The Dark Knight "Rises"

BY : Chief11
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Disclaimer: I do not own anything from the Dark Knight Rises or the Batman franchise. This story is just fiction and I earn no profit from it.

“My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men,” Selina Kyle said as she positioned herself in the back seat.

“This isn’t a car,” replied Batman as he ignited the engine and the vehicle lifted off from the ground. The car hovered over the rooftop momentarily as Bane looked on while the two made their escape.

Selina sat in the back silently, taking in everything that had just happened. She had gone to John Dagget’s penthouse to steal the clean slate program he had promised her, but everything spiraled out of control so quickly. She had taken Dagget hostage, however soon after was surrounded by at least a dozen of his men. She was capable of handling herself, but even she was a little worried. At least she was until Batman showed up.

The two were able to fend of Dagget’s thugs, but then found themselves in a hailstorm of gunfire. Bane and his men had arrived. Batman darted over the ledge into the waiting vehicle and Selina followed leading to where she was now. Batman weaved through the skyline of Gotham before landing on a rooftop.

“See you around,” Selina said as she climbed out of the vehicle.

“You’re welcome,” Batman responded, somewhat miffed by Ms. Kyle’s seeming ungratefulness.

“I had it under control,” Selina said calmly.

“Those weren’t street thugs,” Batman said as he too climbed out of the vehicle. “They were trained killers. I saved your life. In return, I need to know what you did with Bruce Wayne’s fingerprints.”

“Wayne wasn’t kidding about a powerful friend,” Selina responded sultrily as she eyed the Dark Knight up and down. “I sold his prints to Dagget… for something that doesn’t even exist.”

“I doubt many people get the better of you,” Batman replied.

“Hey, when a girl’s desperate…”, Selina responded.

“What’s he going to do with them,” Batman asked.

“I don’t know,” Selina answered. “But Dagget seemed pretty interested in that mess at the stock market.”

Batman sat silent for a moment taking all the information in and trying to piece everything together. However, his train of thought was quickly interrupted when Selina abruptly kissed him. Batman was too flabbergasted to reciprocate as Selina forced her tongue into Batman’s mouth. As the lip lock continued, Selina backed Batman up until he ran into the vehicle. Batman was so taken aback by the kiss, he failed to notice that Selina had bound his hands together behind his back and tied him to the vehicle until Selina had broken the kiss.

“You’re right,” Selina said. “You did save my life. And I need to properly thank you.”

Batman tried to break loose from his bonds, but quickly realized it was an exercise in futility. Selina gave Batman a sultry smirk upon seeing the realization on his face. Amongst all the action that had occurred, Batman was unable to truly take in the sight of Selina. Of course, Bruce had encountered her before, the first time at Wayne Manor when she stole his mother’s pearl necklace, also at Miranda Tate’s fundraiser, and at her apartment shortly after. But he had never seen her like this. A form fitting body suit that showed off all her curves, knee length high heel boots, a domino mask that wasn’t fooling anyone, and bright red lips, however the lipstick was slightly smeared following their kiss.

Selina grabbed the zipper at the collar of her outfit and then teasingly unzipped it down to her navel. Batman did his best to hide his delight at the fact that Selina was wearing no bra underneath and was given an ample view of her cleavage. She then undid Batman’s utility belt and tossed it aside, before making surprisingly quick work of removing his heavily armored lower half leaving him in just his boxer briefs which were gone just as quickly.

Selina took in the sight of the Dark Knight’s cock and marveled at it. She took it in her hand and gave it a few tugs as Batman stood there with a sheepish look on his face. Selina couldn’t help but smile widely at the fact that she had the Batman at her whim in this moment. She fell to her knees and began to give his shaft long licks. The night’s cold wind combined with the warmth of Selina’s saliva was pure ecstasy for Bruce.

It had been years since he had been with anyone. Upon returning to Gotham and becoming the Batman, he had his pick of women to be with as a way to keep up his playboy persona, but ever since Harvey Dent died, not only had Batman not been seen, Bruce Wayne became a recluse as well.

It was not long before Batman’s dick was hard as rock. Selina went from the long licks to engulfing the head of his cock in her mouth. Slowly but surely, she took in more and more of his dick and she moved up and down on it. Bruce looked at Selina as she was going down on him and shook his head in disbelief.  For starters, he was dumbfounded that he allowed himself to be tied up like this. On top of that, this woman had burgled his house not a week prior, although Selina had no idea the two were one in the same. If that wasn’t enough, he was also shocked at her proficiency as it was the best blow job he had ever gotten.

All the thoughts of disbelief racing through Bruce’s mind made for great fodder to keep from cumming, but once he got over his disbelief his mind was overloaded with the sensations of Selina sucking his cock. Not a moment later, did he realize that he was about to cum. Batman tried to let her know, but was speechless and was only able to get a grunt out, which was enough for Selina to realize what was about to happen.

Selina let his saliva soaked dick slip out from her red lips and began stroking his cock while aiming it at her breasts. A few jerks later and streams of Batman’s cum were gushing out onto the bare part of Selina’s chest. Once he had finished cumming, Selina took the head of his dick in her mouth to suck any remnants while simultaneously rubbing his cum onto her breasts as if it was lotion. Satisfied she had gotten every drop, Selina rose from her knees. Left at her mercy, Batman could only stand there and wait for whatever would come next.

“I think that is an adequate thank you,” Selina said as she began loosening the bonds tying Batman to the vehicle.

Not a moment after untying the Dark Knight, she found herself in his embrace. Batman roughly kissed her, and she quickly reciprocated. He crudely grabbed handfuls of her ass as their tongues entwined with one another. As their kiss continued, Batman’s hands wandered up and he peeled Selina’s outfit down off her shoulders, fully baring her breasts. The two kept making out with one another in a yin yang of sorts, with Selina bare chested and Batman bare bottomed, as Batman began to fondle her breasts.

Batman finally broke the kiss, but quickly moved on to Selina’s tits, sucking on them with great enthusiasm. Selina panted heavily, trying to catch her breath after the long kiss. Now she was the one in disbelief. Selina was in her late teens when Batman first appeared in Gotham. She had just begun her criminal life as the Dark Knight began cleaning up the city. Selina would be lying if she said she hadn’t fantasized about being caught by the Batman and him then punishing her. In fact, she spent many nights in her youth fingering herself to sleep to the thought of the masked vigilante having his way with her. But then he disappeared and after years lost hope of the fantasy ever becoming reality. The fact that the Batman was now burying himself in and slobbering over her boobs was surreal.

Batman began trailing kisses from her breasts down to her midriff. He stopped to peel the rest of Selina’s outfit off her lower half. He then had Selina to lay down on her back. The cold concrete connected with her bare skin, but she paid no mind to it. Batman raised and spread Selina’s legs before kneeling in between them. Batman then took his hardening dick and steered it into Selina. Selina let out a gasp as the Dark Knight filled her. Batman put his arms on either side of her for support as he got deeper and deeper. With his cock fully inside her, Batman began pulling out before sliding back in. Batman steadily increased the pace until he was furiously pounding into Selina who could do nothing but moan in pleasure.

Even Selina’s wildest fantasies couldn’t live up to the pleasure she was feeling as Batman fucked her. Something about being enveloped by his cape as he slammed into her and the mask concealing his identity, sent waves of pleasure through her body. It wasn’t long before she orgasmed, her back arching as she did so. The flow of juices rushed into the dam that was Batman’s cock, a sensation that caused him to cum as well. He blew his load deep inside Selina, before collapsing in exhaustion and laid beside her on the concrete rooftop.

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