The Humiliation and Subjugation of Beast Boy

BY : GoldenHeroes
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Garfield Logan was feeling good about himself after the Teen Titan’s latest exploit against the High Demon, or whatever, Trigon.

In fact, he was feeling so good that he had already planned the perfect night for the sexy seductress known as Raven to give herself to him.

Raven, a name and a woman who had rejected and refuted every one of his requests to get to know her better. A shame, since it’s a well-known fact that Garfield Logan is a stud.

Of course, in reality, the aforementioned ‘Beast Boy’ was not only a virgin, but seriously underdeveloped in that department.

It was a sad fact that Beast Boy could not change his penis to the ‘Beastly’ proportions that he gets when he changes into an animal, which still isn’t that impressive because of the size of it in reality.

He googled it one night, whilst wanking to pictures of Raven that were taken by stalkers, and found out that it was an affliction called ‘micro-penis’.

But someone as vanilla as Raven would probably find it attractive, as she is such a prude. Even if it’s only once, he would get the honour of boning the daughter of a demon.

Walking into Raven’s room he saw that she was accompanied by Robin, who was just lounging on her bed as she floated about reading.

“Uh, hi.” He said as their attention turned from their respective tasks, of reading and ogling, to him.

“What do you want Garfield?” Raven asked as the page of her book magically turned, her monotonous voice giving away no indication of her true feelings for him.

“I was just wondering if you wanted to come to my room.” He said, wagging his eyebrows whilst undressing her with his eyes, “Tonight?”

Raven’s books floated towards their respective shelves as she bare feet appeared briefly from inside her cloak, showing that she wasn’t wearing her normal boots.

She looked over to the younger Damian Wayne, or Robin, seeing him nod before turning to face Garfield again.

Unclasping her robe and letting it fall to the ground, Raven revealed her body encased in the fibre-weave leotard that she wears at almost all times, her stockings having been abandoned due to their near constant tearing whilst going about the place, let alone battle.

Her breasts, almost certainly double D’s, although his grasp of breast size isn’t all that knowledgeable, are straining with what looks like a small amount of pain and definitely begging to be released and played with.

Suddenly, the door behind him slams shut, Raven’s powers having closed them.

“How about a little contest?” Raven purrs? That’s not right, Raven normally has a tight control over her emotions, “You and Robin in a little, hmmm, dick measuring contest.”

Beast Boy’s face erupts into red, contrasting the green in a very unappealing way.

“I will judge you in three aspects, Dick Size, Cunnilingus Skill and Sexual Performance.” Raven says as she slightly drapes herself over Beast Boy before walking away towards Robin, showing Beast Boy her incredible ass.

“The winner of the contest, gets me as their girlfriend, since I know both of you desperately want me.”

Robin shows no outward emotion, whilst Beast Boy looks like he is about to bolt, right before hearing the ‘prize’ for winning.

Knowing that Robin probably had a bigger dick, but probably didn’t even know what Cunnilingus was knew that he had this in the bag.

“Sure, it’s a deal.” Beast Boy said confidently, his ego unknowingly boosted by Raven’s magic.

“Ah, I haven’t finished yet.” Raven teased as she turned to face Beast Boy again, “The loser has to watch the other have sex with me, every day for a month.”

Beast Boy’s smile failed a little at that stipulation, but was still so confident in his ability to win that he agreed, unknowingly signing a magical contract.

Nodding, Raven smiled as Robin also agreed, but just smirking straight at Beast Boy.

“Ok boys, strip down so I can get a better look at you.”

Robin stood up as Raven sat down on her bed. Beast Boy stood in front of her with the Boy Wonder as they started to slip out of their costumes.

Beast Boy got out of his quite quickly, showing off his barely visible penis to his crush.

Looking at Beast Boy’s junk Raven just giggled before literally pointing and laughing at it. Meanwhile Robin was smirking and seemingly waiting for Raven to finish before letting his boxer’s fall down.

“Is that even a penis?” Raven giggled, “It’s so small it’s barley even there!”

The combination of showing his penis to his crush and her laughing and making fun of it was somehow erotic to Beast Boy, making his dick grow hard at her taunting.

Seeing it harden, Raven just laughed more, showing that Beast Boy didn’t have length or girth. Sliding off of the bed to take a closer look, a black tape measure appeared out of nowhere to measure his dick, coming to just under two inches, hard.

Giggling, she used her palm to show it off to a smirking Robin, “Very impressive Beast Boy, really living up to your name.”

Red cheeks and embarrassed with his hard cock in the hand of his crush, Beast Boy was already feeling like this was a big mistake.

He was feeling even worse when Robin dropped his boxers to show that his penis was bigger soft than his was hard.

The smirking 11-year-old looked pleased at the pair’s shocked look as the same tape measure moved over to his penis to measure that he was 6 inches long and 3 inches thick, almost unbelievable for a child his age.

“My mother wanted me to be the best I could be at a young age,” Damian smirked as Raven took the soft penis in one hand, showing the size difference before his cock could even harden.

“Well that is one to Robin,” Raven declared as she raised the palm holding Robin’s penis slightly higher, whilst dropping Beast Boy’s.

“The next round is stimulation without using your penis.” Raven spoke brightly as she stood up, her costume melting around her crotch, “Beast Boy, you first.”

Beast Boy watched as Raven sat down on her bed, legs wide and waiting for him to please her. This was his round, he had to do this to many girls after they refused him because of his penis size, he knew what he was doing.


Kneeling down before Raven he morphed his tongue into that of a snake before she pulled away slightly, “No powers Garfield, that’s cheating,” Moving back forward, Beast Boy’s face had paled as his tongue turned back into a normal human.

How was he supposed to hit the spots he needed to if his tongue wasn’t as nimble as the snakes? He put his face back into her pussy, using his tongue to try to hit the spots that he knew lots of woman liked, but he just couldn’t reach.

In an attempt to get something back he tried to write the alphabet backwards into her, but only caused himself grief as his tongue started to cramp up.

Finally, Raven had had enough and pushed him off, looking annoyed that he was almost there but not quite, leaving her on the edge with no release.

He was suddenly pushed out the way as a cocky Robin moved up to inhabit the space he was just in.

Within seconds Raven was moaning, Robin was not only using his tongue in ways that he couldn’t see, but he was using his fingers as well.

“He’s using his fingers that’s not fair!” Beast Boy said in complaint, which wasn’t heard of the moans of Raven as the Boy Wonder pleased her using all of the ‘weapons’ in his arsenal.

“Oh yes, yes Damien,” Raven moaned as she held the face of the Boy Wonder in place, “Yes, right there, right there,” her voice was becoming more high pitched as things started to float around the room, “Yes, yes, AGH!”

A scream penetrated the room, one of pure pleasure as Raven slumped down on her bed, books falling around the room, before floating back into their places.

Raven sat up slightly as Robin moved away from her thighs, a slight glistening on his lips that he quickly licked away.

“Hmm, that’s two to Robin Garfield.” She purred as she lightly caressed herself, “But since you’ve been disadvantaged,” She giggled slightly as she looked down at his still erect cock, “this entire competition, I’ll allow you a final do or die deal.”

Raven sat up fully, her costume reappearing around her crotch, “If you managed to successfully sexually please me, to the point that I don’t call upon Robin, then you win and the deal stays the same.”

Before he knows what’s going on Raven is suddenly in his face, “But if you want to leave, you can, but we will tell everyone what has happened here,” Raven stares at him, with an intensity only she can, “Everyone.”

In Beast Boy’s mind, he was already thinking about leaving, but now, with these cards on the table and the opportunity to still be able to recover from this crushing humiliating defeat, he can’t turn it down, his ego won’t allow it.

The fact that Robin had a bigger dick by almost three times and the fact that he managed to bring Raven to an almost explosive orgasm didn’t even register. The fact that Raven was messing with his mind probably helped as well.

“Well strap in baby, because you are about to take a safari adventure.” Beast Boy said, in what he probably thought was a sexy drawl, but made him really just sound like an idiot.

Picking Raven up, ass first, before ripping off the part of her costume that prevented him entering her, and then forcibly placing her on her bed, was supposed to show his dominance and superiority over her and Robin.

Raven just looked unimpressed, even though she had just had an amazing orgasm.

Beast Boy, still hard from earlier, lined himself up with Raven, before taking a deep breath and plunging in, removing his virginity by being in what was his first ever pussy.

Of course, because of his size, he was hardly in her at all, in fact. Because Raven had been having sex with Robin sometime after the events of, what is being called, Justice League vs. Teen Titans, she didn’t actually feel it at all.

Meanwhile, Beast Boy was literally having the time of his life. Thrusting in and out of Raven was giving him the most pleasure he had ever had, not even noticing the fact that Raven was looking slightly annoyed at the fact that she wasn’t feeling anything from the experience.

Grabbing onto her breasts for leverage, Beast Boy pounded harder as he looked at Raven, taking in her beauty. Right before he was about to cum, he heard Raven speak, saying the words that would bring him eternal shame and arousal.

“Is it in yet?”

Jerking a little, and tightening his hold on her breasts, Beast Boy came. His cock erupting slightly inside Raven.

Pulling back, embarrassed, he heard a scoff in the corner as he heard Robin virtually shout, in his ears, 15 seconds.

That was how long he latest inside the most attractive woman on the team. 15 seconds.

Raven looks mildly disgruntled at the fact that she didn’t even register the fact that he was even inside of her, and quickly removed the small amount of cum that was in her, onto the clothes of Beast Boy.

Then, from the corner where Robin was standing, he almost growls out two words that almost send Raven to her knees, “My turn.”

Walking over to Raven he forcibly grabs her head before bringing it up to his mouth to kiss her, his hands wandering to her ass to play with it as he plunders her mouth.

Beast Boy turns around to leave as the couple passionately make out, only to be stopped and held in place by Raven’s magic.

“No Beastie, you lost and as per the rules, you have to watch the winner of this little competition have sex with me, every day for the next month.” Raven purrs as Robin is idly playing with her ass.

Beast Boy can say nothing, as some of Raven’s magic has formed a ball-gag to stop him from speaking.

Robin looks directly at Beast Boy as Raven trails kisses down his body, “Watch and learn micro-dick.”

Beast Boy looks down to see that Raven is slowly stroking Robin’s flaccid penis to life, the thick slab of meat has been flaccid for the entire time, but under Raven’s ministrations, and the fact that her costume melted away into nothingness, showing off her breasts to Damian and the captive Beast Boy, that soft cock slowly starts to harden to its full length.

Before it’s even ‘full mast’ Raven has already had to use both of her hands to encompass his full penis as well as using her mouth to slobber all over it, in a vain attempt to give him as much pleasure as possible.

“Enough, I’m not here for foreplay, I want you.” Damian growls out, his pre-teen voice not suited to the raw need displayed.

Grabbing Raven by her hair and dragging her to the bed, Robin deposits her before giving Beast Boy a full view of his cock ploughing into her pussy.

The probably 11-inch cock slams into a moaning a squirming Raven as Robin completely dominates the demon spawn. Beast Boy cannot hear what is being said between the two in their hushed whispers as they fuck each other with a need a speed that Garfield has never seen in any porn video.

Looking at the two fuck, Beast Boy starts to harden again, as his hands loosen, and instead of trying to free himself from the restraints holding him, he pitifully starts to wank his pathetic micro-penis to the sight of a superior and younger male fucking his girl.

They change positions as Robin lies on Raven’s bed and she starts to fuck herself on him, up and down on his dick as she watches Beast Boy wank himself off to them.

“You’re pitiful Beast Boy, and you never stood a chance against the likes of a real man like Robin,” Raven taunts as she continues to ride Robin, moaning as an orgasm hits her.

Riding the high of being fucked by her boyfriend’s cock she looks to Beast Boy again and shouts, “You are nothing compared to him and me and the fact you came in here knowing the size of your penis and dare to question my choice in partner is insulting.”

A crying Beast Boy just nods as he starts to jerk faster and faster, the ball-gag falling from his mouth as he sobs. The restraints made by Raven disintegrating until he is on his knees crying like a baby.

Raven gives up on chastising Beast Boy as yet another orgasm goes through her as she starts to slump, but continues to fuck herself hard on her lover’s cock. Her tits bounce up and down, stopping in the hands of the young Robin, who is just smirking at his victory over one of his so-called friends.

He stops Raven from fucking herself and whispers in her ear, his latest idea.

Beast Boy hardly notices the two stopping their fornicating but does notice his arms being bound behind his back with Raven’s magic.

Bending down to Beast Boy’s level she looks him in the eye before putting a single foot on his penis, almost crushing it, but not quite.

Beast Boy, with tears running down his face and onto his chest just looks up to Raven with pleading eyes.

Raven licks her lips as Robin thrusts inside her again, almost making their lips touch as their faces close together.

“You are mine now Garfield,” She pinches his chin, cutting it slightly with her nails, “mine.”

Beast Boy whimpers as she applies a little more pressure onto her foot, “Raven please.”

Raven slaps him whilst shouting, “Mistress Raven Garfield,” she turns his head back to her, his cheek turning red, “Mistress Raven, call me that now.”

Beast Boy quickly blurts out “Mistress Raven, please!” As she is almost standing on his balls, “Please Mistress Raven, please please.”

Raven smiles, a smile that was all too similar to her demonic forms smile, “You will be a good boy for Mistress Raven if you want to cum Beastie. Will you?” She asks, as if talking to a dog.

“Yes, Mistress Raven please.”

“You can only get release from me, by pleasing me.” Raven smiles cruelly, “But since you can’t please me, you must help another do so. Because you can never satisfy me like Damian can,” She goes right next to his ear as she whispers, “never.”

Garfield moans as his cock twitches under her foot before a cock ring made from Raven’s magic forms around it.

“Now please your Mistress by guiding Damian’s cock into my wet cunt, and watch as he pleases me better than you ever will.” Raven says, before stepping off of Beast Boy’s cock and watching him crawl under her towards Damian Wayne.

Robin smiles as the defeated Beast Boy grabs his length as lines it up with Raven’s pussy, holding it in place as he waits for Damian to enter what he thought was his girl only an hour ago.

Watching as Robin once again claims Raven as his own, his pre-teen cock and body much superior to his own, with every moan of pleasure that Raven lets out and with every thrust of Damian’s cock into her, he feels a thrill go straight to his cock, because of Raven’s magic.

Ashamed and crying as he grabs hold of his cock and slowly starts to jerk it off, he looks up to see a blob of Damian’s precum hit him in the face from Raven’s pussy.

Not caring about the juices already starting to fall onto his face, his new Mistress was commanding him to stay under them and wank off, crying, Beast Boy felt a rush of pleasure as Raven had yet another orgasm.


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