Martian Mistress

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This is my very first fanfiction, depending on whether or not you guys like it, there may be more (wink wink) so please, read and review, and most importantly, enjoy!


*    *    *    *    *


Connor felt disgusting. From head to toe, he was covered in purplish muck and slime. It was caked on his clothes and smeared across his skin, so much so that it was hard to tell where the grime ended and skin and clothing began. His signature S-shield was hidden completely from view.

Fucking Clayface, he thought bitterly, growling lightly deep in his throat. Today marked the team’s third battle with the mud monster in as many months. It seemed that no prison could hold that bastard. You could practically set a clock to his escapes.

The rest of Team Alpha filed past him as he slowly walked out of Mount Justice’s Zeta tube; Bumblebee, Beast Boy, Zatanna, and Robin. Of course, no one else anywhere near as filthy as he was. As the team’s designated “heavy hitter,” he was often the one on the front lines, drawing the brunt of the attacks while the others could safely use their powers from a distance. Not that he minded being the distraction, but it often led to him getting…dirty.

He half-listened to his teammate’s chatter around him, his Alpha teammates congratulating each other on a mission well done, and the others eagerly asking for details about the fight. Superpowers or no, they were still kids after all, not that any of them would readily admit it.

Oye, Superboy,” Blue Beetle called. “I think you gotta a little something on your face, hermano!” He tapped his cheek with a finger to emphasize his point.

Connor smirked, scraping off a glob of muck and flinging it in Blue’s direction. “Maybe you should try getting your hands dirty more often, rookie. Besides, it’s supposed to be good for the skin.”

“I thought that was cum,” Wally called from the other side of the room, earning him groans of disgust from some of the female members, and a slap from Artemis.

Connor felt arms circle around his waist, pulling him to a stop. He didn’t even need to turn around to know whom they belonged to.

“You’re gonna get dirty if you do that, M’gann,” he said wryly.

The Martian girl giggled behind him. “I don’t mind so much. Besides, I missed you. We’ve been so busy lately that I’ve hardly seen you this past week. And-” She pitched her voice low, for his ears only, a low, throaty whisper in his ear. “-Sometimes it’s fun to get dirty!”

Inwardly, Connor shook his head. Sometimes it was hard to believe that the shy, quiet, reserved Martian girl he’d met five years ago had changed so much. She was still reserved, although she’d gotten a lot better with her self-confidence after that whole mess with the Light, but once they were alone, just the two of them, she became a whole different person: aggressive, vocal, and more than a little controlling. Not that he minded, of course. That was just one of the things he loved about her.

As quickly as that, M’gann was back to her usual self, coming around to face him. He’d been right; she had gotten muck all over her suit. Her white and red shirt was now smeared with purple, as was her blue skirt. There were even a few globs in her long red hair, as well as on her freckled green chin. But she waved her hands over herself, pulling the grime off of her skin and clothes with her powers, before tossing the mass into a garbage bin. If only it were that easy for him to get clean.

“Are you coming with us?” She asked, beaming up at him. “We’re all going into town for Karen’s birthday.”

Connor glanced behind him at Bumblebee, now chatting excitedly with the rest of the team members. She was relatively new to the team, having only joined a few months ago, and everyone was still trying to make her feel welcome.

“I’ll have to catch up,” he replied. He flicked another glob off of himself. “I have a feeling Karen wouldn't like it if I showed up like this. I’ll see you later.” He gave her a peck on the cheek, careful not to get anymore mud on her – not that she would have minded – and moved on towards the showers.

With his back to her, Connor didn’t see the gleam in M’gann’s eyes as she hungrily eyed his retreating form.


*   *   *   *   *


In the large communal showers, Connor simply stood under the faucet, letting the water cascade down himself. Mud slid from his skin, pooling around his feet momentarily before being whisked down the drain. The water itself would have been scalding to anyone else, but he barely felt it through his Kryptonian skin. Well, half Kryptonian, at least. He sighed. It felt good to be clean again.


Unbeknownst to him, hidden eyes watched his every move, and a wicked grin split her face as she started her work.

As Connor lathered himself up, his thoughts started drifting. Mostly to M’gann. Almost out of nowhere, he found himself thinking about that first night they’d spent together, about four years ago…

She was nervous, he could tell that much. Truthfully, he wasn’t much better off. He’d never done anything like this, and she was so beautiful, and…

Hesitantly, he touched her cheek. She was warm, flushed in fact, the red color standing out vividly on her green cheeks. On impulse, he reached out with his other hand and grabbed her right tit. She sucked in air, arched her back and pushed her globe into his hand. It was soft and firm. He gave it a gentle squeeze, and she let out a small moan. Emboldened, he squeezed harder, and she cried out, in pain it sounded like.

“I’m sorry!” He immediately let go of her, clasping her head in both hands to tilt her face up. Stupid! He screamed at himself. He knew he was much stronger than she was, knew he could hurt her if he wasn’t careful, and now…

He blinked. He’d expected to see pain in her soft amber eyes, but instead, they were filled with something else. Hunger. Lust.

“More!” she whispered huskily.

 Before he knew what was happening, she’d pulled him on top of her, and he set himself to work, hands moving, groping and grasping awkwardly, egged on by her gasps and moans. Every time he thought he was hurting her and tried to back off, she pulled him back, the fire in her eyes growing larger.

Connor blinked, coming back to himself. Where had that come from? Suddenly feeling a weight between his legs, he looked down and groaned. His cock had sprung to life in the wake of the memory, standing stiffly erect at an impressive ten inches. He quickly glanced around to make sure no one else was coming in to see him, before remembering that everyone was out celebrating Karen’s birthday. Still, it was a little embarrassing. The major drawback of having communal showers was the possibility of popping a boner mid-shower with four or five other guys around. He’d learned long ago to keep his mind from drifting to certain areas while he was showering, even if he was alone. At least, he thought he had.

Growling, he willed his erection to go away, but it remained stubbornly. Worse, he was still bombarded with memories from that night.

M’gann slowly licked all along his throbbing shaft, from base to head, while she played with his balls. Connor groaned, feeling her hot tongue slither along his length, probing all around for his most sensitive spots. Of course, she could find them, using her telepathy to tell what spots he felt the most. Using that, she made him twitch and moan, clawing at the bed sheets as he felt himself building towards orgasm.

Suddenly she took him in her mouth, swallowing his cock almost all the way down. Connor heard her choke and cough before she relaxed her throat to let him slide down. For his part, he gasped loudly, almost cumming right there. It was sheer force of will that let him hold onto his wad, or maybe M’gann was doing something to help. He hadn’t thought to ask her about things like that. But right now, all thoughts fled as she started to bob up and down, sliding his shaft in and out of her mouth and down her throat. Her tongue wrapped around him, licking and tickling him, driving him into a lust-filled frenzy.

Connor panted, leaning on the wall with one hand. If at all possible, his cock was even harder now, straining and throbbing for release. A thick vein running down the length pulsed with every heartbeat. Under the cover of her camouflage, she licked her lips, watching her work pay off.

Wanton lust clouded Connor’s mind. Suddenly he was hot in a way that the water alone couldn’t make him. Without realizing it, his free hand shot down between his legs and started pumping. There was no buildup to it. His hand blurred as he stroked himself, every muscle in his body straining for release. And still the images came.

Slowly, he slid himself into her, gasping at the tight wetness that suddenly engulfed his cock. M’gann gasped as well, feeling herself stretch around the foreign object

Connor leaned down and captured a nipple in his mouth. He sucked on it, rolled it with his tongue, and bit down, a little harder than he’d intended. M’gann didn’t seem to mind. She squirmed and gasped under him, tangling her fingers in his hair.

His mind was starting to cloud, all reservations he’d had earlier completely gone. A small part of his brain screamed at himself that it was dangerous to lose control this much, but he shoved it aside. All he cared about was little green girl writhing under his body. Slowly, he withdrew himself, then plunged back inside hard.

A loud groan ripped free of Connor’s throat. Normally, he would have been much more careful, his hyper-enhanced ears straining for even the hint that someone was coming down the hall that led to the showers. Not that he made a habit of jacking off there regularly, or at all for that matter. But now he didn’t care. He didn’t care if the entire team walked in on him right then and there. The only thought in his lust-addled mind was the need to cum.

Normally it didn’t take him very long to cum. When he did do it by himself, it was usually just a few minutes, but he was coming up on half an hour, and his orgasm was still torturously eluding him. He could feel the pressure behind his balls, so close, but he still couldn’t reach climax. If he’d been in any other state of mind, he would have marveled at his super-human stamina. Without that, he would have had to switch hands several times by now.

Connor panted with each thrust, using his hands to pull the Martian girl’s ass further onto his cock. M’gann, on hands and knees, panted with him, pushing herself back, trying to get more inside of her. Every thrust hit her back wall, but still she wanted more. Her pussy walls were pulsing, quivering, massaging his entire length. He wouldn’t realize until later that she did it on purpose, trying to push him over the edge, to release his hot cum inside of her.

On a whim, Connor grabbed a handful of her red hair and pulled, forcing her head back sharply. M’gann gasped, taken by surprise, but she didn’t say anything, so he kept his grip. His thighs slapped lewdly against her ass with every thrust, and Connor could feel a pressure building. He had masturbated before, and recognized the sensation.

“M’gann,” he grunted. “M’gann, I-I’m gonna…gonna cum!”

M’gann turned her head as much as his grip would let her, smiling lasciviously through her sweat plastered hair.

“Cum inside me, Superboy! Fill my pussy with your cum!”

And he came. Roaring, the pressure burst and he pumped what felt like gallons of cum deep inside of her. Her pussy walls clamped down in their own orgasm, milking every last drop out of him.

It seemed to him that his orgasm lasted for hours, endless waves of pleasure shooting through him like electricity. When he finally ran down, and every ounce was squeezed out of his cock, he fell forward, pinning M’gann to the bed in a tangle of sweaty limbs. His hand found hers, and their fingers laced together.

“I love you,” he said, planting a kiss on the back of her shoulder.

She chuckled warmly, still feeling his shaft firmly planted in her pussy. “I love you, too.”

Finally, the dam burst. With a shout, Connor came harder than he ever had. Thick, ropey strands plastered the wall, covering it in a thick layer that was beyond the reach of the water. With a sharp crack, the tiles under his hand shattered, a few pieces tinkling to the floor.

In his post-orgasmic bliss, time seemed to stand still for Connor. His heart was beating so fast, it was a wonder his ribcage could contain it. His hand still worked slowly on a cock that was still rock hard, gently working the last of his cum out. It took him several minutes to realize that his wasn’t the only hand stroking him. He started and glanced behind him.

“Not bad,” M’gann said, letting her camouflage slip away. She wore a salacious smile, and nothing else. Her right hand continued to stroke Connor, while her other played with a very obviously wet pussy. “Now how about round two?”

To Be Continued

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