Making Supergirl my Superslut

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I came to the universe through a rip in existence, drawn between the ripples in reality, and landed in a new galaxy with only one planet of note. The life force emanating from the planet impressed me; far greater than the latent energy found on pedestrian alien worlds.

The distance of space meant nothing to me. I parted the mass and arrived on the surface of the planet at the center of the densest area. National City. Imagine my amazement when I discovered the aliens on this planet looked identical to myself. I never thought I would find more homo sapiens in the universe, but there I was looking at them. My planet had been destroyed long ago and I’d been drifting through space ever since.

Mostly I felt excited because I hadn’t had sex in a thousand years. My balls were beyond blue, and I couldn’t wait to stick it. Looking around the busy street, I found so many suitable candidates. Gorgeous young women with scintillating bodies; this planet seemed relatively conservative but I still saw potential.

A gorgeous young redhead walked by, hips shaking with every step, and my eyes stuck to her long, tanned legs. I could lose myself between those legs. I followed her as she went down the street, and as we passed an alley, I pulled her against my body. I used telekinesis to force her mouth shut, and her green eyes bulged as she struggled against me. I teleported away from the city and into an empty room in a hotel. I could sense occupied and empty space based on the life force inside.

The young woman floated into the air on my mental command and I lay her down on the bed. Then I released the hold on her mouth.

“What - what are you?” she said.

“Nevermind that,” I said. “What are you called?”

The woman’s bottom lip trembled, and she pulled her heels up to her butt and hugged her legs. “I’m Jessica,” the woman said.

I walked across the room and wrapped my fingers around her ankles, pulling hard. Her legs splayed out and I climbed between them, running my fingers over her soft flesh. Jessica tried to fight me, but I liked the struggle, I didn’t want to use telekinesis to restrain her. I leaned my hands on her wrists and started licking her face. She screamed and fought but I didn’t care.

I pulled down her short skirt and discovered a flimsy pair of white panties. A string wrapped down the back and up her ass. Not as conversative underneath the clothes, how interesting. I pulled my pants down and my dick popped out, fully erect and hungry after centuries without busting a nut.

I jabbed my dick up between her legs and pierced her cunt. She writhed beneath me, moaning, and I leaned down, panting frantically in her ear as I rutted between her legs. She was so soft, so warm, and her body felt so fragile beneath me. I groaned before long and released my seed inside of her.

“Thank you for that,” I said. “Goodbye.”

I stood up and swept any stickiness off my stomach using telekinesis before spraying the jism across her face and splattering over her freckles. Jessica turned over, humiliated, and started to cry. I left by telekinetic teleportation, the same as ever, and set about finding a strong drink.




I sat in a bar downtown and drank what passed for strong alcohol on this odd planet. When I’d looked at the mass of blue from space, it seemed there was considerable power, but the average people I met seemed weak. They were soft with weak life forces, and small. Their individual power levels didn’t add up to what I had sensed from afar. I looked around the half-empty bar and found only lost souls. No powerful beings or entertaining prey just wastelings and scoundrels.

A press conference started on the TV above the bar. I raised the martini to my lips and sipped. My eyes found something most delectable on screen. A gorgeous blonde with plump lips, a cute face, and long, wavy golden-brown hair. Her body seemed slight but powerful, with perky tits. Her skin seemed to glow with golden vitality, and her cobalt blue eyes were simultaneously innocent and determined.

“Citizens of United City,” the girl said. A subtitle at the bottom of the screen described the woman as ‘Supergirl.’ I reached out with telepathy and delved her mind. She paused as I entered her mind but then she continued talking. My abilities can be quite subtle when I desire. I saw that her name was Kara Danvers and she fancied herself as some kind of idol. The people of this world, especially the women and girls, admired Supergirl. I found myself admiring her for a very different reason.

“There was a vicious sexual assault earlier today,” Supergirl said. “Jessica Alderman, age twenty-two, was attacked by some kind of metahuman. We don’t know much about him, but we are on the case and we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again. As you all know I run the NRU, No Rape Unpunished, initiative and I will not stop until this monster is behind bars.”

I smiled to myself and considered how best to capture that sexy little piece of ass. Enjoying Jessica had been fun but that was almost six hours earlier and my appetite was growing. Fucking a hero in any way I desired would be far more satisfying. The footage on the TV changed to show an arrogant bald man sitting on a couch at a talk show.

“Supergirl’s talk about metahumans being dangerous is obscene when she is one herself. She’s dangerous and every day she usurps our sense of relevence in the world.” A title at the bottom of the screen declared the man’s name was Lex Luther. The footage changed and showed supergirl in action as Lex continued talking. I felt my mouth dry as I watched her deeds. She moved with frightening speed and punched with terrifying power. “I think we all need to ask ourselves if we’re comfortable not having our houses made out of kryptonite. We’re at risk of death with her out there.”




I teleported into Lex Luther’s bedroom in the middle of the night. He was under the covers, fast asleep, and I shouted to get his attention. I was getting increasingly horny and now that I knew who I wanted to fuck, I couldn’t wait.

He jumped out of the covers and turned on the lights.

“Can I help you?” He asked.

“I saw you on TV.”

“Great, I have a TV too, but I didn’t see you.”

I could tell he was thinking about how to alert his security but I didn’t care.

“You know how to stop her,” I said.

“I do,” Lex said.


“Kryptonite,” Lex said. He said it as if it were obvious.

“What’s that?”

“It’s like poison for her. The crystals can even kill her, but in reasonable doses, it weakens her.” He used the toe of one foot to press an emergency button set into the floor beneath his bed.

“Do you have any kryptonite? I could find more if you gave me a little bit,” I asked

Lex opened a safe on the ground and pulled out a tiny green stone. I held it in my hand and got the unique feel of the minerals life force down to memory. Then I felt out across the universe searching for life forces that matched the newly made memory.

“When you find it, can you give me some-“

I found a source of kryptonite and locked my telekinesis in on it. A cluster of asteroids lined with the mineral in outer space. I pulled a baseball-sized chunk of the mineral through space and into my hand. Luther accepted the chunk with a blank expression.

“There,” I said.

“That’s it?” he said.

I warped away from Luther and picked an unoccupied space in the Antartic to build my home. Drawing on the life force impression of a building, I pulled a house into reality from the ether between now and then, here and there. Ideas are much more transient in the ether. The house was perfectly suited to my needs. Every room had video cameras set into the walls, so there were multiple angles, and I manifested the various rooms for my various desires. I would make Supergirl my slave and share the fun with this world. Knowing her peers and guardians would be watching just made the idea more exciting. Now that I had kryptonite I knew I could collar her.




I knew where Kara Danvers lived, and she and Supergirl were the same person, so I knew exactly where to find the little slut. She was all alone at her apartment and it was Friday night. I sensed her life force curled up on the couch watching television as she nibbled on chocolate. I wondered why this supposed hero, this leader of people, would be sitting all alone by herself when the rest of her civilization jubilated and profligated in the streets? In most societies the champions were the center of the party, but this Supergirl didn’t seem like that at all.

I warped into her room and stood behind the couch, absolutely silent. A chunk of kryptonite drawn from the asteroid field came easily into reality at my beckoning. I held the glowing green stone in my palm, now assured that Supergirl had no chance of resisting my corruption.

My telekinesis shaped the kryptonite hunk into a ring shape, then widened and ran the green through with gold drawn from sub reality. The minerals I manifested spun together and created a beautiful gold collar with glowing green veins. I clicked the clasp at the back, opened the collar, and clamped it shut around Supergirl’s pale, thin neck. As the collar snapped into place, Supergirl jumped up and faced me.

“Who are you?” Supergirl said. She was so beautiful with her golden glow and her long, thick hair. I would love pulling that hair.

“You may call me master,” I said. I would train her rigidly, the little slut needed discipline.

“Yeah right creep,” Supergirl said. She punched me in the chest and I didn’t even need to take a step back from the impact. Supergirl winced, holding her fist. Then her hands came up to the collar around her neck and her face went pale.

“That’s right,” I said. I walked over to Supergirl in her pajamas. She was wearing a pale blue top that revealed the cleavage of her magnificent breasts above teeny tiny pajama shorts that clung to her asscheeks. Her hair felt so soft as I ran my fingers through the golden strands. She tried to kick me but I used telekinesis to block the blow and she gasped. My fingers wound tight into her silken locks and I squeezed, yanking her head in any direction I desired. I exerted pressure down and I forced her face down flush against the floor. I grabbed her wrists and held them together behind her back. Manifesting cuffs into existence, I bound her. I dragged the slut up to her knees and undid my pants. She was looking up me with big, gleaming eyes - tearing over, and pleading.

“Please don’t do this,” she said. “Please, I don’t know you but you could be good. We both have power. Power lets us do good or do evil. Please make the righ-“

I grabbed a handful of her hair and shoved my dick into her mouth. Supergirl must have been surprised because she gagged as I thrust into her throat. Her plump lips felt soft around my cock as I pumped in and out.

“Gulg-gulg-gulg,” she said. Her eyes were horrified, and tears leaked out of her baby blues, trailing mascara down her cheeks.

I pulled her off my cock and she gasped for air, bending over.

“Okay bitch, let’s go, I have bigger plans for you.

I grabbed Supergirl and pulled her to her feet before holding her against my chest. Her breasts were heaving as she struggled to catch her breath. I warped us both back to my base.




I wrapped my fingers around the back of Supergirl’s neck and pushed her into the lounge I manifested for my house. I held her sexy body in place in front of me. Supergirl was sobbing gently, she’d already given up fighting, but I wasn’t surprised. I had her mightily outmatched. I couldn’t wait to disgrace this ‘hero’ in front of the entire world.

The cameras were motion activated and had started streaming as soon as we entered. I manifested the motion-activated recording mechanism.

I started by modifying her outfit. Switched her pajamas out for her classic uniform but slightly tailored to my preferences. Her leggings came up to just above her knee and left a few inches of leg skin exposed below the skirt. I shortened the tunic so it exposed her slim stomach, and I switched the shorts under her skirt out for a g-string. I made these changes by manifesting the items I desired into reality from the ether.

“Who are you?” Supergirl said. “Tell me your name at least. Please. You still haven’t done anything unforgivable. What you did to me was wrong but there’s still hope for you.”

I chuckled under my breath and threw Supergirl down on the dark, leather couch in the lounge.  A leash manifested into reality at my design; formed from beautiful platinum links. I clipped the lead to the front of Supergirl’s collar and dragged her head onto my lap.

“Please,” Supergirl said. Desperation entered her voice again and her eyes threatened to spill tears.

I ran my hand down one of her smooth ass cheeks and slapped it hard, reddening the skin.

“You know this is being broadcast to your world?” I said.

Supergirl’s face broke and she started to cry, tears leaking down her cheeks.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Supergirl asked.

“I like to break pretty things,” I said. “Now it’s time for your conditioning.”

I killed the video cameras, though Supergirl didn’t need to know that yet, and dipped into my supply cupboard, manifested complete with ingredients for induced seduction. I didn’t just want to fuck the superwhore, I wanted to turn her into an insatiable slut. A cum hungry animal who degraded herself to get more dick. That was what I wanted and I knew how to achieve the effect. I witnessed and observed slavers across a thousand galaxies.

I grabbed a sugar bowl full of cocaine from my cupboard, a bottle of vodka, and a baggie full of mollies. Supergirl began to cry harder as she saw the drugs.

“Please, no, I don’t do drugs,” Supergirl said. “I’m a role model. Please.”

I opened the baggie and pulled out ten red caps; really powerful sex mollies with an intense aphrodisiac effect. Grabbing a handful of Supergirl’s hair, I pulled her into my lap, face up, and smiled down at her.

“Open up and take your medicine,” I said.

Supergirl clamped her lips together and stared defiance at me.

I plugged her nose and waited. She struggled against me, squirming in my lap, but that just made it better for me. My dick got harder and she surely felt it for she squirmed more vigorously. Eventually, she opened her mouth to gasp for breath and I forced the pills past her lips. Pouring vodka into her mouth helped the pills go down easier, and she choked, gasping. I turned the cameras back on.

“What did you give me?” Supergirl asked. I spit in her face and she sobbed, tears breaking down her cheeks. I yanked on Supergirl’s leash and pulled her down one side of the couch until her head hung over the edge. I grabbed her tits through her costume and thrust into her throat. Supergirl gagged, coughing, and I forced my dick deeper into her mouth. I parked my cock and she kicked, struggling against my intrusion. I used telekinesis to ensure she didn’t bite.

“You like that don’t you slut?” I said. I didn’t let her breath. She kicked, but her hands were trapped behind her back and underneath her body. Finally, I pulled out of her throat and she gasped, breathing heavily. “I asked if you liked that, you little whore.”

Supergirl was crying, tears running from her eyes. “No.”

I shoved my dick into her throat again, now reaching further down to rub the folds of her pussy. I manifested a vibrator and held it against her clit. She began to squirm uncomfortably, legs seizing as I starved her of oxygen with my dick.

I pulled out and let her breathe.

“You like that don’t you slut?” I asked. She breathed heavily and I could see her pupils starting to dilate. Her pussy was so wet, just leaking wetness through her g-string.

“Please - “ Supergirl coughed, and her mascara made two black rivers running down her cheeks. “Please stop. Let me go.”

“There’s two ways this can play out,” I said. “Either you say that you like getting throat fucked, or I’ll keep doing it until you pass out. So, I ask again. You like that don’t you slut?”

Supergirl’s lip trembled but she clearly didn’t want to get facefucked anymore. “I like it,” she mumbled.

“You like what?”

“I like -“ Supergirl shook her head. I reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. A soft moan escaped her, followed by a look of horror. She seemed ashamed of her own arousal.

“You like what?” I asked.

I continued stimulating her clit with the vibrator, and she started to gasp, shuddering with pleasure.

“I like when you throat fuck me,” she said. Her voice sounded very turned on, and combined with her flushed cheeks, she looked very horny. I smiled to myself imagining that on camera.

“How do you feel about a good ass fucking Supergirl? Or should I call you miss Danvers? Miss Kara Danvers,” I said. It was so absurd that this hero would have an alter ego.

“In the butt?” Supergirl shook her head. “Please no, I’m not that kind of girl.” Her face broke when she saw my smile. She tried to headbutt me but her movement was weak, disoriented. I flipped her over my lap and smacked her ass.

“Little bitch,” I said. I yanked down her g-string and spread her cheeks with telekinesis. She started sobbing again. Her asshole accepted the tip of the vodka bottle and I began pouring liquid inside her. She wasn’t pliable enough yet.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Supergirl said.

I poured about half the bottle inside her, more than enough to kill a normal person, and then I siphoned some cocaine up her ass with a funnel. Supergirl bucked as I pushed the plastic tip of the funnel into her ass but I managed to stuff her full of coke. Then I warped her into the bedroom, preparing to fuck the Maiden of Steel up her tight little ass.

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