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Author's note: So this one is... short. I wanted to give people the option of skipping it as there's no lemony goodness, but some other themes that may not be for everyone. Minor wetting, violence, etc. This one is primarily to further emphasize the power distribution and movement into the dependency of a pet. Enjoy!


Cool, silvery light filtered through the thin curtains to mark the morning. For a fleeting moment, Robin forgot where he was and why he was hurting, but the fog of waking dispersed quickly to steal away that blissful ignorance. The flesh of his back was burning. Worse still, it was itching like mad as the abused tissue attempted reparations. His cock had risen before him, as usual, paired with a full bladder. All these factors worked in conjunction to ensure he was anything but comfortable. Though the clouds were thinner today, the rain hammered on, striking the windowpane to mock his predicament. He rose to his knees to peek up at the bed, finding no one within. How had they sneaked past him? Had he really been sleeping that deeply? Regardless of how he'd slipped into such a solid slumber after a night of tossing and turning, more pressing matters were at hand. Robin had to pee and he was chained to the floor.

“Um... Ivy?” He called. “Hello? Somebody?” No answer. “Harley?” The boy went quiet, listening carefully for any movement beyond the door. All he heard was the rain's sniggering. He tried again, louder this time. “Help!” Nothing. He gave the chain securing him a strong pull, causing the floorboard to groan in protest. That's promising... Another tug, another creak, but the loop didn't budge. Robin grabbed hold of the chain to pull it taut, proceeding to push his foot against the links and apply pressure in the opposite direction. Each push and pull spurred his hope by rewarding him with strained groans, but the anchoring point held firm. “Fuck sakes...” The pressure in his pelvis raged, causing him to shudder. He looked about desperately in search of something to aide him, finding nothing within reach but his chains, the large pillow serving as his bed, and the potted plant against the wall. Robin eyed the plant nervously. Better than peeing on the floor... Ivy would not be pleased, but he couldn't think of any other options. The young man rose to move towards the pot, barely moving a foot before running out of chain. He fell to his knees to try a new tactic, stretching out to utilize the length of his body as well. His hand made contact with the smooth material and he curled his fingers over the lip of the pot to try and ease it out of the corner. It shifted. Yes! Robin gave it another pull, biting down on his lip. Careful, careful... He prayed the vines growing from the soil offered enough slack to get the item close enough. Just a couple feet, that's all I need, a couple feet... His heart was pounding, this was more nerve-racking than he thought it would be. The pot hit a raised floorboard and teetered dangerously. No, no, no! Robin moved frantically as it tipped trying to catch it before it fell. No luck. His awkward position and the weight of the large object worked against him. The vines were severed from their roots as the pot fell. The sound of the terracotta cracking against the floor may as well have been a death sentence.

Nearly two hours passed before Ivy finally returned to find Robin hunched against the wall next to a puddle, his face in his hands, humiliated. He heard her enter the room, but he didn't look up; he couldn't trust himself to keep the pleading out of his eyes.

“I made some breakfast for-” She paused, noticing the puddle on the floor. A lump formed in Robin's throat as the pounding of his heart flooded his ears. He was prepared for the worst. “Oh my... Awww, Blue!” Ivy exclaimed. Robin looked up, bewildered, he certainly hadn't been ready for that reaction. The beautiful hybrid had her hands cupped over her mouth, voice muffled against her palms. “I completely forget to take you to the bathroom, I'm so sorry, sweetie...” He couldn't tell if this reaction was better or worse than what he'd anticipated; the almost motherly concern on her face was simultaneously relieving and humiliating.

“It's... it's fine...”

“It's not fine!” Ivy stepped forward and lowered herself to brush his hair back from his face. “My poor little pet... You were such a good boy last night, too.” Robin was blushing, lost somewhere between embarrassment, fear, annoyance, and a sickeningly persistent dash of pride that followed her praise. “I told you I'd take care of you if you were good. This won't happen... again...?” She trailed off, staring at the corner. “Um... What's this?” Ivy pointed at his bed, which Robin had propped up in a pathetic attempt to hide the broken pot and severed plants.

“Th-that? That's... a pillow...?” He grinned, hopeful. Ivy reined in the urge to slap him, too riddled with guilt to punish that smart-ass remark, but her voice was soft when she spoke, warning of an approaching storm.

“And what is the pillow hiding, Bluebird?” She narrowed her eyes. Robin said nothing, but he didn't need to as the hybrid had already grabbed the dog bed to pull it aside. She gasped at the sight, bringing her hands to her face again. Cold, biting silence set in as Ivy surveyed the mess, motionless. Every second that passed weighed heavier on Robin, intensifying the pounding in his ears. It felt like an eternity before the woman finally spoke. “What. Did you. Do?

“It... it was an accident, I didn't mean-” Ivy whipped around to backhand him before pointing to the wet spot on the floor. “That is an accident!” She gestured sharply at the broken pot. “That was deliberate!” The strike didn't hurt that badly, but he still recoiled from her fury.

“I'm s-sorry!”

“Not yet you're not.” She leaned down and grabbed her pet's collar to pull him into an aggressive kiss. Robin was almost getting used to the feeling of his autonomy slipping away. She gave him a kick after removing the chains from his feet. “Up.” He stood, not even trying to resist the toxin, not this time. Ivy stormed towards the door, not needing to give any command for Robin to follow, he was already on her heels. She led him to the front door before stopping in her tracks, stepping aside to let him pass. “Go to the post and wait for me.”

'The post' was just that, a large beam erected a short ways from the cabin. More of those odd vines adorned the pole, snaking up the length of it to gather at a small platform fixed to the end. It was a rather odd sight; a serving platter of strange vegetation. Again, the rain offered him fleeting comfort in its embrace, this time by soothing the pain in his back as the cool drops ran over his skin. The wet grass clung to his bare feet as they swept through it. Had he not been awaiting punishment from an enraged villainess, these sensations would actually be rather pleasant. The vines moved to welcome him like lovers, taking hold of his wrists to draw his arms upwards and coiling about his ankles to root his feet. He had no opportunity to look back, but he could hear Ivy behind him, hear her trailing something through the grass... A whip crack pierced the air. The force of the strike pushed Robin forward, but the vines tightened to hold him in place. There was a slight delay in the pain, staved off by shock, but when it hit him, it burned like fire. Last night's beating was nothing compared to this, granted this treatment was building upon it. A second strike made him cry out in agony as the bullwhip licked over his tortured flesh, further rousing the already disturbed pain receptors. He was trembling by the fifth, panting heavily as his muscles seized to try and draw him into the foetal position. By the tenth, he was bleeding.

Robin fell to all fours as the vines slipped away, blinking back tears of pain and attempting to steady his breathing. The rain continued to soothe him sweetly, washing away the blood. This exposure was short-lived; Ivy soon approached to give him a rough shove with her foot, leaving the teenager sprawled on his back. There was hurt beneath the rage in her pale green eyes.

“I told you not to hurt my babies...”

“I d-didn't mean to, I'm sorry...”

“The only reason I'm letting you off the hook is because I should have been there. Don't you ever, ever do anything like that again.” Ivy snapped her fingers, summoning one of the vines to curl through the loop of Robin's collar. “You're a bad boy, Blue. A very, very bad boy.”

She left him to bleed in the rain.  


To be continued... 

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