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Author's note: So this is my second attempt at fanfiction and first try at an on-going story! Please enjoy, rate, and give feedback. I'm more than open to suggestions if there's anything people would like to see, though I already have quite a few things in mind.~


It was a perfect night for patrol. Summer in Gotham was usually horribly muggy and unpleasant, particularly at night when the accumulated heat of the day oozed from the expansive pavement and stone of the city. Tonight, however, a breeze carried the warning of a looming storm, occasionally picking up into a glorious rush of wind that danced along Robin's suit as he mastered the rooftops. It was sublime, really, working in conjunction with the humidity to stave off the heat. Each breath was a refreshing burst of moisture, thick and soothing despite the harsh smells of the city. Usually a rather keen thinker, youthful folly was certainly known to plague the Boy Wonder. It was difficult when prowling Gotham's night like a predatory to beast to maintain humble clarity. Had he been perhaps just a touch less taken with the cityscape and buzzing excitement of the thunder rolling in from the east, he may have been attuned to how suspicious this scent-based feeling of well-being really was. Asphalt, automobile fuel, and city smoke shouldn't tantalize the senses in such a soothing fashion; no, there was something else playing on the breeze, a dangerously seductive fragrance.

Four had a.m rolled in to bring an end to a successful night. The Boy Wonder had foiled three muggings, an attempted assault, and shut down more than a few would-be carjackers; not bad for a week night on his own. With Batman pursuing more elaborate cases, he'd left general patrol to his junior partner. Sure, it came of necessity, but he was still thrilled to be trusted with the responsibility. Naturally, celebration required doing something Bruce would frown upon; nothing suspicious about a caped teenager on a motorcycle grabbing a cheeseburger via drive-thru during the wee hours, right? Dick took his work seriously. He was a dedicated student, skilled fighter, and impressive athlete... but he was also a eighteen-year-old guy. Bruce was welcome to stick with his weird shakes and calculated calories, but fast food for breakfast appealed to Robin a lot more.

The park in front of Gotham cathedral was one of the few places in the inner city where trees could be found. This made it a favoured place for winding down, at least as far as Dick was concerned. True, he had called the city home for nearly half his life now, and his childhood was certainly a mix of rural and urban settings, but he'd always missed that part of being on the road with the circus; nature. A large oak served as an excellent perch upon which to enjoy his meal. Secluded by the fanning branches and thick foliage, it provided excellent cover as well... not that he needed it, really. The dead hour and looming thunderheads staved off dawn's light, keeping any sensible residents tucked away in their homes. The dwindling count between each flash of lightning and the rumble that followed hurried him along; so much for unwinding. Robin collected the wrappings of his meal in the takeout bag and dropped from the tree to find a waste bin. The park was in a rather sorry state, scattered with litter despite the conveniently placed rubbish baskets. There was something terribly disheartening about seeing the city he worked so hard to keep safe disregarded this way, though given the way Gothamites treated each other was it really all that surprising? The young man sighed and leaned against the trunk of a young maple tree.

“They don't appreciate me either, friend. And I can speak up about it.” He ran a gloved hand over the bark of his sturdy companion. “Can't imagine it's fun for you guys.” Robin wasn't in the habit of talking to trees, but this solo shift had been painfully wordless. He needed some chit-chat, he lived on it. A particularly vicious thunderclap drew his eyes upwards and he smiled, giving the tree another pat as a gust of wind rustled its leaves. “You said it. Enjoy the rain, okay?”

“She will. She's been waiting for hours.” Robin jumped back from the tree, swiftly drawing a bird-a-rang and looking about for the owner of the voice.

“Who-?” Laughter, musical and exceptionally beautiful. “Ivy...”

“Who else, Boy Wonder?” The villainess greeted him with a warm smile as she stepped into view. It spurred the teen to take another cautious step backwards. A cool rush of wind lifted her vibrant red hair as she moved against the maple, tenderly stroking slender, pale green fingers over the trunk and speaking in a voice one might use when addressing very young children. “She likes you...” Another smile lept to illuminate her striking, chartreuse gaze. She was being friendly... that was bad. Ivy was much easier to deal with when she was aggressive, warm and seductive was her game and he knew too well that he'd be no match on this playing field. As such, he held fighting posture, weapon hand still armed and at the ready.

“What are you doing here?” He snapped. Ivy's forest green lips pursed in a mock pout.

“Such a harsh tone... Are you not happy to see me, little bird?” She took a step forward, he took another back. “I was just visiting one of the few places mother nature is still welcome in this hell hole. I come here to listen to them welcome the rain.” She closed her eyes, spreading her arms wide to enjoy the first few drops as they broke free from the clouds. “Mmmm... Can you feel how happy they are...? Can you feel their joy?” She turned from him to press her hands against the young tree once more. Robin's stance eased slightly when the woman moved away. Ivy went on in a tone wrought with motherly concern. “They get so little of it...” Her long lashes fluttered as she moved to press a kiss to the smooth bark. “My poor, sweet babies...”

“Uh... yeah. Damn shame.” Robin was getting increasingly uncomfortable with how comfortable he was. This was just an unfortunate crossing of paths, right...? No. Remember, this is how she works. She has ulterior motives, always assume the worst. “I'll just leave you to it, then...” He turned sharply.

“One thing before you go?" Ivy called sweetly. Robin sighed, giving the clouds a wary glance while they filled the air with another savage thunderclap. Again, he moved to face her, prepped with a string of questions.

“And just what might tha-” Her lips were pressed to his before he could complete the turn. The noise of the storm had apparently masked her approach. Stupid... The teen would have elaborated on this self-scolding had unconsciousness not begun to creep over his mind. The last thing he saw was a swimming image of his attacker, her voice ringing in his ears as he slipped away from waking.

“...just killing two birds with one stone...” Two birds with one stone.

Ivy stood over the the unconscious vigilante and laughed playfully, tossing her head back as the summer rain increased the force of its attack. “Teenagers.” Her smile blended contempt, satisfaction, and a strange sort of warmth. Lifting one slender foot, she pressed her toes daintily to Robin's chest to step over him before bending down to slide her hands beneath his arms. She grunted as she attempted to drag him; perhaps she should have given this more thought... Growing like a weed. Her lips curled in another smile as she ran her fingers through her victim's dark hair. “Practically a Man Wonder now, aren't you?” Ivy stood and tapped her chin, there was no way she was hauling her prize around like a lioness with a carcass. She snapped her fingers suddenly and twirled about with another bright smile. “Ohhh, would you? That would be ever so kind...” An orchestra of creaks and groans joined the patter of the rain as the trees surrounding her shifted. The ground broke in several places to make way for an army of roots that moved like snakes, coiling about Robin's limbs to lift him effortlessly. “Thank you, my darlings...” Ivy cooed. Returning to her vehicle with her captive proved easy with the help of her friends. She turned to blow the towering beauties a kiss before clambering in out of the rain, taking a moment to wipe stray drops from her face. Acid green eyes flashed in the rear-view mirror as she took a quick peek at Robin passed out on the back seat. “Rest up, little bird. I have such exciting plans for you...”

Dawn broke on a storm-shaken park, pathetic light battling the dark clouds as it desperately tried to illuminate the city. The trees standing guard outside Gotham cathedral settled their roots back into place; a careful ear may have heard them sigh sweetly.


To be continued...

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