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Barbara woke to the smell of earth and the hiss of irrigation misters. The air around her was heavy with moisture, enough to bead on her fiery locks, catching the moonlight in a haunting shimmer. It contrasted the dry sensation in her mouth. Hours must have passed. She didn't remember losing consciousness, but the pain in her neck made the cause easy enough to piece together. She winced as she twisted to test her position, finding her hands secured behind her back and her ankles bound to the floor. It was difficult to be sure in the darkness, but the texture suggested organic material... and return pull from the animated vines confirmed it. Her gloves had been removed, and with them, anything that would have allowed for an easy escape. Any effort to open her position into something more mobile was met with a surge of pain through her ankles and wrists as the vines tightened viciously. Ivy didn't want her to escape, that much was obvious, but it was unlike the hybrid to keep captives. It was clear that they'd been relocated from the abandoned shelter, so why bring her along? If anything, this increased the chances of their escape by offering the option of teamwork. That is, if Dick was even capable.

Oh god. Dick.

Her heart sank. This had to have something to do with him, with furthering the torment he'd already been through. All at once, her mind began racing to the worst places, speculating on what Ivy might have planned. Was the hybrid going to try to kill her? Was she going to make Dick do it? No, she couldn't think like that, she had to keep a clear head. There was no way she was getting out without staying calm.

Breathe, just breathe...


Batgirl winced as the lights flickered on to reveal more of the greenhouse, a response driven more by surprise than reaction to the illumination itself. The glow came primarily from wall lamps that bathed the exotic array of plant life in a warm, golden wash. It gave Ivy herself an almost ethereal look when she stepped into view.


Batgirl guarded her expression carefully, not bothering with a response to her captor's rhetorical inquiry. Her silence made the hybrid woman smile sweetly, feigned perplexion on her face. “No? A shame, dear, you might need to relax. Would you like me to give you something to help you relax?” More silence. A flicker of irritation showed in Ivy's expression. “Not in a chatty mood, then? Maybe you need a little incentive to find your tongue.” She turned for a moment and snapped her fingers. “Blue, come.”


A chill ran through Barbara when Dick moved from the shadows to join Ivy in the light. It was difficult to place the cold sensation that coiled and gnawed in her gut; there were competing notes of fear and fury. That wretched woman had stripped the hero bare, his usually confident posture noticeably clipped by her presence. He didn't look up from the ground, nor did he speak, simply reaching out to brush his fingers against Ivy's in a silent bid for affection. His action prompted the hybrid to reach up and run her touch along the only garment her pet wore; a blue leather collar around his neck, complete with a small, silver tag.

“Doesn't he look handsome?” Ivy purred.

“You're sick.” Batgirl did her best, and failed, to keep the vitriol out of her voice. Their captor simply laughed.
“So she can speak! No, I'm quite well, thank you. My sweet boy loves his new collar, don't you, Blue?” She moved for his hair now, running slender green fingers through those wild black locks. His voice, like his posture, was subdued and broken. What scared Barbara the most was the unmistakable note of affection in his tone.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Oh, that makes me so happy, sweet pea. You like making me happy, don't you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Be a good boy and bring our guest a drink, would you? The glass I set out, please.” Ivy regarded Batgirl with a wicked grin when the young man took his leave, a few graceful strides bringing her forwards. Attempts to readjust and keep Ivy in sight made those living restraints tighten viciously. It was soon made apparent that the hybrid wanted to be seen, however, as she dropped to settle delicately on her knees alongside her newest prize. “He called for you in his sleep, you know. It went on for weeks, nearly every night. I think he's rather fond of you, it only seemed fair that I bring you along to keep him company while I'm working.”

Barbara could feel that blend of fear and disgust turning more violently within her. It hit a peak when Ivy reached out to stroke her hair, nearly a matching crimson to the hybrid's own. She jerked back sharply, the vines holding her giving protest. Her reply was preemptively cut short by Dick's return, a glass in hand. Ivy took the opportunity to venture on as she beckoned her pet forward with one hand, an idle sweep of the other causing those savage withes to draw her prisoner upright. The drink was soon held out. Batgirl turned her face away stubbornly, a reaction that earned an exasperated sigh from Ivy. “Not you, too. You Bat-brats are so paranoid. Why would I make you drink poison?” There was no response from the bound woman, but her move forward to remedy her thirst was clear enough. It was a thin scrap of luck, really, to be afforded a luxury like water in a captive situation. There was always a risk in taking it, but Ivy made a sound point.


Ivy withdrew when the water glass was drained to go set it aside. Blue was close on her heels, the tension in his frame suggesting an ever-present need to reach out to her, one that was carefully maintained unless she first initiated contact. With dehydration no longer clinging to her throat, Batgirl finally spoke up with greater assertiveness.

“Enough faking pleasantries, Ivy. Why did you really bring me here? Why take Robin from us? We both know you don't waste time and energy just for the sake of being savage.” There was more here, there had to be. A telling smile slid across the hybrid's beautiful features as she replied.

“Oh, someone's done her homework. True, I'm not a collector of animals for the sake of it, but my business is mine.” She paused to reach for Blue again, idly tracing his jaw line. “You are here for more reasons beyond keeping my darling company. It's a privilege, really, the purpose you'll serve.” More cold terror gripped Batgirl when Ivy fell silent. Dare she ask? Though she was unsure at first, Ivy seemed to legitimately care for Dick in her own twisted way. It was unlikely she would risk hurting him by harming someone he clearly cared for, with or without explicit memory intact. Before further questions could be posited, a snap of the hybrid's fingers sent those vines creeping over Batgirl's frame, tearing into the material of her suit as they pulled her into a standing position. Realization struck like a blow.
“No!” This was wrong. What could Ivy possibly gain? What reason could there be to force that upon them? She writhed in protest, but all she met was pain against the savagery of her restraints. She caught a single glance from Dick as he pulled his gaze from the ground. There was a blend of confusion and worry in his expression, but that was merely a prelude for trusting adoration when his focus fell on Ivy as a melodious laugh leaped from those forest green lips.

“Please, Batgirl. You should be happy to participate. The process won't be an unpleasant one, but then--” She ran a hand down Blue's stomach before gripping his manhood in a firm stroke, never taking her eyes off the young woman as her bodysuit was torn open, “--you already know that, don't you? I can tell just by the way you look at him that you've had him before.”

Batgirl didn't give confirmation, she was too busy trying to combat her many assailants. If nothing else, her cowl was still intact, a small mercy.

“Happy to participate in what, exactly?! What do you get out of this?!” The vines were pulling her forward now, forcing her to bend over as they slid beneath her stomach for support. She felt sick; terrified, enraged, humiliated... But she couldn't pull her focus from Ivy's touch as it worked Dick to arousal. Ivy just tilted her head thoughtfully.

“Do you honestly think I'm stupid enough to explain my work to you nosy do-gooders? I'm not about to compromise all the progress I've made.” She let go of her pet's erection and approached again, slipping a small vial from the bust of her bodice to pour the contents into her palm; a fine, purple powder. “It'll take better if you relax, dear.” With that, she tipped forward to blow the colourful dust into Batgirl's face. Ivy followed the delicate gesture with a vicious knee strike to the bound woman's solar plexus, forcing her captive to inhale sharply.


Barbara felt the effects of the poison immediately, the glow of the room growing even more vibrant as her pupils dilated. A voice spoke in resistance, her voice, but she felt detached from it. Will held to refusal, but her body pleaded 'yes' as that toxin flooded her veins and dulled her reasoning. She could hear Ivy laughing, feel the heat beginning to drift beneath her skin when commands were set out for Dick... for Blue. She had to remember that it wasn't him. If nothing else, she had to hold on to that, to shield herself with it.

“Robin, don't do this...” Her pulse raced, it was obvious in her voice. She couldn't see him now, but she heard him speak from behind her.

“That's not his name.”



Dick's sudden surge into her made Barbara cry out. Heat pooled in her cheeks and around his invasion. It felt better than she wanted to admit, internal muscles flexing in welcome to that familiar partner. Her breath hitched when he began to move, sending tendrils of sensation creeping through her. Barbara's vision swam, but Ivy's smiling face read clearly in what little focus she could maintain. The hybrid's voice rose sweet and patronizing, those soft, green fingers stroking over the portion of Batgirl's cheek left bare by her cowl.

“Oh, sweetheart... You're practically purring. How long has it been?”

Batgirl knew how she wanted to respond. She struggled to summon the aggression to lash out through the haze of pleasure now consuming her... but another voice interjected by stealing her vocal cords.

“Too long...” Her stomach twisted as that confession surged forth, unbidden. She didn't know whether it was the amount of time since her last sexual encounter or the toxin that had her this aroused already. What scared her most about it was how little she could hold to care on the matter. She was conceding to desire, and it was happening quickly.

“Does it feel good, Batgirl?”

“Y-yes... God yes...” The binds on Barbara's frame began to loosen as those are her mind sank their claws in further. Her excitement was audible, a lewd, wet tempo to the young man's vigorous actions.

“Why don't you tell him, then? Tell my Bluebird what you want.” Ivy's vicious smile returned as she watched Batgirl struggle to resist the prompt. Women were typically harder to guide, with or without toxin, but all animals were weak.
“Ahn—harder! I want it harder!”

Blue looked up as the human woman called out. He felt her body tighten around his cock, heard the way her breath quickened. Despite instinct urging him onward, he looked to Ivy with pained confusion. The hybrid cooed lovingly while she drifted towards her pet to take her stance behind him, sliding her hands around to his stomach to savour each flex of muscle as his hips rolled forward.

“Give the nice lady what she wants, Blue... There's a good boy.” She punctuated the softly spoken command by catching his ear between her teeth. It didn't take more pushing for him to comply, his hands tightening on Batgirl's hips while his own roused their pace dramatically. Between the pleasure brought upon him by Ivy's newest pet and the warmth of the hybrid pressed to his back, Blue soon found himself lost in sensation.


Ivy's hands roamed over the young man's frame while he dutifully pumped away inside her prize. She could hear in the catch of his breath and subsequent panting how he delighted in her touch. The way he pressed back against her each time he withdrew from Batgirl's depths was almost pleading.

“Did you miss me, baby?” She didn't anticipate a coherent response, but he pushed himself to give one.

“Yes, Mistress... Very much...”

“You're not going to go away again, are you?”


“You're going to stay here with me because you're my good boy, isn't that right?” She reached down to grip the base of his solid cock, fingers wet by need in the process. A gentle pull kept his hood drawn back to leave him at the mercy of Batgirl's body regardless of how he moved. The motion hit its mark and he trembled, hips flicking frantically to make the bound woman call out her delight once again. She stood on the tips of her toes to whisper in his ear. “Tell me you're my good boy...”

“B-blue's your good boy--!” He was tense, teetering on the edge. If his voice didn't make it obvious enough, the tension through his stomach certainly did. Ivy cooed sweetly and rewarded him with a kiss on the shoulder.

“Good boys do what they're told, don't they, Blue?” His response was delayed, but it eventually broke through his panting on a rogue breath.


“That's right. Now come for your mistress. Finish inside the nice lady. Fill her up.” She spoke the command firmly, enough that Batgirl could hear. The young woman's response was to whimper pitifully, offering neither protest nor enthusiasm. Something in her bled stern caution, but her body hungrily gripped the source of that pleasure, quietly begging for the apex of the act. Blue obeyed. 


Barbara felt it before she heard Blue cry out, the way he pulsed inside her, the surge of heat that spread between her legs. Her voice leaped to join his when the sensation pulled her along for the ride in a climax that flared wildly, striking with such sudden force that her muscles gave a defensive push to loose a jet of clear liquid onto the dirt floor. He remained locked within her, the push doing little beyond steal a whimper from her lover. She couldn't tell whose signature ran down her legs, but she didn't care. It felt incredible. So why was there a red flag at the back of her mind?


Blue shuddered when he spent his last, instinctively leaning into Ivy, either for comfort or affirmation of a job well done. She cupped his cheek and tittered softly in response.

“That was very good, Blue, I'm so proud of you...” A lazy wave finally made the vines withdraw entirely, letting Batgirl drop to the ground where she was left to shudder and try and catch her breath. The readjustment saw their union broken, letting Ivy give one last stroke along Blue's cock to milk what remained before she withdrew. “Now take her again, sweet pea. I want to be certain we're successful.”  


To be continued...

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