, sobbing with tears streaming down her face.

“None of you?” Robin raised his eyebrows, laughing sadistically: “No, no, that will not do.” His face suddenly darkened and he smirked wickedly:

“I know.” With a swift movement, his hands snaked into the two girls’ panties as the same time and rubbing their mounds directly, making them shriek and whimper in shock, even for Raven.

“I will do both of you at the same time.” He grinned, laughing like a maniac as his two pets gasped and screamed at the top of their lunges…


“Mnnngghhh! Nmgghhhff! MNNNFF! UGH! MFF!”

Raven let out a loud muffled screamed as she felt Robin’s tongue violently ravished her cunt from behind. Both her and Starfire had been tied down in a shameful, awkward position, with her body placed on top, her boobs squeezed tightly again Starfire’s back at the end of the bed. Their hands had been locked together at both sides, the same for their ankles and calves. Robin was currently sitting on the floor, happily feasting on the two dripping cores displayed in front of his face.

“Oh, stop squirming around!” Robin order in an annoyed voice, roughly patted his two pets on their asses. Raven let out a loud hiss, while Starfire squeaked in surprise. The apprentice smirked cockily at their pathetic images. Leaning in, he grinded his mouth against Raven’s sensitive part and sucked hard, earning a forced loud groan in return. He then licked down her vulva, passed Starfire’s back-door and plunged his tongue inside the alien. The sob and whimper he got from her caused his grin to widen. Both of them were just too good!

“Already dripping wet, huh?” Robin said, sucking on Raven’s core again, dipping his tongue inside to taste her delicious nectar. “Naughty, naughty bird.” He clamped his mouth as tightly as he could on her cunt, letting his tongue discover her inner walls freely. Her body fondly reacted with his erotic actions as fluid started forming inside her love-box. “MGHH! NFFHHH! MNNN! MFFF!” Raven protested in short, ragged screams, wanting her body to stop pleasing her assaulter. But she couldn’t, and she felt dirty, disgraced and humiliated for that.

“Stop ruining my meal, will you?” Robin tsked at the two girls. “Hold you gorgeous pussies still.” He then proceeded to devour Raven’s core, swirling his tongue inside her inner walls nonstop, forcing her lovely cunt to produce juice over and over again to satisfy his thirst. Meanwhile, his left hand started circling Starfire’s clit with the thumb, letting the other fingers rubbing her opening with lighting speed. His rough treatment made both his pets shriek through the gag as their body thrashing violently, wanting nothing more than to be released.


“Aww, too wet and sweet…” Robin grinned, licked Raven’s cunt entire length, stopping at the entrance to suck the juice that had begun to leak from her core. “You know, Rae-Rae, I have never expected birds to taste like apple mixed with mint, and something…” he licked her again with a blurring speed and grinded his lips against her womanhood as hard as he could, devouring the fluid her body produced like it was the last source of water on the world, paying no mind to her trembling and hopeless screaming of disapproval: “Mysterious… Hmm, you are truly once-of-a-kind, aren’t you?”

“And you, little princess.” Finally allowing Raven to catch her breath, Robin then turned his attention to Starfire: “Let’s your master sees what you taste like.”

Without hesitation, he glued his lips to her cunt and licked the inside of her most sensitive area. Swiftly darting his tongue from side to side, he hit her most sensitive most several times, making his alien cry out lowly and sob hysterically. He then covered the red-headed girl’s entrance with his mouth, sucking nonstop while his tongue darting inside and drew all her juice to his mouth.

“Hmm… Strawberry and chocolate… along with a trait of innocence…” he commented lustfully, moving away from her leaking cunt. “Priceless, simply priceless.”

By now, both girls had already sweating up a storm, their body convulsed as several suffered wails escaped their sealed lips repeatedly. Starfire had been crying the whole time, while Raven, though he didn’t see her pretty face, by the broken sounds of her muffled shriek, he knew that she too was almost reached her limit.

“There, there, little girls…” Robin cooed in a fake gentle voice, grinning as he started flicking both of the female Titans’ exposed clit hard with his hands, again making them scream forcefully and thrash frantically.

Wanting to memorize each of his toy’s special shriek, Robin began spanking their asses one by one, staring with his pretty dark bird.

Raven shook her head, feeling her face heated up in pure humiliation and tears of shame streamed down her exhausted face. She hated this, she hated this to gut! If only her power could return so that she could put an end to this madness. But none of that happened, and she was forced to endure with the increasing pain he forced upon her bottom. No! No! NO! NO MORE! The dark girl try to tell her assaulter, but her words only came out as pathetic, meaningless muffled sounds. Robin smacked her bottom, sending full-power slaps against each of her cheek, grinning like a maniac as she shrieked in pain and terror, fighting desperately to break free.


After his mind had somewhat satisfied with her loud sobs and screams, Robin then turn his full attention to the crying terrified Starfire, ignoring Raven’s quivered, choked wails. Just like her dark friend, he abused her round, tight ass in the worst way possible. He smacked her, slapped her, and even pinched her as hard as he could, leaving several red marks on her flawless bottom.

Starfire cried her eyes out, loud shriek escaped her muffled mouth as she felt herself being plunged into a land of terror and unpleasant things. She couldn’t believe it. Why? Why did Robin decide to treat them this way? He was their best friend, wasn’t he? He was their beloved leader! He… he was her crush! Then why did he commit such a terrible thing now, did the Slade force him to do it?

There were several questions she needed him to answers, but the gag stopped her from doing so. The only thing the poor alien could do was screaming relentlessly as Robin violated her.


“That’s it, my lovely pets, scream for your master!” Robin snickered loudly, mesmerizing by his captives’ dripping holes and bottom that smeared with angry red streak as they cry and wriggle nonstop.

“Enough playing.” He commented, his voice suddenly dripping with lust and menace: “Now, I’m gonna make both of you cum.” He licked their core again, starting at Starfire’s and dragged his tongue up to Raven’s, then plunged his tongue deep into his little dark bird’s entrance in the roughest way, making her sob and pant, before doing it again in the reversed way. “You will have to climax together. If not, even just one second of misbeat, I will force you to do it again. I don’t care even if any of you passed out, or even both of you. When the latter happens, I will force you to wake up, and then torment you again. If the former takes place, I will have the conscious come until losing consciousness; then I will force both of you to wake up and continue where we left of. If you want me to stop, behave yourself and work together properly.”

With that, he immediately grinded his lips against Starfire’s cunt while rubbing Raven’s entrance and clit with a blurring speed, didn’t even let his captives properly take in what he just told them. The two of them could only scream and thrash in pure despair as they felt themselves being ravished beyond their worst imagination, by nobody else but the leader they once respected with all their hearts.


Author's note: That's it! Chaper 1 is finished! Do you like it? I put more effort into it than with "A Cage Little Birdie" so I hope it will be able to satisfy you. 

Until next time, my twisted friends!

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