The incubus and his Titan girls

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'A few days had passed, Talon was currently asleep in his bed. His mother walked inside of his room, she then smiled at her child's sleeping form.

Zone-Tan then shook the boy awake, he fluttered his eyes open and smiled at his mother. Zone-Tan smiled at her child, "I'll be seeing you later sweetie, I'm gonna be heading to the studio soon.." she said.

"You're gonna make another episode of ZTV News?" Talon said, curiously.

Zone-Tan gave the boy a nod, having him to let out a smile. The two of them then changed clothes and ate some breakfast. Zone-Tan then gave Talon a kiss on his forehead before walking out of the sat on the couch and turned on the television, as he was watching the screen his eyes shifted towards the digital clock on the screen, noticing that it was February 18th. His eyes then shifted back to the program, a few moments passes until his eyes widened in realization.

The young boy sprouted his wings and flew towards the calendar that was hanging in the kitchen. He noticed that four days ago was Valentine's Day, and that he didn't get anything for his mother. Talon knew that Mother's Day was a thing but to him Valentine's Day was another day in which you could show the love you have for someone that you care about.

Talon looked up at the clock and saw that it was nearly time for the episode to begin. He opened the window to his room and flew through it and out of the apartment. The young incubus then made his way towards the studio.

The young incubus flew through the front door and up the stairs until he made it to the studio floor. His eyes widened when he realized that the episode was about to start. Suddenly Zone-Tan turned her head towards the boy, noticing that he was here.

The purple-haired woman widened her eyes in surprise, "Talon?" the woman said, suddenly Talon flew towards her and went underneath the desk.

"Talon!? What are you doing he...?" Zone-Tan began to say as she looked under the desk, hissing at the boy. Suddenly the stage-lights turned on as Dave said the introduction, Zone-Tan froze on her spot then straightened herself before clearing her throat.

""Greetings my little zonelings, and welcome again to ZTV news. Your regular source for updates, feedback, and news here on Zone Archive.

Once again, our sincerest apologies for the delay in updates recently. But factors outside our control have kept us from producing on schedule." Zone-Tan said.

Talon formed a saddened expression on his face, thinking that his mother was blaming him for the delay in updates. The boy's eyes widened when he felt a hand on top of his head, he shifted his eyes upward and noticed that it was his mother's hand. "I'm not blaming you sweetheart." Talon heard his mother whisper to him. She then ruffled his hair, having the boy to let out a warm smile, before placing her hand back on top of the desk.

Zone-Tan then began reading out loud the first letter from the mailbag, "Hey Zone. First of all, happy almost Valentine's day, unless your reading this after in that case hope you had a nice Valentine's day. Now down to the question, I was wondering how you first came up with and started everything you do, from flash animation to just everything else..." Zone-Tan said.

But while she read the letter, Talon turned his head and stared at his mother's panties. The young incubus let out a smile as an idea popped into his head. He then grabbed a hold of the panties and pulled them down. The boy was then face to face with his mother's snatch, he leaned his face towards it and sniffed at it before giving it a lick

"Our next letter comes from...aaaahhhh!" Zone-Tan moaned out.

Talon continued licking at his mother's pussy, having her to emit more moans. Zone-Tan quickly covered her mouth and let out a blush as she stared at the camera, feeling embarrassed. "Excuse me, ah, for a moment." Zone-Tan said, sheepishly then looked down.

Zone-Tan was then met with the sight of Talon licking her pussy, "Talon, what are you doing!?" she said. Talon then stopped licking and looked up at her, giving the woman a smile.

"Happy Valentine's day, Mommy." Talon said, having Zone-Tan to widen her eyes in shock. The young incubus then went back to licking her pussy having the woman to let out a moan. Zone-Tan covered her mouth again, trying to hold back her moans.

Talon then placed his hands on his mother's hips, running his hands against them. Talon then stopped licking having the woman to stare back down. Zone-Tan stared in surprise when she saw Talon give her a pleading look.

Zone-Tan then softened her eyes and placed her hands away from her mouth, she then gave the boy a nod. Talon gave her a smile before going back to ravage his mother's pussy. Zone-Tan let out a moan, "Ahhh! Oh Talon!" she moaned.

Dave stared wide-eyed at the scene, not knowing that Talon was underneath the woman's desk. "Um, Zone-Tan are you okay?" Dave said.

Zone-Tan shifted her eyes towards the human, "Uh..turn the camera off Dave." she moaned.

"What!? We can't just..." the human began to say.

Suddenly Zone-Tan growled at Dave, her eyes turned yellow and became slits. "Turn the fucking camera off!" she shouted.

The woman then noticed that the red light on the camera turned off, once she realized that she began to let out some of the moans she had been holding in. "Ah, fuck! Keep licking Mommy's cunt Talon!" Zone-Tan moaned, then closed her eyes Talon then moved his hands back and groped his mother's ass having the woman to let out another moan.

Talon then sprouted one of his tendrils from his back and moved it towards his mother's ass. Zone-Tan widened her eyes when she felt the tendril slide down into her panties from behind. She suddenly felt the tendril poke her asshole before plunging into her. "Aaaahhhh! Oh fuck!" Zone-Tan moaned, closing her eyes.

Talon stopped licking and looked up at his mother in worry, "Mommy, are you okay?" he asked in concern.

Zone-Tan breathed heavily and opened her eyes, and looked down at Talon. "I'm fine sweetheart. Just keep doing what you're doing." she said.

Talon gave the woman a nod before going back to eating his mother out.

"Ah! Oh it feels so good!" Zone-Tan moaned. The purple-haired woman then felt the tendril begin to move in and out of her. She then arched forward onto the desk, digging her fingers onto the edge of the desk. "Oh yes! Yes! Fuck my ass Talon!" she moaned.

Talon then proceeded to increase the pace of his tendril that was inside his mother's bum, the boy moaned into his mother's pussy having Zone-Tan to let out a groan in pleasure.

Zone-Tan suddenly placed her hands on the back of Talon's head and had him go deeper into her. Talon widened his eyes in surprise, "Come on! Go faster Talon! Push that tongue of yours deep inside of me!" she moaned.

Talon then slithered his tongue deeper into Zone-Tan, the boy felt a bud with the tip of his tongue. Zone-Tan let out a whimper at feeling Talon touch her clit, the boy realized her reaction then gave the bud a flick with his tongue having Zone-Tan to let out a cry in pleasure.

The woman then tightened her grip on Talon as she moaned. Talon then quickened the pace of his tendril, "Oh fuck! Talon! Oh fuck me, you sweet motherfucker!" Zone-Tan moaned.

Talon groped her ass as he went faster and deeper inside of her. The boy felt his climax nearing and groaned into Zone-Tan's snatch. "Ah, ah, ah, ah!" Zone-Tan moaned as she felt her own climax nearing.

A few moments of this went by until Talon suddenly shot his warm seed into Zone-Tan's ass, having the woman to let out a moan, 'Ah, it's so warm!' she thought then climaxed. Talon felt his mothers walls clench around his tongue, then felt her juices squirt into his mouth. Zone-Tan began to breathe heavily while Talon began lapping up her juices. He then pulled his tendril out of her having his cum to flow out of her and onto the chair.

The woman slowly loosened her grip on Talon and stared down at the boy. Talon stared up at her while he continued lapping his tongue on her, Zone-Tan then ran her hands across his hair having Talon to close his eyes at the feeling. He then took his tongue out of her and moved his mouth away from her pussy, he gave the woman a smile. Zone-Tan then gave the boy a warm smile.

But none of them knew that Dave was about to ruin the moment, 'Okay, I had enough of this.' he though then walked over to the control panel and stared down at a certain button. "Hey Zone-Tan..." Dave said.

"What?" Zone-Tan asked, still breathing heavily.

"You might wanna lean back in your chair." the human said.

"Why?" Zone-Tan asked, raising her eyebrow at the human.

"Well, you don't wanna hit your chin on the way down, do you?" he asked. Zone-Tan widened her eyes, "What the hell are you...!" the woman began to say until the floor opened up from underneath her and Talon. Both mother and son were sent sliding down a chute, both of them screamed. Talon wrapped his arms around his mother's waist while Zone-Tan wrapped her arms around Talon as they screamed.

"Fuck you Dave!" Zone-Tan screamed at the human.

Both mother and son then ended up hitting the ground, rolling out of the chute and into a dark room. Talon groaned as he sat up, the boy widened his eyes at seeing his mother on the floor and crawled towards her. "Mommy, are you okay!" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine Talon." she said. The woman then groaned as she sat up and held her head in pain. "Ugh." the woman groaned then let out a sigh.

"Oh god, where are we?" Zone-Tan said, both of them then looked around. The woman's and boy's eyes then landed on a certain purple-haired half-demon girl with grey skin.

"Can I go home now?" the girl asked in annoyance.

Zone-Tan glared at the girl, "Who gave you back your speaking privileges?" she said.

"Mommy? Who is that?" the woman heard her child ask. The woman and girl widened their eyes, but both for different reasons. The girl was shocked that this boy had called the woman that had kept her prisoner 'Mommy' while Zone-Tan widened her eyes when she realized that she had never mentioned the girl to her child.

Zone-Tan then stared back at the girl and gave her a mischievous smirk.'

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