The incubus and his Amazonian girl

BY : blackthorn2004
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'Chapter 1'

'If you want to, to know more about Talon, you can view the story Talon: The son of Zone-Tan.'

'It was some time in the afternoon, on the beaches of Themyscira a red portal suddenly opened. A few moments went by until a certain young incubus with silver hair and purple eyes walked out. Talon looked around the area then sprouted his wings before taking flight. As the young boy flew through the trees of the island he heard the sound of grunting. Talon landed on the ground and tilted his head as he heard the grunts and began to follow the source of them.

As Talon walked closer to the source, the grunts became more distinct, and sounded as if they were coming from a girl. Talon pushed through some bushes, his eyes widened when they landed upon a young girl with black hair and blue eyes. He noticed that she wore a white dress with a blue on it. The girl was currently holding a wooden sword in her hands, grunting as she swung it around, practicing her skills.

Talon decided to walk closer to the girl, but as he did so said girl froze hearing footsteps behind her. The girl suddenly swung her sword and hit Talon across his face sending the boy crashing on a nearby tree and knocking him unconscious. The girl glared at the boy, but her eyes widened when she realized that the stranger was indeed a boy. She ran towards him and knelt down to check if he was okay, her eyes landed upon his wings having her to stare at him in shock.

The girl then picked the boy up and carried him towards her home.

'Time skip'

Talon groaned as he fluttered his eyes open. He looked around and noticed that he was in a large bedroom, he heard the sound of objects moving and turned to see a naked girl with her back towards him looking through her closet.

The girl then bent over having a blush to form on Talon's cheeks. The girl hen turned around and widened her eyes when she noticed that the boy was staring at her. She let out a yelp then quickly covered her body with the dress that she held. Talon quickly averted his eyes and blushed heavily, "Oh, I'm so sorry!" he said.

The girl blushed, one part of her wanted to punch the boy across his face while another felt that she should have been more careful since she chose to walk around her room while she was still naked and with a boy inside her room. She let out a sigh, "No, it's okay. I should have been more aware of my surroundings." she said.

"So you're the girl that knocked me out?" he asked.

The girl smiled sheepishly at him, "Yes, I'm sorry if I hurt you." she said.

"No, it's okay. My body can heal." Talon said. The girl gave him a nod then walked closer to him, "I've been meaning to ask you, what are you?" she said.

"Oh, I'm an incubus." Talon said having the girl to widen her eyes. A blush formed on her cheeks as she held the dress closer to her body as incubus's were said to be demons that craved sex.

"I-If you don't mind me asking how did you whined up here on Themyscira?" she asked.

Talon sat up, groaning. "I just opened up a portal and walked onto the beach." he responded.

"It was that simple?" the girl asked with wide eyes. Talon gave her a nod, "My mom taught me how to open up portals. She said that I can go anywhere that I wanted to and that I have to think about where I wanted to go so the portal could open up there." he said.

"That sound interesting. My mother taught me a few things myself." the girl said with a smile. "What's your name?" she said.

"Talon, what's your name?" Talon said.

"Diana." the girl said. Talon then gave the girl a nod then eyed her body before giving her a wide smile.

"You look pretty Diana." Talon said having Diana to widen her eyes in surprise and for a blush to form on her cheeks, she then let out a smile.'

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