A Chase of Mistaken Identity (Short)

BY : TimedWatcher
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He watched for a moment -- the blonde goddess with her back turned, her bubbley bottom fully exposed and appetizing, yet sleek in its sexiness. Her athletic thighs thick, her dainty feet trailing off the sides of her bed.

He tapped the window of the paned door.

She turned up with a full fist of her sheets curled to the nape of her neck, the cloth like silk filling out her slender form. He stood shadowed, inviting her over. Hypnotized, she held onto it, further draping herself in white - gliding mindlessly towards him, thinking he the Bat, visiting for the second time.

He was anything but.

Before she could figure out what was wrong, she had already unlocked it and he had pushed his way in. The force of the impact against the fragile wrapped flower sent her crashing down. He stepped towards her, making himself clearer, as he removed the faux bat ears, yet his face still obscured.

"I've come for you, Chase." She searched him, trying to figure out an answer. "Oh you didn't think The Bat was your weirdest client, did you, Miss Meridian?"

"There must be-" Her icy blues never left him "some-" as she stood with a hand raised out "mistake!" She kicked high, the linen spread like a ghost, floating for a moment from the wind outside -- exposing everything about her. He held the petite ankle to the side, staring at the nibble worthy toes for a moment, noting the polish, then eyeing the rest of her. From her large, pert breasts, her salmon hued nipples, down to her blonde, well trimmed tufts that rested above her slit.

Her red lips gaped, not knowing what to do. He could feel the goosebumps, a combination of fear and the cold that blew in. She had expected to be taken by Batman, instead he'd be doing the honors.

Tossing her on top of her million dollar bed, she tried to struggle up - her well coiffed locks throwing back as she did - her body reminding him more of a wanton porn star rather than a victim. He spread her pussy lips, revealing such a pink treasure trove of flesh that looked soft enough to chew, that even he couldn't stop himself from suckling her peach despite his raging hardness. She hissed, as he carefully watched her smooth legs starting their spasms every which way. He could only imagine what faces she was making as he tasted her honeypot, which just seemed to be getting wetter and wetter -- his chin rubbing against her recently shaved bumps.

Standing, he pressed into her back, sinking her into the mattress. He teased her entrance before he thrust. Her face turned, a biting lip delivering a hushed "oh god". Her inner folds were like a velvet glove - enveloping with no resistance as he felt his shaft slicken with her juices. He cracked her ass, leaving a fine red mark as he picked up his pace, her moans growing sluttier with each stab, her crimson nails clawing across; ruining the material as she arched like a bitch for him.

As her globes clapped against his stomach for the seventh stroke, he pulled out and shot his creamy cum on her even creamier colored cheeks.

He brought her down to her knees, springing his loose erection forward, which she took into her mouth in one swift motion. As she cleaned off his head with one solid suck, her inviting eyes filled with a torrid lust... Chase seemed to be begging for more.

And he'd give it to her - all night long.

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