Happy Birthday, Robin

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Starfire happily left her room humming a Tamaranean love ballad to herself, stroking a joyful Silkie who had just finished a supper of zorgaberries.  She flew up to the Titans Tower living room just in time for the doors to open and Beast Boy to walk out, arms in pockets, whispering awkwarly, and staring at the ceiling like a bad actor trying to be suspicious.  He was followed by Raven, reading a book as usual while crumpling up a pointy party hat. 

"Friend Raven, shall you kindly nourish Silkie while I take Robin to enjoy day of birth festivities?" Starfire gladly asked, holding out her pet larva. 

"Um, sure," responded Raven, "but I don't think Robin is going to be having a very happy birthday, especially with the new level of stupid Beast Boy just managed to pull." 

"Oh, do not worry, I am certain that Robin will love my present!" 

After handing over her pet, Starfire flew into the living room to find Robin covered in cake, with some candles still lit, sitting in front of multiple screens.  They were all detailing recent news events – Supergirl delivering Count Vertigo to the UN, cyberattacks by a new criminal going by Gamesmaster, the activities of Cyborg on his visit to Dakota City, and the last sightings of Professor Chang – and Robin was feverously jotting down notes with his right hand while tapping at a computer with his left. 

"Happy 18 full years of life, my wonderful grimgorf!" Starfire joyously pronounced. 

"Sorry, Star, but I'm not celebrating today," Robin replied sternly. 

"Oh, what sad news!" Starfire replied with a mock-shocked way.  "And go against a great Earth tradition?" 

"It's only a tradition when you're a kid," explained Robin.  "As of today, I'm officially an adult, and that means no more time to joke around.  And with only a few supervillains left active, I need to stay more focused than ever before." 

"But do you not wish for any presents?" 

"No, Star, also as of today, I am too old for presents." 

"Oh, well that's too bad, because I have a very special present for you!" 

"Yeah, well so did Beast Boy," Robin replied as he wiped the last of the cake off him. 

"Oh no, what I have is the greatest gift a Tamaranean can give," answered Starfire, her mood transitioning from joyful to seduceful.  "It is something that I can only give once, and once given, I can never get it back." 

"Oh, yeah?  What is this amazing gift you speak of?" 

Starfire leaned over and gave Robin a peck on the cheek.  As she flew back to her bedroom, Robin completely freeze, as though his mind was trying to compute what this gift was.  When the obvious answer was reached, he quickly turned around just in time to see the living room doors close in front of her. 

Starfire made it back to her room and began preparing for what was to come.  She removed her neck brace, wrist braces, and boots, placing them in their proper places in her closet.  Then she went to go sit on her bed, sitting up straight with her hands on the sheets.  Right on cue, Robin stumbled into the room while struggling to remove his cape and shoes.  When he was halfway to the bed, he spun around, rushed back to the door, slammed It shut, locked, nailed wood over it, locked chains over it, plastered cement over it, and then rushed back to the bed. 

Robin took a seat next to his alien girlfriend, looking the happiest he'd been in a long time. 

"So, how would you like to start then?" 

"Well, I believe that the making of love begins with a kiss, yes?" 

Robin's smile grew bigger.  "OK, let's do that!" 

Starfire closed her eyes and puffed out her lips, expecting to get a smooch.  But instead, her boyfriend pressed his lips against her lower abdomen while using the tips of his fingers to massage the base of her spine.  Starfire responded to this surprise with a small gasp, which was then followed by whispered moans as Robin rapidly switched between kissing, licking, and nibbling on her alien flesh. 

A state of happiness that Starfire had never experienced began to overcome her, and she began to slowly rise with the joy of flight.  Robin went along with this by naturally standing up on his feet, and Starfire grabbed him by the shoulders as she continued to ascend. 

Robin continued up Starfire's belly until he came to the bottom of her crop top.  He pinched the edges and began lifting, but then Starfire grabbed it by the front and quickly pulled it off, letting of Robin and dropping him onto her bed. 

Robin landed with a soft bounce, and then was quickly shot into the air by another landing.  When Robin landed again, he was on his hands and knees over a topless Starfire, grabbing her bed rightly with her hands and feet so as to not float again.  Robin went straight to work on her luscious breasts, licking and nibbling her right breast with his mouth while caressing her left breast with his right hand, all while grasping Starfire's right hand with his left like passionate lovers. 

Starfire's moans now grew much loader, as the joyous arousal over her body grew stronger.  When Robin could sense her nipples starting to harden, he switched his left hand to her right breast, his mouth to her left breast, and his right hand to her left.  He then continued as before, as Starfire's enjoyment rose even higher.   

Once her nipples were completely hardened, Robin made a few celebratory licks down the safe between breasts.  He continued these licks up to her neck and finally to her mouth, and then the lust that had been building within Starfire finally took hold.  Rising again after letting go of the bed, the two grabbed the backs of each other's necks as they pushed their mouths together, eyes closed as lips and tongues interlocked with burning youthful lust.  After several minutes, Starfire decided it was her turn, and began to kiss, lick, and nibble her way down Robin's neck. 

When she got to the top of his costume, Starfire pushed herself away, grabbed the costume, and ripped it off.  Robin was shocked by this, yet smiled back at her. 

"I'm sorry, Robin," she confessed.  "I just feel so … different." 

"It's perfectly fine," he assured her.  "Just let it all out!" 

Starfire wrapped her arms around his back and pulled his chest towards her, letting her mouth do its lustful work on the scars and bruises that covered his well-crafted muscles.  She began rising again, and also began to work from his cervix downwards. 

Then Robin came up with another surprise.  Being a flexible gymnast, he bent his legs behind him and pulled off his pants and underwear.  Then he resumed enjoying the stress-relieving kisses on his torso. 

As Starfire's lips went down the front of Robin's body, her hands continued down his back.  Eventually, her hands had a good grab of his butt cheeks, and Starfire had to look up and say something: 

"Robin, your butt as it is called … it is very … it feels like the best part of you!" 

"Actually, you should look down for that!" 

Starfire did so and could only stare in disbelief. 

"Behold, the one and only Boy Wond-…" 

Robin's manhood was now well inside Starfire's mouth, being ferociously assaulted like a child who had just discovered their favorite popsicle flavor, and his butt cheeks were both being groped by her feminine hands.  He gladly moaned as he received his first sexual arousal in years, and was too happy to mind the ceiling striking his head due to her joyful ascending. 

But he did mind Starfire's bites and gnaws becoming a little too strong, strong enough to make some of his moans be out of pain.  Robin adjusted his legs so that his feet were underneath Starfire's shoulders, and pushed her off of him.  While falling, he grabbed her hand and gave her a slight yank downward.  He looked back up at her and said, "Let me do that to you." 

Her smile growing more lustful, she let Robin turn her over and pull her down so that her butt was in front of his face. Robin quickly unfastened her skit and started pushing her panties up her legs.  Starfire giggled in girlish delight as she grabbed Robin's ankles while bending her legs to help out.  While removing her last piece of clothing, Robin couldn't help but give his own derriere compliment. 

"Star, you got a rather nice butt, too." 

"Aww, thank you, Rob...oooh...oooh...oooh" Starfire lustfully sighed as her butt cheeks got a quick massage.  This quickly transitioned into Robin spreading apart her legs and slowly peeling open her vulva. 

"Um, is it supposed to smell like lemon?" 

"No, but I have read that men of Earth do not like a smelly grebnack, and so I applied the best smelling sprays from the kitchen just for you!" 

"Why that's, uh, very thoughtful!" 

Truthfully, Robin didn't mind the smell.  He was just quickly filling time as he surveyed the layout of a female's genitals for the first time in a while and recalled what exactly pleasured all the young ladies he had previously been with.  Once he had a rough idea, Robin sent his lips and tongue straight to work in coating her clitoris with saliva. 

Starfire did much more than just moan now.  The oral pleasure she was receiving sent muscle contractions up and down her abdomen, and as her torso arched slightly forward her hands grabbed Robin's ankles tighter than before.  HEr heart was beating so loudly she could feel it in her brain.  Her eyes went from wide-eyed to closed as her moans became excited exclamations to the Tamaranean goddess X'Hal. 

The joy from this new experience prompted Starfire to rise again, rising higher and faster than before, holding onto Robin by his ankles as he continued cunnilingus.  So high that she managed to open her eyes just in time to notice she was about to crash into the ceiling.  She quickly yelled, "Stop!", and as Robin obeyed, she let go of his ankles and slammed her palms onto her bedroom ceiling.  Realizing that Robin had lost his grip on her, she spun around to grab him by the wrist as he fell.  Robin looked up and saw that Starfire was so happy that her flight powers had made her back firmly planted against the ceiling.  The time had finally come. 

"Take my other hand."  Starfire obeyed. 

"Now, I'm gonna throw my legs up; you catch them with your legs."  Robin did so, and Starfire caught them, clumsily wrapping her legs around his. 

Once she had a grip, Starfire could feel her legs being spread aprt by Robin's as he pushed his hands against her wrists to get a good grip on the ceiling. 

"Now, let's see if I can get this in here..." 

Robin wiggled his hips around until he managed to get the tip of his hardened cock right on top of her pussy.  Starfire gave a quick, surprised inhale in response, suggesting that she was both fearing and excited for what was coming next.  Robin could tell this, and began to comfort her while clasping all four of their hands together and moving her hair behind her head. 

"Star, I know it's been very unpredictable and a lot of fun so far, but now comes the main event.  I have to warn you – it's going to hurt.  Probably a lot.  And what comes after may also be uncomfortable or just awkward.  So, if I do anything to hurt you, or you just don't like it, please tell me, because I love you more than anyone else in the whole world, and..." 

"Robin," interrupted Starfire, "just have a happy birthday!" 

She smiled, and he smiled back. 

Robin had done this with three young ladies before – Kara, Donna, and Barbara – all of whom were unnaturally strong both physically and mentally.  To keep them satisfied, he needed to be three things for all of them: deep at the start, intimate at the end, and smooth in between.  But Starfire was different.  She wasn't just a partner or a good friend; they were true loves.  To show this, he needed to take everything up to 11. 

Robin took one of Starfire's hands in each of his and then yanked his upper body backward.  Because her joyous flight made her flat stuck on the ceiling, their interlocked arms stretched out into two straight parallel lines.  Meanwhile, as Robin's upper body went backward, his hips acted as a hinge and thrust his cock all the way into Starfire's vagina. 

As Robin gritted his teeth while striving to get as far back and in deep as possible, Starfire shrieked as she lost the gift she could never get back.  Robin's cock had scraped every nerve lining in her vaginal wall, and her G-spot felt like it had been set on fire.  It was indeed painful; a type of pain that Starfire had never experience nor was expecting.  However, being an alien warrior princess, she could handle it. 

Robin pulled himself forward and slammed his palms on the ceiling so that his face was directly in front of Starfire's, letting her hands go so her arms could open wide.  He quickly caught his breath while Starfire was doing the same. 

"Did I hurt you, Star?  Do you feel OK?" 

"This is amazing, Robin" Starfire smiled with a stare of wonderment.  "Please … more please!" 

Robin smiled back.  "As you wish, my princess!" 

Robin grabbed onto her shoulders and started moving his body back and forth, commencing the main stage of the night's lovemaking.  Through it, Robin kept his eyes fixed on Starfire's face, making note of every little expression to determine if he should change his rhythm or angle.  When not sure, he would ask gently, and Starfire would reply with a faint 'yes' if she heard him. 

Truthfully, Starfire didn't care about sexual performance at all; just finally becoming one with her true love was all that she wanted.  In fact, the feeling of his cock digging through her lady parts felt perfectly magical, like she was finally being cleansed and made complete.  So, she eventually got annoyed with Robin's requests for criticism.  She wrapped both arms around Robin's back and pulled him closer so that his face, still moving forward and backward, was right up to hers.  (This was close enough for their nipples to scrape past each other.) 

"Robin, you're perfect!" 

With those words of reassurance, Robin moved his hands to the bottom of her neck and pulled his body up for a kiss.  Starfire responded by hugging his body even more tightly to hers.  Their breasts were now pressed against each other, and they could both feel the other's heartbeat brutally pounding in synchronization.  Their kissing was accompanied by closed eyes and tongues going at each other like sumo wrestlers.  Starfire's joy grew even more, and cracks began to appear in the ceiling behind her back. 

The greatest moment in the young couple's lives had no officially begun.  Their bodies merged together in a perfect union, the rhythm from his thrusts sending euphoric sparks down their nerves, their hearts pounding together like duetting bass drums.  But best of all was their unending kiss – everything else was great exercise, but none had the same passion, intimacy, or comfort, and because of, they had become one not just in body but in soul as well.  The overall feeling was too incredible for either to describe, but they both wanted it to last forever. 

But all good things must come to an end, and their first time came to a close as both could feel their bodies begin the build-up to orgasm.  Starfire was the first, as she felt more intense muscle spasms begin around her navel and spread upwards.  As a result, she felt a strong urge to gasp for her, but she didn't want to stop the elongated kiss, and so she involuntarily froze her mouth and held her breath.  Sensing this, Robin ended the kiss by pulling his pulling back his head, letting Starfire rapidly breathe deeply. 

"Star, how are you feeling?" 

"Robin … something new … growing faster..." 

"OK, this is the last part.  It might hurt again, so just relax!" 

Robin's orgasm had also just started, and despite his careful planning, he knew that there'd be no way they'd be experiencing a simultaneous orgasm, which he'd been hoping for to make this extra special.  Still, even though this was his birthday, he was still going to give Starfire the best day of her life.  He began thrusting his cock in and out of her even faster than before, increasing the rate of orgasm for both of them.  Robin never took his eyes off of Starfire's face, offering her comfort as she gasped and moaned as she gasped and moaned in response to this new sensation. 

"Robin … feels … gonna … explode!" 

"Just relax! … Let it … build up … then … let it out … on its own!" 

As her orgasm reached its peak, Starfire slammed her eyes shut tight and gritted her teeth, trying to contain the muscle spasms where they were.   But it finally became too much and she let it all out with a scream – a powerful, super-strong, Tamaranean scream.  A scream that blasted Robin's face so hard that his entire body jolted downwards, forcing his cock out of her pussy, while also making multiple fractures on his skull and piercing down every pain receptor on his skin. 

Robin was still being suspended by Starfire's hands and legs, but her grip loosened as her body relaxed from the orgasm dying off.  Meanwhile, the cracks in the ceiling behind her back grew deeper and quickly expanded to passed the bedroom.  Right when she completely lost her grip, the ceiling gave way and her joy of flight blasted her upwards, leaving to fall and be covered in rubble. 

Starfire had no idea of the damage she had just caused, since the orgasm had put her mind into a state of heightened euphoria.  Once her body was completely relaxed, her mind left this state, and was shocked to find herself floating in mid-air.  She heard crumbling noises beneath and promptly looked down to see that most of the top story of Titans Tower had been demolished. 

Starfire quickly flew down and began digging through the rubble until she found her precious Robin – his naked body smudged between four slabs of concrete with most of his bones broken and a face frozen with intense pain.  Starfire freed him and began holding him like a knight carrying a princess when she heard movement in the rubble behind her. 

Starfire turned around to see a dome of black spirit energy bulldozing its way through the wreckage.  It stopped and disappeared to reveal Raven and Beast Boy (carrying Silkie) - all three staring in shock.  Beast Boy quickly spun around and forced his eyes shut while chanting, "I am not looking!", while Raven moved her right pointer finger between Robin and Starfire while making an elongated "uuuhhhh" sound. 

Starfire got down on one knee and bowed her head in shame.  "Friends, I am so sorry for this!  I was merely trying to give Robin a happy birthday by becoming one body with him.  I did not know that on Earth it meant to bring the house down atop your grimgorf!  Now, I must take Robin to the hospital and …" 

"Whoah, there!" Interrupted Raven, holding out her hand to make sure she was blocking out Robin's cock.  "Neither of you can go anywhere looking like that!" 

"Well, every camera in Jump City is probably zooming in on us right now," figured Beast Boy, "so we'd might as well give the people what they want!" 

"Ignoring you," Raven mumbled under hear breath.  "Look, since our medical bay is probably gone, let's just take him down the Purple Room." 

"Didn't we take him there to make him extra-strong?" Reminded Beast Boy.  "A lot of good that did here!" 

"Again, ignoring you," Raven mumbled again.  "And Starfire, do you think you could quickly find some clothes to put on?" 

A few minutes later, Robin was in the Purple Room beneath Titans Tower, laying on a stone table underneath an Azarathean variant of the Amazonian Purple Ray that Raven had built. 

"He should be fine in a day or two," explained Raven.  "Also, the next time you do that, you might wanna do it some place uninhabited … and make him where a helmet." 

Starfire (now clothed) sat down at the table side, gently holding onto her boyfriend's hand while petting Silkie on her lap. 

"Thank you, Raven.  May I help in cleaning up my mess?" 

"Actually, don't take this the wrong way, but you'd probably just get in the way.  Besides, I'm sure Robin needs you right now." 

Raven left to join beast Boy in the clean-up.  Starfire sat where she was, grasping onto her lover's hand, still ashamed of how badly she had harmed him.  Still, she felt compelled to speak her mind. 

"Robin, Raven says you can still hear me, so I just want you to know that I am so sorry for being a terrible grimgorf.  I only wanted you to have a happy … no, that's not it.  I just wanted our … first time … to be special. 

"On Tamaran, what people of Earth call 'sex' is the greatest form of love, and I wanted to finally share that love with you.  And when we finally did, well... 

"You were incredible, Robin!  You were wild and crazy and unexpected and … fun!  So much fun, Robin!  The most fun we've ever had together! 

"But it was also the most … what is the Earth word? … passionate, yes, that you have ever been.  So gentle and yet so firm.  So caring and comforting and … intimate, is that how it is said?  Yes, you are all of these wonderful, amazing things. 

"So, I guess what I'm just trying to say is … thank you, Robin.  Thank you and happy birthday!"

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