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Blue didn't sleep. He couldn't sleep after everything that had happened, he had far too many questions. Where were Ivy and Harley? Who was this man? Why was he dressed like the woman in his dreams? What was this place and why did he feel like he'd been here before? The chamber was definitely subterranean, tucked away in the bowels of the earth without a plant in sight. The only life beyond Blue and the two strangers was a colony of bats roosting high above. It was difficult to see them from his bed, tucked away in what was obviously an infirmary, but he could hear them chattering away. This was a haunting place, there was no questioning that, yet what he found most unsettling about it was its eerie familiarity. Blue shouldn't have been comfortable here, but he was.

The only new details that really upset him were the presence of clothes and the absence of his collar and cuffs. Blue missed the weight of the steel, he'd come to find it rather comforting. He'd initially been restrained with leather straps, but the kindly man had removed them so he could eat, choosing not to replace them following the meal. Blue assumed this meant he was behaving well, a pleasant thought, but part of him longed for the security against all this sudden change.

Morning rolled in, bringing a gentle voice that pulled him from the cat nap he'd slipped into.

“Master Richard?” It was the kindly man.

“His name is-”

“Blue, yes. We need you to come with us, sir. Nothing's the matter, we're just going to visit a friend.”


“Would you like to eat first? Are you hungry?”

“Not really. But may he use the washroom?”

“Of course.”

Blue was led up a long staircase that opened into a brighter room, clearly ground level. This place just got stranger and stranger. The youth was immediately struck with the scent of leather-bound books. They were in some kind of study, complete with towering bookshelves and a beautiful mahogany desk. Gothic windows looked out over an expansive yard containing ornate structures of vegetation. Morning mist hung on the figures like a ghostly cloak, illuminated by the sun as it began its climb into the sky. It was a beautiful place, albeit hauntingly still and silent. “This way, sir. It would be best to hurry, Master Bruce is waiting on us.”

The bathroom, which Blue assumed was one of many, was just as elaborate and opulent as the other portions of the house he'd seen, humbled only by the simplicity of the implements it housed; an electric razor and the usual toiletries. A toothbrush was stationed by the sink.

“Is this for Blue?” The boy caught the kindly man just as he was closing the door.

“Of course, sir. It's your-” Alfred paused, sighing softly. “Yes, please help yourself.”

“Thank you.”

There were no windows in this washroom, just like Ivy's cabin. Blue hadn't been contemplating an escape, not now anyway, but something in him made note of all the details... the same voice that failed to react to the novelty of them. He took in his surroundings through a filter of deja vu, sending his stomach into knots. Something in him felt safe here, sparking curiosity in his more conscious assessment. The most striking detail of the room was the large mirror against the wall. It should have been the first thing Blue noticed, but it took a full sweep of the room to grab him. Chills took hold when he caught his reflection, something he hadn't seen in... well... he couldn't even remember. The young man who stared back at him was bigger than he felt, stronger looking, sharper in his appearance. His hair was shaggy, desperately in need of a trim. He looked like someone who hasn't seen himself in a long time, almost wild.

That's me. That voice again, bolder than usual. It startled him.

Blue performed his morning routine as he would have at the cabin, with one exception. He couldn't help but give pause a few times to examine his appearance, like it would steal away if he went too long without checking on it. The kindly man was waiting patiently when he opened the door.


“Yes, sir.”

“Alfred, if you please.”

“Okay, Alfred.”

Their trip was a quiet one, wordlessness tuned to the hum of a Rolls-Royce engine. Blue caught Alfred's gaze in the rear-view mirror several times, but he failed to capture the attention of the cold man. 'Batman' seemed the most fitting, though he'd gleaned from Alfred that the man's name was 'Bruce'. Bruce didn't take his eyes off the tinted window for the entire car ride. Blue didn't think he even shifted his posture. He heard the odd sigh from Alfred after the older man checked on them, something new was upsetting him. Blue had felt his sadness since he'd arrived, but it was almost suffocating now, contained within the cabin of the car. Bruce didn't seem to notice. If anything, the tension refreshed itself as it bounced off of him. It was all very unsettling for Blue, who sought to distract himself by fidgeting with the buttons on his shirt.


He jumped as Bruce spoke.

“He was just-”



Sad eyes in the mirror. Another long exhale.

It was hot in the city. One might have attributed this to the mounting strength of the sun, but there was more to it. The stone walls held onto its aggression. They parked in the shade and quickly made their exit. Blue was hurried along by Bruce's hand on his back, giving him no opportunity for a visual sweep. They bypassed the main entrance in favour of a side door tucked away in the alley. An older woman greeted them, clearly a doctor based on her wear and conduct. She smiled at Blue with the same underlying upset Alfred displayed, but she spoke to Bruce with confidence and clarity.

“We should perform the fMRI quickly, we don't have it to ourselves for long.”

Blue liked this woman, Dr. Thompkins as she had introduced herself. She spoke very clearly in her explanations, like she really wanted him to understand what was happening. She checked his pupils and reflexes first, assuring them that everything looked normal. Blue still wasn't sure why he needed to see a doctor, but he complied politely. It was important to act in accordance with the wishes of women.

“Is there any metal on your clothing, Blue?”

“No, ma'am.”

She smiled before looking to Bruce who gave an affirmative nod. “Alright, this way then.” Dr. Thompkins led him into a separate room. Much of the space was taken up by a large, white machine. It was almost throne-like in appearance, built up around a seat at its core. “This is a standing fMRI. It-”

“You're going to take pictures of Blue's brain.” Dr. Thompkin's seemed surprised by that, but again she smiled.

“Yes. May I ask how you knew that, Blue?”

The question made him hesitate. How did he know that?

“Just a guess... It... it looks like something that would do that.”

“Of course. If you'd like to take a seat, please.”

Blue met the command while Dr. Thompkins made some small adjustments, setting up a screen in front of the seat of the device. “I'm going to be operating the machine from the other room.” She began. “You'll be able to see us through the window. I'm just going to show you some images while we take pictures of your brain, does all this sound alright to you?”


“Just let me know if you get uncomfortable at any point, okay?”


Leslie had barely settled before Bruce leaped in with his questions.

“What's your opinion? What did he say? Did he-”

“He's responsive, Bruce. He's alive. One step at a time.”

“He seems to recognize us.” Alfred offered. Leslie nodded as she made preparations.

“He does. I have my suspicions, but it'll be clearer after the scan... There was some confabulation though. He knows what we're doing, he knew before I explained anything, but he wrote off the knowledge as a guess. Just a moment-” She leaned forward, pressing down on a button to activate the microphone on the control board. “Alright, Blue. I'm going to show you those pictures now. Are you ready?”


“Great.” The light on the panel switched off as Leslie lifted her hand. Bruce's voice was low when he spoke.

“That's not his name.”

“As far as he's concerned, it is. I know this is hard for you, Bruce, but pushing him isn't going to help. You run the risk of making his identity seem like a punishment, he needs to be able to come back to it in his own time or... or we risk losing him.” Her statement was met by the cold quite Batman used to concede. Alfred's hand on his shoulder calmed him. It never failed to.

The images displayed to Blue weren't anything out of the ordinary. Some flowers, a teapot, dogs playing in the park, portraits of strangers... Occasionally he'd be presented with picture of Alfred or Bruce. There were a few others that stood out, though he couldn't place the reason. A middle-aged man with a moustache and glasses, very stern looking. An attractive woman with fair hair and a microphone, an image captured from a newscast by the looks of it. Each picture was presented for a few minutes, allowing him to take in the details. The portraits seemed to be distributed randomly amongst the other images. A harbour full of boats; a large, gentle looking man in a blue suit with a red cape; an old woman with happy eyes; bread on a cutting board; a fruit stand at a market; a computer; a beautiful young woman with red hair and blue eyes... this one drew him in. He couldn't place her, but those eyes were painfully familiar. It troubled him. Something in his mind whirred at the sight, something quiet but resilient. The picture changed to a hose shoe pit.

“Blue would like to stop now, please...”

-“Alright. If you'd like to have a seat in the chair next to the scanner for a moment, please. Yes, that's it. Thank you, Blue.”-

Bruce was already leaning over the scans, ice blue eyes flicking over the on-screen images as they built up a picture of Robin's brain. There were clear differences between each trial, but this was to be expected.

“There's more FFA activity for the people he's seen before.”

“Greater amygdalic activation as well...” Leslie gestured between several of the scans. “Here's, where he saw you. Here's Alfred, Jim, and Barbara.”

“In layman’s terms if it's not too much trouble, Doctor?”

“Ah, sorry, Alfred. His facial recognition and emotional centres.”

“Well that's excellent news!” Alfred quickly went quiet, clearing his throat. “Apologies.”

Leslie smiled, but the light soon fell from her face as she pulled her glasses off to rub at her eyes. Bruce read her hesitance without looking up from the scans.

“So what's the bad news?”

Leslie sighed.

“There's no hippocampal activity in response to known individuals... He can't access his knowledge of his loved ones. It's as if Ivy's toxin disabled his ability to recall his life story, but I'd need to take a blood samp-”

“I did.” Bruce interjected. “I can send you the data sheets once I've finished the chemical analysis.”

“Of course you did. Thank you, Bruce.” She paused. “It's impossible to say for sure, but it seems that all of Dick's implicit memories are intact. He knows things about his life, he just doesn't know how he knows them... He has no access to his declarative memories. No replay of events.”

“So what do we do...?” Alfred asked. Leslie shook her head.

“Hope for the best. It's impossible to tell whether his hippoca-excuse me, his memory consolidation centres have atrophied. We'd need an autopsy to know that, and for now we should simply be grateful for the fact that we're not facing that. We'll know more after the tox screen... Until then, be patient with him. Be kind, and prepare for withdrawal... It's going to be very hard on him. On all of you. There's a lot of poison in his system and we can't be sure how it'll deplete. Contact me immediately if his symptoms become too severe, although I trust you'll be able to help him get through with your training, Alfred. Do you-? Oh... Oh I'm sorry...” She brought a hand to her lips as she turned to face the older man. Alfred quickly wiped his tears on the back of his hand.

“Do excuse me, Doctor. I...” He trailed off, choosing not to battle with his shaky voice. Leslie shifted her attention to Bruce. He'd pried his eyes from the moving images to fix his stare on the boy. His hands were still grasping the control board, knuckles white. Both his companions pretended they couldn't see him trembling. There's no holding strong when the strongest have broken.

Blue was given free roam of the house, a daunting privilege after his time at the cabin. He knew that watchful eyes were never far off, but it didn't matter. He'd made no plans regarding an escape, he wouldn't know where to begin absent details of his location and Ivy's. At least that's what he told himself to silence that nagging voice that pestered him to return to his mistress. Truth be told, curiosity had drawn him into this new place. Wandering the extravagant halls was like waking from a dream, everything felt as if it related to him in some way, products of his subconscious, but this house and its contents were real. The youth spent the morning exploring, familiarizing himself with these new surroundings, pausing only to eat when Alfred offered him breakfast. He utilized the gym for quite some time after discovering it in the East wing, perhaps for longer than he'd intended. It was late afternoon when his workout was brought to an end by the onset of vertigo. Alfred found him curled up on the mats, panting softly.

“Are you alright, sir?” The concern in his voice was obvious.

“He's fine... Just... just dizzy...”

“Perhaps you'd like to lie down...? I can show you to your room.”

“His own room...?”

“Of course. Just this way, sir, easy does it...”

A glass of water was awaiting him on the nightstand. It was the only feature that really stood out beyond the cool touch of the sheets, his head was swimming by the time they'd made it to the room.

“If you need anything... anything at all, just call for me. Alright?” Alfred pulled one glove free before pressing a hand to the boy's brow. No fever, not yet anyway.

Blue gave a dreary nod. His eyelids felt heavy.

“He just needs to sleep...”

As soon as he heard the door latch, Blue moved to wiggle out of his clothes. The lingering heat from his workout was exacerbating his dizziness, and he was still unsettled by the touch of the garments. His bed felt considerably more relaxing this way. This comfort combined with last night's sleeplessness made for a quick descent into slumber.



“He knows you're there... Please come out?”

“Who knows?”

Blue froze. The dream woman had never said anything else, she'd only repeated her plea every time they met. She was responding to him.

“Blue does!”


“Here! He's here!”

Waves of motion stirred the mist. Blue caught sight of a black cloak.

“Why do you talk about yourself like that?”

“Like what...?”

“Do you not own yourself?”


“That's sad.” She appeared before him, clad in her bat costume. There was disappointment in her cerulean eyes. “You've forgotten yourself. You've forgotten me.”

“No, he looks for you!”

“How can you find me when you can't even find yourself...?” She was shorter than him, but she carried herself with power. Though her eyes met his from below them, her stare made him feel small. “Touch me.”


The dream woman grabbed Blue's hands and brought them up to run through her fiery hair. At last she smiled. Blue was delirious. He was finally touching her, after all this time. The thrill of it sent a rush within him.


“What is it...?”

His companion stepped back, her eyes lowered. Blue followed her gaze to his erect cock before quickly trying to cover himself. He hadn't even felt the swelling. “He's s-sorry! He didn't even-”

“It's okay.” She cut him off, taking hold of his stiffness and standing on her tip-toes to set a kiss on his lips. She tasted sweet. This didn't feel right, but propriety was far from his thoughts as she began to work him gently, teasing his flesh with the smooth material of her glove. Her lips were soon alongside his ear, brushing it with soothing warmth as she spoke softly.

“Feel good, Boy Wonder...?”

“Y-yes... But who-?”

“Do you love me, little bird?”

Blue froze.


Ivy stepped back from him, acid green eyes alight with savagery. Her perfect lips were curled in a derisive smile. Something began coiling around his legs, working upwards to restrict the base of his manhood and deliver a painful squeeze.

Down.” Ivy pointed. The vines quickly pulled the youth to his knees. More withes rose behind her as she leaned back, bringing her downward smoothly to set their hips level. “Mmmm does my good boy want to play...?”

Blue tried to reply, but the vines had extended to coil about his neck. They trailed down his arms, operating him like a marionette, guiding his hands to the curve of Ivy's waist. “Yesss...” She purred. “Of course you do...” He couldn't protest. He couldn't even shake his head. Pale green fingers danced against his chest, burning where they touched, filling his veins with liquid fire. It was agonizing, yet his body pleaded for more in the strong pulse of his arousal. No! No, no, no... Ivy's moans were haunting and melodic as he slid into her. His hips moved on their own, seized by fervent need that drowned out the dissent in his mind. “Tell your mistress you love her, Blue... Say it.” Blue squeezed his eyes shut. Tears burned in the corners of them. Pressure was mounting steadily between his legs, driven by the painful tightening of the vines. “Say it.” Ivy hissed. The anger in her voice soon gave way to delighted laughter as her toy upped the pace, moving desperately inside her, struggling to speak against the bonds holding him. “Say it!

The vines recoiled all at once. Someone cried out.

Blue was roused by his own voice, his back to the headboard while he ejaculated on his stomach. It was a strange sensation, equal parts pleasure and terror. His legs kicked wildly to fend off the sheets coiled around them, desperate to escape, but to no avail. He was trapped within his own body as it betrayed him, ignoring the fear coursing through his veins in favour of its release. It wasn't until his cock lay spent and twitching on his lower belly that he gathered himself enough to rein in his panic. The bed beneath him was drenched with sweat. Only now did he clue in to how badly he was shivering. He'd thought the fire in Ivy's touch was an illusion, but the reality of it struck him now, raging through his core. Footsteps could be heard through the pounding in his ears, giving the boy enough time to grant himself some modesty with the bedsheets.

“Master Richard? I heard-” Alfred froze in the doorway, placing a hand over his mouth. Beads of moisture ran down Blue's skin while he trembled violently, working to speak through the dry sobs that racked his body.

“What's... h-happening to me...?”


To be continued...

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