The Power of Shazam!

BY : DoctorBong
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Disclaimer: I do not own DC Comics, or any of their characters. Nor is there any monetary gain from this story.

A/N: Well this is something that's been on my mind for some time now. Captain Marvel/Billy Batson has always been among my favourite comic book characters (except the N52 version, but I dislike most every N52 incarnation of a character) and I felt he could do with a little presence in these types of fics.

So, to that end, this story will be a loosely connected harem type series, having a YA Billy hooking up with DC women across the morality spectrum. Won't be much of an actual plot, if I'm being honest, so you might wanna look elsewhere if you're expecting to find Tolstoy.

Continuity? Eh, it'll probably be a hodgepodge of Young Justice, Teen Titans, Post-Crisis, or anything else that I like the look of. If I like it, it's liable to come in. So without further adieu...


In this issue: The Spectacular Rocket!

Oh that Doctor Sivana, would he ever learn? Billy fought the urge to chuckle, the magically enhanced speed of his flight allowing him to cross the sea at such a rate that it seemed to be sliced in half by his passing. Such was the Speed of Mercury. It had been a long day, not helped by his oldest enemy trying to raise a subterranean army of magma-men in the heart of Fawcett City, and so ultimately he was hoping to unwind.

Happy Harbour was as good a place as any. Mainly because the League kept it well stocked with food (a lot of his favourite brands to boot!) and because he didn't want to waste time flying up to the Watchtower.

After just under five more minutes of flying the mystic golem that was Captain Marvel came to an abrupt halt at one of the secret entrances to the hollowed out mountain. He landed neatly on a small outcroppingof rock, smiling as a modest section of the wall slid open to allow him to stride into an air conditioned corridor. "Shazam!" A golden bolt flew from the clear blue sky and hit his tremendous form from behind, enveloping him in gold and reverting him to his mortal frame in an instant.

Billy Batson likely had the greatest secret identity in the world. While Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne would need to go to great lengths of performance to make their identities look utterly separate from each other, Billy having a completely different body to his super counterpart was enough to put a halt to such worries.

While Captain Marvel was statuesque, Billy was a rather short and slender young man, looking closer to one of those boyband prettyboys than a tremendous superhero. His wild mane of raven hair was the opposite of Marvel's slicked back hair, and his current attire of a red hoodie, white t-shirt and dark jeans seemed marginally different to Captain Marvel's near-aristocratic garb.

Now back to normal, Billy breathed a sigh of relief and advanced into the complex while the concealed doorway shut behind him. In he went, striding quietly through the polished and well lit corridors. Seemed oddly quiet... maybe the team was on patrol or something?

Truthfully he wasn't a member despite his age, but he did have a sort of liason role between here and the main body of the Justice League. After all he'd been in the 'young hero' game longer than most of them (With the exception of Robin and Wally, at any rate) and could relate better than most anyone else on the leading council. Thus seeing him around here was hardly uncommon.

Eventually Billy found his way down to the ground floor, and then into the expansive modern kitchen. Being a young man of simple pleasures, all he needed was a clean white bowl and a healthy serving of 'Booster Gold's Frosted Future Bombs' to keep him pleased. Booster may have been a 'corporate shill' (whatever that meant) according to several of his peers, but that didn't damper Billy's enjoyment of the Skeets-shaped segments of frosted puffed wheat. In some ways, well he hadn't matured all that much.

As he ate Billy became progressively aware of the sounds of footsteps approaching him. He glanced up from his bowl, and felt his widen ever so slightly as a curvaceous figure rounded the nearest marble-tiled corner.

Tall, athletically built, and sporting flawless dark skin currently marked by a sheen of sweat. Her firm C-cup breasts were covered by a midriff-baring tanktop, while tight lycra shorts caressed her squeezable backside. A few stray locks from her short crop of dark hair were stick to her brow from sweat, making her look just a touch wilder. Raquel Ervin, otherwise known as Icon's trusty sidekick Rocket. The two were of an age, but that was something easily missed due to her more sturdy build.

"Well hey there B," she greeted with a casual smile, the squeaks of her dark trainers hitting the floor with the same intensity as before. "Looks like it's just you and me right now. Everyone else had business to tend to, and I figured I might as well spend the day working up a bit of a sweat."

Billy's mouth had gone a little dry. While most would focus on Artemis and M'gann, Billy had often felt that Raquel's dark beauty was just as enticing. "Oh uh... well I figured it was something like that. Or you guys were all on a mission or something."

"Nah... honestly things have been pretty normal these days," Raquel remarked. "So you know, it's left me a lil' pent up with excess energy."

That was putting it mildly. Word was that Raquel had broken up with her boyfriend not too long ago, and since the young heroine had an... active sex life, it meant now she seemed to put more push into her gym work.

The young man smiled idly. "Is that so? Well, it's really paying off. I mean, you look great. Better than ever actually," Billy replied.

That was enough to make Raquel smile faintly, and for the briefest of moments she let her eyes give him the once-over. A bref glint appeared in her eyes and she moved to stand, resting her firm ass on the marble counter of the island. "Say Billy... you're single, right?" she eventually asked.

Her question made Billy raise his brows in surprise, looking at the attractive young woman with a vague hint of curiosity. After downing another spoonful he gave a quick answer. "Uh... y-yeah I am." He had been for a while... when was the last time he even had a date? Too long, by Billy's reckoning. Superhero work could be a real drain on time once a person got wrapped up on it, and Captain Marvel had no shortage of work to do.

"Well that's a shame. After all, you are pretty cute. Nice and funny... And unlike some people in  these parts, I don't think I've ever seen you fly off the handle." She reached over and slowly walked two slender fingers along his left shoulder. Each touch seemed to make Billy's heartbeat raise higher and higher. Holy moly, was this really happening?

"Ah... th-thank you." What kind of lame response was that?! Billy so desperately wanted to smack himself, but Raquel seemed more amused than anything else.

After a moment she moved around and held an hand out for him to take. "No need to worry so much. I think you're cute, an we've known each other for a whole... so, with that in mind, it wouldn't be weird for you and me to fuck, would it?" She said this casually, but he could see it in Raquel's eyes that she was genuine. Boy, being single really had left her horny. "And, truth be told, I've never been with a white boy before. Should be fun to try."

Billy gulped audibly. He was tempted of course, but he'd only ever kissed a few girls before. Certainly nothing like what Raquel casually suggested... The chance of being a disappointment to her was all too real, but on the other hand she was drop dead gorgeous! "I uh... w-well I gotta admit, I've never actually done this before. So, if you can handle being with a rookie, then I'd be more than happy to."

And so before he knew it, Raquel had led him from the kitchen toward her own room. Decently tidy, with a large bed in the middle which Billy promptly found himself landing back on. "Better get them pants off hon," Raquel said, smirking and making for the large stereo at the south wall, turning it on to fill the air with the sensual and strong pulses of R & B music.

Not wanting to offend, Billy quickly dropped his hoodie and shirt to the floor to show off his toned and pale upper body. Not offensive to look at, but there were likely more athletic guys in the world. Certainly on this team, at any rate. Not deterred by this, Billy slid his trousers down and surprised Rocket with something she had certainly never seen before.

"Holy fuck," she murmured.

There, standing proud from his groin, was a long and fat veiny cock, about a foot long  as a casual estimate. "Uh... is this okay?" Billy asked uncertainly, gripping his thick member at the base to hold it level.

"Y-yeah uh... oh wow, sorry. It's just I don't think I've ever seen such a big one before," Raquel said. She beamed at him, heedless of Billy seeming to shy away under the mix of embarrassment and pride at her statement. She seemed to move in sway with the music, peeling away her tank top and the ditching her shorts, shoes and socks in that order. Billy looked just a little stunned, hungry eyes admiring the way fine athletic muscle melded perfectly with shapely female curves in a holy matrimony. The rich chocolate shade spurred his desire set further, speaking to fetishes he'd never really even dwelled on before now. This was for real...

Soon she was leaning in closer, slender dark fingers wrapping about the impressive tool of fertility and jerking him with a clear talent and dexterity. Billy groaned and leaned his head back just a touch, his heartbeat rising. Throughout his puberty years, and even now, the slender hero had been no stranger to jerking off... but it was quite different to the silky ebony digits pumping his heavy dick with clear skill. "You like that hon?" she inquired. Billy nodded shakily, causing Raquel to smirk. "Glad to hear it..."

Not wanting to just be a passive observer, Billy found a bit of nerve and slowly leaned in until his soft pink lips were wrapping around Raquel's left coffee-coloured nipple, giving it a firm suck. The dark-skinned heroine gasped sharply, closing her eyes from a brief spike of pleasure rocking her body. Not that this was enough to throw off the rhythm of her jerking hand.

Faster and faster she went, jerking him steadily and feeling the pressure mount in his member. Raquel seemed intrigued. After all, for all the superpowers Captain Marvel had, who could have known he was toting the cock of a Greek god to boot?

She stopped suddenly, leaving Billy whining a bit and pulling his face from her cleavage. "Hey... why'd you stop?" he asked in between soft pants for air, feeling himself rising oh so close to the edge.

"Can't have you popping on me so soon, can I?" she teased. Suddenly she was straddling him, and Billy found his face returned to Raquel's divine chocolate cleavage, settling his hands on the curvature of her hips while her damp pussy just barely teased the head of his cock. He could feel the heat radiate between her thighs, his eyes closed tight as he waited for what was to come.

She slowly pushed down and let out a soft groan, his potent girth prying the young woman wider than she was used to. Inch after inch of that thick white cock slid steadily into her soaked interior, tight muscles squeezing his member tight and giving the peak a few firm squeezes. "Fuck yeah baby... how'd you get so big?" she asked in between low moans, starting to push her hips up and down in a series of shallow motions working to sink more of his shaft into her soaking womanhood. Soon she had more than half his cock forcing into her tight womanhood.

"Eh... plenty of milk?" Billy joked, or tried to, though it was hard to get past three syllables without a soft moan breaking into his voice. Not that this seemed to bother Raquel, as the dark beauty giggled just a bit at his silly remark. The hands stroking her hips grew a little more insistent, pulling low noises of pleasure from Raquel while she bounced her hips to the beat of thrumming music.

With her eager motions she had soon taken all of his incredible cock into her soaking pussy, tight muscles squeezing him from end to end. Oh what he wouldn't give to see that sweet ass in moment... But hell if he wasn't enjoying the sensations of her backside brushing his balls.

The pressure in his monster cock was becoming unbearable, try as he might to contain himself. But could he really cum inside her? He was a little naive, but hardly ignorant on the mechanics of intercourse. "R-Raquel... Uh... I'm kinda going..." Boy, this felt awkward. How was he expected to bring this up when she was so excitedly riding him?

In between throaty, husky chuckles, he heard her distinctly say "Go ahead hon, let it all out. Ain't no shame in cumming inside... superhero contraceptives are heavy duty, after all." Well thank god for that.

Before he knew it thick shots of his rich and fertile seed were rushing up into the tight core of her cunt, the head of his dick pressing tight against her cervix to give an express delivery to her womb. His whole body trembled in the throes of orgasm, heightened further when Raquel yanked the shorter figure in, their lips crashing together in a heated and lusty exchange.

This lasted for some time, until the last droplets of his seed were oozing around the stretched lips of Raquel's womanhood. She broke the kiss, panting for air, and finally grinned at him. "Frosted Future Bombs... my fave," she teased, her smile broadening when she saw an embarrassed flush on Billy's face.

Truth was, she'd had an eye on him for some time now, and a bit of casual sex was hardly problematic given their ages. Yes, she figured there would be no issue in doing this more than once. 

And what would be the harm in putting in a good word for him among other superheroines?


Well, there's the first chapter done. Hope it was a good one.

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