The Dominoed Daredoll's Deadly Dilemma

BY : Batfanfrombackintheday
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It was a beautiful day in Gotham City. The sun was shining brightly over the city as its citizens were heading home from work this warm summer evening.

The Joker has threatened the entire city with a new toxin, which he promised to release city-wide if he does not receive a ransom of five million dollars, in cash. (Hey, that was a hella lotta money in the sixties!)

Several victims of his early experiments had been discovered in the city morgue, mostly whores and runaways that died of heart failure, caused by extreme and unrequited sexual arousal. In other words, they died needing to get fucked, and fucked hard.

The Gotham Police Department, as well as the Gotham Health Department, were desperately trying to find out who was killing people in this kinkiest of manners.

Police Commissioner Gordon looked at his assistant Chief O'Hara, who nodded in silent agreement as they both looked at the red Bat-phone under the glass dome in Commissioner Gordon's office.

This was going to be another job for Batman and Robin

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