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Author's note: So this one is a little meaty. Hope that's not a problem! Thanks to those who have taken interest, feedback (positive or negative) is always welcome. 

M/F, whipping, oral, squirting, pet play.


The greenhouse was attached to a small building, accessible by means of a heavy oak door. It was really quite cozy, the kind of summer home one might use to “get away from it all”. Sad, really, that it played prison to the young vigilante; usually he would have enjoyed such a place. The house appeared to be one storey based on the continued patter of the rain on the roof. It was quieter in here, not to mention considerably cooler than the glass building it was linked to. The bathroom had no window, which was likely the only reason Ivy let him use it alone, not before making him ask for permission. He'd scoped the room for anything he might utilize as a weapon or lock pick, ever attentive to the prospect of escape, but Ivy's toxin limited him to actions she condoned directly. Visual sweeps were all he had, and they didn't turn up much; Ivy was either a minimalist or seldom used this cabin.

Evening rolled in to begin stealing way what little visibility the storm had shared. There was a brief moment wherein deep, golden light crept beneath the cloud cover as the sun slipped below the horizon. The warm glow tumbled through a rain-streaked window to fall across Robin's legs where he sat, leashed to an iron loop on the floor. Ivy's bonds had become slightly more elaborate to restrict his movements. True, orders to stay put had been effective, but the boy proved surprisingly wilful in spite of Ivy's power. More metal rings adorned his wrists and ankles now. Thin chains ran between his hands and collar, long enough to give him some movement, but eliminating the possibility of lashing out. A stronger chain linked his feet like a dangerous convict. The sensation was maddening; for an acrobat and an escape artist, being physically restricted and unable to remedy the situation was a special kind of hell. Ivy had at least left him close to the window, a small show of mercy as the chains granted him enough movement to turn and look outside.

Robin lifted his hands to flex his fingers in the water-rippled beam of light, stirring up the dust particles it illuminated. Funny that boredom of all things managed to mix into this fiasco, granted he'd never been very good at biding his time. Batman could remain settled in the same position for hours, eyes fixed unwaveringly on a given point of interest. Years had subdued Robin slightly in that regard, but not by much, he was still more eager to leap into action than he was willing to settle and plan. Planning was, however, all he really had at the moment, although he couldn't think of much that could be done to facilitate escape as long as Ivy kept her poison coursing through him. He had briefly entertained the notion of playing along to win favour in the interest of garnering leniency, but the pig-headed pride of youth interfered with what may have been a promising course of action; he wasn't ready for that... at least not yet.

The young man's legs cooled as the sun's embrace slipped away, prompting him to turn and kneel at the window, watching what little comfort he had fall below the horizon line. The cabin must have been far from the city, the view was a large field bordered by deciduous forest; farmland, maybe? He crossed his forearms against the sill to make a resting place for his chin, watching his breath fog the glass as he sighed heavily. Alfie must be worried sick... That was the worst part of this. Worse than being trapped, worse than what Harley and Ivy had done to him, worse than not knowing when or if he'd be free... His family, what little family he had, had no idea where he was. Even more horrifying was the knowledge that, as far as they knew, he'd been taken by the Joker. Dick let his brow rest against the window pane, watching the drops on the outside consume one another as they hurried along the smooth surface. Don't think about that... He couldn't think about that. There was nothing to come of it save pain and anguish. Nothing he could do from here to alleviate their suffering beyond hoping for an escape or for Batman to put all the pieces together. Despite his best efforts, he thought of Babs. The Boy Wonder buried his face against his arms and wept.

The sound of approaching footsteps pulled Robin out of his miserable spiral and he turned to seat himself on the floor again, quickly wiping his eyes on the back of his hand. He hoped the settling darkness would help obscure the fact that he'd been crying; it wasn't something he did often, and it certainly wasn't something he wanted to share with Ivy and Harley. Get your game face on.

“I brought you some food. Do you like steamed kale?” Ivy's question was almost amusing.

“Does it matter? Do I still get fed if I don't?”


“Then sure.”

Ivy set the plate down before him, a pair of chopsticks placed neatly alongside the food. She didn't give him a fork, not terribly surprising. Robin tried to act with restraint, but he hadn't eaten since that morning and the smell drew his attention to just how famished he was. It was a welcome distraction from his distress. The leaves were still warm, drizzled in some kind of sweet soy dressing, topped with nuts, chick peas, and other plant proteins. He dug in hungrily.

The teen paused his ravenous pursuit after a minute or so to look up at his captor, finding her lazily settled in a nearby lounge chair, her legs over the armrest. “This... is actually really good. Thank you.” He said. His manners must have surprised Ivy, because she stared at him quietly for a long while before responding.

“You're welcome.”

“I didn't think you ate plants.”

“Of course I do.”

“Isn't that... I dunno...” Robin gave his hand a thoughtful twirl before capturing another leaf with his chopsticks. “Murder? Cannibalism even?”

“What your kind does is murder. My friends and I help each other. I care for them, I ask before taking, they give what they can.” He couldn't see her face, but the scowl could be heard in her voice. “Eating animals is cannibalism. Plants grow, shed their leaves, drop their fruit, replenish themselves... You end a life for a slab of meat that's really not that different from yours.”

Robin didn't have a whole lot to say to that. Normally he'd have thrown out some sort of obnoxious response, but exhaustion and creeping anguish wore on his playfulness, understandably so.

The silence that followed was somewhat cold, broken only by the rain and the soft clatter of Robin's plate as he set it on the floor.

“I thought you didn't like animals.”

“I don't like humans. They have no respect for balance, no respect for their mother Earth and all the gifts she gives them. They're selfish, all they do is take, take, take.”

“That's an understandable hatred.”

Ivy was staring at him again. It was impossible to see the intensity of her gaze, the shadows grew thicker still as night asserted itself, but he could feel her eyes on him.

“You're oddly calm.”

The statement didn't sit well with Robin. 'Oddly calm', as she had described it, was a warning sign to anyone who knew him. Avoidance was his go-to in the face of distress; he didn't like problems with no immediate solution... or no solution at all. Pretending they weren't plaguing him was preferable to wallowing in helplessness, albeit ultimately ineffective.

“I'm tired.”

“Mm. Of course.”

“Something about being abducted, bled, assaulted, and poisoned really takes it out of me.”

The silence that followed that was worrisome, but it eventually broke in a chime of laughter from the hybrid.

“You really are a little shit, you know that?”

“I pride myself on it.”

“Oh, little bird... Pride is so unbecoming...” Ivy rose smoothly to move towards him, coming to a stop with one foot on either side of his legs. She reached out to stroke over his hair as she looked down at him, giving a little shake of her head. “You've bared yourself too much over the course of the day to have any of that left.” She lowered herself until she was balanced delicately on balls of her feet, squatting above Robin's thighs to lean in and press another kiss to his lips, her own breaking in a cruel grin as she pulled away. “You were captured, yes. Poisoned... oh, many times, I've been sure to keep it regular, just be happy I've gotten more mild on you.... But assaulted? Would you call it that?” Robin grit his teeth. Questions immediately following one of her kisses were never fun, he'd picked up on that quickly.

“Yes. I would.” That's what it was. That's what he intended to label it. Ivy's voice was soft, but the melodic twist of amusement rang clear.

“But you liked it, didn't you?”

Yes. Oh god yes. More. That horrible voice was back, driving him to shake his head in protest, digging for his own inner monologue. No. No, no, no. I never would have asked for that. He could feel the interloper working up from the knot in his gut, spreading through his chest like an infection. It grasped at his throat as it forced words from it in a voice laden with impedance.

“Yes. I loved it.”

“You like what Harley did to you, sweet pea?” Ivy stroked his cheek lovingly, pulling more reluctant words from his lips.

“I... I did... yes.”

“Do you want more?” Dull pain suddenly crept up the vigilante's legs, diverting his attention briefly to his own fingernails which had begun digging into the skin of his thighs. No. I don't want to be anywhere near that psychopath.

“Y-yes, I'd like more...” He nearly choked on the words in his attempt to contain them, racking his chest with a dry sob. The air rang with a loud smack as Ivy backhanded him sharply. She didn't give him time to readjust, she grasped his face to direct it forward as the sting of the strike spread across his cheek.

“'I'd like more, please.' I know your manners are better than that, little bird.” Tension seized the young man's throat again, roiling with resistance, but the trespasser replied obediently.

“I'd like more, please.”

“Of course you would.” He could see the white of her teeth through the darkness, she was beaming. “Do you think Harley would give you more if you asked nicely?” The response she was digging for with that one wasn't clear. Robin's heart was pounding.

“...Er... yes?” His apprehension was obvious. Ivy began to giggle, ushering in misleading relief that she swiftly dashed with another slap. Wrong answer.

“Stupid boy. You don't get to ask for that. Know why?” The sweetness of her tone only worked to further his discomfort. Robin shook his head miserably.


“Because you're just a plaything.” She purred, gently dragging her fingertips over his stinging cheek. “If you're a good boy, I'll take care of you, but you need to remember your place. Now, are you a man or are you my toy?” Her palm came to rest at his jaw, cupping his face gently. The heavy chain between the vigilante's ankles clattered against the wood floor as his muscles seized. His breathing was laboured and shallow, Ivy could almost hear the hammering of his heart. She loved his fruitless attempts at resisting her toxin, the way his perfect body flexed powerfully only to give way to submissive posture. If only it had been light enough for her to see defeat overtake the fire in his eyes. He was breaking, she could feel it, and she prompted him with gentle guidance. “You're not a man.”

“I'm not a man...” Her captive spoke in a voice just above a whisper, piteously raw with anguish.

“You're my toy.”

“I'm your toy.”

It was a strange mixture of care and cruelty. Ivy was attentive to his basic needs, but the quick turn of their conversation in the den made him wary of speaking. Robin wasn't used to holding his tongue, he'd always had the freedom to blather on. Alfred had warned him before that an open mouth often welcomes a closed fist, but he'd dismissed the lecture in his usual cocksure fashion. 'The fist would have to be fast enough.' He'd said. Foolish. Arrogant. Two qualities that combined into an intoxicating blend that easily impaired one's filtering. Still, their chat had been enough to at least make him conscious of his word choice. Ivy, meanwhile, had every intention of cracking down aggressively on his sarcastic remarks and unchecked comments. Of course, she enjoyed the carelessness with which the young man so often spoke; no slip-ups meant no punishment, and where's the fun in that?

The chain connecting Robin's ankles was long enough to allow for careful steps, but it dragged over the floor with each motion, singing its presence like the cold weight wasn't enough of a reminder. It clattered all the way to the bathroom where Ivy had laid out a toothbrush, toothpaste, and various other hygiene implements for his use. She laughed off the incredulous look he gave her, giving his cheek a patronizing squeeze.

“It's not for your benefit, sweet pea. You're more enjoyable for Harley and me if you're well-groomed.” Whatever her reasoning, he was grateful for the opportunity to freshen up after his meal; a small comfort, fleeting calm found in the normalcy of the act. Following this, she led him to the bedroom. It was considerably more decorated in comparison to the rest of the house, borderline luxurious, really. The bed was a four-post king complete with a beautifully elaborate canopy of living vines. Stunning white and purple flowers bloomed all about, carried by lengths of vegetation that rose from large terracotta pots of soil tucked away neatly in the corners of the room. There was a huge window that nearly took up the far wall, covered by thin, iridescent curtains, clearly only there for show, further confirmation of the remote location of the cabin. There was a single reading lamp on the bedside table, but the majority of the glow in the room came from bioluminsecent pods that hung from the vines, no doubt one of Ivy's many creations. Harley was already curled up on one side of the bed. If she had been sleeping, their entry had woken her. The blue of her eyes caught the soft lighting in a devious flash that opened for a smile of even greater wickedness as she quickly bounded to the edge of the bed on all fours.

“Hiya, Red! Hey, birdboy!” She flopped on her belly, feet popping up behind her to cross at the ankles, arms folded beneath her chin. Ivy beamed at her companion, but Robin dropped his gaze. Absent the mind-clouding effects of arousal, the sight of her just filled him with embarrassment. Ivy took note of his avoidance and reached up to cuff him over the back of the head.

“Don't be rude. She just greeted you, what should you do?”

Robin winced at the strike and lifted his gaze very briefly to meet Harley's.


His captor shook her head, but the blonde woman giggled and rolled onto her back, lifting her legs high in the air.

“Awwww! The bat-brat bein' all quiet, that's a first. Can't look at me, cutie?”

Robin just shook his head, eager to avoid further engagement. Should he fall into titillation once more, he'd lose himself a second time. Ivy wasn't going to let him slip away from the risk easily though.

“He's just being shy. I think you really did a number on him, Harl.” She snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor. “Sit.” He obliged and she crouched alongside him to remove the chain between his feet, followed by those that linked his wrists to his neck. The metal cuffs were left in place; signs of ownership, the only adornments she allowed him. Another toxic kiss found his lips before Ivy rose to settle on the edge of the bed. She reached over to playfully dance her fingers over Harley's stomach, stealing joyful giggles from her friend, though her chartreuse stare remained on Robin.

“We need a name for you.”

“Oh! Skittles!” Harley pushed Ivy's hand from her belly as she spoke excitedly, rolling over to lean on her companion and look down at the vigilante. “He looks like a 'Skittles'.”

Ivy laughed and placed her hand atop the blonde woman's head.

“I don't know, Harl, I'm not much of a candy person...” Her opposite hand lifted to thoughtfully tap a finger against her chin. “What is your name, little bird?”

Robin tensed visibly, going wide-eyed as he stared up at her in disbelief. He should have known better, should have expected this sooner or later. Go ahead. Tell her. The teen swallowed audibly and chewed his bottom lip, quickly falling back on the fact that she failed to specify.


Ivy smirked, extending a foot to press her toes against his injured chest, giving her head a little shake.

“What's your real name, Robin.”

Harley was looking between them curiously. Robin was nearly choking on his words again, desperately trying to resist the drive to speak. Just tell her. What's the harm? Just tell her your name. Go on. 'Richard Grayson', not so hard, is it? He grit his teeth, stifling a pained groan. No... No, tell her your middle name. That counts, yes? Middle name. John. It's your real name. Ivy looked on in bemusement, sighing again and sliding her foot downwards. “There's no point trying to resist, sweet pea... You're not going to win.”

“J-john. My name is John.” He sighed as his body relaxed, the lump in his throat slipping away. It was an act of relief, but he lowered his gaze to parade it as defeat. There wasn't much he could do defensively in this intoxicated state, but he intended to exploit what little wiggle-room he had. Ivy pursed her lips while Harley perked up, pigtails bouncing.

“Sooooo... 'Skittles' is off the table?”

Ivy gave her friend's cheek a playful nudge.


“Red and Blue. Cute.”

“Mmm...” She regarded Robin with a raised eyebrow. “Does that sound good to you, Bluebird?”

“That sou-” He stopped immediately, biting his lip again. He was about to give his opinion, something he wasn't supposed to do, and he'd rather not push this one lest she continue digging and uncover more of his personal information. “...As long as you like it. I... I like it.” Harley's eyes widened in surprise at that, but Ivy clapped her hands together happily.

“We are a quick learner, aren't we?” She pressed her foot against his crotch as she leaned down to stroke through his hair. “Good boy.” This method of praise was rapidly garnering more of his appreciation, a shift that filled him with repugnance. He clung to that revulsion, he refused to reach the point where he actively desired her approval. Ivy kicked off from his lap suddenly to push herself fully onto the bed, an act that caused Robin to recoil in pain. He crumpled and reached down to cradle his balls, teeth clamped on his bottom lip to stifle the whimper attempting to escape from his throat. The hybrid looked back down at him lazily, giving a sardonic shrug. “Oops.” Harley sniggered, her attention fixed on Robin.

“That's a pretty sight.”

“He does make pain look good, doesn't he?”

Their comments made his cheeks burn; embarrassment, pain, anger, the central cause wasn't entirely clear. One of his hands splayed shakily against the floor as he pushed himself upright, still holding his worth protectively. Ivy cooed sympathetically and shifted away from Harley, patting the newly made space between them. “C'mere, baby.” Harley moved as well to welcome him, a broad grin painted across her face. The young man joined them with little resistance, the ache between his legs making him all the more wary of rousing Ivy's frustration. He settled between the two women, tense, his posture hunched. Both of his captors laughed, their hands on him immediately. Ivy's touch claimed his shoulders while Harley's fingers walked up his leg, giving his hand a tap.

“It's not gonna fall off, birdy.”

Robin withdrew from her touch, pushing into Ivy slightly. Surprisingly, the hybrid wrapped her arms around the teen to pull him closer. It was impossible to predict whether her response would be sweet or sour.

“Awww he's hurting, Harl...” She purred. Harley rolled her eyes.

“Pain doesn't stop my Puddin'.”

That response didn't sit well with Ivy, Robin felt her go rigid against him as she spoke in a tone pinched with annoyance.

“We don't talk about him here. You know that.”

“But-” Harley began, Ivy was swift to cut her off.

“No buts. You remember what he did, that's why you're here with me. I even got you someone who will actually play with you. He'll warm up to pain.” She brushed a lock of hair away from Robin's brow as a subtle smile curled her lips. “Just give him a little time... We'll pair it with things he likes. Speaking of which... I think Blue here owes you.”

Harley, who had been pouting rather dramatically at her partner lost face to a bright smile.

“Ohh! Yes please!” She quickly turned to scurry back up to the head of the bed, pulling off her baggy nightshirt and falling back against the pillows. Robin twisted to watch her adjust, but he quickly looked away as her body was exposed. Not again... Harley took note of this and attempted to give him a kick in the back, but he was too far away. The attack was more of a ridiculous flail that ended in her scooting down over the covers slightly. She propped herself up on one elbow, unperturbed. “Hey! Pretty-boy!” He could hear her fingers snapping. “Yoo-hoooo! Bluuuue...” Ivy gave him a small warning pinch to make him turn.

The sight was far more enticing than Robin cared to acknowledge. Harley was reclining, one foot suspended to curl her dainty toes at him in a feeble little grabbing motion, timed with her soft chanting; “C'mere, c'mere, c'mere...” Her skin was pale and surprisingly unblemished considering her history, but the scars she did have spoke of aggressive wounds. Robin found himself wondering how many of these were delivered by her 'lover'. Her cute little nose was scrunched playfully, tongue caught between her teeth in a cheeky grin as she dropped her foot to stop beckoning him. She tried a different tactic, lifting one hand to casually trace the outline of her perky little breasts. Perfect handfuls. Robin immediately shook that thought from his head. Harley quickly tired of trying to lure him. “Quit gawkin', featherbrain, I said c'mere.” She snapped. Ivy emphasized the command with another clout on the back of his head.

“Don't keep her waiting! Do as she says, and do it well.” She gave him a forceful shove as she stood. “You two get comfortable, I'll be back soon.”

The direct command rooted in the teen's muscles and he let go of himself to move him towards Harley, but he didn't touch her. Instead, he settled alongside the gymnast and did his best to avoid looking at her display. Dropping his gaze proved counter-productive, though, as his eyes immediately fell on her lower body. She wore a pair of black boyshorts with a bright, yellow smiley face on the front. The dark fabric contrasted sharply with her flesh. She was stunning in a devious, menacing sort of way... not like Catwoman, she lacked that power and feline ferocity. She didn't have Ivy's intoxicating effect either. No, Harley was, in a word, 'adorable'. Paired with her danger and hints of sadism, it was simultaneously alluring and unnerving. One of the woman's fingers curled beneath his chin to force him to make eye-contact with her.

“For such a cocky little shit in combat, you're sure timid in the bedroom.” The comment struck Robin with indignation.

“I don't want to be here.”

“Oh?” Harley slipped a hand between his legs to give his length a squeeze. He wasn't hard, not yet anyway, but the flesh hung warm and heavy, clearly subject to more blood flow. Had the ache of Ivy's kick not been lingering, this whisper of arousal would have likely been more pronounced. “That's not what this is telling me.”

“You're pretty. I'm human.” His reply made Harley giggle. It seemed to be easy to do that.

“I already told you that you may as well try to enjoy our playtime, birdy. It's happening whether or not you want it to... you might learn some things. Now come here... kiss me.” She released her hold on him to spread her legs invitingly, sliding her hands over her body. Do as she says. He moved atop her and tentatively relaxed his lower body, resting his thickening cock against the black material that separated them. Harley's touch lifted to wander over his back, tracing the well defined musculature as she heaved a reminiscent sigh. “Haven't been with one of these since college. I kinda miss playing with gymnasts, you guys are a hoot.” Robin had nothing to say to that, choosing to simply curse himself inwardly for blushing. If Harley noticed the colour in his cheeks, she gave no indication. Her hands moved beneath him to slide up and cup his face, pulling him down into a kiss. She was more submissive than Ivy, considerably so, making no effort to seek his tongue, simply parting her lips to welcome it. Do it well. He responded to the offer by deepening their kiss with delicate strokes of his tongue, careful not to overwhelm his partner, but still being assertive in his entry. It was well-met, Harley's back arched to press her body up against him. He could feel the stiff flesh of her nipples, hear the soft pounding of her heart beneath their breathing and sounds of their lips. The woman eventually pulled away from him with a smile, one hand still on his face to ensure he met her gaze. “So you're not all bark... You're pretty good at that, birdboy. What else can you do with that infamous mouth...?” Dick had a lot of experience kissing, girls at school tended to throw themselves at him in that regard. His experience elsewhere was lacking... or non-existent, rather. Liu had laid with him, but the encounter had been quite direct, and he'd avoided her fearfully after discovering her motives. Being used that way had scared him, hurt him, and it was fresh enough in his mind to make him shy away from opportunities for further intimacy from other women.

“I... I don't know.” It was an honest response.

“Oh, this is just a day of firsts for you, isn't it?” She squirmed to shift upwards along the bed, dragging a hand between her breasts. “Try here, cutie...” Robin lowered his head to oblige. He began at the notch of her collarbones, gently working downward with his lips, leaving a warm trail of kisses in his wake. “Mmm good boy... Left.” Harley purred. She didn't often get to give commands during these encounters, it had definitely been a long while since that had been an option for her. The freedom was enjoyable. She was surprised to find that the boy responded by moving to her left, a small detail, but an attentiveness one rarely found in even the sweetest lovers, and certainly never her Puddin'. It'd be a cold day in hell when that happened. Robin's lips dragged along the curve of her breast as he lifted his right hand to cup it, directing her nipple into his mouth. He recalled the delicacy with which Harley's tongue operated while she sucked him off and made a note of employing the same restraint. Do it well. The command was still tumbling through his mind, attempting to wash out any chagrin. The young man suckled softly at the stiff flesh to rouse it further before delivering a playful lash with his tongue. Harley gasped and tensed beneath him. His cock twitched, pleased with the woman's feedback. Robin's mind again danced between drive and distaste. “Ohh...” Harley cooed, lacing her fingers through his hair. “Do that again... over here.” She pushed his head to her right bosom and he met the demand, driving another smile to her lips. “Down.” He immediately parted from her breast to move down her torso, kissing and nibbling at her skin as he followed the subtle line between her abdominal muscles. Harley was enraptured, tickled by the control she had over him. She could get used to this, it was a refreshing shift from her usual sex acts. She lifted her head as the attention ceased, finding him staring at her panties with a conflicted look.

“D-do you want me to... uh... Did you want...? Er...” He eventually stammered. Harley tried not to laugh at him... oh, hell, no she didn't. She probably should have made some effort with rein in her tittering, but he was just too cute.

“Awww, birdboy, you are just precious. Do I want you to eat me out? Is that what you're asking?”


“What do you think?”

“Uh... Yes...?”

“Good job, detective.” Harley pressed a foot to his chest to shove him out of the way before casually lifting her lower body. Her core worked flawlessly to hold her vertical as she slipped the boyshorts over her butt before she fell flat against the bed again, playfully wiggling her hips and lifting her legs. “Wanna help me out here, Blue?” Robin gave his head a shake, having been staring rather blatantly. He reached out to slide the garment off her, knuckles grazing the smooth flesh of her legs. The gymnast pointed her toes and let her legs drift apart as they were freed. She pressed one foot against his cheek, taking note of Robin's effort not to stare. “Not eager to take a peek, birdy? Are ya broken?” She propped herself up on her elbows and glanced down between his legs. Stiff, of course. “Hmm nope. Just bein' a pansy again, I guess.” She curled her bottom lip to give a strident whistle as she fell back against the pillows. “Eyes on the prize, cutie-pie.” Robin obeyed the order and tried to rein in his excitement at the sight. Her flesh darkened slightly where it curved to form the soft outer lips of her sex, protective cushioning for the delicate pink folds within. She was already wet, as evidenced by the subtle gleam on the smooth skin. Soft, golden hair adorned the mound above, well-maintained in an arrow-like shape, directing her nervous lover. Robin watched plenty of porn, he was a teenager, but he hadn't been in the same room as a naked woman since Liu. The sight was enthralling. Again he tried to muster revulsion, this was Harley Quinn, he couldn't let himself forget that, but this became increasingly difficult as he looked at the beautiful creature before him. Women would be his undoing, he just knew it. He was great with his female classmates (not to mention teammates when the cape was on), much to the frustration of his male ones, but for all the jokes about the young man's way with women, the truth was that the power flowed in the opposite direction. Anyone who figured that out could exploit him easily. Very easily.

Harley must have seen the excitement in Robin's eyes because she didn't bother with commands now, she simply snapped her fingers and pointed to her quim as a devilish grin spread over her face. The teen lowered himself, still riddled with conflict, but again the hunger was winning. In fact, he was rapidly losing awareness of anything beyond the woman's body, likely why he failed to take note of Ivy's quiet return. Harley's position against the pillows gave her a good view of the door and she welcomed the hybrid with a playful smirk. Ivy positioned herself at the foot of the large bed, leaning back in a stretch that utilized the item she'd retrieved, hands grasping at either end of the leather bound handle as she grinned at Harley, giving her a wink. Robin, meanwhile, reached out to curiously drag his fingertips between his partner's legs. The feel of her warm, slick flesh caused his cock to pulse against his belly where it lay trapped between him and the bed. His fingers quickly moved back in for a second passing, and a third, deftly playing against their prize. He repeated this motion several times, partially motivated by a lack of confidence in his approach, but mostly driven to drag on this opportunity to take in the view. This was one of the Boy Wonder's worst nightmares... and any young man's greatest dream. Her smell enticed him further, even going so far as to make his mouth water. He quickly sought to intensify this sensory experience by moving in to give his tongue an experimental flick against those beautiful folds. Harley's hips rose delicately in response as her fingers pushed through his hair again, gripping it this time. “Good boy, Blue, very good...” Her encouragement hit its mark; he moved with greater confidence this time, pressing his fingers against her and spreading them to push those soft lips apart. His next stroke was a rush of cool air against her as he pursed his lips to blow carefully. The chill was quickly chased off by the warmth of his tongue as it hurried forth again. Harley was pleasantly surprised, most inexperienced partners failed to demonstrate his level of restraint, rushing in haphazardly with mindless hunger and misplaced confidence. Despite how annoyingly self-assured the Boy Wonder tended to be, he now worked with an endearing timidity. It wasn't long, though, before he made the mistake of touching her clitoris directly. Harley slipped a hand down to cover herself, barring her plaything for a moment as she looked up at Ivy and shook her head. The other woman grinned and swiftly dropped an arm to strike Robin across the back with the multi-tailed whip in her hand. Harley's actions had caused him to look up in confusion, an expression that was quickly replaced by pain and shock. He let out a soft cry, quickly looking back over his shoulder. How had he not heard her come in...? Ivy gently dragged the cat o' nine tails over his back, teasing his stinging skin with the cool straps of leather.

“Focus, Bluebird...”

“If I don't like what you do, that's how you'll know.” Harley grabbed his face roughly, directing his gaze forward. “Don't ever go right for the hot spot, cutie. Not unless I tell you to.” She released him again with a dismissive flick of her wrist, sliding her opposite hand from between her thighs. “Now get back to it.”

Robin was notably less direct this time. It pleased Harley; he was a quick learner. The teen sought instead to carefully seal his lips around her clitoris, avoiding the sensitive flesh with his tongue. He circled it delicately, flicked at the shaft, and played his breath against it; smooth, teasing... anything but mechanical and straightforward. Harley's beautiful chorus of gasps and moans was encouraging to say the least. The young man had always looked forward to this, it was another favourite fantasy, but he hadn't anticipated just how much pleasure he could experience providing it to another. It wasn't surprising, though. Dick Grayson was a true performer, through and through. Her arousal spilled against his invading tongue, sweet, sour, and utterly tantalizing. It tempted him to thrust his tongue inside her, but he felt that may warrant punishment. He opted to use his fingers instead, carefully pushing two digits into his partner. Bad move. Harley practically kicked him away as she covered herself again. Ivy was ready with the whip, splitting the air with the strike. Robin bit his lip and kept his gaze on Harley, determined not to cry out this time, though an unexpected second strike made him inhale sharply.

“One for this one, one for the last.” Ivy purred, soothing his flesh with more gentle strokes. He'd be prepared for three next time.

“Always start with one, sugar.” Harley said, clarifying his mistake. Robin tried again as she shifted to allow him, moving very carefully. Twilight eyes held to the sky blue of her own as he entered her body with his middle finger, searching her face for feedback; resistance, displeasure, enthralment, praise... anything to guide to his motions. The sight made the woman's heart pound. He was just their dumb little plaything, but his intensity was staggering. It was hard to deny the ocean of personality churning within the youth. She caved rather quickly and reached out to pet his cheek, rewarding his efforts with a smile. “Such a good boy... Now focus on what you're doin'.” She shoved his face against her, effectively severing their eye-contact. A good thing, too, she was almost feeling affection for the bat-brat.

This pattern of tentative movements and subsequent punishment continued steadily as the minutes dragged on. Any mistake, over-eagerness, or miscalculated movement was corrected promptly. It wasn't long before Robin's back was on fire, aching terribly. Amazingly, his excitement put an almost enjoyable spin on the sensation, blending it with pleasure as his pain receptors competed with tactile fibres to overwhelm his senses. He never could have anticipated that his first time performing cunnilingus could be so wrought with fearful anxiety... but he would have been even less likely to predict how much that would work to thrill him. The boy soon fell into a steady pattern of movements that built smoothly upon one another. Both of Harley's hands were on his head now, raking her nails roughly against his scalp. “Faster...” She gasped, Ivy struck him for emphasis, driving for speed as one would spur a beast. Robin obliged, flicking his tongue in quick, artful strokes as the muscles of his arm contracted to intensify the motion of his finger within her. He'd quickly learned that repeated entry earned less positive reactions than keeping the digit locked within her to work in circular motions. It made sense, the female sex was a powerful tunnel of muscles, massaging them seemed to spark more pleasure than stroking. They responded magnificently, tightening around his touch each time it pushed against them. Curling his finger upwards had led him to discover a lightly textured patch of flesh within his partner, almost button-like. She squealed in delight each time it was struck, sending a strong pulse through her cunt. Robin felt drunk, kept from sheer euphoria only by the aching in his solid cock, even the pain in his back was incorporated into his high.

“Oh fuck! Oh god, don't stop!” Harley's cry came in time with a sudden push from her body, every powerful internal muscle contracting to close around him, wet, silken flesh trying to force him from her depths. He moved with her body rather than against it, holding the curled position of his finger as it was driven firmly against the curve of her pubic bone, fixed against the soft flesh above. The gymnasts thighs clamped around his head and she screamed, back arching as a powerful jet of fluid hit Robin in the face. “H-holy shit!” She was pulling at his hair roughly but he didn't care. It was probably his staggering arousal, the poison, the burn in his flesh... his judgement wasn't dulled, no, it was non-existent as the woman came against his face and hand. This was the greatest moment of his life. He consumed what he could, hungrily accepting the sweet fluid her body offered. It must have pleased Ivy to see this, he could feel her fingers working over his back, tracing the red stripes left by the whip. It felt wonderful. Had he not already climaxed twice in the greenhouse, he might have right in that moment, it was simply too much for him.

Harley soon shoved her plaything away roughly, collapsing against the pillows and pressing her knees together as post-orgasmic contractions fluttered through her core. Her breath came in deep, ravenous gasps, pale cheeks flushed with pink. “Is that where the 'Wonder' in your title comes from...?” She finally managed. Ivy settled alongside him, beaming and petting over his head before lifting one corner of the covers to wipe his face.

“Hear that, Blue? You did very well. You're a good boy.”

Robin stared at her quietly, a smile pulling insistently at the corners of his mouth despite his efforts to suppress it. You're a good boy. The words were sweeter than they should have been. Ivy leaned down to replenish her poison before giving him a firm nudge. “Now get off the bed. There's a spot on the floor for you.” Robin rose to follow her command, his cheeks on fire as Ivy laughed at his drooling erection. She lay down next to Harley and turned to give the blonde's cheek a kiss, speaking softly. “Looks like we've got a giver...” The other woman was already dozing off, but she smiled at the kiss and the warmth of Ivy's breath against her, turning to cuddle into the hybrid's arms.

“Mmhmm...” Her reply was barely audible.

Robin's bed was in the corner next to one of the terracotta pots. It was something you'd find in the pet section of a warehouse store, a bed intended for large dogs. Still, it was better than nothing, and it was clean at least. She'd given him no blanket, but he wouldn't need one in the summer heat. His primary concern was the aching between his legs; true, he'd had release earlier, but this was a whole new level of impending blue-balls. One of his hands worked slowly from the base of his prick to the tip as he sat on the large cushion, it wouldn't take long for him to reach climax. Ivy caught him mid-stroke while rising to move towards him.

“Blue!” She snapped, rushing over to deliver a strike. “No! Bad!”

“B-but I-” Robin began, she hit him again.

You? This wasn't for you.” She went about replacing the bond between his feet before using another length of chain to link one of his ankle cuffs to another iron ring on the floor. He couldn't help but wonder why she had these drilled in... had she done this before? Ivy turned from him to get back into the bed. “You don't get to touch yourself unless I say so. Know why?”

“Because I'm your toy...”

“That's right.”

The pods closed as Ivy turned off the lamp, darkness hurrying forth to fill every corner of the room. Robin curled up on his bed, back stinging, cock aching, heart still pounding in his chest. He couldn't stop replaying Harley's climax in his mind despite efforts to push it from his thoughts. You're breaking. You loved it. You loved every second of it.

Sleep didn't come easily.  


To be continued...

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